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13 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

Kane Pepi
Last updated: | 20 min read

Currently, there are many hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube that are related to the cryptocurrency arena. Many offer valuable insight into the crypto market, providing educational content for beginners as well as experienced investors.

In this guide, we discuss some of the best crypto YouTube channels to watch in 2024.

Best 10+ Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels Ranked Ranked

Check out our list of the best crypto YouTube channels available right now:

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury – Overall Best Crypto YouTube Channel
  2. 99Bitcoins – Predictions and Trend-Focused YouTube Channel
  3. TodayTrader – Good YouTube Channel with Comprehensive Insights
  4. Rekt Capital – Best Crypto YouTuber for Those Looking for Simplicity
  5. Coin Bureau – YouTube Channel to Follow for Crypto Fundamental Analysis
  6. BitBoy Crypto – Popular Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel Offering Investment Tips
  7. Benjamin Cowen – Best Channel for Crypto Technical Traders
  8. Altcoin Daily – Get Daily Crypto Market Updates
  9. Crypto Banter – Top YouTube Account for Crypto Beginners
  10. CryptosRUs – YouTube Channel Offering Crypto Trading Insights
  11. Sheldon Evans – Popular Crypto Influencer with Engaging Videos
  12. Kitco News – YouTube Channel to Follow for Financial News
  13. Ivan On Tech – Watch Interviews of Crypto Experts

This list covers traders, investors, and educators who are highly experienced in the crypto industry. Having said that, advice given by crypto influencers on YouTube should not be used as a substitute for independent research. Investors should always conduct their own due diligence before trading or investing in cryptocurrencies.

Best Crypto YouTube Channels Reviewed

To pick the best cryptocurrency YouTube channel, we looked at a number of factors, such as:

  • The type of content
  • Market updates offered
  • Frequency of video uploads
  • The comprehensiveness of the videos
  • The number of subscribers

Nevertheless, the best crypto YouTube channel for each trader/investor will ultimately depend on their preferences.

In the reviews below, we take a closer look at the best influencers in the YouTube crypto space and what crypto tips they offer.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury – Overall Best Crypto YouTube Channel in 2024

Jacob Bury is an accomplished blockchain investor who also happens to be a technical analyst. In other words, it’s safe to say that he knows how to break down technical information and use relevant data to find trading opportunities in the crypto market. Jacob Bury does an excellent job of translating complex crypto concepts into layman’s terms.

The channel also has plenty of videos on how to trade cryptocurrencies via popular platforms such as TradingView. This makes it the best crypto YouTube channel for those starting out in this space. As of writing, Jacob Crypto Bury has over 38,000 subscribers and a similar number on his Discord.

Jacob Bury, one of the best crypto YouTube channels

Furthermore, Jacob uploads price predictions and market updates regularly. In fact, this channel was one of the few to spot some of the top trending cryptocurrencies, such as Dogeverse.

Dogeverse is a popular new presale that is almost sold out and set to launch on exchanges. At the time of writing, it’s offering an APY of 55%.

Investing in Dogeverse during its presale offers a unique opportunity. With a low entry price of $0.00031 per token and multichain capability across major blockchains like Ethereum and Solana, it’s likely to rise significantly post-launch.

Visit Dogeverse

In addition to the YouTube channel, Jacob Bury also runs an active crypto Discord group. The Discord channel is free to join and is accessible to everyone, not just his YouTube subscribers. Jacob Bury regularly offers market updates via both Discord and YouTube, introducing subscribers to the best upcoming ICOs and potential crypto investment opportunities.

The Discord channel is a great way to engage with Jacob Bury directly, as he takes time to answer questions from his subscribers and even offers explanations about the analysis provided. Jacob Bury also offers one of the best crypto TikTok accounts focused on cryptocurrencies that might appeal to younger audiences.

Subscribe to Jacob Bury’s Channel

2. 99Bitcoins – Predictions and Trend-Focused YouTube Channel

99Bitcoins is a versatile YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers. With a plethora of informative videos spanning from the latest trends to timeless educational content, the channel serves as a one-stop destination for all things crypto-related.


At the forefront of its offerings are videos exploring the latest market developments and investment opportunities.

In addition to market analysis, 99Bitcoins delivers foundational knowledge through evergreen content. Videos such as “What is Bitcoin?” and “What is Ethereum?” offer beginner-friendly explanations of fundamental concepts, attracting millions of views over the years.

