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BTC 0.33%
DOGE -0.77%
ETH 0.08%
PEPE -5.98%
XRP -0.64%
SHIB -0.50%
SOL 0.29%
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Next Crypto to Explode in 2024 – Next Big Crypto Coins

Kane Pepi
Kane Pepi | Verified by Alan Draper
Last updated: | 33 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

Many investors are looking for the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2024. However, with so many crypto projects in the market, it can be hard to find the next big crypto.

In this guide, we’ll go over the next cryptos to blow up this year based on six criteria: market performance and trends, community engagement, utility and use cases, fundamental analysis, security, and future roadmap.

List of The Next Cryptos to Explode in 2024

  • First truly multi-chain Doge token, promising interoperability across major blockchains
  • Easy to buy and claim $DOGEVERSE tokens during presale phase
  • Could be the next Doge-inspired coin to explode in 2024
Project Launched
April 2024
Meme, Multi-Chain
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • Brand new South Park-inspired seal-themed SOL meme coin
  • Ideal coin to buy in presale ahead of the expected summer meme coin frenzy
  • Thought to be by the team that was also behind the viral SLERF coin
Project Launched
May 2024
Purchase Methods
  • Solana
  • Infinitely upgradeable AI meme coin, with modular technological capabilities.
  • Huge staking rewards available everyday during presale.
  • Presale price rises every two days - buy now to benefit from best price before listing.
Project Launched
April 2024
Stake-to-earn, Meme
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • First of its kind daily rewards based on the performance of Mega Dice Casino
  • $DICE holders can enjoy 25% rev-share through the Mega Dice Referral Program
  • $2,250,000+ USD airdrop for casino players
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • Solana
  • ETH
  • bnb
  • Learn-to-Earn platform that rewards users for learning about crypto
  • Stake $99BTC tokens in secure smart contract to earn passive rewards
  • Get the edge in fast-moving markets with expert crypto trading signals
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • bnb
  • +1 more
  • Innovatives VR & AR Gaming Project
  • Aiming to Raise $15M Across 12 Rounds
  • Token Holders Get Lifetime Access to VR Content
Project Launched
January 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • Trending meme coin with P2E utility & staking rewards
  • Price up 10x in past month, rumors of Binance listing
  • 12k+ holders and growing
Project Launched
December 2023
Meme, P2E
Purchase Methods
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • usdt
  • ETH
  • Buy and hold $SMOG to generate and earn airdrop points
  • 35% of supply reserved for future airdrop rewards
  • Viral potential after pumping over 1000%
Project Launched
February 2024
Meme, P2E
Purchase Methods
  • usdt
  • Solana
  • Native BSC token
  • Audited by Coinsult
  • Long-term rewards for holders
Project Launched
Purchase Methods
  • bnb
  • usdt
  • Bank Card
    Bank Card
  • New meme coin offering an immersive experience via high-stakes battles
  • Participants can buy and stake $SHIBASHOOT tokens for rewards in excess of 25,000% p/a
  • Token holders can cast votes on key project decisions and try their luck in the 'Lucky Lasso Lotteries'
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • bnb
  • First crypto-based lending platform, allowing loans up to 75% of the total Memereum assets.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for digital coins and precious metals, including gold and silver.
  • High-value holders get state-of-the-art NFTs, valued over $1,500 in the open market.
Project Launched
March 2024
Purchase Methods
  • bnb
  • usdt
  • ETH
  • BlockBets is the future of cryptocurrency gaming with casino, sportsbook and poker offerings.
  • Offers 1000x leverage trading with over 20 top cryptos supported with no bid-offer spreads and competitive fees.
  • Early presale investors get daily passive staking rewards, the chance to win a share of 5% of all buybacks, as well as BlockBets credits.
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • usdt
  • bnb

Top Potential Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2024

Before we break down all of the details, here is a potential list of the next cryptocurrencies to explode in 2024:

  1. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) – Multi-chain coin offering over 50% staking APY
  2. Sealana ($SEAL) – Popular Solana-based meme token with a fixed presale price
  3. WienerAI ($WAI) – Infinitely upgradeable sausage dog-themed token, offering high APY staking perks
  4. Mega Dice Token ($DICE) – CasinoFi crypto offers tradable NFTs and staking APY
  5. 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) – Innovative L2E token, get staking APY and learning rewards
  6. 5th Scape ($5SCAPE) – Meme coin introduces VR technology within the blockchain space
  7. Sponge V2 ($SPONGE) – Upgraded version of a popular meme coin, rose 100x in 2023
  8. Smog ($SMOG) – New meme crypto launched straight to DEX. Get 42% APYs
  9. eTukTuk ($TUK) – New crypto building EV charging stations. $1.9 million raised.
  10. Slothana ($SLOTH) – New Solana meme coin raised $10 million in two weeks.
  11. Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) – Next cryptocurrency to fly to the moon
  12. Blockbets ($BBETS) – Utility heavy GambleFi token with profit sharing and staking
  13. DogeStar ($DOGESTAR) – Crypto-based space exploration metaverse game
  14. ($PLUTO) – New DEX aggregator leveraging AI, priced at $0.101
  15. Mollars ($MOLLARS) – New DeFi crypto with community-driven governance. $850K raised
  16. Healix ($HLX) – Decentralized healthcare cryptocurrency token. Over $100K raised
  17. Polkadot ($DOT) – Crypto platform enabling token transfers across multiple blockchains
  18. Chainlink ($LINK) – Crypto oracle network with an $11 billion market capitalization

