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10 Best Solana Meme Coins to Buy in June 2024

Sergio Zammit
Last updated: | 19 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

Our research shows the best Solana meme coins in 2024 are Sealana, Base Dawgz, dogwifhat, Bonk, and MAGA. These projects range from the humorous Sealana and multi-chain Base Dawgz to the politically-themed MAGA, catering to diverse SOL meme coin enthusiasts.

Sealana is the top Solana meme coin presale, combining humor with engaging community activities. In this guide, we review the best established and new Solana meme coins in June 2024. We also share our methodology and criteria for evaluating these projects.

Top Solana Meme Coins to Buy Today

  • Brand new South Park-inspired seal-themed SOL meme coin
  • Ideal coin to buy in presale ahead of the expected summer meme coin frenzy
  • Thought to be by the team that was also behind the viral SLERF coin
Project Launched
May 2024
Purchase Methods
  • Solana
  • Trending meme coin with P2E utility & staking rewards
  • Price up 10x in past month, rumors of Binance listing
  • 12k+ holders and growing
Project Launched
December 2023
Meme, P2E
Purchase Methods
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • usdt
  • ETH
  • New base meme coin that offers multi-chain purchases, staking rewards and share to earn functionality.
  • Combines the popularity of base with the appeal of dog meme coins that are dominating the crypto market.
  • Points from sharing Base Dawgz content can be redeemed for $DAWGZ tokens once the presale is complete.
Project Launched
June 2024
Meme, Share-to-Earn
Purchase Methods
  • usdt
  • ETH
  • Solana

Best Solana Meme Coins List

  1. Sealana – Best upcoming Solana meme coin, based on a popular South Park character.
  2. Base Dawgz — New multi-chain Solana meme coin with share-to-earn functionality.
  3. Dogwifhat — Biggest Solana meme coin by market cap, up by 1,800% since launch.
  4. Bonk — Second biggest SOL meme coin by market cap, featuring over 100 integrations.
  5. MAGA – Political meme coin, up by more than 74,800% in the last year.
  6. LOAF CAT — Cat Solana meme cryptocurrency, up by more than 97% in 24 hours.
  7. Myro — Doge meme coin, named after the Solana co-founder, Raj Gokal’s dog.
  8. BOOK OF MEME – Experimental project immortalizing memes on the blockchain.
  9. Cat in a dogs world – Cat meme token aiming to “save the world from other dog coins.”
  10. Wen — Innovative coin introduces a lightweight, fractional NFT Standard to Solana.

A Closer Look at the Top Solana Meme Coins

Knowing which meme coins have the potential to explode is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s essencial to research extensively and ensure your portfolio is well-diversified. Below, is our analysis of the best Solana meme coins in 2024.

Our ranking methodology is thorough and data-focused. We update our list based on current market trends, tokenomics, community strength, and market capitalization, among other factors. Each criterion is weighted to reliably rate meme coins on Solana, providing you with legitimate and promising investment opportunities.

1. Sealana (SEAL) – Best Solana Meme Coin to Buy in 2024

We picked Sealana as the best Solana-based meme coin to buy in 2024. This token is inspired by the ‘World of Warcraft Guy,’ a popular character from South Park. The seal decides to start trading cryptos to move out of his mom’s basement.

Sealana presale website

The project is built on Solana, one of the fastest blockchains in the space. In recent times, new Solana meme coins have proven to be worthwhile investments. To join the Sealana presale, visit the official website and either purchase tokens by connecting a Solana-compatible wallet or by sending SOL directly to Sealana’s wallet address.

Once the presale is over, Sealana will airdrop $SEAL directly to your wallet. Currently, one $SEAL costs $0.022. For more project updates, join the Sealana Telegram channel and follow Sealana on X (formerly Twitter).

Why did Sealana make it onto our list?

  • Sealana has raised over $4 million in its presale, indicating strong investor interest and potential for future growth.
  • With a humorous and engaging mascot, Sealana leverages meme culture, making it highly relatable and shareable.
  • Current market conditions, including high optimism and potential exchange listings, create a favorable environment for meme coins like Sealana.
Presale Started May 2024
Purchase Methods SOL
Chain Solana
Starting Price $0.01932
2024 Price Prediction $0.05
Raised So Far $4+ million

Visit Sealana

2. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) — New Multi-Chain Solana Meme Coin

Base Dawgz is a top Solana meme coin to invest in for 2024 due to its multi-chain capabilities and engaging “Share-to-Earn” strategy. This allows $DAWGZ to seamlessly move between blockchains like Solana, Base, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Binance, attracting a broad audience of meme coin enthusiasts​.

