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CoinJoy Use Technology to Provide Comfortable Crypto World Immerse

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by


CoinJoy — is a contemporary and convenient crypto news aggregator that collects all the relevant information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain from hand-picked trusted sources and presents it to the users in easy-to-navigate and comfortable-to-digest way. It is achieved through the numerous useful features:

  • User customization — the possibility for every user to choose what kind of news and articles and from which of the huge list of sources to have in his personal CoinJoy newsfeed;
  • Events calendar — just like normal digital calendar but set only for the crypto and blockchain happenings not to let anyone to miss anything in the rapidly-changing world of crypto;
  • Magazine — CoinJoy’s own stage for the one-of-a kind truth revealing and mind-captivating author’s articles on the most hot crypto topics;
  • Portfolio tracker — an easy visual and intuitively convenient tool to keep an eye on the efficiency of the user’s crypto holdings in a real time.

Thanks to those features, keeping in touch with the new updates, releases and technologies gets easier, and helps to achieve a more broad user experience, allowing to base the opinion on the wide range of data from the most reliable sources and thus make the most effective decisions. The feed customization and the website theme variation (dark or light) are made for everyone who wants to enjoy the process of learning about the world of digital assets.

CoinJoy Functionality Upgrade as a way to a constant improvement

CoinJoy’s development team works non-stop to make sure that the users always get the most fresh news from the most trusted portals in no time. And the latest update adds blogs, telegram channels, Twitter accounts of the most important for crypto space personalities, and crypto subreddits to an already long list of sources, so any community update, idea, interesting thought or new coin implementation won’t get unnoticed even if it’s not in the spotlight of the rest of the media yet. That’s how our readers always will be holding the hand on the pulse of current events affecting the whole picture.


While picking new assets to hold, keeping track of news was a tiring quest. Tons of controversial information, dozens of open tabs, hours of searching for topics of interest… Coinjoy aims to make it easier to stay informed by using technology to organize content. Our goal is to create a platform for quick receipt of all the complete information on crypto issues.” — Simon Wang, CoinJoy CEO & Founder

Place to Know Your Crypto

CoinJoy news aggregator provides over 100 of reliable and comprehensive sources of official crypto news, analytics, opinions and charts together with social media inputs made by the community members (from Reddit, Twitter, blogs and Telegram channels) and integrated with the supplementary materials to put the light on as many aspects of the crypto and blockchain world as possible. All the posts are divided into the various categories so the reader can pick the specific field to learn about as well as make his CoinJoy experious personal by setting and modifying his own newsline.

The project team keeps expanding its connections with the coin’s communities to be the first to know about all the updates, releases, tokens, hot comments and mind-blowing opinions and to deliver them to the readers.

The devoted team of developers works to upgrade and improve the news feed settings to assure inclusiveness and convenient user experience.

Portfolio upgrade brings the power of visualization and synchronization to provide the most accurate and up-to-date charts for taking the investments under control.

Cryptopedia — CoinJoy’s native educational database that will be useful for those who are going to meet crypto for the first time and still helpful and reliable source of information about blockchain for the crypto gurus.

Strictly data-based, free of prejudices and personal intentions, price predictions created just to help in making the best investment choices.


CoinJoy as a contemporary and convenient crypto news aggregator with advanced functionality is meant to provide pleasant immersion into the crypto experience. As personalised and useful as possible the platform with intuitive design and customization settings is the door to the exciting world of blockchain and crypto for the users of any level of crypto experience.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.