Importantly, we formulated this list of the most promising cryptocurrency projects based on thorough research, but investors will need to make their own minds up when it comes to looking for the next big cryptos.

Next Big Crypto Coins Reviewed — Detailed Analysis

By reading the below insights, investors can take a closer look at some of the potentially profitable crypto projects listed above. This includes key information such as market capitalization, use cases, and more.

1. Dogeverse – Multi-Chain Meme Coin Likely to Explode, $300K Raised in 24 Hours

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) is the first truly multi-chain Doge token. This innovative cryptocurrency promises interoperability initially on the Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon chains. However, Dogeverse will also be available on the Avalanche, Solana, and Base blockchains in the future. 

Dogeverse homepage

Thus, investors can choose to connect with preferred blockchains and benefit from high security, low gas fees, and high throughput. While Doge meme coins tend to offer limited utility, Dogeverse is on a mission to connect the cryptocurrency universe. Furthermore, it deploys smart contracts to support on-chain staking. 

Your $DOGEVERSE tokens can be staked to earn up to 58% APYs (Annual Percentage Yields). While 100 million tokens have already been locked on the staking contract, the APYs will reduce as more tokens are staked. From a total supply of 200 billion, 20 billion will be offered via staking rewards. 

 One of the top cryptos that can explode, Dogeverse is already witnessing huge demand through its newly launched presale campaign. In under 24 hours, the presale has raised over $300K. Since then, the presale has raised more than $15 million. During this current round, $DOGEVERSE is priced at an affordable $0.00031 per token. The presale hard cap target is set at over $17 million. 

Dogeverse multi-chain

As Dogeverse eyes key listings across the top decentralized and centralized exchanges, the token price may soar after the initial exchange offering. Thus, investors are scrambling to take part in the ongoing presale. Read the Dogeverse whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to stay tuned for more project updates. 

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Base
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Dogeverse

2. Sealana ($SEAL) – Popular Solana-based Meme Token With a Fixed Presale Price

Another crypto that could explode is Sealana ($SEAL). It combines humor, pop culture, and the fun of crypto trading in a unique way. The platform’s main character is a patriotic American seal who trades cryptos from his mom’s basement.

Sealana’s unique ‘Send to Wallet’ style presale method is one of its key features. It lets investors buy $SEAL tokens directly by sending SOL to a specific presale wallet. 

This allows investors to immediately get $SEAL tokens without waiting for the presale to end. You can also buy $SEAL using the widget on the Sealana presale site. Early Investors can get 6,900 $SEAL for only 1 SOL at press time.

sealana presale

This ‘Send to Wallet’ approach was used successfully by another Solana-based meme token called Slothana, which raised $15M+ in just 4 weeks of launch.

Although Solana’s (SOL) market cap has dipped off late, meme tokens on its blockchain have consistently seen an uptrend. Meme tokens like Dogwifhat and Slothana have shown resilience even when the market fell. 

Moreover, the platform’s engaging and relatable story can help build a strong community and attract more users over time. You can enter Sealana’s Telegram channel and follow it on X (previously Twitter) to get the latest updates on $SEAL’s listing.

Presale Started May 2024
Purchase Methods  SOL
Chain Solana
Starting Price $0.01932
Listing Price N/D
Raised So Far $130,000+

Visit Sealana

3. WienerAI ($WAI) – First Dog-themed AI Token, offering standard staking perks

WienerAI ($WAI) is one of the biggest meme coin sensations with the potential to fly to the moon when it goes live on crypto exchanges. Just within hours of launching on presale, this promising project raised over $200k in early investments. 


WienerAI comes with a combination of AI and meme coin fundamentals, describing itself as the “first Wiener/Dog/Artificial Intelligence ever created.” With its community-oriented tokenomics and strategic roadmap, the dog-inspired token aims to lead the bustling meme coin market. 

Despite being a new crypto, WienerAI has quickly risen to prominence, attracting the attention of crypto whales. One key factor that has positioned Wiener AI for market success is its perfect launch timing. 

