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This Eco-Friendly Crypto Just Added Macy’s and River Island as Affiliate Partners – Time to Buy?

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The Impact Project is a green new cryptocurrency project that uses their IMPT token to improve the state of carbon credits, and has thus far experienced huge success in their presale. 

IMPT continues to onboard partners 

Over the last few weeks, the team behind IMPT have been expanding their network of companies that are eligible for IMPT cash back rewards through their shopping platform. 

In addition to already having added Amazon and Microsoft to their platform, industry giants Macy’s and River Island have now also been onboarded as affiliate partners. 

As it stands, there are now over 25,000 brands that have been onboarded to the IMPT ecosystem via their affiliate network, and this number is consistently growing at a rate of 20% per month. 

IMPT presale smashes past $9m 

The IMPT presale has been selling out extremely quickly as investors flock to the project in hopes of capitalising on these large returns in the green investment field. 

Today, the presale crossed the $9m threshold, which is a huge testament to the appetite of speculators to help this project to grow. 

The IMPT presale is being conducted in various stages, and after each stage is complete the price at which the token is being sold at the presale gradually increases. 

This means that those who partake in the presale earlier will be able to buy the token at a cheaper price than those who participate later, and a far cheaper price than those who buy at the IDO. 

Revolutionising carbon credits 

The current system of carbon credits is rather antiquated, inefficient and opaque. 

Not only this, but it only serves to incentivise companies rather than individuals to pollute less, meaning that the there is huge room for the industry to expand. 

IMPT is a project that, being on a blockchain, will make the entire process as transparent and equitable as possible. 

When one earns cash back for their spending through the IMPT shopping platform, the IMPT tokens earned can either be used to trade, or can be redeemed for a carbon credit NFT to showcase one’s green credentials. 

In the event that a consumer chooses to redeem their tokens for an NFT, the IMPT in question will be burned, thus making the token scarcer – which ought to increase the price over time if the level of demand stays constant, or rises. 

Given that the carbon credits are issued on chain, there is total transparency throughout the entire process, which functions without burdensome middlemen extracting value. 

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