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8 Best Blockchain App Development Companies of 2023

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Blockchain Technology offers an immense opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs, but due to the complexities involved with developing in the industry, partnering with the best blockchain app development companies is a necessity. 

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at eight of the best blockchain app development agencies, reviewing each and sharing our top picks. Furthermore, we’ll be explaining our ranking process and discussing exactly what a blockchain app development company is and what services they offer. Let’s get started.  

The Top Blockchain App Development Companies Right Now – Overview

Below, we’ve summarized our top picks for the best blockchain app development companies, fighting a key feature of each. Detailed reviews of each project can be found slightly further down the page. 

  1. Tech Alchemy – Specialized Blockchain App Development Firm with Proven Track Record 
  2. AppInventiv – Broad App Developer with Dedicated Blockchain Team
  3. CoinFabrik – Create Blockchain-Based End-User Apps
  4. Innovecs – Developer of Blockchain Apps on Multiple Networks
  5. Empirica – Fintech-Dedicated Blockchain App Development Company
  6. 10Clouds – Blockchain App Developer with Over 200 Employees 
  7. Intellectsoft – Award-Winning Blockchain Agency for Enterprise and Startup Clients
  8. PixelPlex – Bespoke Blockchain App Agency with 15 Years of Experience 

The Best Blockchain App Development Agencies – Reviewed in Detail

Because everyone has different needs, we’ve opted to include a mixture of firms operating solely within the blockchain space as well as those offering broader development services with a specialist blockchain team. 

1. Tech Alchemy – Specialized Blockchain App Development Company with a Strong Track Record 

For anyone looking to start a blockchain app development project, Tech Alchemy could be the perfect partner. Since the company began operating in 2016, the Tech Alchemy team has gone from strength to strength, working on numerous high-profile projects and developing a wealth of experience. 

The UK’s highest-rated blockchain agency, Tech Alchemy has been working with the blockchain, mobile apps, and everything in between for years. Some of the company’s most prevalent past projects include a Dragon’s Den-winning AI advertising platform called Toad.ai and an agricultural trading platform called House of Crops.

Tech alchemy website

Tech Alchemy is able to handle just about any blockchain-related app development request. Regardless of whether you’re a startup or large-scale enterprise client, Tech Alchemy has a proven history of delivering nothing but excellence for its clients, as evidenced by the firm’s long list of customer testimonials.  

With Tech Alchemy boasting a team consisting of 45 expert developers and eight experienced designers, the firm can work with clients to deliver projects at blinding speeds while still providing unparalleled results. 

While it’s easy to see how well the blockchain app development company delivers its work from the client testimonials alone, the phenomenal performance of Tech Alchemy is further highlighted by the firm frequently being included in industry-leading publications, including AWS, the BBC, and Clutch. 

Although Tech Alchemy is a fully-fledged blockchain app development company, it’s part of the wider Block Labs organization. As a result, Tech Alchemy clients can also benefit from the services offered by Block Labs, some of which include, product marketing and project financing. 

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With Tech Alchemy being perhaps the most comprehensive blockchain app software development company, it’s easy to see why leading clients have partnered with the firm. 

Considering its experience and wide range of bespoke development services, Tech Alchemy could be the best blockchain app software development company out there Check out Tech Alchemy now to see why so many leading projects have partnered with the firm. 

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2. AppInventiv – Broad App Developer with Dedicated Blockchain Team

AppInventiv is a prominent development company that operates in a plethora of industries. The firm has been running since 2014 and has offices located in a variety of countries including the UK, the US, Australia, and India, making AppInventiv a truly global powerhouse and one of the best blockchain app development companies for internal entrepreneurs. 

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The blockchain app development company has been featured in publications like The Entrepreneur and CIOReview, highlighting its prevalence in the industry. While offering development services in most sectors, AppInventiv boasts a dedicated blockchain team consisting of more than 30 experts. 

With AppInventiv offering mobile app development services and having a dedicated blockchain team, it’s likely that the firm could handle the vast majority of blockchain app development projects. Some services AppInventiv offers include, building wallet apps, decentralized apps, and even full token development. 

Considering AppInventiv’s long list of industry awards and a treasure trove of experience, it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs consider AppInventiv to offer some of the best blockchain app development services in the industry. 

3. CoinFabrik – Create Blockchain-Based End-User Apps

Founded in 2014, CoinFabrik specializes in delivering blockchain-based applications, on both mobile and desktop. CoinFabrik is dedicated to blockchain-based development and has worked with some top trending crypto projects, with the firm’s previous clients including the likes of Render Token, Telegram, Chiliz, and Algorand. 

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CoinFabrik offers custom development solutions to its clients, meaning the majority of the software produced by the firm will be completely unique, boosting security and making it easier to maintain.  