With the overall market sentiment still bullish, investors have continued to show great appetite for meme coins with “100x potential.” Since Wiener AI is a token with such promising potential, more buyers will surely participate in its presale. 

To buy the token at a discounted rate and stand the chance to hit exponential gains when it lands on exchanges, visit its website right now. Beyond buying Wiener AI for potential market gains, early movers can also harness its standard staking mechanic to earn lucrative rewards. 

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  USDT, ETH, BNB & MATIC
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit WienerAI

4. Mega Dice Token – Crypto Gambling Token, Purchase NFTs and Get Staking Yields 

Mega Dice Token ($DICE) is a Solana-based crypto token, powering an entire gaming ecosystem. The token can be used to extract several bonuses and rewards on the Mega Dice Casino and sportsbook. 

Mega Dice Token presale

This token has the potential to explode due to the following use cases it offers: 

  • Staking Yields – Stake $DICE on Mega Dice’s smart contract across three staking pools. Start collecting regular annual yields. 
  • Daily Rewards – Staked token holders can earn daily rewards on the casino games, depending on their past casino performance. 
  • Get NFTs – Certain $DICE holders get access to limited-edition NFTs. These lead to special privileges and rewards on the ecosystem. 
  • Early Bird Bonus – Buy $DICE early on during the presale and get free tokens as an Early Bird bonus. 

Mega Dice Token has a fixed supply of 420 million tokens. According to the Mega Dice Token whitepaper, a portion of the profits generated will be used to buyback tokens on the ecosystem. The platform will also start burning tokens to reduce the supply. 

Mega Dice tokenomics

35% of the supply is being offered through the ongoing presale. Another 10% will be offered as staking rewards. $DICE is priced at $0.069 during the initial presale round. Learn more about this cryptocurrency by joining the Mega Dice Token Telegram channel

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  SOL, ETH, BNB
Chain Solana
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Mega Dice Token Presale

5. 99Bitcoins – Learn2Earn Crypto Offers Token Rewards Through its Online Crypto Curriculum

In the early 2010s, 99Bitcoins launched as a crypto-educational online platform. Now, this popular platform is developing into a Learn-to-earn ecosystem where users are rewarded with digital assets for increasing their knowledge. 

99Bitcoins presale

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, 99Bitcoins will soon migrate to the Bitcoin network. It will adopt the BRC-20 network standard, which enables developers to create DApps and NFTs. 

On 99Bitcoins, you can complete interactive courses, seminars, and quizzes. As you progress through the curriculum, 99Bitcoins offers $99BTC tokens as rewards. From its 99 billion token supply, 17% will be offered as community rewards. 

While the earning possibilities through the educational ecosystem is enough to generate huge growth potential, 99Bitcoins also provides high staking yields. You can stake and earn up to 70,000% annual yields with $99BTC. 

14% of the token supply will be offered as staking rewards over the next two years. Finally, token holders get exclusive access to VIP groups and expert trading signals. For these reasons, 99Bitcoins could be the next crypto to explode. 

99Bitcoins tokenomics

The project is off to a great start through its presale – raising more than $117K in a few hours. The goal is to raise $11 million through the presale before launching on centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Read the 99Bitcoins whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information. 

Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Ethereum (Will bridge to Bitcoin)
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit 99Bitcoins

6. 5th Scape – Popular New Crypto Project That Merges VR and Blockchain

5th Scape (5SCAPE) could be one of the few cryptocurrencies to explode in 2024 due to its innovative concept: Merging blockchain with virtual reality technology. The team behind this project plans to launch their own VR games along with a VR headset and a chair.

In the foundations of all that lies the 5SCAPE token, which will be used as a currency within the ecosystem, as well as to give holders exclusive access and discounts to 5th Scape products.

5th Scape presale

The 5SCAPE token is in a presale phase where you can only buy it with ETH or USDT on the 5th Scape website. Note there are 12 presale rounds, each round having a higher price than the previous. If you’re looking to participate in the crypto presale, buying in as early as possible could give you the lowest price.

The first round comes with a $0.00187 price per token, while the last round will charge $0.0087 per token, making a 365% price difference between the rounds. The token will list on exchanges at a price of $0.01, making a 434% difference between the first presale round and the token listing price.

5th Scape tokenomics

Follow 5th Scape on X and join the 5th Scape Telegram channel for the latest information on the presale. Also, join the 5th Scape Discord if you want to engage with the community.

Visit 5thScape

7. Sponge V2 – V2 Token of Explosive 100x Meme Coin with Listings Planned for Binance and OKX

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) has the potential to be one of the biggest meme coins of 2024. It builds on the success of the V1 $SPONGE token, which rocketed from a launch valuation of $1 million to a market cap of more than $100 million at its peak. That’s a more than 100x return for early $SPONGE investors.

