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10 Best Crypto Discord Groups & Servers to Join in 2023

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While getting into the cryptocurrency market can be a rather daunting task, joining one of the best crypto Discord groups can make it far easier. 

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at a list of the best Discord crypto groups on the market and discussing some of their merits.

10 Best Crypto Discord Groups Ranked

Below, we’ve included a quick summary of the best crypto Discord groups. Detailed reviews can be found in the next section. 

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury Discord – Overall Best Crypto Discord Group
  2. Reddit CryptoCurrency Discord – Community-Focused Crypto Server
  3. Mylol Crypto Community – Crypto Group with a Focus on Educating Investors
  4. Cryptohub – Cryptocurrency Service Created with Beginners in Mind
  5. Satoshi’s Exchange – Analytics-Driven Discord Crypto Group
  6. CryptoWzrd – Trading-Focused Discord for Crypto and Forex
  7. Filthy Rich Futures – Popular Group for Leveraged Trading
  8. r/NFT Community Discord – Popular Reddit Sever Specializing in NFTs
  9. Axion Crypto-Community – Trading and Investing Group with Strong Community
  10. Rekt CapitalLeading Crypto Educator with a high-quality newsletters and courses

Best Crypto Discord Servers Reviewed

In order to cover every investor regardless of their preferences, we’ve opted to include the best Discord crypto groups for trading, crypto alerts, investing, NFTs, and everything in between. 

1. Jacob Crypto Bury Discord – Overall Best Crypto Discord Group

The Jacob Crypto Bury Discord group provides crypto enthusiasts with a comprehensive look at trends within the market, upcoming projects primed to go parabolic, and even offers a plethora of trade set up’s exclusively for its users. 

For those looking for the best crypto trading tips in 2023, joining a Discord group like Jacob Bury’s is one of the top ways investors can improve their trading strategies. 

jacob bury lunc profits

While there are far too many lackluster crypto Discord servers designed to generate funds for its owner rather than its users, the Jacob Crypto Bury server, which has over 12k members, is certainly not one of them. Jacob Bury himself is an invaluable source of knowledge and frequently speaks with the community to inform people about the latest updates and any potential investments/trades. 

A strong community spirit isn’t the only thing that makes the Jacob Bury group one of the best Discord crypto servers. In order to best assist beginners, the server is packed to the brim with useful video tutorials as well as the latest news from the cryptocurrency world. This offers a hugely valuable glimpse into the inner workings of the market and absolutely shouldn’t be overlooked. 

While the Jacob Crypto Bury server offers a huge amount of support to people learning to trade and trying to decipher the ins and outs of the market, it’s also a great tool for investors. Jacob Bury has often spotted hot new projects before they become common knowledge to the market. 

jacob bury member profits

With investors and traders alike benefitting from the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord and the best altcoin gems just waiting to be discovered there’s no better time to join the best cryptocurrency Discord server for free.

As well as hosting this popular Discord group, Jacob Bury also offers one of the best crypto TikTok accounts with over 1.6k followers and the best crypto YouTube channel with 13k subscribers.


2. Reddit CryptoCurrency Discord – Community-Focused Crypto Server

Reddit is perhaps the social media most synonymous with cryptocurrency. A large percentage of crypto projects have a Reddit community of their own but the leading crypto-related community on the platform still remains r/CryptoCurrency. 

r/cryptocurrency market outlook

With over 40,000 users, the r/CryptoCurrency Discord is one of the largest communities dedicated to crypto on the entire internet. It’s free to join and features a wide range of sub-groups, meaning that the server remains easy to navigate and straightforward to use. 

The server features a section for just about every topic related to crypto. From assisting beginners with investing and learning basic trading techniques, to an area dedicated to reporting scams, and even one for technical analysis, the r/CryptoCurrency Discord helps to provide a comprehensive guide to trading, investing, and cryptocurrency in general. 

Although some of the r/CryptoCurrency Discord topics are less populated than others, the server remains extremely active with users ready to jump in and help one another at a moment’s notice. As such, it’s an excellent platform for anyone trying to expand their knowledge and learn about new topics.

r/cryptocurrency charts

While the server is unable to hold a candle to Jacob Bury’s when it comes to getting in early on projects primed to take off, it remains a rock solid free tool for anyone looking to get into the market. As such, it can safely be considered one of the best cryptocurrency Discord groups.

