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This New Crypto Is Offering a Unique NFT Airdrop for Early Adopters – Find Out More Here

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The Web3 ecosystem has introduced a new paradigm in gaming, where players can now earn rewards while enjoying recreational activities this is the Play-to-Earn (P2E) phenomenon.

Web3 games were created as a response to the exploitative financial model of Web2, and P2E has emerged as a lucrative opportunity. 

A shining example of this is Fight Out, which not only provides an enjoyable gaming experience but also rewards players for their participation. 

The buzz around Fight Out has already attracted significant investor interest, with a presale that raised over $5.47 million.

A Fast-Growing Play-to-Earn Game

Fight Out is a Web3 game where players can participate in various game types to win cash prizes and digital goods.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) has grown in popularity because it allows people to have fun while making gains. 

However, many Web3 games have failed because they targeted a small Web3 native audience – entry is difficult due to the requirement of an expensive NFT while prioritizing NFT breeding as the quickest way to earn.

Fight Out is breaking out of this mold and bringing something different. The P2E platform serves as a link between the Web2 and Web3 worlds. 

Providing the benefits of Web3 gaming without the high knowledge barrier to entry will encourage mass adoption of games in the Fight Out ecosystem. 

The project is unique among other Web3 games as players compete using “soulbound” NFT avatars with stats and skills based on real-world experience and accomplishments. 

They can test their physical prowess in real life while having fun in a safe environment.  

While creating an account, users can mint their very own NFT avatar. This is their Fight Out persona, and since it is “soulbound,” it cannot be bought or sold off. 

The stats of each user’s avatar accurately reflect their training, development, and accomplishments. As users train more in the real world, their avatar’s stats will increase.

Various traits are listed based on how avatar metrics are first divided up, and each one provides a distinct advantage when playing Fight Out games. This includes strength, cardio, endurance, mobility, and technique.

The user’s training habits will directly impact how well the avatar performs in the Fight Out gaming environment.

Furthermore, users can earn or purchase assets such as clothing, haircuts, accessories, tattoos, and make-up to outfit their avatars. Cosmetic NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded for $FGHT on the Fight Out marketplace.

Airdrops Reloaded

Some of the most successful cryptocurrency projects airdropped special edition NFTs to early adopters and investors – this is the same line the Fight Out team is towing. 

The development team is planning to airdrop an exclusive set of NFT collections to early-bird investors who participate in the ongoing presale exercise. 

These lucky users will also be prioritized and will be the first set of users to be informed of any major developments in the Fight Out ecosystem.

Besides getting fit, Fight Out will further reward users with free NFTs, which could rise in value as the crypto project gains popularity.

Play and Earn

Fight Out has a wide selection of entertaining and engaging games, including player versus everyone (PVE) and player versus player (PVP) modes. 

Players can use $FGHT to enter leagues, tournaments, and special contest modes to earn glory, titles, and other prizes.

With Fight Out, users can finally incorporate their physique from real life into a game. The player’s capacity to prevail in contests and earn prizes depends on their skill, training method, and much more.

Users can compete against a player on par with them using the player-to-player (P2P) smart-matching technology and place a $FGHT wager on the outcome.

In addition, given Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s growing interest in a UFC-themed metaverse concept, Fight Out comes close to this as the crypto ecosystem’s only pure-bred combat sports. 

This makes it a front-row seater in the next generation of P2E sporting and gaming events.

There is more to the Fight Out experience than merely competing. The user can interact with the Fight Out community, go to live events, and use some of their hard-earned $FGHT purchases to buy virtual goods and activities.

Buy $FGHT and Earn Bonus

Fight Out has an ongoing token presale and has garnered an amazing $5.47 million from investors.

Also, an extra vesting bonus of 42% has been offered for 36-month lock-ups for individuals wishing to maximize their purchase of $FGHT.

At the time of writing, the FGHT price is $0.028, with the token’s value rising every seven days to promote early purchasing. 

Investors should note that the presale ends in 17 days. The asset will also be listed on centralized exchanges on April 5. 

Buy FGHT on Presale

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