Now, the team behind the V1 token is back with a new token that the $SPONGE whitepaper describes as bigger, better, and more absorbent.

Sponge V2 Token Sale 

The team plans to expand the $SPONGE supply to 150 billion tokens. That increased supply is partially to support rewards for a new play-to-earn crypto game based around Spongebob Squarepants.

In addition, the increased supply will support rewards for V1 token holders. The only way to get V2 tokens right now is to stake V1 $SPONGE and lock it permanently. In doing so, stakers will receive rewards in $SPONGEV2 tokens for the next 4 years.

The $SPONGE team is building excitement by aiming for upcoming listings on Binance and OKX, the world’s largest crypto exchanges. Binance has been listing meme coins like $BONK and $MEME recently, so it seems likely that a $SPONGEV2 listing could be just around the corner.

Sponge P2E Game

Now is the best time to buy $SPONGE before it rockets upwards because the project is offering a 100% purchase bonus. Anyone who buys $SPONGE will automatically stake the V1 tokens they buy and also receive an equivalent value in new V2 tokens.

Follow $SPONGE on X, Telegram, and Discord to learn out more about the bonus and get all the latest updates on the push for a Binance listing.  

Presale Started 17 Dec 2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Sponge

8. Smog – New Meme Token Offers 42% Staking APYs

Smog ($SMOG) is an exciting new crypto meme token with huge staking yields. Based on the Solana blockchain, Smog aims to become one of the biggest meme tokens – offering exclusive airdrop rewards. 

Smog homepage

Smog underwent its fair launch – listing straight on the Jupiter decentralized exchange (DEX). In less than 24 hours of the launch, $SMOG was up by over 1,300%. One of the reasons for this success can be attributed to the upcoming token airdrop. 

Smog promises to host the greatest Solana airdrop to date. To participate, investors must buy and hold $SMOG tokens, allowing them to earn airdrop points. You can buy $SMOG on Jupiter with SOL, or you can buy it with ETH or USDT on the Smog website. Staking is now live and you can earn 42% APY. 

$SMOG has a total supply of 1.4 billion – 35% of which will be offered as airdrop rewards. As of now, Smog is yet to disclose any other information regarding the airdrop. A majority of the token supply (50%) will be used to market this meme coin. 

Smog - how to buy

The goal is to achieve similar highs as other popular cryptos – like Pepe Coin and Bonk. In the future, Smog will also list its native token on centralized exchanges, helping increase the trading volume. 

Read the Smog whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to learn more about this project. 

Visit Smog

9. eTukTuk – Sustainable Cryptocurrency with New Presale Launch  

For the past five years, eTukTuk (TUK) has been working on its cryptocurrency platform. The project will set up electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and EV charging stations in developing nations’ urban and suburban areas. 

Currently, over 270 million TukTuks use internal combustion engines (ICEs). These ICEs run on fossil fuels, contributing to more emissions than cars. As ICEs are slowly becoming obsolete, TukTuk drivers struggle to make a minimum wage. 

What is eTukTuk Banner

eTukTuk wants to set up affordable charging stations by leveraging the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Since the blockchain supports a high number of transactions and charges low fees, TukTuk drivers will take home 400% by making the chance to electric vehicles. 

Furthermore, eTukTuk will set up charging stations in designated territories with the help of territory partners. These are local partners who will help in the operation and installation process. Thus, the costs will be lowered. 

eTukTuk will launch a drivers app through which TukTuk drivers using zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and other EVs can charge their vehicles at charging stations. On the driver’s app, drivers will make payments using $TUK, the native cryptocurrency. 

Token holders can stake $TUK to earn a passive income. As the number of territories increases, there will be a rise in revenue through the charging stations. This will also allow staked token holders to earn more passive income, making it one of the best staking crypto opportunities on the market for long-term rewards. 

etuktuk how it works

Currently, interested investors can join the token presale and buy $TUK for $0.028 – over $1.9 million has been raised already with the staking APY currently over 126%.

Read the eTukTuk whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information. 

Visit eTukTuk

10. Slothana – New Solana Meme Coin That Raised $550K+ In Hours Of Launch

Slothana ($SLOTH) is a trending new Solana-based meme crypto that has caught investors’ attention with its innovative presale mechanism and potential for virality.

However, unlike traditional presales, investors can send $SOL tokens directly to the project’s wallet address and receive $SLOTH airdrops. This innovative method does not need multiple pricing stages or waiting for longer durations.

The project attracted strong investor interest and raised over $550K within a few hours of launch. Due to Solana’s low transaction fees and high throughput, the platform has become popular as a meme token and is expected to explode in 2024.

Slothana wallet address

The project’s central figure (an office Sloth that got fed up with the 9-5 lifestyle) has resonated with the memecoin community due to the character’s relatability and humor. It aims to recreate the success of other SOL-based meme coins with a market cap of over $400 million.

