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New Upcoming Coins to List on Binance in 2023

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Although Binance offers more than 600 coins across over 1,000 markets, the exchange is very selective in which project listings it approves. 

This highlights that Binance prefers quality over quantity. In this guide, we analyze the most notable new Binance listings for investors to explore for their crypto portfolios. 

The Best New Coins on Binance Launching Soon

Below, we provide a quick overview of the best new Binance listings to consider: 

  1. Love Hate Inu - Best New Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin Rushing Through Presale
  2. Fight Out - Upcoming P2E Crypto Ready to Launch On Top Exchanges
  3. Ecoterra - High-Potential New Presale Project Offering Recycle-to-Earn Rewards
  4. RobotEra - Exciting Mertaverse Project with Multiple Revenue Streams
  5. Tamadoge - Top Trending Crypto Project of 2023
  6. Battle Infinity - Multiverse Hosting Play-to-Earn Games With Crypto and NFT Rewards 
  7. Lucky Block - Gain Access to Lucrative Competitions via NFTs
  8. Stargate - Newest Binance Listing This Year 
  9. Optimism - Speed and Scalability Solutions for the Ethereum Network  
  10. Lido DAO - Staking and DeFi Services Across Five Networks 
  11. MobileCoin - Inexpensive Global Payments Secured by Blockchain Technology 
  12. DeFi Coin - Up-and-Coming Project About to Launch its DEX 


Oftentimes, new Binance listings offer access to the most undervalued cryptocurrencies. This is often because upon being listed, the respective coin will attract vast amounts of interest. 

Read on to learn about the new Binance listings outlined above. 

A Closer Look at the Top Upcoming Binance Listings

It is important to note that over the prior 12 months, Binance has been very selective in the number of new coins that it chooses to add to its exchange.

In fact, Binance will often only add 1-2 coins each month, which illustrates just how stringent the approval process is. 

Nonetheless, in the sections below, we offer insight into new and recent Binance listings for investors to explore. 

1. Love Hate Inu - Best New Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin Rushing Through Presale

Love Hate Inu has created the first global voting platform by combining blockchain technology with memes to introduce the idea of vote-to-earn. 

Users can purchase $LHINU tokens and stake them to participate in the project's polls, which range from meme content to serious debates, with the presale raising over $2 million in just three weeks, capturing investor attention in the crypto space.

$LHINU’s price will surge from its current price of $0.000095 in stage 3 to $0.000145 in the final stage.

Moreover, the beginner's guide expands on how to purchase Love Hate Inu tokens.

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu intends to create a platform driven by the community, enabling users to vote on contentious issues.

The voting system is decentralized, anonymous, and based on Ethereum - the platform stands out from its competitors because of its unique reward system. Participants can earn tokens by engaging in polls.


Its rapid popularity is due in part to its unique stake-to-vote system, which empowers users to vote in polls in exchange for $LHINU tokens. 

The Love Hate Inu whitepaper states that the staking mechanism controls voting influence based on the size and period of stakes, reducing spam and protecting the anonymity of voters.

Should you Buy Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu is an excellent option to earn rewards for voting in several polls and surveys. The project will focus on community involvement, viral content (such as memes), and offering solutions to pressing issues. 

In Q4 2023, the community can suggest ideas for polls while voting on which ones to pursue.

Additionally, 90 billion of the total 100 billion units will be sold during the presale, discouraging any rug pulls.

Interested individuals can buy into the project by subscribing to the Love Hate Inu Telegram channel to receive updates on its progress.

Presale Started8 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
Min InvestmentNone
Max InvestmentNone


2. Fight Out - Upcoming M2E Crypto Ready to Launch On Top Exchanges

Fight Out is a revolutionary play-to-earn and metaverse project that incorporates cutting-edge technology and gaming features to assist users in reaching their daily workout objectives.

The app's developers have successfully secured $6 million in funding in the presale and are preparing to launch their initial exchange offering (IEO) on CEXs on April 5.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Fight Out app is its ability for users to create personalized NFT avatars to monitor their progress, making the workout experience more interactive for its users. 

These avatars exist within the Fight Out metaverse, where users can compete against other members in daily, weekly and monthly challenges, play games and wager on real-life and virtual dream fights for rewards.

Fight Out has implemented REPS, an in-app currency that rewards users for their accomplishments, to motivate users and promote a healthier lifestyle.

 The app has become popular among fitness enthusiasts, in part due to its partnerships with well-known fighters like Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos.

Tokomics and Bonus

The $FGHT tokens use the Ethereum blockchain for their functioning. During the presale period, 13.5% of the total 10 billion units are available for purchase. Users who purchase REPS with $FGHT tokens can receive a 25% bonus and participate in platform tournaments. Moreover, early adopters who deposit $500 and vest it over six months will receive a 10% bonus.

