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Why is the crypto world pinning hopes on DigiByte?

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Talk about the most promising crypto blockchain platforms today and you have DigiByte raking up a fair share of the limelight. Founded by leading crypto expert Jared Tate, DigiByte stands out as one of the fastest, longest, secured and the most decentralized UTXO blockchain today. The platform was officially launched in 2014 and since then the open-source blockchain has been at the forefront of the crypto scene with its forward-thinking approach and highly advanced features. DGB is the official coin of DigiByte.

Completely decentralized infrastructure

A major reason why the crypto world is banking on DigiByte is its 100% decentralized infrastructure. Unlike many other crypto blockchain platforms that only make futile claims about decentralization, DigiByte guarantees complete decentralization. It is a global community-driven and volunteer based project which hasn’t been funded by a considerable sum of premined coins or ICO.

DigiByte’s unique Multi-Algorithm factor deserves a special mention here. Unlike regular blockchains which work with just one algorithm, DigiByte has adopted 5 independent and unique cryptographic algorithms for mining. Multiple algorithms support DigiByte blockchain with more hash power as well as eliminate risks of attack from rented hash-power. And that further assures greater security.

Higher security

DigiByte uses advanced features like “Multi-Algo” factor as well as real-time difficulty adjustment policy to eliminate risks of unwanted mining centralization. There is no centralized entity here which can blackmail and manipulate. Among these multiple algorithms, it’s the Odocrypt algorithm that deserves special mention when it comes to the cutting-edge security mechanism of DigiByte.

“One of the key reasons why DigiByte is gaining a huge traction in the current crypto scene is certainly its state-of-the-art security features. Mention must be made of the platform’s Odocrypt algorithm here which has taken the security of the portal to a whole new level altogether. The algorithm is intelligently designed to prevent unwanted ASIC influence by rewriting and morphing itself after every ten days”, stated Sydney Ifergan, top crypto expert and also the Marketing Manager of DigiByte Foundation.

Superior speed

DigiByte has also impressed the crypto community with excellent speed and on-chain scalability. The block processing speed of the blockchain is 40x and 10x faster compared to Bitcoin and Litecoin separately.

A primary factor that has leveraged the speed quotient DigiByte is the early implementation of the famous technical milestone- SegWit. The SegWit implementation has enabled DigiByte to assure a whopping 1,066 transactions a second at much nominal fees.

Forward-thinking approach

DigiByte has been developed and launched with a futuristic approach which is manifested through its bevy of next-gen features. The blockchain platform has been a pioneer in adopting many blockchain firsts, including the Multi-Algo mining factor, SegWit, Odocrypt and so on. The other blockchain firsts boasted by DigiByte are DigiShield guard, DigiAssets, Digi-ID, as well as Dandelion++ privacy protocol.

Highly promising coin

The DGB is a PoW cryptocoin which represents a super scalable P2P digital currency. The coin guarantees industry-leading premium transaction speed as well as very affordable fees. Not just that, the DGB coin can’t be counterfeited, hacked or destroyed which makes it a highly secured option. Put simply, it won’t be exaggerating to claim that DGB stands out as one of the most bankable digital payment modes today.