Also, rumors suggest a connection between Slothana and the founders of $SMOG, a similar Solana meme token that offered massive returns to early investors.

Slothana tweet

The meme coin market is expected to boom in April and Slothana aims to capitalize on this trend by offering a unique alternative. Users can follow Slothana on X (Twitter) for the latest updates and to interact with the community.

Presale Started March 2024
Purchase Methods  SOL
Chain Solana
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Slothana

11. Shiba Shootout – Next cryptocurrency to fly to the moon

Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) is a captivating meme coin project that seamlessly combines “creativity, competition, and camaraderie in a Wild West-inspired setting” to provide crypto enthusiasts with an unbeatable experience. Featuring characters like Marshal Shiba and the Shiba Sharpshooters as its backdrop, this highly innovative project aims to become the true ruler of the Wild West crypto frontier.

Since launching on presale, Shiba Shootout has been on the watchlist of those seeking both immediate gains and long-term potential. 


It blends a lineup of utility features to change the existing narrative in the bustling meme coin sphere. First, it is a governance token, empowering holders to vote on vital project decisions. 

It is also possible to use the token to purchase tickets and implement the project’s “Lucky Lasso Lottery” system to win amazing crypto prizes. Another key attraction for Shiba Shootout is its innovative savings feature, “Savings Saddlebags” which allows users to allocate their holdings to a specific wallet and earn great rewards. 

Complementing this feature is its standard staking mechanic, empowering holders to maximize their investments. The longer you stake your tokens, the more rewards you get. 

All the lineup of utility features promised by this project make it a good crypto to watch closely this year. While other meme coins are driven by hype alone, Shiba Shootout has taken a step further with its unique value proposition, appealing theme, and vast community support, giving it long-term potential. 

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  USDT, ETH, BNB & CARD
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Shiba Shootout

12. Blockbets – Profit Sharing Staking Alongside From Feature Rich GambleFi Platform

Blockbets is an exciting new online gaming platform that is currently in the presale stage. With a mission to be the go-to place for all online gaming, Blockbets provides the early investor with a wealth of further investment options and utilities.

However, Blockbets is more than just a gaming platform, it is also a community of like-minded gamers and offers the chance to completely redefine the world of internet gambling by completely rewriting the model.

blockbets presale

By partaking in the Blockbets presale and investing in the $BBETS token, you also qualify for daily passive staking income, a chance to earn every time you play with a generous buyback scheme as well as up to 90% in casino credits.

By staking your $BBETS tokens you qualify for up to 25% of all platform profits. The more you stake, the more you can earn. Those staking over 25,000 tokens will receive an allocation of 100% of all available profits.

Blockbets rewards

Such a profit-sharing model is proving to be popular in the GambleFi space and is certain to change the shape of this massive online industry. The Blockbets presale is a great chance to get in early and benefit from what is certain to be a very profitable platform once up and running.

For more information head over to the official website and download the whitepaper. To keep up to date on all the latest news and project updates you can follow the team on X and join the exclusive Telegram channel.

Token Symbol  BBETS
Presale Supply 100,000,000 BBETS
Token Type BEP-20
Payment Method ETH, USDT, BNB, ARB
Listing Price $0.03

Visit Blockbets

13. DogeStar (DOGESTAR) – New Metaverse Meme Project with In-Game NFTs, Presale is Soaring 

DogeStar (DOGESTAR) is a multi-utility meme ecosystem that will feature an open-world metaverse, in-game NFTs, and a governance DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 

DogeStar presale

While $DOGESTAR is still available to buy on presale, the deflationary tokenomics and use cases can help the token explore after the initial exchange offering. DogeStar will offer community members entry into a space exploration metaverse – where you can explore and take part in multiple games. 

The NFTs are based on a dynamic value system – meaning they can grow in value over time. This will happen depending on your performance within in-game events, and individual player achievements. Community members can also help shape the future of DogeStar by joining the decentralized autonomous organization – which gives you governance rights. 

NFTs can be purchased through the Galactic Bazaar – DogeStar’s NFT marketplace. The NFTs range from cosmic enhancements to powerful artifacts that offer help throughout the gameplay. DogeStar has a total supply of one quadrillion – 69% of which will be burned over time. 

DogeStar community

As the supply reduces, the remaining tokens can gain value in the long term. Another 10% has been distributed for the ongoing presale – which has already raised more than $700K. At the time of writing, $DOGESTAR is priced at only $0.00000032 per token. 

