8 Best Base Chain Meme Coins to Buy in 2024

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Base chain meme coins are the newest crypto narrative to keep an eye on. These are meme coins built on the Base network, which is backed by the Coinbase exchange.

This guide explores seven potential meme coin gems from the Base ecosystem. Learn which Base meme projects have the best chance of exploding in 2024.

Top Base Chain Meme Coins to Buy Today

Our research shows that the Base chain meme coins listed below could blow up in the coming months:

  1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) – Best Base chain Doge coin, get 1,600% staking yields.
  2. Toshi (TOSHI) – Top Base chain token offers several use cases for token holders.
  3. Brett (BRETT) – Leading meme coin in the Base ecosystem by market cap, recently listed on Gate.io.
  4. Coinye West (COINYE) – Top-performing Base token, impressive gains of 1,600% in the prior week.
  5. Byte (BYTE) – Dog-themed Base meme coin with a fully-diluted market cap of just $25 million.
  6. Mochi (MOCHI) – Explosive growth of 2,200% since December 2023, currently trading at a 50% discount.
  7. Based Shiba Inu (BSHIB) – One of the newest Base meme coins, valued at just $10 million.
  8. Doginme (DOGINME) – Trending meme coin on the Base network, 17,000% gains since February 2024.

A Closer Look at the Top Base Meme Coins

Investors should understand the fundamentals of a Base meme coin project before investing. This means evaluating the total supply, historical price performance, valuation, long-term potential, and everything in between. We’ll now discuss the best Base meme coins in a lot more detail.

1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) – Best Multi-Chain Meme Coin, Available on Base

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) is one of the top cryptocurrencies compatible with the Base blockchain. This is the first ever multi-chain Doge token, that will be available on six blockchains. 

While Dogeverse will initially be available on Ethereum for security reasons and wider adoption, it will be compatible with the Base blockchain very soon. 

Dogeverse presale

Dogeverse will use Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology, allowing token holders to seamlessly navigate from Ethereum to the Base blockchain. 

This new meme cryptocurrency has recently launched on presale, where 15% of its 200 billion token supply is being offered. In only one day, the presale has raised more than $820K. With Doge Day coming up on April 20th, the hype for Doge meme coins is rising once again. 

Dogeverse stands out due to its multi-chain characteristics and token utility through the staking mechanism. At press time, $DOGEVERSE can be staked to generate more than 1,600% APYs (Annual Percentage Yields). 10% of the token supply will be offered through staking rewards. 

At the time of writing, $DOGEVERSE is priced at $0.00029 per token. The cryptocurrency aims to raise more than $17 million by the end of the presale. Read the Dogeverse whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information. 

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Base
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Visit Dogeverse

2. Toshi (TOSHI) – Popular Base Chain Meme Coin to Buy for Long-Term Gains

Toshi is based on a blue cat and it aims to become the ‘Face of Base’. Unlike other Base chain meme coins, Toshi is building long-term value for its token holders. This includes a launchpad for new Base projects and a decentralized exchange for simple and private token swaps.

Not to mention a token launcher and liquidity-locking feature. These use cases will attract new meme projects to Toshi, ensuring its native token generates organic demand. In addition, Toshi’s socials, including X and Telegram, are very active. The developers regularly update token holders on key developments, ensuring trust and transparency at all times.

Toshi Base meme coin price

Toshi launched in August 2023, so it has a head start over other Base meme projects. Launching at $0.00003567, Toshi has since hit all-time highs of $0.0007173. Based on current prices, Toshi has increased by 1,200% since launching. It has a market capitalization of $184 million, so there’s plenty of room for growth once the next bull cycle arrives.

3. Brett (BRETT) – Leading Meme Coin in the Base Ecosystem by Market Cap, Recently Listed on Gate.io

Brett is another popular meme coin on the Base network. It has a market capitalization of over $560 million. This increases to $650 million when taking into account the total supply. Nonetheless, Brett has the largest valuation of all Base meme coins. It also has the most token holders. Similar to Toshi, Brett wants to become the ‘de facto’ Base meme coin.

Although it could achieve this goal, its price performance isn’t as impressive as other projects. For instance, Brett was launched in November 2023 at $0.03877. It currently trades at $0.06542. Although this represents a modest gain of 68%, meme coin investors will be looking for much larger growth.

Brett price chart

That said, Brett is expected to play a major role in the future of Base meme coins, so it’s still a worthy addition. What’s more, considering that meme coins on other networks have multi-billion dollar valuations, there’s still lots of upside to target. Brett recently became one of the first Base meme coins to achieve a tier-one listing – Gate.io.

