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12 Best Learn and Earn Crypto Programs in 2024

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 17 min read

Learning about cryptocurrencies can help you stay on top of the market and keep up to date with all the development happening in Web3. But did you know that learning about crypto is also one of the best ways to grab free tokens?

Many popular exchanges and crypto data platforms offer learn and earn crypto programs that pay you to get educated. All you have to do is take a short course and complete a quiz, then your crypto reward is yours for the taking.

We’ve tried out dozens of learn and earn programs to identify the very best ones. Keep reading to find the best platforms to gain a crypto education and start earning free tokens today.

List of the Top Learn and Earn Crypto Programs

Here are the 12 best learn and earn crypto programs you can join today:

  1. 99Bitcoins – Huge learn-to-earn platform with new token to unlock exclusive content
  2. Coinbase – Earn $3 in major crypto tokens every month
  3. BitDegree – Earn discounts, rewards, and deposit bonuses across many Web3 projects
  4. Revolut – Earn up to $15 worth of $DOT
  5. CoinGecko – Learning rewards in $ALI, $ZBU, $AZERO and more
  6. Phemex – Get up to $1 per lesson for crypto trading
  7. CoinMarketCap – Learn and earn rewards in dozens of tokens including BNB and TRX
  8. Binance Academy – Earn dozens of leading cryptos by watching videos
  9. Pixel Realm – Learn about metaverse projects and earn $LBL
  10. BeinCrypto – Earn a $200 trading bonus for Coinbase
  11. Robinhood – Earn free $AVAX while learning on the go
  12. Bake – Earn $1 in free $DFI

Best Learn and Earn Crypto Apps Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at each of the top crypto learn and earn programs so you know what tokens you can earn. We’ll also explain how long the lessons take, how much you can earn, and other key details that set these platforms apart.

1. 99Bitcoins – Huge Learn-to-earn Platform with Exclusive Content

99Bitcoins is one of the largest crypto education platforms, serving a community of more than 2.8 million subscribers with nearly 80 hours of interactive course content. It’s a one-stop platform to learn about buying Bitcoin, new crypto tokens, crypto trading, decentralized applications, and much more.

99Bitcoins doesn’t currently offer learning rewards, but that’s about to change with the launch of its new $99BTC token. When you watch videos, participate in interactive lessons, and complete challenges on 99Bitcoin, you’ll earn $99BTC as a reward.

99Bitcoins Learn and Earn Crypto Program

$99BTC token holders can use their coins to access exclusive premium content on 99Bitcoins, plus spend with discounts at partner platforms. 99Bitcoin also plans to roll out crypto trading signals for $99BTC token holders, giving users a way to earn even more crypto.

The $99BTC token presale is going on now, and early investors can stake their tokens to earn an eye-popping return of 1,828% APY in additional $99BTC tokens. In addition, you can join 99Bitcoin’s $99,999 BTC airdrop giveaway for a chance to earn more than $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. The giveaway is going on now and is free to join.

Visit 99Bitcoins

2. Coinbase – Earn $3 in Major Crypto Tokens Every Month

The Coinbase learn and earn program was one of the first to launch in the US and remains one of the most popular among new crypto users. It’s available in more than 100 countries, so it’s a great option for crypto users around the world. It focuses on teaching about specific altcoins that Coinbase wants to encourage users to trade, then rewards users with those tokens.

This month, traders can earn $3 worth of $NEAR for learning about Near Protocol and $3 worth of $SHPING for learning about the SHPING dApp. Coinbase introduces new coins to learn about roughly once a month, giving you the chance to earn around $6 in new crypto tokens on a monthly basis. Lessons often focus on new Coinbase listings.

Coinbase Crypto Learn and Earn Program

Each course takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you’ll need to pass a quiz at the end to prove what you’ve learned. You can hold your earned tokens right in your Coinbase account or send them to a self-custody wallet.

3. BitDegree – Learn About Web3 to Earn Discounts, Rewards, and More

BitDegree has a large crypto learn and earn program designed to teach users how to navigate their way through Web3. Lessons cover everything from trading with centralized and decentralized exchanges to keeping your crypto safe in hot and cold wallets to earning rewards with staking and crypto interest.

Courses in BitDegree are split into multiple lessons, so a learning module takes significantly longer than other platforms. Expect to spend about an hour per course. However, you’ll also get more hands-on experience, with some lessons requiring you to sign up for an account with an exchange or wallet to try it out for yourself.