A successful presale can help the token list on popular exchanges, resulting in a potential price explosion in the coming months and years. Stay updated with this cryptocurrency by going through the DogeStar whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel

Token Symbol  DOGESTAR
Presale Supply 1 Quadrillion
Token Type ERC-20
Payment Method ETH, USD, BNB
Listing Price  $0.0000006

Visit DogeStar

14. – AI-Based Token Swapping Platform and DEX Aggregator, Available on Presale ($PLUTO) is the next new cryptocurrency that is likely to explode. This is a decentralized exchange aggregator and token-swapping platform. stands out by leveraging artificial intelligence tools to connect users to the best possible trades on the market. 

The platform enables direct connections of Automated Market Maker pools across different providers. So far, is integrated with the MANTA network and will soon integrate with Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. presale

Its AI-powered pathfinder algorithm scans multiple decentralized exchanges, searching for the best possible price for each given trade. primarily uses layer-2 blockchains since they offer lower fees and higher transaction speeds. 

$PLUTO is currently available to purchase for just $0.101 on presale. The token gives governance and voting access, as well as staking opportunities. From its 300 million token supply, 20% has been allocated for the presale. 

After its initial exchange offering, $PLUTO could be the next big cryptocurrency to explode. Stay updated with all project developments by reading the whitepaper and joining the Discord.

Token Symbol  PLUTO
Presale Supply 60,000,000 PLUTO
Token Type Ethereum
Payment Method ETH, USDT, USDC, Card
Listing Price  N/A

Visit PlutoSwap

15. Mollars  – New DeFi Crypto With Community-driven Governance

Mollars ($MOLLARS) is a new DeFi crypto that can explode with a presale that appeals to investors looking for autonomy and community-driven governance. The project stands out for integrating gaming and potential Web3 applications, improving utility and engagement for token holders. 

It aims to create a merit-based economy that encourages strong community bonds and active participation. Currently, the platform is in its presale phase and has already raised over $850K from its target of $1.6 million in just a few weeks.

Mollars presale

The platform is committed to building a decentralized financial ecosystem where the community plays a significant role in decision-making, including allocating 4 million tokens from a total supply of 10 million for the presale.

Per the Mollars whitepaper, a key feature of Mollars is the transfer of governance to its users after the launch, ensuring the project remains community-focused and sustainable. 

Additionally, a 3% transaction tax supports ecosystem development, and a 1% burn rate on transactions helps maintain token scarcity and value appreciation over time.

Those interested in staying informed about the platform’s latest developments can join the Mollars Telegram channel and follow it on X (Twitter).

Token Symbol  MOLLARS
Presale Supply 4,000,000 MOLLARS
Token Type Ethereum
Payment Method ETH, USDT, Card
Listing Price  N/A

Visit Mollars

16. Healix – AI Cryptocurrency Decentralizes the Healthcare Space

Healix ($HLX) helps empower global healthcare with its decentralized ecosystem. Powered by HLX, the native token, Healix will offer a range of premium healthcare products and services. 

Healix presale

For instance, $HLX will be used to book appointments and purchase nutritional supplements. Healix uses AI generative models to allow token holders to track their blood pressure levels with a face scan and interact with a chatbot. 

By staking $HLX on the ecosystem, token holders will receive token bonuses and discounts. Up to 10% rakeback is also offered on all payments made using $HLX. Healix will also offer exclusive merchandise, such as Smart Rings, which tracks more than 200 metrics. 

Healix tokenomics

Boasting huge potential to explode, Healix has already raised $100K in a few weeks since its presale launched. The presale is allocating 100 million tokens – which equates to 10% of the total 1 billion supply. 

To cater to loyal and long-term investors, another 22% of the supply will be offered through staking and platform rewards. At the time of writing, $HLX is priced at just $0.03 per token. Learn more about this cryptocurrency by reading the Healix whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel

Token Symbol  HLX
Presale Supply 100 Million
Token Type BEP-20
Payment Method BNB, Tether
Listing Price N/A

17. Polkadot – Platform Enabling Cross-Blockchain Transfers

The next big crypto to talk about is DOT, the native token of Polkadot. This is a decentralized protocol that facilitates data and value being sent between different networks that wouldn’t otherwise be compatible.

As such, Polkadot serves as a connecting point for all other blockchain networks. This promotes scalability and interoperability. Thanks to its use of next-generation nominated proof-of-stake (NPoS), Polkadot uses a tiny fraction of the energy compared with many other blockchains.

polkadot web3 homepage

Among the proof-of-stake procedures examined in a recent study, Polkadot has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. Investors of DOT can stake their tokens for incentives. DOT also acts as a governance token.

Unlike some platforms, which only offer certain privileges to miners, Polkadot holders can partake in the management of events like fixes and protocol upgrades. At the time of writing, DOT has a market capitalization of over $7 billion and is in the top 15 coins on CoinMarketCap.