With more than 90 happy clients and 250 projects completed in the blockchain space, the reasoning for CoinFabrik’s status as one of the best blockchain app development agencies is apparent. On top of being able to develop end-user apps that work with a plethora of networks, CoinFabrik also offers broader blockchain development services like building private blockchains. 

Considering the firm’s illustrious list of previous clients, CoinFabrik is likely one of the best blockchain app development agencies available to work with right now. However, as the company specializes in blockchain and Web3 development, entrepreneurs looking to build more generalized apps could be better served by firms like Tech Alchemy. 

4. Innovecs – Developer of Blockchain Apps on Multiple Networks

Considered to be one of the best blockchain development companies in the industry, Innovecs is a digital tech specialist, meaning that the firm offers services like AI development, big data management, machine learning, and of course, mobile app development in addition to its dedicated blockchain development services. 

innovecs website

Innovecs works with industry-standard technologies like Solidity, Ethereum, and XRP to ensure that it can always deliver efficient solutions to its clients. Furthermore, thanks to the company’s broad range of expertise, clients can work with Innovecs to create projects in and outside of the blockchain space, as well as those merging the two sectors. 

In terms of its blockchain-centric services, Innovecs can develop bespoke solutions, smart contracts, facilitate crypto payments, and build entire distributed ledgers. Additionally, as the company has skilled teams of both mobile and blockchain developers, the firm could be an excellent partner for blockchain app game development. 

While the company is more of a general developer, thanks to its dedicated blockchain team, Innovecs could be worth checking out. The company offers a free quote for any project, so there’s no harm in seeing what they’ve got to offer. 

5. Empirica – Fintech-Dedicated Blockchain App Development Company

Empirica is a dedicated developer for the fintech space, meaning that the firm has a plethora of experience when it comes to crafting exquisite blockchain-based experiences. Being centered on fintech, Empirica has worked with prominent institutions like the Warsaw Stock Exchange and BitBay. 

Empirica website

Being a fintech specialist, Empirica is one of the best blockchain app development agencies for those looking to build a platform or product in the finance space. The team tackles each of its client’s projects from the ground up, ensuring a completely unique experience that perfectly aligns with a client’s goals and vision.

The company assists its clients throughout the entire development process and beyond. After conceptualizing the project, the team will begin to design the product and lay out a roadmap, then, Empirica will utilize the agile development standard to build the software, before providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Being a fintech-dedicated firm with experience serving both small and large companies, Empirica is likely one of the top blockchain app software agencies, especially for those building a fintech-related product. 

6. 10Clouds – Blockchain App Developer with Over 200 Employees 

Next on our list of the best blockchain development companies is 10Clouds, a firm that offers blockchain and fintech development and consultancy services. 

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With 10Clouds offering team augmentation services and boasting more than 200 experts in its roster, the blockchain app development agency can handle projects of almost every shape and size. The firm is seemingly well respected in the blockchain app development industry, with 10Clouds being featured by The New York Times and The Economist. 

Thanks to its wealth of experience, the 10Clouds team can build blockchain-based applications across IOS and Android, with support for mobile phones, tablets, and wearables. The company has previously worked on a staking app called Crescent, an educational platform called Earnity, and even an entirely new cryptocurrency blockchain dubbed Aleph Zero. 

As 10Clouds has a large amount of experience developing blockchain-based mobile apps and boasts a sizable enough team for almost any undertaking, the firm has cemented its status as one of the best blockchain app development companies.

7. Intellectsoft – Award-Winning Blockchain Agency for Enterprise and Startup Clients

Rated one of the top blockchain development agencies by Clutch in 2018, Intellectsoft has a history of delivering excellence for its clients. The firm is primarily based in Eastern Europe, but with offices in the UK, the US, and Norway, Intellectsoft can operate on a global scale, greatly improving its versatility.

Intellectsoft website

Intellectsoft has worked with both small startups and enterprise Fortune 500 clients like Shell, the NHS, and the London Stock Exchange. The firm can build top-of-the-line blockchain mobile apps, as evidenced by it recently producing a mobile cryptocurrency wallet and multi-purpose crypto app.

When it comes to developing blockchain mobile apps, Intellectsoft follows a multi-step process to help guarantee client satisfaction.  Initially, the Intellectsoft team will determine the needs of a client, before creating a strategy, and beginning the design and development process. Afterward, the company will launch the product and assist with further growth. 

Intellectsoft is a leading firm with a history of being one of the best blockchain app development companies to work with. As such, for those looking to develop a specialist blockchain app, Intellectsoft could be worth considering.

8. PixelPlex – Bespoke Blockchain App Agency with 15 Years of Experience 

 PixelPlex has 15 years of technical experience and is considered to be one of the best blockchain app development agencies with it receiving numerous commendations from Clutch, including the Top 1000 Service Provides, Top Development Companies, and Top Blockchain Companies awards. 