3. Mylol Crypto Community – Crypto Group with a Focus on Educating Investors

Investors looking for a crypto Discord server with a heavy focus on community will be right at home with Mylol Crypto Community. The group is far smaller than some of the others we’ve taken a look at with under 1,000 members. 

However, don’t let its size deceive you, Mylol provides investors with a plethora of educational resources that few of even the largest Discord crypto servers offer.

mylol crypto chat

As expected from one of the top Discord cryptocurrency groups, Mylol features a good variety of rooms dedicated to trading. Members share due diligence and ideas for trade setups frequently, going as far as explaining the methodology behind certain positions for new users to learn from.  Users are also free to discuss various plays and request guidance from experienced analysts

On top of its resources to assist budding traders, the Mylol Crypto Community Discord also hosts a variety of lessons. These educational resources cover everything from basic terminology to market fundamentals like price action and chart patterns.  

While the majority of cryptocurrency Discord servers offer little in the way of personalized assistance, Mylol Crypto Community is an exception. For such a comparatively small server, it’s packed with information and staff that clearly care about the success of its users. 

4. Cryptohub – Cryptocurrency Service Created with Beginners in Mind

While it’s common for the best Crypto Discord groups to offer paid plans for members, typically promising the best crypto signals, Cryptohub is a 100% free platform that has been created with beginners in mind. 

With over 30 different rooms dedicated to different topics, Cryptohub is truly a treasure trove of information.

cryptohub trading tips

Out of all the beginner-centric Discord crypto servers we’ve taken a look at, Cryptohub is one of the most compressive, an impressive feat for a 100% free platform. On the server, there are 10 detailed guides covering things like the basics of trading, the top wallets, and where to stake new cryptocurrency projects. 

On top of its plethora of educational resources, Cryptohub provides a section comprising more than 10 rooms solely dedicated to longer-term investments as well as lower cap projects with huge room for growth. These rooms are frequently updated by the server’s staff, ensuring that all information is relevant and up to date.

With so much information packed into a single, 100% free platform, Cryptohub is an invaluable source of educational material that shouldn’t be overlooked. While it lacks information on more specific topics like mining, DeFi, and NFTs, it’s a great starting point for any budding investor. 

5. Satoshi’s Exchange – Analytics-Driven Discord Crypto Group

Satoshi’s Exchange is a crypto trading Discord group similar to others that we have discussed, however, it does differ in a few key areas. The group frequently discusses recently released news stories as well as new coin releases and the best NFTs on the market. 

This ensures that members of Satoshi’s Exchange always have the latest information, which helps users to make good decisions. 

satoshis exchange calls and charts

One reason why Satoshi’s Exchange can be included amongst the best crypto Discord groups is how comprehensive the platform is. By covering key area of areas of knowledge, Satoshi’s Exchange helps to educate its members on key topics, making overall better traders. Furthermore, there are a number of channels for users to speak to each other, ensuring that community spirit remains high. 

As a crypto trading Discord group, Satoshi’s Exchange does frequently provide calls and trade setups. However, the majority of its signals are locked behind a paywall which is something to consider before joining. 

For anyone trying to find a crypto trading Discord group, Satoshi’s exchange is a solid choice. It comes equipped with a huge range of information and its analytics-driven approach helps members understand exactly why a certain asset is worth buying or selling.

6. CryptoWzrd – Trading-Focused Discord for Crypto and Forex

CryptoWzrd is a highly respected figure in the trading community. He’s got hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter and is commonly regarded as being a knowledge trader that puts a huge amount of effort in for his fans. 

While the influencer distributes knowledge through socials, the CryptoWzrd Discord group is where in-depth analysis and scalps are shared.

cryptowzrd crypto outlook

Often touted as a great crypto trading Discord group, a massive variety of information is shared on the platform. It features both daily macro and short-term analysis on key assets like Bitcoin, and Ethereum, helping members to get an understanding of key driving forces behind the market. Providing further assistance, the group contains guides teaching both basic and advanced trading strategies.

The server also features long-form write-ups of key topics like inflation and monetary policy. Whenever an impactful event relating to the economy takes place, it’s spoken about in the group, ensuring that nobody is left in the dark. Furthermore, the CryptoWzrd group covers forex as well as cryptocurrency, adding to the server’s utility.