18. Chainlink – Established Project With Hundreds of Partnerships

Although LINK is already a well-known cryptocurrency and is ranked among the top 25 tokens on CoinMarketCap, it still has room to grow. Chainlink’s ability to link smart contracts on blockchains to data and events in the real world is one of its many uses. Does this mean it become one of the top real-world asset tokens

This is the most popular oracle network for hybrid smart contracts. The oracle network of Chainlink may be used by a smart contract to obtain external data, such as the price of Bitcoin Cash in US dollars for instance.

chainlink crypto homepage

Then, as compensation for their work, Oracles receive LINK tokens. Chainlink also offers timely, precise off-chain data reports for anything from AccuWeather to the SWIFT payment system. Furthermore, token staking and node delegation schemes will soon be implemented by the network.

The upgrades could contribute to making Chainlink more secure and decentralized, which might rekindle interest in the project. At the time of writing, LINK has a market cap of nearly $4 billion.

Methodology: How We Determined the Most Likely Cryptos to Explode Next

To find the next cryptocurrency to explode, we look carefully at a wide range of factors, including market trends, price histories, long-term potential, utility, and the fundamentals of the project. For newer projects, we also analyze in-depth the tokenomics, the team behind the project, and security audits to protect our readers. Here’s how we weigh up the different factors:

Market Performance and Trends (25%)

Market potential is one of the primary indicators we look at. This encompasses past performance, overall market sentiment, recent movements, and total market capitalization. We look at both long-term and short-term movements as well as shifts in investor behavior to anticipate potential for growth.

The crypto landscape is evershifting, and we stay at the forefront of trends, whether it’s AI crypto coins, meme tokens, or utility-focused projects. Having our ears to the ground helps us spot the next potentially explosive project.

Community Engagement (25%)

Not all crypto coins have an active and engaged community. We assess metrics such as follower count, activity on social media, and sentiment in forums, such as Reddit or crypto Telegram groups to gauge how sustainable a token’s growth might be. Projects with actively engaged, large communities are more likely to experience rapid growth.

Utility and Use Cases (15%)

Another key indicator is the underlying utility and application of the project. We look at its potential to solve real-world problems and the underlying tech. A protocol that can fill a gap in the market will have a high chance of mainstream adoption and growth. Innovative and unique cryptos can catch the attention of whales and long-term investors and lead to the price of a token rising exponentially. 

Fundamental Analysis (15%)

We also carefully analyze the fundamentals of each project, including the tokenomics and the economic model underpinning it. A project with strong fundamentals is more likely to sustain long-term growth.

Another important element is researching the team behind the project. We delve into the experience of the team as well as how transparent they are about the project and their objectives. 

Security (10%)

For any cryptocurrency, security is paramount. We look at the security protocols of the network, including the resistance to attacks. For newer cryptocurrencies with huge growth potential, we also prioritize looking at security audits to ensure the safety of our readers. 

Roadmap (10%)

Many tokens are launched with no clear aim in mind other than pure speculation. We prefer projects with a clear and achievable roadmap. For our research, we look at milestones, what the team has already achieved, and whether their future plans are realistic or not. 

What Are the Main Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Explode?

Cryptocurrencies can have a steady price for months or even years before they explode. What causes a crypto token to explode varies for every token, but there are some main factors, such as market sentiment, media hype, and new developments.

Positive Market Sentiment

Positive market sentiment plays a pivotal role in driving the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies. When investors and users exhibit confidence and optimism in emerging cryptocurrencies, it often leads to increased demand for them.

Positive sentiment can be influenced by factors such as regulatory developments, institutional adoption, and positive news and social media coverage for the project. As more people express faith in the potential of low cap cryptos, the buying pressure intensifies, resulting in substantial price surges.

Widespread Media Coverage

When mainstream media outlets highlight the successes, partnerships, or advancements of emerging cryptos, it draws the attention of a broader audience.

Positive Bitcoin media coverage by mainstream news outlet, CNBC.

Positive stories, endorsements from influential figures, and favorable narratives contribute to a sense of legitimacy and can trigger a surge in retail and institutional interest. Media coverage attracts new investors and fosters a positive perception of the crypto space as a whole, fueling demand.

Scarcity and Halving Events

Scarcity is a fundamental factor propelling the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies. It’s what makes precious metals like gold so valuable. Since cryptos don’t have a physical component, tokens like Bitcoin have a capped supply, which is what creates scarcity. 

Additionally, halving events, which reduce the rate at which new coins are generated, contribute to a decrease in the available supply. As the scarcity narrative gains traction, investors anticipate potential future appreciation. 

Bitcoin halving
Source: Twitter/Rekt Capital

Outstanding Development Progress

The progress and development achieved by a cryptocurrency project can significantly impact its value and market appeal. A robust and active development team, frequent software updates, and the achievement of key milestones instill confidence in investors.

When planned features and upgrades are implemented successfully, the chances of it being a successful long-term crypto significantly increase. This makes investors more likely to flock to the emerging coin, creating more demand and driving up the price.