Moreover, the channel offers practical guidance on cryptocurrency-related tasks, including trading, mining, and purchasing. Titles like “Bitcoin Trading for Beginners (A Guide in Plain English)” and “How to Buy Dogecoin in 2 minutes (2024 Updated)” provide step-by-step instructions tailored to both novice and experienced users.

By breaking down complex processes and offering clear, concise instructions, 99Bitcoins helps its audience to navigate crypto with confidence.

99Bitcoins has recently launched the presale of its $99BTC token, the utility token for its innovative learn-to-earn platform.

With a rich history in crypto education and a robust community of over 2 million course participants, 99Bitcoins will reward users with $99BTC for engaging with educational content.

Token holders gain access to exclusive content, advanced trading signals, and a VIP community. Moreover, $99BTC is set to join the emerging BRC-20 ecosystem, enhancing its utility and potential value.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token

With its diverse range of content, 99Bitcoins has established itself as a trusted source of information and guidance in the cryptocurrency community.

Whether viewers are looking for the latest market insights, educational resources, or practical tips, this channel delivers quality content designed to inform, educate, and empower cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

Subscribe to 99Bitcoins YouTube Channel

3. TodayTrader – Good YouTube channel With Comprehensive Insights

TodayTrader, a seasoned YouTube channel catering to over 11,000 subscribers.  With a blend of both recent and older content, it serves as a valuable resource for aspiring traders seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the dynamic world of trading.

With a variety of videos spanning different topics, ranging from technical analysis to trading psychology, TodayTrader offers insights and guidance to help traders navigate the complexities of the financial markets.


A notable feature of TodayTrader’s content is its commitment to education. Videos such as “Pre-Market Routine” and “Top 10 tips for successful trading” provide practical advice and strategies for traders to prepare themselves effectively and optimize their trading performance.

Moreover, tutorials on technical analysis tools like trendlines, candlestick charts, and trading indicators cater to both beginners and intermediate traders, empowering them with essential skills to make informed trading decisions.

There are also videos like Bitcoin halving and what the consequences could be this year and beyond.

Beyond technical analysis, TodayTrader delves into the psychological aspect of trading, emphasizing the importance of cultivating the right mindset for success. With videos on trading psychology and mindset, the channel acknowledges the significant role emotions play in trading and offers strategies to maintain discipline and focus during volatile market conditions.

Moreover, TodayTrader is not just about individual trading techniques; it also provides insights into broader market trends and outlooks. Weekly market outlooks and discussions on specific stocks like SPX, NFLX, and AAPL offer valuable insights into potential trading opportunities and market sentiment, especially the exclusive content for his crypto Patreon members.

4. Rekt Capital – Best Crypto YouTuber for those looking for simplicity

Rekt Capital is a crypto analyst whose write-ups and research have been covered by all major publications. Not only does he offer a slew of great courses explaining the ins and outs of crypto trades with painstaking detail, but he also runs a YouTube channel that has over 57,000 subscribers, and the channel is still growing.

Rekt Capital YouTube channel

Rekt Capital is a leading crypto educator in the industry, and his tone when discussing the price trends of certain assets shows that. Here is the video of him discussing how the the current Bitcoin cycle might be the same as it was four years ago.

One of the finest things you will notice about his YouTube channel is that everything has been arranged properly. So, if you are someone looking to learn about crypto, you can freshen up on your crypto education through the educational resources places. If you want to stay updated about the current market and seek to know the nuances that you might not be able to see by yourself, you can check out the Market Review playlist.

There is also a third playlist where he has divulged some of his trading tips. However, that has one video, the introduction to his crypto course, which we consider to be one of the most robust courses in the industry.

Check these courses out on your own time after checking the huge library of videos available on the platform.

Visit Rekt Capital

5. Coin Bureau – YouTube Channel to Follow for Crypto Fundamental Analysis

With over 2 million subscribers, Coin Bureau is by far one of the most popular crypto channels on YouTube. The videos are narrated by Guy, a crypto enthusiast who makes it simple for beginners to navigate through the technicalities of the digital asset industry.

The channel uploads videos every single day without compromising on the quality. These videos address virtually everything in the crypto universe, from the latest news to blockchain fundamentals.

The channel delves into crypto price predictions, new coin listings, reviews, and analysis.