Base Dawgz presale website

Base Dawgz offers high staking rewards, enhancing its appeal to early investors. Priced at $0.00502 during presale, it provides a great entry point. The project leverages community engagement through social media sharing for airdrops, increasing its market visibility.

For more details, check out the Base Dawgz whitepaper, follow Base Dawgz on X, and join the Telegram channel.

Why did Base Dawgz make it onto our list?

  • Base Dawgz raised over $1.3 million in its presale, showing significant investor interest and confidence.
  • Base Dawgz operates on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and Avalanche, increasing its accessibility and potential user base.
  • The Share-to-Earn and staking programs incentivize community engagement and long-term holding, enhancing token stability and value.
Presale Started June 2024
Purchase Methods SOL, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, AVAX
Chain Multi-chain
Starting Price $0.00479
2024 Price Prediction $0.0121
Raised So Far $1.3 million

Visit Base Dawgz

3. Dogwifhat (WIF) — Largest Solana Meme Coin by Market Cap

Dogwifhat is one of the best Solana meme coins to buy in 2024, known for its explosive gains. Launched in late 2023, it achieved a 1,600% increase from its initial price and reached an all-time high of $4.85 in March 2024. Its standout feature is the simplicity and humor of a “dog wif a hat,” which has garnered a substantial following.

dogwifhat all time price chart

The $WIF community is vibrant, with over 89,000 followers on X and 10,000 members on Telegram. The project plans to launch a WIF Hat generator, adding more fun and engagement for its users. Additionally, Dogwifhat has gained traction with major exchanges like Binance, offering futures trading with 50x leverage. Dogwifhat is currently trading at around $2.45, maintaining a strong market presence.

Why did dogwifhat make it onto our list?

  • Dogwifhat has rapidly become the fourth-largest meme coin by market cap, currently valued at $2.45 billion.
  • Recently completed a successful fundraising campaign, raising $702,017 to display its mascot on the Las Vegas Sphere, boosting its visibility and community engagement.
  • Dogwifhat maintains a high trading volume, reporting $331 million in the last 24 hours, indicating strong investor interest​.
Launch Date December 2023
Purchase Methods 33 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.1742
Current Price $2.45
Market Cap $2.44 billion

4. Bonk (BONK) — Second-Largest Meme Token on Solana by Market Cap

Launched in January 2021, Bonk is the second largest meme coin on the Solana network by market cap. It was initially priced at $0.000000109 per token, and hit an all-time high of $0.00002445 on December 15, 2023, which has been topped since. Bonk reached a new ATH of $0.00003771 on March 5, 2024.

bonk all time price chart

Currently, Bonk has a market capitalization of over $1.74 billion. In terms of tokenomics, 50% of the Bonk supply was originally airdropped to the Solana community. This includes Solana developers, NFT collectors, DeFi users, and artists.

The remaining $BONK tokens are split between marketing, liquidity, and its DAO. Those who believe Bonk is the best crypto to buy can complete their purchase at 39 crypto exchanges, including Kraken,, Coinbase, and Binance.

Why did Bonk make it onto our list?

  • Bonk recently burned 278 billion tokens, reducing supply and potentially increasing value.
  • Bonk is the sixth-largest meme coin by market cap, reaching $1.75 billion. It has seen a 8,500% increase year-on-year, indicating robust growth and popularity.
  • Listings on major exchanges like Bithumb and potential listings on Revolut and Robinhood have heightened investor interest and improved liquidity, driving price increases.
Launch Date January 2021
Purchase Methods 39 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.000000109
Current Price $0.00002568
Market Cap $1.75 billion

5. MAGA (TRUMP) – Political Meme Coin up by 79,600% in the Last Year

MAGA is a standout Solana meme token to buy in 2024, inspired by Donald Trump’s political persona. Launched in August 2023, it has seen significant gains, with a price increase of 169,327% from its all-time low. The coin’s standout feature is its political meme appeal, attracting a large following and substantial market interest.

maga one year price chart

MAGA has unique elements, such as a 1% tax on transactions, with proceeds donated to charitable causes, including veterans and child protection initiatives. This adds a philanthropic aspect to the project. The PolitiFi token is currently trading at $13.22, with a market cap of over $581 million. It is available on multiple exchanges, including Uniswap, CoinEx, and MEXC.

Why did MAGA make it onto our list?

