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Best Crypto to Buy Now September 21 – ImmutableX, Algorand, Aave

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 10 min read
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Intrigue is swirling after X’s inaugural Client Council event provided insight into the platform’s ambitions to evolve into “The Everything App,” with many in crypto circles dissecting hints about potential peer-to-peer payment options.

While details remain scarce, the event spotlighted X’s vision for enhanced features like video calling and sparked rumors that crypto transaction capabilities could emerge.

With mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies on the rise, what is the best crypto to buy now?

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CEO Linda Yaccarino presided over the Client Council, which drew leadership from major firms. This event enabled the X team to present future enhancements, such as potential payment solutions and video-calling functionalities.

X was granted a license required for cryptocurrency dealings in August, instigating gossip that the platform might soon greenlight crypto transactions.

After Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition in October 2022, X has witnessed significant alterations. The company transitioned from Twitter to X, representing it as more than a simple “tweet” platform.

Musk has been outspoken about his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, particularly Dogecoin. While he has hinted at Dogecoin integrations on X, no concrete plans have been announced.

The company had formerly facilitated users in adding Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses for tip reception but didn’t deliver substantial cryptocurrency payment functionalities.

With X now possessing the required licensing for crypto transactions, many in the tech community are eagerly anticipating peer-to-peer crypto payments on the platform. However, X has not confirmed if or when this feature will launch.

After surging to a September high of $27,497 earlier in the week, Bitcoin has pulled back to trade around $26,500, giving up the majority of those gains. The total crypto market capitalization has also declined 1.86% today to around $1.032 trillion.

Bitcoin seems to have met resistance at the Fib 0.618 level of $27,473, aligning with the 100-day EMA. It is now attempting to find support, with the 20-day EMA at $26,506 and the Fib 0.786 level of $26,285 providing immediate support levels.

While Bitcoin grapples with market volatility, other cryptocurrencies like ImmutableX, Wall Street Memes, Algorand, Bitcoin BSC, and AAVE are making their case as the best crypto to buy now thanks to their robust fundamentals and/or favorable technical analyses.

ImmutableX’s IMX Token Surgers 39.32% Following South Korean Exchange Listing

IMX price, IMX price prediction, ImmutableX
Source: TradingView / IMXUSDT

The native token of the non-fungible token (NFT) platform ImmutableX saw a sharp 39.32% price increase early Thursday morning, jumping from $0.5526 to an intraday high of $0.7699.

The IMX price surge was largely driven by the new IMX-Korean won trading pair on the South Korean crypto exchange Upbit.

The Upbit listing accounted for over 35% of the total global IMX trading volume, enabling direct Korean won trading and spurring demand from traders in South Korea, including on the exchange

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Over $555 million in IMX tokens were traded on these platforms within the last 24 hours alone, driving the total daily volume to $764.59 million, according to Coinranking.

This figure is more than six times the average 30-day volume for IMX, which normally sits around $110 million. The spike briefly propelled IMX’s trading volume above major cryptocurrencies like Binance Coin, Litecoin, and Solana.

IMX Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

With the South Korean crypto market catalyzing a substantial surge earlier today, the IMX price reached an intraday high of $0.7699, marking a momentary 39.32% increase.

However, the IMX price was unable to maintain these gains and receded to $0.6757, yet still showing a substantial 22.32% rise for the day.

IMX’s 20-day EMA currently stands at $0.5524, while the 50-day EMA is $0.5921, both well below the current price. The 100-day EMA is $0.6516, below the current price but above the day’s low, indicating an overall bullish trend.

IMX’s RSI is currently at 72.29, up from yesterday’s 50.54. This suggests that the IMX is being heavily bought, indicating strong investor interest. However, an RSI above 70 is often considered overbought, which could indicate a potential pullback in the near future.

The MACD histogram currently stands at 0.0173, almost double from yesterday’s value of 0.0088. This suggests a strengthening bullish momentum. Yet, investors should remain vigilant as a high MACD can also indicate an overextended market.

