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About Us is your premier destination for the latest news and information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With over two million visitors to our site every month, our mission is to provide comprehensive, accurate, timely, and insightful coverage on all aspects of crypto, helping you stay informed and make educated decisions in this fast-moving digital space.

The CryptoNews team consists of more than 50 passionate crypto enthusiasts, experts, influencers and journalists, both full-time and freelance, dedicated to delivering high-quality content. With each writer having an average of seven years of experience in the crypto space, they cover everything from breaking news and market analysis to in-depth reviews and educational resources. Our commitment to integrity and transparency ensures that you receive reliable information, free from hype and speculation.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor, a curious newcomer, or a tech-savvy professional keen on discovering more about the crypto world, CryptoNews is here to guide you through the complexities of the crypto landscape. Join us as we navigate the intersection of finance and technology together.

What We Offer

The scope of crypto content that we offer at CryptoNews is broad and ever-expanding. At a glance, here’s some of what you can expect from us.

Breaking News and Updates

Stay informed with real-time news and updates on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space as they unfold.

In-Depth Analysis

We provide thorough analysis and insightful commentary on market trends, regulatory changes, technological advancements, and their implications for the crypto industry.

Market Data and Insights

Access detailed market data including real-time price charts, trading volumes, and market capitalization for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Educational Resources

From beginner guides and how-tos to advanced trading strategies and technical analysis, we cover all aspects of cryptocurrency.

Expert Interviews and Opinions

Learn from industry leaders, blockchain developers, financial experts, and others shaping the future of digital finance through our exclusive interviews and opinion pieces.

Regulatory News

Stay ahead of the curve with timely updates on regulatory changes and their potential impact on the crypto market.

Product Reviews

Read unbiased reviews of crypto-related products, including wallets, exchanges, and trading platforms, helping you choose the best tools and services to meet your needs.

Weekly Newsletters

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a curated summary of the week’s most important crypto news and analysis directly in your inbox. Never miss out on key updates and expert insights.

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The CryptoNews Team

CryptoNews Writers

CryptoNews Editorial Standards

It’s an unfortunate fact that the cryptosphere is replete with scams, lies, and misinformation. Since its inception, CryptoNews has been focused on being a beacon of accurate, reliable, and comprehensive information. By following our editorial guidelines, we make sure that our readers can turn to us with full confidence that they’re being presented with the facts, without interest or agenda.

The following standards help us maintain the highest quality of content on the site, and convey our trustworthiness and reliability to our readers.

Accurate and Verifiable Information

All information on the CryptoNews website is rigorously edited and fact-checked. We cross-verify facts with multiple credible sources – including experts within the CryptoNews team – to ensure accuracy. All sources of information are clearly cited in the reference section of each page, using primary sources and reputable secondary sources to back our claims.

Data, statistics, and market information are regularly refreshed to ensure they are correct and up-to-date. In some cases, we have developed proprietary technology that allows us to provide automatic updates to some of our more dynamic pages.


We strive to make our reporting, as well as the people behind the content, as transparent as possible. Each article includes the author’s biography, experience, and key areas of expertise. If errors are discovered, we promptly correct them, ensuring our readers always have access to the most accurate information.

Furthermore, we present multiple viewpoints and avoid biased reporting and provide the fullest view of the crypto landscape that we possibly can.

Finally, although we work with affiliate partners, our editorial content is independent of our advertisers and sponsors, and a clear separation is maintained to ensure unbiased reporting. Through our disclosure notices, we inform our readers whenever they are reading a commercial page.

Ethical Standards

We do our best to the highest ethical standards in all our reporting and writing. Plagiarism, manipulation, and misrepresentation are strictly prohibited. When promoting crypto projects, we carry out independent research and fair assessment, and actively try to warn our readers about projects that we know or suspect are drainers, rug pulls, or any other kind of crypto scams.

In all cases, we respect the privacy of our sources and readers. Personal information is protected, and our privacy policy is transparent and adhered to at all times.

Updates and Maintenance

The cryptocurrency space is a fast-moving one, so one of the pillars of our editorial policy is regular content audits and updates that reflect the latest developments. Outdated information is either updated or archived, and all the content on the site is continuously going through a process of improvement and maintenance.

We also encourage feedback from our readers – after all, this site is built with you in mind. Comments, suggestions, and corrections are welcomed and taken seriously, as they can only help us improve and better carry out our mission.

CryptoNews Fact-Checking Process

Before any of our content goes live, CryptoNews authors and editors have to follow a thorough fact-checking process to make sure that the information provided is accurate and reliable. Below is a step-by-step guide to the process that happens behind the scenes before the article is published.

Step 1: Initial Content Creation

Writers gather information from credible sources including official announcements, reputable news outlets, academic journals, and verified experts in the cryptocurrency field. All sources used in the article must be documented and cited appropriately.

