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Nikolaj Rosenthal, CEO of Myrmidon, on ETH, Staking-as-a-Service, Non-Custodial Staking, and the Ethereum ETF | Ep. 325
Nikolaj Rosenthal, former ice hockey star and CEO of non-custodial staking provider Myrmidon, discusses his switch from a professional sports player to a crypto entrepreneur, accepting BTC as salary seven years ago, establishing a staking-as-a-service, new chains coming to Myrmidon soon, why ETFs are useful but going against the basic crypto ethos, how Myrmidon ensures true coin ownership, and the pros and cons of the four staking types.
Blockchain News
Niraj Pant, Co-founder of Ritual, on The Future of Crypto and AI, Decentralized AI, and Applying ML to DeFi | Ep. 324
Ritual co-founder Niraj Pant discusses why blockchain and AI haven’t joined hands yet and how blockchain is reaching the point where it’s ready to do that, how the relationship between AI and crypto is mutually beneficial, the lack of AI-enabled dapps and what Revolut is doing about it, the GPU problem and how crypto solves it, why some DeFi aspects are inefficient and how ML can change that, and more!

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