  • The coin has shown strong potential with a 65.82% price increase in the past month, indicating significant investor interest and potential for future gains.
  • The Fear & Greed Index for MAGA stands at 88, indicating extreme greed and a bullish market sentiment among investors.
  • Analysts predict MAGA could increase by 369% by the end of 2024, reaching a price of $35.16, showing substantial growth potential​.
Launch Date August 2023
Purchase Methods 39 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.01591
Current Price $13.22
Market Cap $581 million

6. Myro (MYRO) — Meme Coin Named After the Solana Co-Founder’s Dog

The Myro meme coin is based on the real life dog of Solana co-founder Raj Gokal, which is called Myro. The goal is to pay homage to him and his dog. Myro is designed as more than a cryptocurrency, with the goal of making Solana more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

myro all time price chart

Myro aims to offer several unique features and contribute to the long term growth of the Solana ecosystem. These features are:

  • A Myro trading bot: A BuyBot on Telegram for Myro, with fees going to a treasury, the Treat Jar, to fund future growth.
  • A Myro staking platform: A staking platform where holders of Myro can stake their coins to earn rewards and secure the Solana blockchain.
  • Other utilities: Yet to be announced. These releases will deliver more utility to holders of $MYRO.

After hitting an ATH of $0.4465 on March 9, 2024, Myro has decreased in value by 56%. It’s now trading at $0.1951 per token, representing gains of over 4,870% since launching. $MYRO is listed in 20 major crypto exchanges, including, MEXC, and Bybit.

Why did Myro make it onto our list?

  • Myro has experienced a significant price increase, surging over 20% in the past month, indicating strong growth potential.
  • Myro is actively traded on major exchanges like KuCoin, Bybit, and Binance Futures, with $28.4 million worth of Myro changing hands in the last 24 hours. This high liquidity supports stable trading and potential for price appreciation.
  • Analysts predict continued growth for Myro, with price targets suggesting significant increases in the coming years.
Launch Date November 2023
Purchase Methods 20 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.004163
Current Price $0.1951
Market Cap $182 million

7. LOAF CAT (LOAF) — Cat Meme Coin up by 97% in the Last 24 Hours

LOAF CAT is a Solana-based meme coin that is a “pixelated wizard master cat in full-on loaf mode.” There’s a supply of 100 billion $LOAF. 43 billion were put on the Raydium exchange for liquidity. 15 billion tokens were allocated to the team, 15 billion to CEX listings, 20 billion to marketing, and 7 billion to community airdrops.

loaf cat one day price chart

The LOAF CAT roadmap includes the development of a game studio, an NFT collection, a trademark of LOAF CAT, the release of Loafers merchandise, and bakeries all over the world (seriously). $LOAF launched with a price of $0.0001736 and rose to an all-time high of $0.0002801 on March 10, 2024, representing gains of over 60%.

It’s now trading at -86% of its ATH, giving investors an ample opportunity for gains if it appreciates during the current altcoin season. Recently, $LOAF surged by more than 97%, taking the #2 spot as the top gainers in crypto that day. The token is available on three exchanges, including MEXC.

Why did LOAF CAT make it onto our list?

  • The coin maintains a substantial 24-hour trading volume of around $84,684, indicating high liquidity and active market participation.
  • LOAF CAT is popular, with over 7,000 watchlists on CoinMarketCap, reflecting strong community engagement and interest​.
  • With a market cap of $3.68 million, LOAF CAT is well-valued in the market, providing a solid foundation for future growth and stability.
Launch Date November 2023
Purchase Methods 3 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.0001736
Current Price $0.00003683
Market Cap $3.68 million

8. BOOK OF MEME (BOME) – Experimental Project Immortalizing Memes on the Blockchain

BOOK OF MEME is a top Solana meme coin to invest in for 2024. Launched in March 2024, it saw a dramatic rise of 1,800% shortly after its release. BOME’s standout feature is its integration of memes with decentralized storage solutions, aiming to create a digital repository for internet memes.

book of meme bome all time price chart

The project gained substantial attention during its presale, raising 10,131 SOL. BOME continues to attract a strong community, boasting over 50,000 holders. The token leverages Solana’s low fees and fast transactions, making it an attractive option for traders. Currently, BOME is trading around $0.011, with a market cap of approximately $748 million.

Why did BOOK OF MEME make it onto our list?

  • BOME has a substantial 24-hour trading volume of $346 million, indicating strong market activity and liquidity.
  • BOME has shown significant gains, up 1,178% from its all-time low three months ago, showcasing its potential for substantial returns.
  • BOME is traded on major exchanges like MEXC, Bybit, and Huobi, ensuring easy access and high trading volume.
Launch Date March 2024
Purchase Methods 32 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.001148
Current Price $0.01081
Market Cap $748 million

9. Cat in a dogs world (MEW) – Cat Meme Token Aiming to Save the World From Dog Coins

Cat in a dogs world is another standout Solana meme coin. Launched in March 2024, it quickly gained popularity by challenging the dominance of dog-themed meme coins. Its unique narrative and strategic tokenomics, including 90% of its liquidity pool burned and 10% allocated for community airdrops, have driven significant engagement and support​.

cat in a dogs world mew one day price chart

The project has seen impressive market performance, reaching a peak market cap of nearly $900 million and currently trading at around $0.003658, growing by over 106% in the last year.