7 Places Where You Can Buy the Next Big Crypto

You can get your hands on the next crypto to boom even before it’s listed on a public exchange. Here are the top ways to buy the next big crypto:

1. ICO Platforms

Many blockchain projects use Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as a fundraising mechanism. ICOs allow investors to purchase tokens of a new cryptocurrency before it becomes publicly tradable on exchanges.

ICO platforms provide information about ongoing and upcoming ICOs and feature user reviews and ratings, which help in assessing the potential of an ICO. Some advantages of these platforms include:

  • Early access: Investors get the opportunity to buy tokens at potentially lower prices before they hit major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Transparency: Detailed project information, including whitepapers, team profiles, and roadmaps, is readily available.
  • Diversity: These platforms list a wide range of ICOs from various sectors, allowing investors to diversify their crypto portfolios.

The best platforms for buying the next big crypto include ICO Bench, TokenMarket, and ICO Drops.

2. IEO Platforms

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are token sales conducted directly on exchanges. Unlike ICOs, IEOs allow investors to purchase tokens through a crypto exchange, which provides the following advantages:

  • Trust and credibility: Since exchanges vet projects before hosting their IEOs, investors can rely on the platform’s diligence for added security.
  • Immediate trading: Tokens typically become tradable on the exchange shortly after the sale, enabling quicker access to liquidity.
  • Simplified process: Investors can use their existing exchange accounts to participate, streamlining the buying process without needing separate wallet setups.

The best IEO platforms for buying the next big crypto include Binance, HTX, and KuCoin.

3. Token Sale Websites

Some projects conduct token sales directly on their official websites. Investors interested in finding the best crypto to buy right now can participate by registering on these sites and contributing funds during the designated token sale period.

The biggest advantage of purchasing the next crypto to blow up through token sale websites is that they often offer bonuses or better prices than other platforms.

Ongoing token sales you should consider participating in include Dogeverse, WienerAI, and Mega Dice Token.

Dogeverse website

4. Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Decentralized exchanges allow users to trade tokens directly from their wallets. Some projects prefer to list their tokens on DEXs before making them available on centralized exchanges, to leverage the unique benefits these platforms offer:

  • Decentralization: By trading directly from their wallets, users maintain full control over their assets without relying on a central authority.
  • Accessibility: DEXs are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, broadening the investor base beyond traditional finance.
  • Innovation: Often, DEXs are the first to list new and experimental tokens, providing early access to innovative projects.

Uniswap, SushiSwap, and PancakeSwap are some of the best decentralized exchanges to buy the next cryptocurrencies to explode in 2024.

5. Private Sales

Some projects offer crypto private sales to a select group of investors before conducting a public sale or listing on exchanges. Gaining access to these sales often requires connections with the project team or active participation in the project’s community.

These sales are harder to access, but provide benefits, such as lower prices and potential for higher returns.

6. Venture Capital Investments

Institutional investors and venture capital firms sometimes invest in blockchain projects during their early stages. Retail investors can also access these early-stage investments by participating in token sales associated with these venture-backed projects.

These investments are vetted by experienced intitutional players and often offer lower prices, providing investors with an opportunity to maximize returns. 

7. Community Airdrops

Some projects distribute tokens for free through airdrops to their community members. Crypto airdrops distribute tokens widely and encourage community engagement. Investors should follow official project announcements and social media channels for airdrop opportunities.

Community airdrops let articipants receive tokens without any investment, reducing financial risk. In addition, they help expand the user base and foster a loyal community, which can increase token prices.

The best platforms for finding information about community airdrops include Cryptonews, CoinMarketCap, and Airdrop Alert.

Conclusion: Which Is the Most Likely Crypto to Explode Next?

Today, we’ve looked at the roadmap, performance, and many other important metrics to rank the next 1000x crypto projects that could potentially explode, looking at a range of different projects to meme coins and presales and more established ones.

Based on our analysis, Dogeverse is the next crypto to explode. The $DOGEVERSE token has raised more than $300K within a day of its presale launch. Notably, this cryptocurrency is the first Doge project to offer multi-chain access, available on six blockchains. 

Visit Dogeverse


What is the most likely next cryptocurrency to explode?

Dogeverse is the crypto token most likely to explode next. It offers multi-chain access, and huge staking yields. 

How do I find the next big crypto?

There are many ways to find the next crypto to blow up. Check out the roadmap of the crypto project to ensure it has a clear vision to grow. Moreover, the success of a presale can indicate how popular a project is and whether or not it could be the next crypto to explode.

Where can I buy the next big cryptocurrency?

Newly launched cryptocurrencies can often be purchased on presale via the project’s platform. Alternatively, once listed, investors can buy cryptocurrencies via an exchange, or an online broker that offers digital currencies can also fulfill the order.


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