CoinBureau YouTube channel

Nevertheless, Coin Bureau is best known for its ‘explainer-style’ videos, which describe how the crypto market functions. Instead of focusing on technical analysis, the channel goes over the fundamentals of digital coins, emerging blockchain technology, and similar topics.

Guy also reviews top products and services in the crypto space.  No matter the cryptocurrency, the chances are that Coin Bureau has done a detailed video on the project. Furthermore, videos not only cover the future prospects of a cryptocurrency but also break down the technology behind the digital coin into simple terms.

All in all, Coin Bureau is a great starting place for beginners to obtain an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies.

6. BitBoy Crypto – Popular Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel Offering Investment Tips

BitBoy Crypto is a YouTube channel that has built a strong community of over 1 million subscribers. Unlike Coin Bureau, BitBoy’s videos are presented in a more conversational style, which some find more engaging.

The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel is headed by Ben Armstrong. He posts videos fairly regularly, often uploading content three or four times per week.

The videos cover almost everything from market commentary to news and, of course, Armstrong’s personal views on cryptocurrency projects.

Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel

The videos demonstrate Armstrong’s deep understanding of the crypto industry, including technical and fundamental analysis. The channel also uploads interviews with crypto entrepreneurs and other well-known people in the space.

Interviews have helped BitBoy grow his subscriber count, as this offers different opinions on trending crypto topics. In addition to being one of the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels, Armstrong has a strong following on Twitter, with over 888k subscribers.

Bitboy Crypto has tweeted he is short term bearish on Bitcoin but long term bullish.

7. Benjamin Cowen – Best for Crypto Technical Traders

Benjamin Cowen is arguably the best crypto YouTube channel for technical analysis. This crypto YouTuber has a Ph.D. in engineering and a background in Computational Mathematics and Programming.

And he uses his expertise in these areas to take on a scientific approach to the price analysis of cryptocurrencies.

And what’s more, Cowen offers a completely unbiased view. He also has tutorials on technical indicators and, sometimes, even on mathematical concepts related to trading.

Benjamin Cowen YouTube channel

That being said, his videos seem too advanced for complete beginners. Nevertheless, Cowen makes it a point to explain his investment thesis in a clear, concise manner without using too much technical jargon.

As such, we found this channel is best suited for those getting started with technical trading. Additionally, the majority of Benjamin Cowen’s videos cater to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano.

Therefore, investors looking to spot the best meme coins might find that this channel is not a suitable option. As of writing, Benjamin Cowen has over 760k subscribers on YouTube.

8. Altcoin Daily – Get Daily Crypto Market Updates

Run by brothers Austin and Aaron Arnold, Altcoin Daily is a YouTube channel that has over 1.2 million subscribers as of writing. Altcoin Daily uploads videos on topics such as crypto news, daily market analysis, and price movements of digital tokens.

In addition to this, the videos often include educational content, interviews, and opinion pieces. The brothers began investing in cryptocurrencies in the market’s early days and started their YouTube channel in 2018.

Altcoin Daily YouTube channel

The channel focuses not only on crypto but also on its related industries, such as mining, blockchain technology, and the metaverse. Those looking for the best NFTs might also find the content of Altcoin Daily to be useful.

According to its bio, this YouTube channel also has a strong focus on finding the best altcoins that have long-term growth potential.

9. Crypto Banter –  Top YouTube Account for Crypto Beginners

Crypto Banter is another popular YouTube channel in this space. The channel is hosted by Run Neuner, a chartered financial analyst with significant experience in crypto investing and trading.

He posts multiple videos a day, and while some of them focus on fundamental analysis, others offer market updates. Today, the Crypto Banter team consists of several members who offer their insights and opinions on digital tokens and other aspects.

Crypto Banter YouTube channel

Moreover, the Crypto Banter Youtube channel is the first live-streaming platform dedicated to blockchain. This allows viewers to interact with Run and other subscribers while the video is being streamed. For more crypto live content, check out our list of the best crypto Twitch streamers.

Crypto Banter also has a full-fledged website under the same name that offers additional content, such as market research and news updates. Crypto Banter has a following of over 580k subscribers as of writing.

10. CryptosRUs – YouTube Channel Offering Crypto Trading Insights

George Tung started his CryptosRUs YouTube channel in 2017. Today, at the time of writing, this YouTube channel is home to a subscriber count of over 650k.

This crypto investor has extensive experience in the field of IT and programming, which makes him a credible source to discuss blockchain technology. The channel offers a mixture of different formats – from crypto news and fundamental analysis to interviews.

