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Jasmy Coin Price up +11% today, while Crypto Migration causes Mollars Token Presale to Erupt

There’s been a sea of green on CryptoBubbles over the last 24 hours. Most of the cryptomarket is in a positive space. Surprisingly however, it’s not just memecoins and the usual alts. Instead, JasmyCoin is taking a lead in the market gains category, rising +11% in value since Sunday.

What is JasmyCoin & what’s it for?

The industry leader today, $JASMY is a cryptocurrency that focuses on modern data management needs. Per Security.IO, the coin integrates blockchain tech with “Internet of Things.”

IOT aka Internet of Things, in layman’s terms, is a technology that allows ‘satellite’ devices to connect back to a ‘cloud’ where all data is managed. For example, A car reporting data back to a main ‘cloud’ for analysis and feedback is IOT.

Founded in Japan, Jasmy represents itself as the champion of the democratization of data. The cryptocurrency is supposed to be working on developing solutions that allow users to control the data sent back to companies via IOT aka to the cloud.

Sometimes such information is private or used for commercial purposes; Therefore Jasmy Coin could possibly become a solution to allow users to gain money from the companies who use the IOT cloud data to gain profits.

Jasmy Coin Price

$JASMY coin has performed strongly across the last year. The ‘bitcoin of Japan’ is up over 445% since this time last year. In the last month alone, Jamsy’s risen 40.5%, with the last week accounting for a large margin of that. The Ethereum Spot ETF approval pushed the data management related coin’s price up +30%.

Currently the coin is selling for $0.257. Jasmy coin rose from last year’s value $0.00474, burning a zero off its price.

Token Presale Outselling Most Altcoins Now

As memecoiners look towards such coins to boost their portfolio profits, there’s an altcoin shining much brighter than Jasmy this weekend however.

Mollars token presale erupted this weekend, selling nearly 110K tokens in under 48 hours.

The presales total is the largest 2-day sales total this month for Mollars. And beyond this month ,there has only been 1 other 48 hour period where the token presold as much. Back in February, the $MOLLARS ICO sold nearly 130k tokens in under 40 hours.

The strong sales growth indicates that the Mollars cryptocurrency brand is going to be ‘cemented’ into the cryptosphere. Traders are already searching for the “Mollars” keyword term in volumes similar to industry leading altcoins & memecoins such as Bonk Inu, Kaspa, and Golden inu. If interest grows any further, the new ERC-20 token could become a rival to top 20 tokens.

More Google Searches for “Mollars” Than “Jasmy Coin”

Over the past 30 days, the “Mollars” keyword term has outperformed “Jasmy coin” all together. Twice, search inquiries for the new store-of-value token have superseded that of the Japanese data management coin.

While it’s only twice, the roaring spikes in volume are not to be downplayed. There’s a huge difference between $JASMY and $MOLLARS, that makes the newcomer’s popularity stats valuable.

Jasmy coin has been on the market for over a year. Its branding value is being challenged by Ethereum-blockchain’s new superstar token, before it’s even released on public crypto exchanges.

Mollars rivals Jasmy Coin’s popularity even though it has $1.27 Market Cap

Mollars token is still in its presale stage via the official websites and Mollars.CC. To rival the search volume of an already established crypto coin with a $1.27-billion dollar market cap is staggering.

Three crypto exchanges have already announced they will list the $MOLLARS token after the ICO’s close on June 1st. LBank, Bitmart, and XT will allow their 20-million [estimated] registered users to trade Mollars . Other exchanges are expected to announce listings as well, but closer to the token’s launch date.

Mollars has a total token supply [TTS] of 10-million tokens compared to Jasmy’s 50-Billion coins. If popularity is used to indicate sales of Mollars, it’s headed for a complete sell out.

The Mollars ICO was allocated 40% of the TTS — 4 million tokens. Thus far, over 3-million tokens have sold, leaving less than 70% of the TTS available for 20-Million plus traders that will be exposed to Mollars after June 1st.

Mollars Price Prediction

With a current presale price of $0.55 [cents], predictions have been made that Mollars could grow in value by 44X or +4,400% in a relatively short time. And this projection was generated before Mollars reached the 3M milestone.

If the Ethereum-blockchain’s launching of this new store-of-value token surpasses 10-Million investors could see even bigger profits.

This data alongside the rising sales, which is a ‘tell tale’ sign in stock market trading, are likely key factors causing the eruption in Mollars token presales.