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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stocks Fluctuate as Fed Confirms Tapering Schedule
Fed said it expects it will soon be appropriate to raise the target range for the federal funds rate.

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@Coinbase • Jan 26
The one about @ElectricCapital’s Annual Developer Report … In this week's Around The Block podcast @MariaShen brea…

Ser Jeff Garzik
@Ser Jeff Garzik • Jan 26
Dear brain: Why do you behave this way? Twitter timeline -> Read tweet w/ 1980s moral crusader claiming certain 1…

@vitalik.eth • Jan 26
"The rules to make the rules", an important post by @pfrazee: Along similar themes to…

Kraken Exchange
@Kraken Exchange • Jan 26
♥️ if you HODL

Adam Back
@Adam Back • Jan 26
@TuurDemeester @ewarren when I say they use more power, like order > 100x more power than #bitcoin globally. for so…

@Lisk • Jan 26

Chris Burniske
@Chris Burniske • Jan 26
Pumps happen in waves Dumps happen in waves It’s all waves 🌊

#Bitcoin Rebound Remains Strong!!!

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