BitDegree Crypto Learn and Earn Program

When you complete a course, you’ll earn Bits and NFT completion certificates. Bits can be cashed in at BitDegree’s reward center for discounts on services, crypto tokens, and benefits like deposit matches when you join a crypto exchange. This takes a little more planning than other platforms since you don’t just get crypto you can trade, but the rewards can be worth a lot more as well.

4. Revolut – Earn Up to $15 in $DOT

Finance super app Revolut has its own crypto learning program that offers students up to $15 worth of Polkadot’s $DOT token for completing basic courses. The lessons are designed for people who are new to crypto and focus on how blockchains work, how to buy and sell crypto, and the basics of keeping tokens safe in a crypto wallet.

Revolut’s lessons are short, around 5 minutes each, and combine quick videos with text-based content. At the end of each lesson, you’ll need to complete a short quiz in order to claim your $DOT reward.

Revolut Learn and Earn Crypto Program

You can take as many lessons as you want, but you can only earn a maximum of $15 worth of $DOT per Revolut account. So, while this learn-and-earn program is a great way to get some free crypto, the total amount you can earn is relatively limited.

5. CoinGecko – Learning Rewards in $ALI, $ZBU, $AZERO, and More

Crypto data aggregator CoinGecko has a fun learn and earn crypto program that lets you earn free crypto like Coinbase. You can learn about a variety of new altcoins and get rewarded in the token you just took a lesson on.

CoinGecko currently offers lessons and rewards for tokens like ALI Agents ($ALI), Zeebu ($ZBU), and Aleph Zero ($AZERO). Past lessons have focused on Oasys ($OAS), Sei Network ($SEI), Tezos ($XTZ), and others. You can still take these older courses if you’re curious about these coins, but they no longer offer rewards.

CoinGecko Learn and Earn Free Crypto

CoinGecko’s lessons take around 20 minutes and give you between $1 and $5 worth of crypto. You also get some candy, which you can redeem with CoinGecko for discounts with partners, giveaway entries, and access to exclusive NFTs and airdrops. Some of the rewards are worth quite a bit of money—for example, one reward currently available gives you 20% off of a Coinrule subscription for life.

6. Phemex – Get up to $1 per lesson for crypto trading

Crypto trading platform Phemex offers a crypto learn and earn program that pays cash straight into your trading account. From there, you can use your rewards to buy any of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies available on Phemex.

Phemex’s lessons focus on how to use the trading platform. There are lessons on crypto spot and derivatives trading, how to earn with Phemex Launchpad, and how to transfer crypto between Phemex and a wallet.

Phemex Learn and Earn Crypto Program

Lessons only take about 5 minutes to complete and there’s a short quiz after each one. The reward for each lesson varies, but you’ll typically receive between $0.60 and $1 in cash in your trading account. There are currently 6 lessons available, for a maximum earnings of $4.40.

7. CoinMarketCap – Learn and Earn Rewards in Dozens of Tokens

CoinMarketCap’s crypto learn and earn program encourages you to get educated about a wide range of altcoins, including tokens like DeFi Chain, Tron, Solar, Sandbox, and more. The platform offers rewards in the token you learn about, so it’s a great way to get small amounts of many different altcoins.

One catch is that CoinMarketCap only offers rewards for 1-2 tokens at a time. You can still learn about all of the tokens the platform has created courses for, but you won’t receive a reward if there’s not an active campaign for a coin.

Coin Market Cap Learn and Earn Free Crypto

Each coin’s course is split into several video lessons of a few minutes each. In total, it takes 10-15 minutes to complete the lesson and a follow-up quiz, and you can expect a reward worth around $1 per token in return.

8. Binance Academy – Earn Dozens of Leading Cryptos by Watching Videos

Binance Academy offers dozens of courses on a wide range of altcoins. You’ll find lessons on Axelar, CyberConnect, Kyber Network, Radiant, DeXe, and many others. The courses are quick, too—most consist of a 3-5 minute video followed by brief text content.

After completing a course, you can take a quiz and claim a reward in the token you just learned about. Reward amounts vary, but they’re typically around $1 in crypto.

Binance Academy Crypto Learn and Earn Program

Binance Academy introduces a new coin to learn about and earn every few months. Unfortunately, rewards aren’t available for old coins, so you can only earn around $1 at a time. The good news is that you can access all past lessons at any time if you’re just excited to learn more about specific altcoins.

9. Pixel Realm – Learn about Metaverse Projects and Earn $LBL

Pixel Realm is a Web3 gaming ecosystem that educates users about metaverse, NFT, and play-to-earn gaming projects. It currently offers a single education course explaining the NFTb project, a platform that gives users the ability to collect NFTs.