The immediate resistance for the IMX price lies at the reverse Fib 0.618 level of $0.7100. The price tested a higher resistance level at the reverse fib 0.786 of $0.7723 earlier today when it set its intraday high.

On the downside, the immediate support is the reverse Fib 0.5 level of $0.6662 followed by the 100-day EMA of $0.6516. If IMX manages to hold above these levels, it could signal a potential sustained uptrend, possibly making it one of the best crypto to buy now.

While the IMX price has shown significant strength, investors should be cautious of potential pullbacks and maintain vigilance for signs of sustained momentum above key support levels.

The bullish indicators suggest that IMX may continue to be a strong contender in the crypto market, but as always, risk management should be a top priority for every trader.

How Wall Street Memes Could Become One of the Best Meme Coins

The crypto presale for Wall Street Memes (WSM) is in its last week, having already gathered more than $25 million.

The token sale will conclude on September 25 at 7 pm UTC, soon after which the project is expected to make its debut on a major centralized exchange.

WSM’s Origins in r/WallStreetBets

This crypto presale has set WSM apart from other meme-focused digital assets. Unlike many meme coin projects, Wall Street Memes wasn’t born as just a cryptocurrency.

It originated in 2019 as a branch of the well-known r/wallstreetbets subreddit, where it gained popularity by posting memes and discussions about the financial and crypto sectors.

The project has amassed over a million followers across multiple social media platforms.

Wall Street Memes transitioned to Web3 in 2021 with the release of their Wall Street Bulls NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection, worth $3 million, sold out in merely half an hour.

Further down the line, WSM launched the ongoing presale of its own token in May this year. Elon Musk has even engaged with the project, adding to its credibility.

Rumors circulate that Musk may have funded the purchase of a considerable amount of WSM tokens recently.

Staking Advantages and Tokenomics

WSM offers an appealing feature not commonly found in meme coins: staking. By locking tokens into a pool, holders can generate rewards.

Currently, around 360 million tokens are in the staking pool, with an estimated annual yield of 55%.

In terms of token supply, WSM has capped its total at 2 billion tokens. Half of these are allocated to the crypto presale, 20% are set aside for exchange liquidity, and the remaining 30% are for community rewards, including an ongoing $50,000 airdrop.

The project has received favorable reviews from crypto influencers like Joe Parys and Michael Wrubel.

While these analysts speculate that the token could see significant growth post-launch, the details of the upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) are yet to be disclosed.

With significant community support and promising staking benefits, WSM stands as potentially the best crypto to buy now.

Visit Wall Street Memes Now

Algorand (ALGO) Price Outlook: Positive Long-Term Prospects Amidst Consolidation

Algo price, algo price prediction, algorand
Source: TradingView / ALGOUSDT

The ALGO price has been riding an uptrend wave for the past week, with an impressive 8.36% gain on the upside.

While the currency attempted to continue its ascent, setting a new September high of $0.1039 earlier today, it faced significant resistance.

This resistance, occurring at the reverse Fib 0.5 level of $0.1004 and the 50-day EMA of $0.1003, halted the upward price momentum.

As of writing, the ALGO price is currently at $0.0987, marking a 1.60% decline so far today.

The key technical indicators reveal an intriguing story. The 20-day EMA is at $0.0961, while the 50-day EMA is at $0.1003, and the 100-day EMA sits at $0.1133. The close proximity between the 20-day and 50-day EMAs indicates that the ALGO price is currently consolidating.

This is further underscored by the fact that the 100-day EMA is significantly higher than the current price, hinting at a long-term bullish trend that is currently experiencing a short-term consolidation phase.

Adding to this, the RSI has declined from yesterday’s 57.63 to 54.17. While this is still above the centerline, suggesting a bullish market sentiment, the downward movement points towards a potential cooling-off period for the ALGO price.

The MACD histogram has marginally decreased from yesterday’s 0.0012 to 0.0011. This slight decrease in the MACD histogram could indicate a slowing down of bullish momentum and potential consolidation or correction in the near future.