The recent partnership with LOCUS to create a 3D animated series is set to boost its market presence further, aiming to reach mainstream audiences and expand its community​​. MEW’s ambitious roadmap and unique positioning make it a promising investment.

Why did cat in a dogs world make it onto our list?

  • MEW has increased by 340% from its all-time low three months ago, demonstrating strong recovery potential​.
  • MEW has a 24-hour trading volume of $84 million, indicating strong market interest and liquidity, which can drive future price increases.
  • MEW is traded on major exchanges like OKX, BingX, and Bybit, ensuring accessibility and robust trading activity.
Launch Date March 2024
Purchase Methods 17 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.002332
Current Price $0.003658
Market Cap $323 million

10. Wen (WEN) — Best Meme Coin for NFT Enthusiasts

Wen is the best Solana cat meme coin for NFT enthusiasts, designed around a love poem to the Wen Bros of the crypto-verse. Its standout feature is the new fractional NFT standard on Solana, known as the WNS standard, enabling unique NFT ownership experiences.

wen all time price chart

Each $WEN token represents a fraction of the love poem, creating a novel and engaging way to participate in the NFT space. Launched on January 26, 2024, at $0.00005976 per token, $WEN has appreciated over 144%, currently trading at $0.0001368. This appreciation reflects strong community support and innovative features.

70% of the $WEN supply was distributed through an initial airdrop via a fair launch process on the Jupiter exchange. Listed on 18 exchanges, including, MEXC, and Bybit, $WEN provides ample trading opportunities.

Why did Wen make it onto our list?

  • Wen has gained significant traction within the crypto community, evidenced by a large following on social media and active trading on platforms like MagicSea and decentralized exchanges.
  • Despite recent price declines, WEN is up more than 1,640% from its all-time low, showing strong potential for recovery and future gains​.
  • WEN has seen an increase in trading volume recently, suggesting rising market interest and potential for price appreciation.
Launch Date January 2024
Purchase Methods 18 crypto exchanges
Chain Solana
Launch Price $0.00005976
Current Price $0.0001368
Market Cap $100 million

What Are Solana Meme Coins?

Solana meme coins are cryptocurrency tokens created on the Solana blockchain network, often with humorous or satirical themes. These coins mimic the behavior of mainstream cryptocurrencies but serve primarily as a form of entertainment.

They can experience volatile price fluctuations and attract speculative trading, similar to other meme coins on different blockchain platforms. Take dogwifhat as an example. This meme coin was launched in January 2024, and generated gains of over 1,839%.

Hundreds of meme coins have been launched on Solana, largely because of lower fees and more scalable transactions.

list of solana meme coins by market cap

Meme coins allow high-risk investors to target gains when the broader markets are stagnant. That said, these coins are fraught with risk. In fact, investors should be prepared to lose some or even all of their investments. To counter this, consider diversifying across multiple meme coins — not only on Solana, but on other blockchains.

How Solana Meme Coins Work

Solana meme coins operate on the Solana blockchain. They leverage its unique token standard known as SPL, or Solana Program Library, which is the standard for creating all types of digital assets on Solana, including meme coins.

The appeal of Solana meme coins stems from the blockchain’s ability to handle transactions quickly and at low costs. This efficiency is vital for meme coins, where timing and transaction fees can significantly influence trading strategies.

Moreover, these tokens are versatile, representing various assets and enabling a wide range of activities. Investors can trade these coins, engage in staking to earn rewards, or participate in decentralized finance activities — all while benefiting from Solana’s fast transactions and minimal fees.

Methodology: How We Picked the Best Solana Meme Coins

When building a portfolio of meme coins, you should look beyond the underlying blockchain and consider the legitimacy of the project, its tokenomics, and the size of its community.

Still not sure which Solana meme coins to buy for maximum upside? Below, we explain how we ranked the top SOL meme coins for this Solana meme coin list, and the weight we assigned to each factor.

Legitimacy (25%)

The reality is that many meme coins are scams. This is due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies and presale campaigns.

That said, not all meme coins are illegitimate. On the contrary, some of the best-performing cryptocurrencies of all time are meme coins. This includes Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

With this in mind, the first step is to assess the credibility of the meme coin. We read the whitepapers of these Solana meme coins to assess who is behind the project and whether they have any prior successes in this space.