4. Coinye West (COINYE) – Top-Performing Base Meme Project, up 1,600% in the Prior Week

Next on this list of Base chain meme coins is Coinye West. This meme coin project is a parody of Kanye West. It isn’t building value for token holders, meaning there is no use case or utility. Nonetheless, Coinye West continues to outperform the broader meme coin market. Over the prior week of trading, Coinye West has increased by over 1,600%.

Since launching in late March 2023, Coinye West is up more than 2,200%. Those buying COINYE tokens at launch for
$0.001821 are now looking at substantial growth. All that being said, Coinye West has a fully diluted market capitalization of just $35 million. This is minute when compared to Toshi, Brett, and other leading Base meme coins.

Coinye West on the Base network

In addition, investors will like that Coinye West has issued 100% of its total supply, so there is no risk of new tokens being dumped on the market. In terms of socials, Coinye West has nearly 3,500 followers on X. It has several hundred members in the Telegram group, which needs to be improved if Coinye West is to reach new heights.

5. Byte (BYTE) – Dog-Themed Base Meme Coin With a Fully-Diluted Market Cap of Just $25 Million  

One of the best meme coins for small-cap investors is Byte. This project is capitalizing on the dog-themed trend, following legacy meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Floki. Byte not only offers an attractive entry price but it has solid tokenomics. More than 95% of the total BYTE supply is in circulation and there are no taxes on transactions.

This gives Byte a fully diluted market capitalization of just $25 million. This offers an upside potential of many multiples, which is why several whales have already entered positions. In terms of price performance, Byte was launched in December 2023 at $0.000002499. This super-low price is based on a 1 trillion token supply.

Byte review

Nonetheless, Byte is currently trading at $0.00002509, meaning early backers are up over 800%. However, first-time buyers will be pleased to know that Byte trades at a 60% discount from its all-time high. This was achieved in mid-March 2024, so the market correction aligns with other meme coin projects.

6. Mochi (MOCHI) – Explosive Growth of 2,200% Since December 2023, Currently Trading at a 50% Discount

While many Base chain meme coins are based on dogs, Mochi has opted for the cat meme coin trend. More specifically, Mochi is named after Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong’s cat. Mochi wants to help onboard over one billion people to the Base network. It claims to have received funding from Coinbase in late 2023. It also claims to have been KYC’d by the Coinbase exchange.

However, we were unable to verify these claims, so exercise caution. Nevertheless, Mochi has enjoyed a successful run since the tokens were launched in December 2023. Initially priced at $0.000001816, Mochi now trades at $0.00004063. This translates to growth of over 2,200%.

Mochi price chart

While impressive, we should also note that Mochi hit an all-time high of $0.0000819 just over a week ago. This means you can buy MOCHI tokens at a 50% discount. Speculative investors will also like Mochi’s modest market capitalization. It has a fully diluted valuation of just over $40 million. The main drawback is that CoinMarketCap is unable to verify the circulating supply.

7. Based Shiba Inu (BSHIB) – One of the Newest Base Meme Coins, Valued at Just $10 million and No Trading Taxes

Based Shiba Inu is one of the newest Base meme coins to enter the market. Launching in mid-March 2023, this meme coin project is based on the Shiba Inu narrative. Unlike the original Shiba Inu, it has a much smaller token supply at just 10 billion BSHIB. What’s more, 100% of the supply has already been issued.

That said, Based Shiba Inu’s supply is self-reported, so CoinMarketCap has yet to verify it. Based Shiba Inu was initially launched at $0.0004956. It now trades at $0.001023, meaning growth of nearly 110%. This is another small-cap gem, as Based Shiba Inu trades with a fully diluted market capitalization of just $10 million.

Based Shiba Inu price chart

We found that Based Shiba Inu isn’t developing any use cases. It’s focused on building a community and instilling trust with Base meme coin investors. Its Telegram group is growing, with nearly 5,000 members to date. The Based Shiba Inu X page also shows promising signs, with more than 6,000 followers.

8. Doginme (DOGINME) – Trending Meme Coin on the Base Network, 17,000% Gains Since February 2024

Doginme is a trending meme coin on the Base network. This is another dog-themed meme coin that could be worth a closer look. It’s based on a conversation with Farcaster founder Dan Romero. According to the project, Romero was asked if he had a pet dog. He replied that he didn’t own a dog but that he has that “Dog In Me”.

No use cases are being developed by the project. But this hasn’t stopped doginme from generating huge growth. Since February 2024, doginme has increased by more than 17,000%. There has, however, been a major pullback in the prior week, with doginme losing 40% of its value. Those buying DOGINME tokens today will enter at a $49 million valuation.

doginme price chart

This is fully diluted, with 100% of DOGINME tokens issued and circulating. The DEX liquidity pool has been burned, the smart contract has been renounced, and there are no trading taxes. These are favorable characteristics for meme coin investors. A drawback to consider is that doginme still hasn’t been added to CoinMarketCap.