Interested users can keep up with the app's latest advancements by visiting Fight Out's website and joining its Telegram group. A comprehensive whitepaper is available for download to learn more about Fight Out's characteristics and capabilities.

Presale Started14 December 2022
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT
Min InvestmentNone
Max InvestmentNone


3. Ecoterra - High-Potential New Presale Project Offering Recycle-to-Earn Rewards

Ecoterra is a high-potential new presale project that could eventually be listed on Binance due to the high excitement around the eco-friendly protocol and its Recycle-to-Earn rewards system.

The project allows users to earn rewards, paid in ECOTERRA tokens, simply for scanning items and recycling them in Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), which can be found in supermarkets globally.

Each item has a different value with users able to either hold their tokens for the long-term, stake them to generate passive income or spend them to fund eco-friendly endeavors such as tree planting or ocean cleanups.

Climate actions are then tracked in the ecoterra mobile app and then added to the user's profile and once certain milestones are reached, achievements are unlocked and additional rewards - such as NFTs - are given to users.

Furthermore, the project also has a carbon offset marketplace which allows individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprints through verified green projects, as well as a recycled materials marketplace that aims to make the link between businesses and recyclers more simple and efficient.

Through ecoterra, companies can find recycled materials more easily, place orders and make payments. The mobile app also has an impact trackable profile for businesses, allowing them to showcase their eco-friendly actions.

PhasePricePercentageAmount of TokensUSD ValueRaised Total
1$0.0040020%200 million$800,000$800,000
2$0.0047510%100 million$475,000$1,275,000
3$0.0055010%100 million$550,000$1,825,000
4$0.0062510%100 million$625,000$2,450,000
5$0.0070010%100 million$700,000$3,150,000
6$0.0077510%100 million$775,000$3,925,000
7$0.0085010%100 million$850,000$4,775,000
8$0.0092510%100 million$925,000$5,700,000
9$0.010010%100 million$1,000,000$6,700,000

The project, which has been developed by a doxxed and KYC-verified team, has already partnered with one of the world's largest supermarket conglomerates, multi-billion dollar Ahold Delhaize, which runs 2,000 stores in the US including Food Lion and Stop & Shop.

The ECOTERRA token smart contract has also been audited by Certik and is currently in the first phase of its presale having only launched at the end of March.

Tokens currently cost $0.004 in stage 1 but will increase in price by 150% to $0.01 by the final presale stage, with 50% of the max 2 billion supply available with no vesting period and a hard cap of $6.7 million.

Potential buyers should read through the whitepaper and join the ecoterra Telegram group.

Presale StartedMarch 29
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT, Card
Min Purchase$10
Max PurchaseN/A


4. RobotEra - Exciting Mertaverse Project with Multiple Revenue Streams

RobotEra is an exciting metaverse project that allows its players to earn active and passive income in a wide variety of ways.

Now in its presale, the TARO token presale has so far raised more than $1 million.

Players in the RobotEra metaverse have to rebuild the planet Taro after it was destroyed and do that by buying metaverse plots of land and reconstruct them.

Players use robot companion NFTs to help rebuild the world and earn rewards through various methods - completing quests, mining the plots for resources, building and selling assets such as structures and houses, hosting events and charging admission even selling billboard space to advertisers.

The robot NFTs are also fully upgradeable and customizable and can be sold on the open market.

Villas with swimming pools, museums, concert halls can all be built, with RobotEra featuring custom building tools meaning players do not need prior coding knowledge to play the game.

Dynamic 3D scenes, sounds, physics and user interaction can all be added to the metaverse, making it a rich and diverse world for players. TARO tokens can also be staked for passive income and to gain voting rights in the DAO.

They are currently in the first round of the presale with tokens on sale for $0.02 each - they will rise to $0.025 in the second round and $0.032 in the third and final round, with 15% (270 million) of the max 1 billion supply allocated to the presale.

Interested parties should join the RobotEra Telegram channel for the latest news or read the whitepaper.

Presale StartedNovember 2022
Purchase Methods USDT / ETH
Min Investment1,000 TARO
Max InvestmentN/A


5. Tamadoge - Top Trending Crypto Project of 2023 

Tamadoge is among the top trending crypto projects of 2023 after its hugely successful launch in late 2022.

While the broader market has been stuck in a bear market for more than a year, Tamadoge completed a crypto presale campaign that raised more than $19 million and then pumped to nearly 2,000% gains after its IEO in September.