The course consists of 4 lessons, each about 5 minutes long, and at the end there’s a quiz to test your knowledge. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll receive 205 $LBL tokens (worth about $1).

Pixel Realm Learn and Earn Crypto Program

Pixel Realm is working on more educational courses with rewards in alternative tokens. One upcoming course focuses on Yoda Labs, a Web3 gaming hub and launchpad, and another covers DeFi platform SatoshiSync.

10. BeinCrypto – Earn a $200 Trading Bonus for Coinbase

BeinCrypto offers an extremely rewarding learn and earn program for US traders who are interested in buying crypto on Coinbase. With this program, you take a short course on how to use Coinbase, then sign up for a Coinbase account and receive a $200 welcome bonus. The bonus can be used to trade Bitcoin or any altcoins available on Coinbase.

BeinCrypto’s Coinbase course includes 7 lessons, each of which takes about 10 minutes of reading to complete. There’s a quiz at the end of each lesson that you must pass in order to claim the bonus.

BeinCrypto Crypto Learn and Earn Program

Importantly, BeinCrypto’s learn and earn program is only open to US residents. You must complete KYC verification in Coinbase in order to claim your learning reward.

11. Robinhood – Earn $1 in Free $AVAX While Learning on Mobile

Crypto broker Robinhood has a learn and earn program that offers $1 each in BTC, USDC, and AVAX. You can take short courses on each of these tokens—the courses take about 2 minutes each and are followed by 5-question quizzes, so they’re very fast. You need to get 4/5 questions right in the quiz to earn crypto, but there’s no limit to the number of attempts you can make.

The advantage to Robinhood’s program is that it’s designed for mobile devices. So, you can learn and earn free crypto on the go, which isn’t possible with all of the programs we reviewed. Note that you must have a Robinhood trading account in order to access the learn and earn program.

Robinhood Learn and Earn Crypto Program

Robinhood offers a maximum of $3 in crypto right now, but the broker may be working on courses for more coins. So, the total amount you could earn may increase in the future.

12. Bake – Earn $1 in Free $DFI

DeFi platform offers up to $3 in crypto through its online learn and earn program. There are 3 courses available covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DeFi Chain ($DFI), with rewards of up to $1 in each token.

The courses are split into lessons, with a short quiz at the end of each. How much you earn depends on how many answers you get right—Bake awards $0.20 in crypto for each correct answer. This raises the stakes compared to other learn and earn programs, which allow you to retake a quiz as many times as you want.

Bake Learn and Earn Crypto Program

You can use the crypto you earn on Bake to get involved with DeFi and start earning interest. Or, if you prefer, you can transfer your coins to a self-custody wallet and use them for whatever you like.

How We Ranked the Best Learn and Earn Crypto Programs

We evaluated dozens of learn and earn crypto apps to narrow down our selection to the very best. Here are the criteria we considered to make our top picks:

Earning Potential – 25%

How much crypto you can earn with a learn and earn program was one of the most important factors we used in ranking these programs. Some programs offer essentially unlimited rewards, with new courses and rewards coming online daily or weekly. Others offer more modest earning potential, with new courses and rewards appearing on a monthly basis.

We did include some programs with low maximum earnings ($10 or less in lifetime crypto earnings) in our list of the best learn and earn programs. These programs stood out for other aspects, such as low time requirements and great educational content.

Time Requirement – 25%

We tested out each program’s courses to find out how much time it actually takes to earn the promised crypto reward. This is important because two programs may offer the same reward amount, but require vastly different time commitments.

Most of the programs we evaluated did a good job of breaking content into small chunks and reducing the overall time required to complete a course. In general, you can expect to receive a $1 reward every 5-10 minutes with the learn and earn programs we selected.

Accessibility and Ease of Participation – 20%

Not all learn and earn programs are available to all users, and we kept this in mind when comparing programs. For example, some learn and earn programs are only available to US users, while others specifically prohibit US residents.

We also looked at what was required in order to join a learn and earn program. All of the programs we evaluated required registration, but some did not require identity verification. This reduces the barrier to entry for users who want to quickly collect as much crypto as possible.

DeFi Chain Learn to Earn Course on BeinCrypto

Variety of Tasks Offered – 15%

Monotonous learn and earn programs can quickly get tiring, making it a chore to complete your learning and maximize your rewards. So, we considered whether each program offered a variety of different ways to learn—like text, videos, and interactive tasks—and whether there was content across a wide variety of subjects to keep the experience fresh for users.