Anonymous teams aren’t necessarily a red flag. In fact, Bitcoin was created by an anonymous developer. Ultimately, the objective is to separate legitimate meme coin projects from the bad. This requires in-depth research and due diligence.

Tokenomics (25%)

Next, we spent time researching the tokenomics of each Solana meme coin. This refers to the total number of tokens created and how they are distributed.

The best Solana meme coins distribute the majority of their tokens when launching. This prevents the team from holding a large number of tokens, which they can dump at any time.

Moreover, some meme coin investors like projects that have a burning mechanism in place. This is similar to a share buyback scheme, as tokens are removed from the circulating supply.

Community (25%)

One of the most effective ways to evaluate a Solana meme coin is by the size of its community. After all, the larger the community, the more people there are to plug the project.

A prime example of this is Dogecoin, the original dog meme coin, which has one of the largest numbers of token holders in the crypto space. Dogwifhat is another example of a project that has a huge community, with nearly 90,000 followers on X and high levels of engagement.

Market Capitalization (25%)

Solana meme coin investors generally expect huge returns in a short time. This is easier when the coin has a small market capitalization. After all, with less liquidity in the market, increased buying pressure can result in rapid growth. We looked into the market capitalization of each coin before including it on this list.

How to Buy Solana Meme Coins

The following is a step-by-step guide to buying meme coin Solana tokens.

  1. Get a crypto wallet that supports Solana-based tokens. Hot wallets compatible with Solana meme coins include Solflare, Phantom, and Torus.
  2. Deposit funds into your wallet by transferring other cryptocurrencies to your Solana wallet. Ensure you have enough funds to cover the transaction fees.
  3. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange that lists the meme coin you’re interested in.
  4. Sign up for an account on the chosen exchange.
  5. Transfer funds from your Solana wallet to your exchange account.
  6. Purchase SOL on the exchange using the funds in your account.
  7. Place a buy order for the amount of the Solana meme coins you wish to acquire.
  8. If you’re planning on holding on to the meme coins for a while, you should withdraw them to your Solana wallet for added security.

how to connect wallet to sealana website

Why Buy Solana Meme Coins vs. Other Meme Coins?

Some of the perks available to Solana ICOs and meme coins are low fees, fast transactions, and the ability to scale thousands of smart contract movements per second. In this section, we explore why meme coin investors are turning to the Solana blockchain.

Lower Gas Fees

Solana gas fees are significantly lower compared to Ethereum. Transactions on Solana typically cost fractions of a cent, often less than $0.01, even during periods of high network activity. This is due to Solana’s high throughput and low transaction fees, making trading with SOL on exchanges such as Raydium very cost-effective.

Ethereum gas fees can vary widely depending on network congestion. During peak times, transaction fees on Ethereum can be significant, often ranging from $10 to $30 or more per transaction.

Even during less congested periods, fees typically range from $0.50 to $2 per transaction. These high fees are due to Ethereum’s limited scalability and high demand for transactions, resulting in bidding wars for block space.

Solana’s low transaction fees make it an attractive option for users looking to avoid the high costs associated with Ethereum’s network congestion.

Faster Transaction Speeds

The Solana blockchain is able to handle approximately 65,000 transactions per second. For reference, Ethereum can only handle 15-16 transactions per second. That’s why its fees are often high. This makes the Solana network ideal for meme coins, as transactions are processed quickly and at low fees.

Solana Is Booming

In recent times, Solana has become a breeding ground for sensationally popular meme and altcoins such as dogwifhat, Bonk, Slerf, and Smog.

These meme coins, characterized by their playful branding and driven by the passion of the communities behind them, have garnered substantial traction within the Solana ecosystem.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Solana Meme Coin to Buy in 2024?

Sealana is the best Solana meme coin to buy in June 2024. This new cryptocurrency’s illustration features a lazy American seal who decides to trade cryptos to leave his mom’s basement. $SEAL is available to buy on presale.

Visit Sealana


What is a Solana meme coin?

Solana meme coins are cryptocurrency tokens created on the Solana blockchain network. These coins are typically focused on hype, FOMO, and speculation rather than real-world use cases.

What coins are based on Solana?

More than 200 coins are built on the Solana network, including Audious, Bonk, Arweave, Coin98, and Raydium.

What are the best meme coins on Solana?

Some of the best meme coins on Solana include Sealana, Dogeverse, Smog, Slothana, Lucky Boo, and Bonk.

What is the Solana meme coin called?

Although not the original Solana meme coin, one of the most recognized is Bonk.


Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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