Step 2: Preliminary Verification by Authors

Authors must verify key facts by checking multiple reputable sources. For instance, significant market movements or regulatory changes should be confirmed by at least two independent sources. Where possible, authors should use primary sources such as official press releases, regulatory filings, and direct statements from involved parties.

Step 3: Editorial Review

The editorial team reviews the article for overall coherence, readability, and adherence to the website’s editorial standards. A designated fact-checker, separate from the original author, is assigned to verify the content.

Step 4: Detailed Review and Verification

The fact-checker reviews each statement of fact, checking it against the documented sources. They use a checklist to ensure all facts are verified. Additional credible sources with a track record of accuracy and reliability are sought out to confirm the information.

Step 5: Feedback and Corrections

If discrepancies or unverified facts are found, the fact-checker reports them to the author for clarification or correction. The author revises the content based on the fact-checker’s feedback and resubmits it for a second review.

How We Rate Products on CryptoNews

At CryptoNews, our goal is to provide our readers with unbiased, comprehensive, and accurate reviews of cryptocurrency products and services. We clearly disclose any partnerships or affiliations with the brands we review. While partnerships may influence whether a brand appears in our listings, they do not affect our ratings. Our evaluation criteria and ratings are entirely independent of any commercial relationships.

While the rating criteria varies slightly depending on the product we’re reviewing, the following is an overview of our rating process and the main factors that we take into consideration when carrying out our evaluations.


We assess the strength and implementation of encryption methods, checking for adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements. We evaluate features like two-factor authentication (2FA), multi-signature wallets, and insurance policies.


We look at the design, ease of navigation, and overall user experience, as well as the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support. We consider the availability of mobile apps, multi-device support, and ease of account setup.

Fees and Costs

We compare transaction fees for deposits, withdrawals, and trading, looking for any hidden fees that might affect users, and benchmarking fees against industry standards.


We measure the speed of transactions and network latency. Where applicable, we consider the platform’s uptime and historical performance, evaluating its ability to handle increased load and future growth.

Reputation and Transparency

We investigate the company’s history, leadership, and track record, analyzing user feedback and reviews from multiple sources, and judging the transparency of the company’s operations and disclosures.


We look for innovative features that set the product apart from its competitors and consider the potential for future development and enhancements.

For any questions or feedback about our rating process, please contact us at [email protected].

History of Crypto News

CryptoNews was founded in Lithuania in 2017 with a team of five by Lithuanian-Australian businessman and politician Antanas Guoga – better known in the poker world as Tony G – who also went on to found the poker client, CoinPoker.

CryptoNews was acquired in September 2022, and is now a Malta-based subsidiary of Clickout Media. Its now 50-strong team is based across six continents and dozens of countries, providing the broadest possible scope of crypto coverage to its international audience.

The site has always been multi-lingual; it started with English, German, Dutch, and Arabic; French was added in 2018, and Italian in 2019. Turkish, Chinese, and Russian followed in 2020, and Portuguese and Spanish were added in 2021.

The CryptoNews podcast’s first episode aired in June 2021, hosted by tech entrepreneur Matt Zahab. Now numbering over 300 episodes, Matt has interviewed scores of high-profile guests from the crypto world, including Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether; Dominic Williams, founder of DFINITY/ Internet Computer; Brock Pierce, Co-Founder of Tether, EOS, & Blockchain Capital; Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen; and Ansem (@blknoiz06), one of the most popular crypto influencers and investors on X.

CryptoNews is the proud media partner of dozens of crypto-focused events, including DappCon, NFT Fest, Dutch Blockchain Days, Blockchain Futurist Conference, the World Conference on Web 3.0 and IoT and Blockchain Life Autumn.

Timeline of Crypto News

  • 2017 – is founded by Antanas Guoga, with English, German, Dutch and Arabic language versions.
  • 2018 – The French language version is added, under the stewardship of poker star Isabelle Mercier, who remains an advisor to the CryptoNews team to this day.
  • 2019 – Gediminas Klepakas joins the team as CEO. The Italian language version is added.
  • 2020 – CryptoNews is migrated to the new CMS and layout. Sales and marketing departments are expanded in North America and Canada. Turkish, Chinese and Russian versions of the site are added.
  • 2021 – CryptoNews wins a prestigious award at the Dubai Expo 2020. The first episode of the CryptoNews podcast is aired. Portuguese and Spanish versions of the site are added.
  • 2022 – CryptoNews is acquired by ClickOut Media.
  • 2024 – CryptoNews X (Twitter) account hits 100K followers.

CryptoNews Community

CryptoNews has a strong and active community across various platforms, most notably on X. You can follow CryptoNews on any of the following social media channels.

CryptoNews Careers

Do you want to work with CryptoNews? We’re always looking for talented individuals to help us bring the highest-quality crypto information to the widest possible audience. If you have crypto, journalism, finance, or social media experience, and this sounds like you, we invite you to send your resume and cover letter to [email protected], explaining your interest in crypto and why you would be interested in joining our team.