How to Invest in Base Meme Coins?

Ready to add some Base chain meme coins to your portfolio? The investment process is slightly more challenging than buying meme coins on other networks. This is because Base is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Put simply, this means you need ETH on the Base standard, which you can then swap for your chosen Base meme coins.

The required steps are summarized below:

  • Step 1: Get a Suitable Crypto Wallet: First, make sure you have a wallet that supports ETH on the Base network. Some of the best crypto wallets are MetaMask and Trust Wallet.
  • Step 2: Buy ETH: The next step is to buy Ethereum. You can do this on any crypto exchange, such as eToro, MEXC, Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, or Gate.io. These exchanges accept debit/credit card purchases.
  • Step 3: Transfer ETH to Your Wallet: Now that you’ve bought Ethereum, withdraw the coins to your wallet. Most exchanges approve withdrawals in minutes. Thereon, the Ethereum should arrive in seconds.
  • Step 4: Bridge ETH to Base: Next, you’ll need to ‘bridge’ Ethereum to the Base network. This must be done on the official Base Bridge website. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button and type in the number of Ethereum to bridge.
  • Step 5: Connect Your Wallet to a DEX: The next step is to connect your wallet to the decentralized exchange (DEX) that lists your chosen meme coin. You can check which DEXs are supported on CoinMarketCap, although it’s usually Uniswap.
  • Step 6: Buy Base Meme Coins: In the DEX order form, make sure ETH is selected as the purchase currency. Paste the Base meme coin’s contract address as the receiving currency. Type in the amount to buy and confirm the order. The Base meme coins will then be added to your wallet.

Make sure you disconnect your wallet from the Base Bridge and the DEX. When it comes to selling, you can do this on the same DEX that you used to invest. You can then unbridge your tokens from the Base Bridge, meaning you’ll have ETH on the Ethereum network.

What are Base Chain Meme Coins?

Most meme coins were originally built on the Ethereum network, including leading projects like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Floki. However, meme coin projects are now exploring other network standards, including Base. Although the Base ecosystem is still much smaller than Ethereum, it’s growing at a phenomenal rate.

This is because of the Base chain narrative. In a nutshell, many investors believe that Base could become one of the dominant layer 2 networks. This is because it’s backed by the Coinbase exchange, which has millions of active users and significant daily trading volumes. Although Base is currently centralized, Coinbase has stated that decentralization is the long-term goal.

Base meme coin list

In the meantime, investors are buying Base meme coins at rock-bottom prices. For example, consider that the largest Base meme coin is Brett, which has a fully diluted market capitalization of just $650 million. After that, the next biggest meme coin is Toshi, valued at just $190 million, taking into account the total supply.

In contrast, meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are worth $25 billion and $15 billion respectively. Similarly, the best Solana meme coins, including dogwifhat and Bonk, are also worth more than a billion dollars. This means that Base chain meme coins could have a huge upside potential, especially when the 2024 altcoin run begins.

How We Picked the Best Base Chain Meme Coins

Experienced investors have a checklist before they buy into a new meme project. This helps investors determine whether the meme coin offers a viable return on investment. We’ll now discuss our research methods when ranking the best Base chain meme coins for this guide. 

Contract Renounced and Audited

First and foremost, the majority of new meme coins are scams. Not just in the Base ecosystem but also other network standards, whether that’s Solana or Ethereum. While you can never be 100% sure if a project is legitimate, there are some best practices that you can follow. 

For a start, the meme coin’s smart contract must be ‘renounced’. In simple terms, this means the project’s developer can no longer change the smart contract’s code. For instance, this means it can’t issue new tokens or prevent people from selling. 

This is what happened with Squid Game Token. As per the BBC, investors were watching their Squid Game Tokens explode in value, but they could not sell. Base meme coin investors should also ensure that the smart contract has been audited. This means a reputable blockchain auditor has examined the smart contract for potential vulnerabilities.  

Best Practices When Checking a Meme Coin Smart Contract

It takes seconds to check whether a Base meme coin has had its smart contract renounced and audited:

  • First, copy the meme coin’s unique smart contract address. You can get this from the project’s website or CoinMarketCap.
  • Visit the DexScreener website and paste the smart contract that you just copied.
  • Toward the right of the pricing chart, scroll down to the audit section. This will show whether the smart contract has been audited. It also shows a breakdown of key metrics, such as whether the contract has been renounced.

