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Blockchain Users Shift Focus Towards Dapp Gaming
Blockchain users are increasingly shifting their interest towards games.
Bitcoin News
Analysts Urge Caution as Golden Cross Appears in Bitcoin Chart
If history is any guide, the signal’s predictive power is questionable, at least over the short-term.
Altcoin News
USD 230M Avalanche, Binance Centralization, Influential Vitalik + More News
The foundation behind the Avalanche blockchain said it has received a USD 230m investment.
Altcoin News
HBAR Jumps On USD 5.7B Promise From Hedera Hashgraph
The Hedera Governing Council approved a plan to allocate HBAR 10.7bn, currently worth some USD 5.66bn, towards the development of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem.
Altcoin News
AMC To Add Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH Payments Alongside Bitcoin
AMC said that, along with bitcoin, it will be accepting payment in ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.

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Simon Chandler
@Neha Narula • Sep 16
I think this applies to all coins. I'm not sure exactly what properties of your validator/miner community (other th…

Simon Chandler
@Coinbase • Sep 16
We’re: ⚪single ⚪taken 🔘open to a relationshib

Simon Chandler
@Ser Jeff Garzik • Sep 16
"Dopamine fasting" Personal: I've often thought about what a secular monastery would look like, inspired by some…

Simon Chandler
@Bitfinex • Sep 16
🟢 Green or red in the next 24h?🔴 #btc #bitcoin No one can predict the future, but you can get a deeper understandi…

Simon Chandler
@Bitstamp • Sep 16
We’re adding: 🟢 $AXS, the token behind a blockchain-based trading and battling game @AxieInfinity 🟢 $SAND that f…

#Bitcoin Looking Great :), What Else is there to Say!!!

Simon Chandler
@Kraken Exchange • Sep 16
Kraken Bank CEO @Kinitsky joins Bloomberg @Quicktake today at 12pm EDT to discuss digital assets & banking:…

Simon Chandler
@William Mougayar • Sep 16
Good to see @Kin_Ecosystem getting noticed and covered again in the media.

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