CryptosRUs YouTube channel

The channel uploads two videos per day. The first video mainly looks at the day’s important economic news, including developments that might have an impact on the crypto space. The second video often has an interview, a Q&A session, or a broader market analysis.

Since George Tung does in-depth fundamental analysis, this channel can help subscribers identify the best long-term cryptos in the market. However, there are not many videos offering any input on advanced technical analysis or trading.

11. Sheldon Evans – Popular Crypto Influencer With Engaging Videos

Crypto expert Sheldon Evans has a YouTube channel of the same name, which has amassed over 730k subscribers. This channel offers a bit of everything – ranging from crypto price predictions, market analysis, trends, and more.

The channel was initially launched as a personal development and lifestyle vlog back in 2014. However, over the past couple of years, Sheldon Evan has begun sharing his crypto journey, offering tutorials and guides on personal finance.

Sheldon Evans YouTube channel

However, Sheldon Evans does not upload videos regularly. Nonetheless, Evans is also an avid NFT enthusiast. He has even launched his own NFT collection, NOSTALGIA, which is available to buy on OpenSea.

12. Kitco News – YouTube Channel to Follow for Financial News

Although cryptocurrencies do not have a direct correlation with transitional assets such as stocks and commodities, the wider economic landscape can still impact the performance of digital tokens.

After all, the worries of a potential recession, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and rising interest rates have had a negative impact on the price of most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Kitco News YouTube channel

Given this, it is crucial for crypto investors to keep tabs on socio-political and economic news. Kitco News is one of the leading providers in this space, with a specific focus on the financial market.

The channel also brings in experts from different fields to talk about what’s happening in the crypto space. Regardless, this is a great channel to follow to stay updated about general market news and gain exposure to the different perspectives of financial experts.

13. Ivan On Tech – Watch Interviews of Crypto Experts

Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel that primarily focuses on interviews. The host, Ivan Liljeqvist, invites noted personalities from the crypto and tech space. These interviews are aimed at providing insights on various issues relevant to the crypto market.

Ivan on Tech YouTube channel

Additionally, the videos also tackle complex issues that have an influence on the crypto industry. Ivan does not upload videos frequently, however, when he does, the quality is typically well-received. The videos are in-depth and make way for substantial learning.

In addition to interviews, Ivan on Tech offers informative videos on selected cryptocurrencies. Often, videos address a trending topic in the crypto space. The channel has over 490k subscribers as of writing.

Why Follow Crypto YouTube Channels?

YouTube might not initially appear as the best place to get crypto market updates, especially when there are platforms like Twitter that offer real-time alerts. After all, it can take a while for YouTubers to record a video and upload it to the platform.

However, there are many YouTube crypto influencers who continue to help their subscribers gain a better understanding of this space. Read on to find out the benefits of following the best and the most credible crypto YouTube channels.

Spot New Crypto Investment Opportunities

Crypto YouTube channels provide crypto investors with insights into market news and interpretations. Top crypto YouTube influencers often have access to exclusive information, making them the perfect resource for traders to learn about the best future cryptocurrency projects to invest in.

In essence, YouTubers do the legwork of gaining as much information as possible about new projects to help their followers. Subscribers can simply watch the video before taking action based on the content they feel most aligned with.

Outside YouTube, you can also learn about crypto on Twitter. Check out our guide to discover some of the crypto Twitter accounts to follow this year.

Understand Crypto Topics

There is no denying that YouTube has become the go-to place for learning new things – be it cooking recipes, changing a tire, or even understanding complex engineering topics. So, it only makes sense to use YouTube to understand the crypto industry too.

In fact, there is a channel for all kinds of crypto traders and investors.

  • Some of the best YouTube channels on our list, such as Coin Bureau and 99Bitcoins, do a great job of providing educational content.
  • These channels are apt for beginners to learn about the crypto space using visual content.
  • Similarly, the likes of Benjamin Cowen are excellent for entry-level technical traders.
  • Those looking for just market updates and price predictions can turn to channels such as CryptosRUs, Crypto Zombie YouTube, or Jacob Bury.

While some crypto influencers aim to provide a completely unbiased review of digital tokens, others offer their personal insights and opinions about the market.

Each investor has a unique style, which might appeal to some and not to others. No matter what the preference is, crypto investors will be able to find a channel that interests them.