While the main Tamadoge game is still in development and expected later this year, the Tamadoge arcade lineup now comprises four games with countless hours of gameplay and interest.

TAMA tokens reached an all-time high of $0.194 and although the price has retracted amid the crypto winter, Tamadoge has now settled as a top 10 meme coin with massive potential for 2023. 

An application to list on Binance has been completed and with major milestones set for 2023, renewed price activity could see TAMA list on the top crypto exchange. Considering how solid this new crypto project is, there is still huge upside on the table for new investors - in terms of the project concept itself, Tamadoge is building a 'Tamaverse' ecosystem. 

This is its take on the metaverse, which will host a play-to-earn game that centers on virtual pet NFTs. Each player will mint a new NFT upon linking their wallet to Tamadoge, which will create a new, unique Tamadoge pet that carries a random set of traits. Players will need to feed and care for their pets, in addition to entering battles with other users.  

As a play-to-earn concept, Tamadoge users will earn TAMA tokens for playing the game. There is also the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, in addition to breeding new pets. 

The end goal for this popular metaverse coin is to offer augmented experiences within its metaverse world, in conjunction with a mobile gaming app for iOS and Android, as well as two arcade-style mini-games, which are currently undergoing testing.

As well as its inherent utility, Tamadoge also has other major advantages over other meme coin projects, including its limited supply (2 billion tokens) and deflationary mechanism that will see 5% of tokens burned for all transactions in the pet store - where players upgrade their pets and buy digital assets.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX CEX

6. Battle Infinity - Multiverse Hosting Play-to-Earn Games With Crypto and NFT Rewards  

One of the best low-cap cryptocurrencies in the market - Battle Infinity, is another top-rated project to keep an eye on. Founded in Q2 2022, Battle Infinity is building a play-to-earn fantasy sports game that will operate in conjunction with the blockchain and smart contract agreements. After purchasing an NFT pass, users can then build their dream team of sports players. 

Rewards will be earned by IBAT tokens depending on how each player performs in real-world games. This concept ensures that the Battle Infinity ecosystem connects the real and virtual worlds via one safe and decentralized platform. Battle Infinity will host many other multiplayer, play-to-earn games within its ecosystem.

The project is also popular as one of the best crypto staking platforms, across both fixed and flexible accounts. This means that upon earning IBAT tokens, the player can deposit the funds straight into the staking tool to earn passive income. Those needing access to cash can instead use the Battle Infinity decentralized exchange to swap their IBAT tokens for another BSc asset - such as BNB.  

Just like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity was behind one of the best crypto ICOs this year. In just over three weeks, the project raised its hard cap target of over $5 million. The Battle Infinity team has since listed the IBAT token on two exchanges - LBank and PancakeSwap. This ensures that when electing to buy Battle Infinity tokens, investors can choose between a CEX and DEX. 

However, the short-to-medium goal for Battle Infinity - in terms of exchanges, is to be approved on the Binance exchange. Investors will be keeping a close eye on the application status, which is evident considering that IBAT is one of the most searched cryptos on Google as of writing. With a market capitalization of under $10 million, IBAT could be the best long-term crypto to buy

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7. Lucky Block - Gain Access to Lucrative Competitions via NFTs 

Lucky Block is yet another project that is tipped to become one of the latest new Binance listings. This project was founded in Q1 2022 - whereby Lucky Block raised more than $5 million during its private and presale campaigns. The LBLOCK (V1, BSc) token was an immediate success for early investors, with the token generating gains of over 60x on PancakeSwap. 

LBLOCK (V2, ERC-20) has since secured multiple other exchange listings for those that prefer buying cryptocurrencies with fiat money. This is inclusive of LBank, MEXC, and perhaps the biggest coup - Gate.io. Once again, however, the ultimate goal in terms of exchange listings for Lucky Block is to have its application with Binance approved. 

Considering its unique and innovative product - there is every chance that we will see LBLOCK tokens trading on Binance in the coming months. For those new to Lucky Block, the project hosts a decentralized competitions platform that offers access to lucrative prizes in return for buying an NFT. The biggest prizes on offer right now include $1 million worth of BTC and a $1 million house.

The attractive factor about competitions at Lucky Block is that by buying and holding an NFT, rewards are earned irrespective of who wins. This will remain the case indefinitely, for as long as the NFT is held. The rewards are distributed in LBLOCK tokens at fixed intervals - directly into the user's crypto wallet. 