Quality of Educational Content – 15%

Finally, we dove into the content available in each learn and earn program to evaluate its quality. We looked for detailed and easy-to-understand information that’s friendly for first-time crypto users. We also evaluated whether the content is delivered in multiple formats to reinforce important points and cater to users with different learning styles.

What is Learn and Earn in Crypto?

Learn and earn crypto programs enable you to get paid to learn about crypto. They require you to take a short course about a topic in cryptocurrency, then complete a quiz to demonstrate your knowledge. When you pass, you’ll be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens or a bonus for a cryptocurrency platform.

As an example, take 99Bitcoin’s upcoming learn and earn program. This platform will offer interactive courses that teach about crypto trading. When you complete a course, you’ll earn $99BTC tokens, which have real-world value in the 99Bitcoins ecosystem. You can also convert the tokens to another cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, or sell your crypto for cash.

Some of the common components of a learn and earn program include:

  • Text and video courses about general crypto topics like blockchains, using a crypto exchange, and trading
  • Text and video courses about specific cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or altcoins
  • Short quizzes testing your knowledge at the end of each course

As part of an educational course, you may also need to sign up for an account with the program provider (such as a crypto exchange account) and verify your identity.

Best Practices for Learn and Earn Crypto Programs

Learn and earn crypto programs can be an effective way to earn free crypto while learning more about Web3. To make sure you get the most out of these programs, here are a few best practices to follow.

Diversify Your Participation

Joining several learn and earn crypto programs can help you increase your overall earnings, learn about a wider range of topics, and keep your experience fun and fresh. That’s because different programs may offer rewards in different altcoins and introduce courses covering different aspects of the crypto market.

While joining a few different programs can be good, don’t stretch yourself too thin by trying to participate in every learn and earn program. You’ll have a better experience if you choose a few top programs to stick with and then maximize your earnings within those.

Axelar Learn and Earn Course on Binance

Set Realistic Expectations

It’s important to be realistic about how much you can earn from crypto learn and earn programs, as well as how much time they take. These programs are designed to be educational and rewarding, but they aren’t get-rich-quick schemes.

Most learn and earn programs put caps on the maximum amount you can earn. If you go in knowing how much you can earn and aim to achieve that amount, you’ll have a much better experience than if you go in with unrealistic earnings dreams.

Stay Informed and Up-to-Date

Crypto learn and earn programs are always changing. Providers introduce new courses, offer rewards in new tokens, and phase out rewards for old lessons. It’s important to make sure you know what courses are currently active and where you can get the best rewards to ensure you’re getting the most crypto for your time.

Conclusion – Is Learning and Earning Crypto Worth it?

Crypto learn and earn programs enable you to enhance your knowledge about blockchain technology, Web3 trends, and the crypto market while also giving you free crypto so you can participate in the decentralized revolution. You won’t get rich from these programs, but they can be great if you want to try out different altcoins or dip your toes in crypto without having to buy tokens on your own.

We think 99Bitcoins offers the best crypto learn and earn program in 2024. You can check out hours of interactive content and earn the platform’s new $99BTC token, which unlocks access to even more exclusive content. Check out 99Bitcoins today to join the $99BTC token presale or the $99,999 BTC airdrop giveaway.

Visit 99Bitcoins


Are there any apps like Coinbase learn and earn?

Some of the best learn and earn apps like Coinbase include 99Bitcoins, BitDegree, Revolut, and CoinGecko. Like Coinbase, these platforms offer free crypto in exchange for taking short educational courses about Web3.

Can you get paid to learn about crypto?

Yes, crypto learn and earn programs pay you to take short educational courses about cryptocurrency. You can get paid to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, Web3, crypto trading, and more.

Is it possible to learn and earn free crypto?

You can earn free crypto while learning about the crypto market through platforms like 99Bitcoins, Coinbase, BitDegree, and others. These platforms offer short educational courses and reward you with crypto tokens when you complete a quiz.

What is the best way to earn free crypto?

Learn and earn crypto programs are one of the best ways to earn free cryptocurrency. You can spend 5-10 minutes learning about the crypto market, then get rewarded with free Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another altcoin.

How is learn and earn crypto taxed?

Crypto you receive through learn and earn programs is taxed just like regular income. It’s the same as if you received crypto from mining or an airdrop. You’ll also pay capital gains taxes if you sell your crypto for a profit.


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