Ines Tavares

 Ines Tavares

Ines is a Senior Web3 Writer on Crypto News. She’s responsible for writing research-driven, value-packed guides and reviews covering cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and other Web3 topics.

With a background in engineering and 4+ years as a freelance writer, Ines has the analytical skills and experience needed to break down complex Web3 topics into accessible content that educates.

Before transitioning into Web3, she contributed to the growth of numerous Canada and US-based SMBs with her writing services, serving diverse niches, such as digital marketing, SaaS, and IT.

Ines is constantly on the lookout for the latest crypto and blockchain projects. She’s particularly passionate about the inner workings of blockchain scalability solutions, and a proud hodler of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

When she’s not typing away in sunny Portugal, you’ll find her experimenting with new recipes or nerding out about soccer analytics.

  • Minho University — Textile Engineering (MEng)
  • Technical University of Libereč — Photochromic Nanosystems (SpDeg)
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency

Connect with Ines on LinkedIn or at [email protected]