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Pikamoon Hits Six Figures Within 48 Hours as Presale Investors Eye 200% ROI

Tom Sheen
Last updated: | 3 min read

The Pikamoon presale is racing through the first stage of its allocation as excited investors bought up more than $100,000 of PIKA tokens in just 48 hours.

The project is shaping up to be one of the best crypto ICOs in the space, giving early buyers the chance to see a 200% ROI before the token even reaches exchanges.

That’s because PIKA tokens cost just $0.0002 during stage 1 of the presale but increase in price to $0.0006 for stage 3 and the exchange listing.

Investors are also buoyed by the potential of the Pikamoon game, which blends Pokemon, Fortnite and FIFA Ultimate Team as players explore the world of Dreva, catch and collect Pikamoons and battle the malevolent 13th God.

PIKA Presale Launches to Huge Hype

The PIKA token presale has enjoyed a stunning first few days since launching, raising well over $100,000 in just two days and becoming one of the fastest-growing cryptos.

More than 10,000 people signed up to the presale whitelist, sparking a huge buying frenzy after launch earlier this week.

Those who purchase now are eyeing a 200% price increase by the time tokens are listed on exchanges, with each of the three presale stages offering 5 billion tokens – 10% of the max 50 billion supply per stage or 30% in total.

The Pikamoon team has been doxxed and KYC-verified by CoinSniper and the PIKA smart contract has been fully audited by SharkTeam.

The remaining 70% of the PIKA supply has been allocated for staking rewards (10%), marketing costs (8%) and the liquidity pool (7.5%), with 12.5% going to the team and advisors – 32.5% is also earmarked for the ecosystem’s development fund, which also includes play-to-earn (P2E) rewards in the game.

Stage 1 tokens come with a two-month cliff from the end of the presale, while stage 3 tokens have no cliff.

The other tokens will be released with various vesting periods but the full supply will be in circulation 36 months after the token generation event.

The Pikamoon whitepaper has full information on PIKA’s tokenomics.

Enter the Pikaverse

Along with its high-potential presale, early investors are also hugely excited about the Pikamoon game, which could prove to be one of the best crypto games of 2023.

Pikamoon combines exploration, strategy and battles as players progress through the world of Dreva to catch Pikamoons, expand their squad and ultimately defeat the 13th God.

The developers have been heavily influenced by Pokemon and Fortnite, with the world featuring cartoon-like characters and locations which feature bright, vibrant and eye-catching designs. To appeal to players of all ages, there will also be no mature themes such as swearing or excessive violence.

Dreva has four distinct regions to explore – the Flame Empire, Water Kingdom, Earth Region and the Thunder Collective – that presents players with varied obstacles and challenges to overcome, unique landscapes and rich history.

To progress through the role-playing game (RPG), players must explore to collect experience and items, interact with NPCs, discover hidden locations and battle and catch wild Pikamoons. That will lead to them eventually fighting Guardians from each region and, ultimately, the 13th God.

Pikamoon battles will be turn-based with one of the player’s Pikamoons facing either a wild or trained rival. Each creature has a unique and varied skillset with different strengths and weaknesses that will grow and change over time – either through experience in battle of by using items.

Weapons, health boosters and other objects can be either collected or purchased in the Pikamoon marketplace to help a player gain an advantage and win a battle.

The game’s development is well underway with the RPG to initially be available in a single-player, offline mode, with the roadmap promising a metaverse and multiplayer functionality in the future.

All items in the game and Pikamoons will be owned by players as NFTs and can be bought or sold in the marketplace. 

Those who purchase PIKA tokens in the presale will be able to mint Pikamoon NFTs for free. 

However, unlike previous play-to-earn projects such as Axie Infinity or Decentraland – which have seen player numbers continually shrink due to overly expensive entry barriers – a Pikamoon NFT will not be needed to play the game.

Those who don’t own one can still enter the game and play with a partner PFP.

The latest news on the project can be found in the Pikamoon Telegram group.

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