In terms of pricing action, LBLOCK tokens can be purchased at a huge discount when compared to its Q1 2022 surge. In fact, investors can buy LBLOCK tokens from their chosen exchange at a 90% discount from the project's prior all-time high. Based on current pricing levels, Lucky Block could be suitable for those searching for cryptos with the most potential

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8. Stargate - Newest Binance Listing This Year  

At the time of writing, the most recent cryptocurrency project to be listed by Binance is Stargate. This project describes itself as a "fully composable liquidity transport protocol" that sits at the forefront of decentralized finance. More specifically, Stargate enables users to access liquidity on a cross-chain basis. 

Those providing Stargate pools with liquidity have the opportunity to earn passive income via a yield farming strategy. As of writing, Stargate is carrying a market capitalization of just $70 million. This means that Binance is happy to access both low and large-cap coins on its exchange, so long as the project meets its high approval standards. 

In addition to Binance, Stargate is listed on a full wave of other tier-one exchanges. This includes everything from Coinbase, Gate.io, and Kucoin to FTX, Huobi, and Kraken. Therefore, based on its valuation right now, Stargate could be one of the best altcoins to add to an investment portfolio for long-term upside. 

9. Optimism - Speed and Scalability Solutions for the Ethereum Network  

Prior to Stargate, the most recent coin to be listed on the Binance exchange is Optimism. This popular project was listed on Binance in June 2022, which again, shows that it is becoming less common for the exchange to accept new applications. Optimism also had a recent Coinbase listing, as well as Kucoin, OKX, Gate.io, and others. 

In terms of the project itself, Optimism offers efficient solutions for the Ethereum blockchain in terms of speed, fees, and scalability. The software offers a seamless way to access the Ethereum ecosystem through a simple extension, which will appeal to developers that require a low-cost and speedy way to deploy their dApps. 

According to the Optimism website, the project has already saved developers more than $1 billion worth of gas fees. Looking at the project's price chart, Optimism carries a market capitalization of just over $200 million as of writing, so it's still a small-cap token. At current pricing levels, investors can buy Optimism tokens at an 80% discount, when compared to its 52-week high. 

10. Lido DAO - Staking and DeFi Services Across Five Networks   

Lido DAO is yet another top-rated project that was recently listed on the Binance exchange. In a nutshell, the project offers a simple ecosystem that enables investors to generate passive income on their idle tokens. The platform supports five networks - inclusive of Ethereum, Solana, Kusama, Polkadot, and Polygon. 

Staking yields will vary depending on the network, but to offer some insight, Polygon can be staged at an APY of 6.3% and Polkadot at 13.4%. Another interesting angle to Lido DAO is that upon staking, investors are issued minted tokens on a 1:1 basis. These minted tokens can then be used to generate further gains across the DeFi ecosystem, thus promoting compound growth. 

Lido DAO has been audited by three key players - Quantstamp, MixBytes, and SigmaPrime. In terms of its performance, Lido DAO has witnessed extreme volatility since its Binance listing. For example, the token dropped from over $3 down to $0.50 after the announcement, only to then return to the $3 level. As of writing, Lido DAO is trading 85% lower than its 52-week high. 

11. MobileCoin - Inexpensive Global Payments Secured by Blockchain Technology    

MobileCoin is one of the newest Binance listings of 2022. This project is building an innovative concept that brings blockchain technology to the mobile payment industry. The idea is that users from all over the world will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies via their mobile phones - in a simple, fast, cost-effective, and user-friendly manner. 

This will perhaps appeal to people living in developing countries, many of which rely on local mobile payments to send and receive funds. Those relying on remittance payments from friends and family members living overseas might also turn to MobileCoin, considering the cost savings and speed at which transactions are processed. 

From a price perspective, the bear market of 2022 has been overly disastrous for MobileCoin. At the turn of the year, the token was trading at nearly $10. As of writing, the same token is available to buy for under a dollar. Those that believe in the long-term vision of the project may view this as an attractive price to enter a position.  

12. DeFi Coin - Up-and-Coming Project About to Launch its DEX

The internet is jam-packed with rumors about new Binance listings. A common denominator in this regard is DeFi Coin. The reason for this is that the project is about to launch its much-anticipated DEX, which will offer a user-friendly and secure way to access DeFi services. This includes the ability to swap BSc and cross-chain tokens, in addition to yield farming and staking. 

As a DEX, DeFi Swap will not require users to reveal their identity or even create an account. Backing the DeFi Swap exchange is the DeFi Coin token, which many would argue is heavily undervalued. As of writing, CoinMarketCap notes that DeFi Coin is trading with a market capitalization of just $900,000. 

Compare to other DEX platforms in the space - some of which are valued at several billion dollars, the upside on DeFi Coin could be notable. After all, buying into solid low-cap gems has proven to be successful during bull markets. As a result, based on prices as of writing, DeFi Coin enables investors to build a large position with a modest amount of capital. 