While the CryptoWzrd Discord cryptocurrency server offers a huge amount of information, its free resources are somewhat lacking and as such, we’re unable to place it any higher. 

7. Filthy Rich Futures – Popular Group for Leveraged Trading

As the name implies, Filthy Rich Futures has a focus on short-term leveraged trading. The Crypto trading Discord group has over 15,000 members making use of its diverse set of resources. 

In order to cater to those just dipping their toes in the water as well as more serious traders, the platform is free with paid membership providing access to higher value signals. 

filthy rich futures calls

In order to ensure that a continuous flow of trades comes through, the server is separated by signal provider. Users are able to earn a slot under the signals channel, incentivizing users to contribute to the group. While Filthy Rich Futures cannot compare to a platform like the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord in terms of wider market knowledge, it remains a solid crypto trading Discord group.

Overall, Filthy Rich Futures is a solid platform for those looking to get into trading. While it lacks a bit when it comes to explaining the market, the quantity of calls helps to lessen this blow.

8. r/NFT Community Discord – Popular Reddit Sever Specializing in NFTs

Cryptocurrency covers a broad range of topics. While many of the best crypto Discord servers will contain information on a whole host of topics, for some investors, joining a group related to a specific class of crypto-asset can offer better guidance. 

The r/NFT Discord is home to all things NFT-related. The server discusses both established and upcoming NFTs, helping investors to find a solid project. 

r/nft guides

The server is broken into multiple topics, making it easy to find precisely what they’re looking for. Furthermore, the Discord features a number of community-centric rooms in which individuals can speak with one another. 

Unfortunately, the group has had a few issues recently but as a community-driven project, many people are working tirelessly to build the server back up to its former glory. With over 150,000 members, even the best cryptocurrency Discord groups would struggle to match the cumulative knowledge of the r/NFT Community Discord.

9. Axion – Trading and Investing Group with Strong Community

Axion is one of the best crypto Discord groups currently available. It features a broad range of guides and with 60,000 members, there’s always someone around to answer any pressing questions an investor might have. 

This is crucial for any of the best crypto Discord groups as it allows

axion profits

Within the Axion Discord cryptocurrency server, there is a large range of channels dedicated to helping users learn the basics of trading. In addition to a channel featuring beginner-centric information, there is a myriad of groups that allow users to receive and give advice, helping to bolster a strong community. 

While Axion does feature paid membership options, the majority of beginner-centric information is available for free. Although Axion does provide plenty of useful information, it’s overshadowed by platforms like Jacob Bury’s Discord group which simply have far more resources to offer.

10. Rekt Capital – Leading Crypto Educator with high-quality newsletters and courses

Rekt Capital is a leading crypto educator whose work has been published in an array of publications, including Forbes, Cointelegraph, and more. A crypto analyst, Rekt Capital is an expert and provides in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency space, the sum of which has been concisely put inside his educational resources that you can buy and go through to get ready for crypto trading. 

Rekt capital

One of the most popular offerings by Rekt Capital is his newsletter, through which, he offers a unique, in-depth perspective on the hidden nuances of cryptocurrency investments. As one of the Top 4 Newsletters of Substack globally, the Rekt Capital newsletter has over 47000 subscribers. 

That said, this crypto analyst that also runs one of the leading Crypto YouTube channels is yet to create a Discord account. The reason we have put his name on this list is that all signals indicate a new Discord channel might be coming soon by this crypto analyst.

Visit Rekt Capital

Why Follow Crypto Discord Groups?

There is a massive number of reasons why someone might want to follow the best crypto Discord groups, we’ve broken down a few of the most common. 

Find Top New Coins

One of the top reasons why so many investors and traders flock to trading/investing servers is to find the hottest new projects before anyone else. 

The people that run these groups have their fingers on the pulse of the crypto market, meaning they’re often the very first people to find out about projects packed with upside potential. 

jacob bury lblock

An example of a Discord cryptocurrency server that has consistently found excellent new coins for its users is the Jacob Crypto Bury group.

