The Crypto Cat Is Out of the Bag, but Can We Still See More China-Like Bans?
"Our hope is that other countries realize the benefits that these crypto networks can provide."
This Is What Might Happen if the US Defaults on Debt
Source: Adobe/SERSOLLMichael Humphries, Deputy Chair of Business Administration, Touro College.______Congress has seemingly kicked the debt ceiling deadline down the road – but the threat of a future default still exists....
NFTs ‘on Bitcoin’: Yes, That’s a Thing!
While the JPEG trading frenzy remains in full force on Ethereum, a new NFT market is emerging, secured by Bitcoin.
DEX vs. CEX Tokens: Who Performed Better This Year?
Let’s compare the performance of the biggest DEX tokens versus CEX-issued tokens.

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Simon Chandler
@Kraken Exchange • Oct 24
🤨 What's the best thing to do when the #Bitcoin price dips?

Simon Chandler
@Adam Back • Oct 24
precise https://t.co/RSC08PXjSp

Simon Chandler
@Tuur Demeester • Oct 24
@kanzure @OGBTC Original thread: https://t.co/zqywUsIjAW

Simon Chandler
@Symbol & NEM • Oct 24
Let’s talk. 💬


Simon Chandler
@Coinbase • Oct 23
In crypto we trust. https://t.co/V1CK5faAJo

Until these murderers go to prison & congress is banned from insider trading their stock, nothing will change! https://t.co/QPOOQUWRha

Simon Chandler
@Ser Jeff Garzik • Oct 23
Q: My tractor has been in the shop for 3 weeks. Why isn't it fixed yet? A: All the techs got Covid. Q: My truck ha… https://t.co/Awz5V4oYKE

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