Learn Crypto Trading Strategies

In years gone by, the only way to learn how to trade effectively was by referring to books. Today, YouTube channels make it exceptionally easy to become proficient in even the most sophisticated crypto trading strategies.

While some YouTubers explain complex strategies using animation, others take their followers directly to technical indicators – explaining how to use charting tools, read graphs, and more.

Some YouTubers even offer walkthroughs of how to navigate a trading platform and its features and start placing orders — all of this information is available for free.

Discover the Best New Crypto Tools

Following crypto YouTube channels introduces traders to the best crypto tools for analysis and research, including automated trading bots or advanced analytics platforms, often through detailed tutorials and reviews.

This exposure allows traders to adopt innovative strategies and technologies that enhance their trading efficiency and decision-making, giving them a competitive edge in the crypto market.

Jacob Crypto Bury Youtube playlist

For example, watching YouTube reviews is one of the easiest ways to find the best crypto wallets. YouTube videos can offer in-depth details about the features of the wallet and input on the best providers.

YouTubers also review top crypto exchanges, brokerages, payment systems, and other services. They might even include a promo code that subscribers can use to purchase products or services at a discount.

Can Crypto YouTubers Be Trusted?

Not all crypto YouTubers can be trusted due to varying levels of expertise and potential conflicts of interest.

By applying the following tips, such as checking track records, recognizing paid promotions, and validating expertise, you can discern which YouTubers are reliable and which may not have your best interests at heart.

Look at Their Track Record

Evaluating a crypto YouTuber’s track record is crucial for determining their trustworthiness. For example, if a YouTuber has previously claimed he found the next 1000x crypto, check how the coin is performing today to find out if there was legitimacy to the claim.

If a crypto they recommended turned out to be a scam, like a rug pull, this is a major red flag. Be wary of those making bold claims without substantial evidence.

Reviewing past predictions and their outcomes helps identify if their claims are generally realistic or sensationalized to attract viewers. Exaggeration is common in the space, and it can mislead viewers into making poor investment decisions.

Beware of Paid Promotions

Many crypto YouTubers receive payment to promote specific coins. This is not a problem, as long as they’re transparent about this practice and have high standards over which coins they promote.

Trustworthy YouTubers disclose paid promotions and selectively endorse coins, maintaining high standards to avoid misleading their audience. Viewers should be cautious and verify any promoted coins themselves, as undisclosed or indiscriminate promotions can indicate lower credibility.

Evaluate Their Expertise

Trustworthy crypto YouTubers demonstrate expertise by supporting their claims with thorough research and producing quality content. Their deep understanding of crypto provides unique insights, making them reliable sources.

In contrast, YouTubers relying solely on hype often lack substantial evidence behind their claims, reducing their credibility. Viewers should favor YouTubers who showcase genuine knowledge over those who merely generate excitement without substantive information.

Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

Never invest in a cryptocurrency based solely on a YouTuber’s recommendation. Always conduct your own research to verify the legitimacy of their claims and assess whether you agree with their analysis.

This independent verification helps you make informed decisions, rather than relying on potentially biased or unsubstantiated advice. Responsible investing means cross-checking sources and understanding the investment yourself.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Crypto YouTube Channel to Watch in 2024?

This guide has reviewed the best crypto YouTube channels for a variety of purposes – from learning about blockchains to tracking market news and everything in between.

Investors can choose to follow as many channels as they wish, but due diligence should be conducted before acting upon any advice.

We particularly like Jacob Crypto Bury, a growing YouTube channel that is apt for both beginners and experienced traders alike.

Jacob Bury covers price predictions and market analysis – in addition to simplified guides on complex crypto topics.

Jacob Bury also has a Discord channel that can be used to receive real-time updates about the crypto market.

Subscribe to Jacob Bury’s Channel



Which YouTube channel is best for crypto?

Some of the best crypto YouTube channels in 2024 include Jacob Bury, Coin Bureau, 99Bitcoins, and BitBoy. In addition to our top picks, there are many other crypto channels to keep an eye on, such as Crypto Kirby YouTube, Data Dash, and Brian Dung. Each channel will appeal to specific niche audiences.

Who is the best crypto analyst on YouTube?

Those looking for YouTubers focused on fundamental analysis can check out channels such as CoinBureau and Jacon Bury. The latter is also a great option for obtaining technical analysis and insight into upcoming ICOs.

Who is the most watched crypto YouTube channel?

The most watched crypto YouTube channel is Coin Bureau, boasting over 185 million views.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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