Visit DeFi Coin Now

How Often Does Binance Add New Coins?

Binance is often viewed as the go-to exchange to invest in brand-new coins that are still in their infancy. However, this isn't the case at all - at least in today's market. For example, in the six months prior to writing this guide, Binance added just six new coins to its exchange. 

This illustrates that Binance is not as active in the listing department as it once was, meaning that it now only considers high-quality projects. This is why the general consensus is that Binance could approve Tamadoge's listing application, not least because of the global interest the play-to-earn and metaverse project has generated. 

Nonetheless, Binance appears to be more focused on adding additional markets to its exchange, relevant to coins that are already listed. For example, in recent months, Binance has added a significant number of futures and other derivative markets, in addition to support for more emerging fiat currencies such as TRY and ZAR.  

Why You Should Invest Before Coins List on Binance

On the one hand, we mentioned in the section above that Binance is super-selective on the projects it lists on its exchange. And as such, new Binance listings are becoming rarer. 

However, the exchange still lists new coins from time to time, and when it does, this often results in a huge upward trajectory for the token in question. 

Below, we discuss some of the reasons why seasoned investors pay close attention to confirmed new Binance listings.

New coin listings can be found on sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, which dedicate whole sections to newly-launched projects.

Pre-Listing Announcement

It goes without saying that the best time to invest in Binance new crypto listings is once the announcement has been made. Now, there are actually two announcements to keep an eye on in this regard. 

First, it is all but certain that the project in question will be the first to announce that its Binance new coin listing application has been approved. This will typically be displayed via the project's Telegram group, and perhaps its social profiles on Twitter and Reddit. 

Binance new listings alert websites can also help in this respect too. However, it is crucial to remember that just because a crypto project announces that it has had its Binance listing application approved, this isn't to say that the news is legitimate. 

On the contrary, there have been many unscrupulous projects that have announced they have been added to the Binance new coins list, but then the news turns out to be fake. As a result, the second announcement that investors should look for is from Binance itself. 

Buy the News

In a similar nature to the stock markets, seasoned crypto investors will typically 'buy the news'. 

This means that an approved crypto listing on Binance will often experience the vast bulk of its upward pricing trajectory before the market goes live. 

This is why investors will often search for the best new crypto on Binance through third-party platforms, with the view of buying the coin as early as practically possible. 

Largest and Most Liquid Exchange 

The fact of the matter is that Binance is by far the largest crypto exchange in this market. To illustrate this point, in the prior 24 hours of writing, Binance has attracted more than $15 billion worth of volume. 

In comparison, the second-largest was Coinbase, at just $1.5 billion. With that said, during bull markets, Binance will often process over $70 billion in daily trading volume. 

As a result, being listed on Binance is a major coup for a cryptocurrency project, considering the volume that the exchange attracts in addition to its 100+million users. 

Moreover, as we noted several times in this guide, Binance does not approve a lot of listing applications. To reiterate, the number of new cryptocurrency released on Binance in 2023 amounts to just a handful. 


In summary, this guide has evaluated new Binance listings to keep an eye on in 2023. 

As noted, the exchange has approved very few new coins in the last 12 months, highlighting that Binance is only interested in high-grade projects.  

Love Hate Inu could be one such project, although it is a long way off as it has only just launched its presale. 

The vote-to-earn protocol has raised more than $2 million in just three weeks of the presale launch, with buyers excited by the huge potential of the project and room for growth.



What new coins are coming to Binance?

Binance has not announced a new coin listing since 19th August 2022 - where Stargate was added to the exchange. In terms of rumors, potential new Binance listings include Tamadoge. Other presale projects, such as Love Hate Inu and Fight Out, could get a listing in the future.

How do I get a new cryptocurrency before listing?

The best way to get a new cryptocurrency before it is listed on Binance or any other exchange for that matter is to invest in the project's presale campaign. This strategy recently proved very successful for those investing in the Tamadoge presale, not least because TAMA has since returned 10x in price appreciation.  

What are the newest crypto coins?

Some of the newest crypto coins to keep an eye on include Tamadoge, a play-to-earn gaming platform that offers crypto rewards and in-game NFTs. Battle Infinity is another new crypto coin to watch. This metaverse project is building a variety of multiplayer play-to-earn games, which will initially start with a fantasy sports league. 

Can you buy new coins on Binance?

Yes, as soon as a new coin is listed on Binance, investors from all over the world can invest in the respective project. However, to avoid paying a premium, it is often worth buying the coin in question before it goes live on Binance. This is because seasoned investors will often 'buy the news'. 

Mar 29, 2023 12:39 AM EDT