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Bitcoin and Ethereum Keep Moving Higher, AVAX and MATIC Jump
Bitcoin price could gain pace if it clears the USD 38,000 resistance. Ethereum is still below USD 2,500, DOGE, AVAX, and MATIC are showing positive signs.

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PrimeXBT: Take Advantage of ZERO Fees for Crypto Purchases
Disclaimer: The following article is part of Cryptonews Deals Series and was written as a promotiona …
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Chris Burniske
@Chris Burniske • Jan 26
What's more likely for crypto from here?

Tuur Demeester
@Tuur Demeester • Jan 26
My family traveled to Russia and Poland in the early 90s, and I have memories that match this. A butcher with only…

@Coinbase • Jan 26
Are you ready to make NFTs? We've teamed up with @ZVCHtv for a @Twitch takeover ft. our very own @sid_coelho discu…


Symbol & NEM
@Symbol & NEM • Jan 25
Introducing the new brand identity for "The Symbol Syndicate" - a non-profit focused on the research, design and de…

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Kraken Exchange
@Kraken Exchange • Jan 25
8 NEW tokens on Kraken today ⚡️ ✅ $ATLAS $POLIS ✅ $FIDA ✅ $KIN ✅ $MNGO ✅ $SBR ✅ $STEP ✅ $ORCA Deposits begin NOW…

Ser Jeff Garzik
@Ser Jeff Garzik • Jan 25
Taking off my #Bitcoin hat and analyzing geopolitical incentives: It is entirely conceivable that a political oppon…

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