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Crypto Trading Platform Dash 2 Trade Raises $1,000,000 in First 3 Days of Presale – Where to Buy

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 4 min read

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On the third day of its presale, innovative trading intelligence project Dash 2 Trade has raised $1 million for its D2T token.

There are only 18.3 million tokens left in the first stage of the nine-stage presale, in which a total of $1,666,000 is being raised. 

Interested investors will need to move fast to catch the early-bird low price now available, before it is increased in the second stage of the presale.

Experts think the market fit of D2T, in the way it meets the unserved needs of crypto traders, means this token’s price could explode in value.

D2T is selling fast – how to get the lowest price

The Dash 2 Trade token can be bought today for $0.0476, but will jump to $0.050 when all 35 million tokens are sold in the first stage of the presale.

Out of a total issuance of 1 billion D2T tokens, 700 million are available in the presale.

To buy D2T you need to connect your crypto wallet at and use either ETH of USDT to make your purchase.

Helpfully, if you don’t have any crypto to buy with, you can buy ETH with a card direct on the Dash 2 Trade site

Mobile users will be best served by using Trust Wallet and navigating to the presale page through the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

Attracting investors to the fundraise is the utility of the D2T token in providing access to the suite pro trading tools the platform provides

Here are some of the top-level features of the trading platform 

Top of the list is the trading signals service that will provide buy/sell opportunities in the market.

Uniquely among the various products already on the market, Dash 2 Trade also tracks presale launches and applies to each its own proprietary scoring system to help traders  quickly access deep and reliable data on a protocol’s prospects.

And when new crypto come onto the market through listings on centralized exchanges, Dash 2 Trade provides real-time alerts.

Increasingly important for serious traders is a way of gauging market sentiment through accessing and making sense of data such as social metrics – Dash 2 Trade provides real-time feeds that do just that.

In addition, the on-chain analysis that is essential for measuring the success or otherwise of a project is built into the system from the ground up.

Built by crypto traders for crypto traders

All of this data, metrics, indicators and signals are brought together in the dashboard that the team of traders, quants and devs has already built and continues to refine.

Presale buyers will no doubt appreciate the fact that they are not buying into a vaporware project that has a nice video but no working product. 

More than that, Dash 2 Trade is the realization of ideas developed by the team at Learn 2 Trade, where a community of 70,000 traders is already in existence and profiting from the signals members receive.

Trading is big business, but too often retail traders are left at a disadvantage to the pro traders due to lack of timely and actionable information. Dash 2 trade wants to change that.

Watch out CoinHopper and the rest

Dash 2 Trade is entering a market that already includes businesses such as CoinHopper with half a million users, so there is a proven audience for this product.

However, what Dash 2 Trade is offering is arguably superior to anything else on the market. You can take a look at the whitepaper for more in-depth due diligence.

For instance, its strategy builder tool brings the power of backtesting to the retail trading space, so users can test and experiment with their ideas and strategies before committing to real trades.

At the center of the product offering is a fully featured dashboard that makes analyzing the universe of new and existing crypto assets a manageable endeavor.

Utility token to access trading – where to buy D2T

There is a free tier to access Dash 2 Trade, but for the full experience users will need to pay a monthly subscription of 400 D2T a month for the Starter tier and 1,000 D2T for the Professional.

There are nine stages in the presale, each with a higher price point for the token. Out of a total issuance of 1 billion D2T tokens, 700 million available for purchase in the presale. 

The current price is $0.0476 with 35 million tokens available to raise $1,666,000 out of a hard cap target of $40 million. 

The price of D2T rises to $0.050 in stage 2 of the presale.

To take part in the presale the token must be bought with presale by connecting a crypto wallet on the Dash 2 Trade website.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully audited by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

Buy Dash 2 Trade (D2T) in presale