In terms of support and resistance levels, there’s immediate resistance at the reverse Fib 0.5 level and the 50-day EMA, both around $0.1004.

Conversely, immediate support is found at the reverse Fib 0.382 level of $0.0960, which is in confluence with the 20-day EMA of $0.0961.

Considering these technical indicators, traders should brace themselves for potential near-term consolidation in the ALGO price.

The current trend suggests that the currency might hover between the support and resistance levels for a while before making any significant move.

However, the long-term outlook for the ALGO price remains positive, given the overall uptrend and the higher 100-day EMA.

The Rise of Bitcoin BSC’s Crypto Presale

Bitcoin BSC is a stake-to-earn project that builds on the strengths of Bitcoin, such as strong tokenomics and potential for growth. It also addresses Bitcoin’s weaknesses like low efficiency and limited utility.

The project is quickly approaching its hard cap of $6 million, with more than $4 million already raised in a relatively short amount of time.

One of the key features of Bitcoin BSC is its staking mechanism. Those who are staking Bitcoin BSC are seeing an estimated annual yield of 127%.

To date, more than 2 million tokens have been locked in the staking pool, accounting for about 50% of all purchased tokens.

Is Bitcoin BSC the Best Crypto to Buy now?

Bitcoin BSC not only offers an opportunity to buy Bitcoin as it was in April 2011 (when the price was below $1) but also has improved features.

It employs a proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, allowing for greater scalability and faster transactions than Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) method.

Tokens in the Bitcoin BSC presale are priced at $0.99 each and can be bought using BNB, ETH, or USDT with a minimum purchase amount of $10.

The project also offers immediate staking options with a minimum seven-day lock-in period.

Several crypto analysts and YouTubers have shown an interest in the platform. For example, Joe Parys, with nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers, highlighted it as one of his top five Bitcoin alternatives for the next bullish phase.

BTCBSC’s robust features and strong backing from the crypto community make it one of the best crypto to buy now.

Visit Bitcoin BSC Now

AAVE Price Takes a Breather: Is It Time to Buy the Dip?

aave price, aave price prediction, best crypto
Source: TradingView / AAVEUSDT

AAVE is taking a breather, falling 3.42% so far today after rallying for eight straight days.

Yesterday, AAVE prices surged 5.94%, breaking out above the key 100-day EMA.

Now AAVE is retesting support around $62, which lines up with its 100-day EMA and a previous trading range between $61.46 and $62.97.

This appears to be a healthy consolidation as AAVE looks to build a base after its uptrend.

The AAVE price is currently showing some recovery from the intraday low of $62.09, with buying pressure keeping prices afloat as evidenced by the wick on today’s candle.

However, traders will want to see a definitive close above this level with a green candle to confirm it as support.

AAVE is currently range-bound between the 50-day EMA at $59.66 and the 100-day EMA at $62.24, with the 20-day EMA trailing close behind at $58.50.

The tight clustering of these key exponential moving averages indicates the potential for a significant directional move near term.

AAVE’s RSI has pulled back from yesterday’s overbought reading of 71.34 to a more moderate 63.20. This retreat from overbought territory often precedes consolidation or a minor pullback, aligning with today’s price action.

The MACD histogram remains relatively stable at 1.35, down slightly from yesterday’s 1.38, signaling slowing momentum but not necessarily a trend reversal yet.

Looking ahead, AAVE faces initial resistance at the reverse Fib 0.382 of $64.54. More significant overhead pressure lies between $67.99 and $70.12, near the key reserve Fib 0.5 level of $69.03.

On the support side, AAVE has a horizontal support zone between $61.46 and $62.97, which includes the 100-day MA at $62.24. This area could provide a bounce if buying interest returns.

As AAVE pulls back from its recent rally, the broader technical landscape indicates potential buying opportunities ahead. However, crypto markets can turn on a dime, so traders should closely monitor the key levels outlined.

When deciding which token presents as the best crypto to buy now, traders must weigh multiple factors. AAVE may soon become an attractive prospect, but seasoned traders know that patience is vital when navigating through the market’s volatility.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.