In addition, DexScreener shows whether the liquidity pool has been locked. It if has, there will be a lock icon next to the liquidity tab. Ultimately, the best Base chain meme coins have been audited, had their smart contract renounced, and have locked their DEX liquidity.

Meme Coin Community

The most successful Base meme coins will have a strong community. This means the project has a large number of token holders, Telegram members, and X followers. The community should be active, meaning they regularly post on social media about the project.

Toshi meme coin X

This can help attract new investors, meaning the meme coin can organically increase in value. For example, Toshi already has more than 31,000 X followers. It also has over 8,500 active Telegram members who discuss the project day and night. 

Past Performance 

Investors should also research past performance when analyzing Base meme coins to buy. This is because meme coins will often trend when the token price outperforms the broader market. This can create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), meaning new investors jump on the bandwagon.

  • Take dogwifhat as an example.
  • After surpassing a $1 billion valuation, many investors believed that dogwifhat would eventually capitulate.
  • However, the opposite happened; dogwifhat has since surpassed $4 billion.

In the Base ecosystem specifically, Toshi is one of the best-performing meme coins. It has increased by more than 1,200% since launching last year.

Byte has also performed well, increasing by over 800% since December 2023. That said, meme coin investors should also consider buying short-term dips. This is when a temporary market correction takes place, meaning you can invest at a discount.

Fully Diluted Market Capitalization 

We also evaluated the fully diluted market capitalization when ranking the best Base meme coins. This has a direct impact on the upside potential.

  • You can calculate the fully diluted market capitalization by multiplying the total token supply by the current price.
  • For example, suppose a Base meme coin has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens
  • The current market price is $0.002
  • This means the fully diluted market capitalization is $2 billion (1 trillion x $0.002)

Now for the important part; beginners will often focus on the ‘market capitalization’, rather than the ‘fully diluted market capitalization’. The ‘market capitalization’ looks at the number of tokens in circulation. This can be risky.

For instance, suppose the Base meme coin only has 10% of its supply in circulation. This means that at some time in the future, 90% of the supply will begin circulating. The risk is that the newly circulating tokens could be dumped, meaning the token price will collapse.


Liquidity is also important when exploring Base meme coins. After all, most Base projects are new, so there will be limited trading volume. If you’re investing in a small or micro-cap meme coin with limited liquidity, cashing out could be an issue – especially if you’re trading larger amounts. In this instance, the best-case scenario is that you sell at an unfavorable price.

Best Base meme coins on DexScreener

The worst-case scenario is there isn’t enough liquidity to cover your sell order, meaning you can’t cash out. The good news is that liquidity will increase as more buyers enter the market. But this can’t be guaranteed. This is why Toshi and Brett could be the best options, as liquidity pools are worth several million dollars.

Upcoming Exchange Listings 

The vast majority of Base chain meme coins trade on DEXs. However, in the longer term, meme coins need listings on centralized exchanges. Not only does this increase exposure to a much larger pool of traders, but it enables beginners to invest. This is because buying Base meme coins isn’t straightforward.

You need to first bridge ETH to the Base network, before connecting a wallet to a DEX. Therefore, Base ecosystem investors should keep an eye on exchange listing announcements. For example, suppose Toshi is listed on the best crypto exchanges, such as Binance and eToro. Its value would likely explode, as this presents a stamp of approval.

Does Base Have a Native Token?

  • Base is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Other layer 2 solutions have a native token.
  • For example, Polygon has MATIC, while Arbitrum has ARB.
  • However, Coinbase has announced that it has no plans to launch a token.
  • That said, this doesn’t mean it won’t – as the announcement is likely to appease US regulators.
  • If Coinbase does release a native token for the Base network, this would enable you to gain exposure to the entire ecosystem. This is something to keep a close eye on.


In summary, now could be the best time to invest in Base chain meme coins. After all, the Base network is still a new niche in the crypto space.

If the Base network takes off as expected, the meme coins discussed in this guide could explode. However, nobody can predict the future – so only invest funds that you can afford to lose.  

Out of the top Base chains we have reviewed, we like the sound of Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE). This is the first multi-chain meme Doge coin, that is compatible with the Base blockchain. Dogeverse also offers high staking yields, and is soaring on presale.

Visit Dogeverse


What is a Base chain meme coin?

Base meme coins operate on the Base network, which is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Just like other network standards, most Base meme coins have no utility or use cases.

What are the best Base chain meme coins?

The best Base meme coins for beginners are Toshi and Brett, as these are the market leaders. More experienced and speculative traders might like Coinye West, Byte, or Mochi. Another new Base chain in the market is Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE), a multi-chain meme cryptocurrency.


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