The popular influencer has shared a number of crypto gems with his audience – last year he found Tamadoge, which had one of 2022’s top 10 best crypto presales, raising an impressive $19 million and then pumping by 1,900% after listing. This year he has discovered Bitcoin ETF Token ($200k raised within a few days from launch), Bitcoin Minetrix ($100k raised within hours of launch) and Wall Street Memes (Over $25 million raised in now-finished presale).  

Bitcoin ETF Token – is an ERC20 token built to reward holders around market events like the Bitcoin spot ETF approval by the SEC. Once each milestone around the ETF approval is reached, such as the approval itself, the ETF launch, as well as when total assets under management in these ETFs reach over $1 billion, the team will burn 5% of the total token supply with each milestone.

You can buy the $BTCETF token in a presale that runs in 10 stages. Each stage comes with a slight increase in price, which makes it prudent to buy in early if you are going to buy the token presale anyway.

Bitcoin ETF Token presale page

What’s more, there’s a huge staking APY of 2,000% in the early stages. Keep in mind, this number will drop as more tokens get staked.

Follow Bitcoin ETF Token on X and join the Bitcoin ETF Token Telegram channel for the latest information regarding the project and the Bitcoin spot ETF approval. Also, read the Whitepaper to learn more about the project. 


Bitcoin Minetrix – Launched recently, Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a new crypto presale that offers a novel mechanism for Bitcoin cloud mining using Ethereum smart contracts. 

It is the world’s first stake-to-mine ecosystem with an upfront investment of just $10. It also allows for easy mining management through a simple dashboard.

This opens up the closed Bitcoin mining market, which is very expensive and damaging to the environment. With Bitcoin Minetrix, tokens are staked in return for cloud mining credits. These are then burned in return for rewards.

Bitcoin Minetrix token presale page

There is a total of 2.8 billion tokens available in the presale, at a price of just $0.011. By the final stage, the price will have increased to $0.0119. 

This campaign also offers a 1,500% APY at the present time.

Additional information can be found within the official Bitcoin Minetrix Whitepaper, as well as the socials (Twitter and Telegram). 


Wall Street Memes – In May 2023, Wall St Bulls, known for their Ethereum NFTs, launched Wall Street Memes ($WSM). The platform has a strong online community of over a million followers. 

Their presale raised over $25 million and the token is live on OKX and other major exchanges. 

According to their whitepaper, $WSM has a 2 billion token cap, allocated as follows: 50% for presale, 30% community rewards, and 20% liquidity. Notably, no tokens are reserved for the team, emphasizing a community-first approach.

Wall Street Memes token presale page

Staking in WSM offers over double digit APY at the current time. The project has millions of followers on social media. 

Moreover, Elon Musk’s engagement with the project on X (previously Twitter) further adds to its credibility. For real-time updates, join their Telegram group.


Expand Your Knowledge

Perhaps the most common reason why budding investors and traders coin Discord cryptocurrency groups is to learn. 

These groups often have very capable traders within them, meaning that it’s possible to absorb huge amounts of knowledge that would’ve been otherwise unattainable.

 As such, for anyone trying to expand their horizons, the best crypto Discord groups are great tools.

Stay Informed about the Market

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing. With new projects and technologies released daily, it can be extremely difficult to stay on top of the market. 

However, the best crypto Discord groups will keep members informed about the current state of the market and provide information regarding key events in the space. 

Network with Like-Minded People

With cryptocurrency being a global phenomenon, it can be difficult to meet like-minded people out in the wild. 

However, Discord crypto servers act as a hub for crypto enthusiasts, making it far easier to meet people with similar interests. 

This can be a huge help for not only socializing but also meeting key industry players with invaluable knowledge. 

For those looking for the best crypto Telegram groups in 2023, the B2C Telegram group has over 11,000 subscribers and provides the latest news and insights into the current crypto market conditions.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at many of the best crypto Discord groups currently available and explored why these groups make for incredible resources. 

During our research, we’ve determined that the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord group offers by far the most resources, both paid and free. 

As such, it’s worth checking out the group today in order to improve your trading and investing prowess. 



What is the best crypto Discord server?

Out of all the different Discord crypto servers that we have reviewed, one platform stood out from the rest. The Jacob Crypto Bury Discord group has proven time and time again that it can yield impressive returns for its users. Furthermore, questions from users are answered promptly and in a friendly manner, making it a very inviting way to learn about crypto.