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PixelPlex has a dedicated blockchain team that can build on the majority of popular chains, including Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and Hyperledger. Whether you’re looking to launch a new NFT project, build a decentralized application, or develop a smart contract, PixelPlex can help. 

Being a larger company, with hundreds of employees, PixelPlex can facilitate the creation of ambitious blockchain-based apps. Furthermore, the company has developed an Ethereum-based layer-2 blockchain ecosystem that supports the low-cost deployment of new products, helping to streamline the path to launch for its clients. 

PixelPlex boasts that it can help clients develop almost any blockchain-related project, meaning that regardless of whether a client wants to compete with the best crypto games or build a new exchange in the wake of the FTX collapse, anything is in the realm of possibility, making PixelPlex on of the best blockchain app development agencies for visionaries. 

What is a Blockchain App Development Firms and How do They Work?

While the blockchain is one of the hottest technologies of the modern world, it can exceptionally difficult to understand and even more so to build with. It takes years to master blockchain development, meaning that learning the required skills yourself is typically out of the question for entrepreneurs looking to launch a new product or service. 

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This is where blockchain development firms come into the picture. By hiring a specialist firm, it’s possible to massively streamline the development process by working with experts, helping to build better software and get it to market faster.  

The typical process for working with a development firm involves outlining any ideas and needs, designing the software and providing a roadmap, developing the actual software, and then launching the product. It’s also common for some firms, like Tech Alchemy, to offer marketing and promotional services too. 

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What are the Services Offered by Blockchain App Development Companies?

It can be difficult to generalize which services are offered by blockchain app development companies as most firms will specialize in different areas. Then you’ve got to consider that some agencies will offer services related exclusively to blockchain app development, while others will provide more generalized services. 

With that said, we’ve carefully analyzed the offerings of different firms to provide a list of services most commonly provided by blockchain app development agencies. 

  • Crypto Wallet Development
  • Building Decentralized Exchanges
  • Creating Decentralized Applications (dApps)
  • Constructing Mobile Trading Platforms
  • Merging Blockchain Technology with Existing Businesses
  • Improving Mobile Usability

While we’ve detailed the most common services among the best blockchain app development agencies, each firm will specialize in different areas meaning it can be worth shopping around to find the best fit for your needs.

Readers may also be interested in our guides to the best all-round blockchain development firms and the top Web3 developers.

The Way We Ranked the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies

To ensure that we include only the best blockchain app development companies, we’ve ranked them using a multitude of factors. 


As we touched on earlier, every blockchain app development company will specialize in a different area and will offer a different range of services. Being that our list is focused on developing mobile blockchain software, we’ve added weight to the firms with a strong history of mobile development as well as those with dedicated blockchain teams. 

Client History

With there being hundreds, if not thousands of app development firms to choose from, taking a look at a company’s track record can be crucial to find the best agency. We’ve researched the past projects of each firm we’ve taken a look at, ensuring every single one has a history of delivering nothing but excellence to its clients. 

Awards and Features

When a company having a positive track record is undeniably a good sign, it’s not always enough. As such, we’ve curated firms that have been featured in prominent publications like the BBC or The Economist. We’ve also considered awards from thought leaders in the space, like Clutch. 

Range of Services

Another factor that we’ve kept in mind while ranking the best blockchain app development agencies is the range of services offered. While our picks primarily offer blockchain app-related services, offering additional services like team augmentation or marketing can save time and be a big plus. 


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a detailed look at eight of the best blockchain app development companies on the planet and discussed how each could benefit a project. While writing our review, one firm, in particular, stood out from the others. 

Tech Alchemy has a proven track record of delivering market-leading software to its clients and with the company operating globally, it’s an excellent choice regardless of where you’re situated. Furthermore, being that Tech Alchemy is  related to Block Labs, the firm can provide extra services like funding and marketing. Check out Tech Alchemy now to partner with the best. 

Visit Tech Alchemy Now


What Firm is the Best Blockchain App Development Company?

While each of the blockchain app development companies we’ve included has a lot to offer, Tech Alchemy is likely the best of them all. With the company having a strong track record and being able to provide funding and marketing services through Block Labs, it’s a solid choice.

What are the Best Tools for Blockchain App Development

For those looking to get started with blockchain app development, ConsenSys has some phenomenal tools for developing on the blockchain. PixelPlex’s layer-2 solution called Echo can also be used to streamline the development process massively. 

How expensive is it to Build an App on the Blockchain?

The cost of building a blockchain-based app can vary massively based on the chosen firm and the scope of the project. Most developers can range from around $40 to $200 per hour and with projects typically taking a minimum of 50-100 hours to complete, the starting costs for developing an app could range from $3,000 to $15,000.