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Who Accepts Ethereum in 2021?

who accepts ethereum

Although Ethereum is often regarded as the second most important cryptocurrency project, it may not be as readily spendable as Bitcoin. Yet although cannot spend ETH at Amazon or eBay, many vendors are willing to accept payments in Ether.

Merchants who accept Ethereum payments

Some of the better-known brands open to Ether payments are:

  • Digitec Galaxus (the largest Swiss online retailer)
  • CryptoPet (pet supplies retailer)
  • PizzaForCoins (service dedicated to buying pizza with cryptocurrency)
  • Snel.com (VPS hosting service)
  • Overstock (interior design company)
  • TapJets (private jet booking firm)
  • FlokiNET (Scandinavian web hosting business)
  • Cryptoart
  • Laptop Power Bank
  • Peddler.com
  • eGifter
  • Amagi Metals (a place to buy gold and silver with Ether)
  • CoinPayShop
  • Bitgild (another precious metals retailer who accepts ETH)
  • 1000 EcoFarms (a store to purchase fresh farm products)
  • More Stamps Global (Hungarian travel agency)

Although you didn’t see many big names on the list, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend your Ether. There are significantly more services and small retailers that accept payments in ETH.

Just take a look at this extensive list of over 500 international companies who are members of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Although not every company on this list accepts Ethereum, they are actively working to support the ecosystem in one way or another.

Ethereum payment gateways

Making Ethereum as one of your payment options can be as simple as getting an ETH wallet address and posting it on your site. However, you can use one of the following payment gateway services if you or your business need more advanced functions:

  • CoinPayments
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • ethPay
  • Pay With Ether
  • Coingate
  • The Big Coin
  • Savvy.io

Services like these enable millions of merchants and websites to use Ethereum as a payment vehicle. Yet, so far there is no single hub of information with the list of all the ETH accepting companies and businesses are, so at this point you are ought to discover them yourself.

coin payments accept ethereum
CoinPayments Ethereum payment gateway.

Why there are fewer merchants accepting Ether than Bitcoin?

Simply put, Ethereum is much younger than the “father” of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. Although the project started in 2014, it began to gain mass recognition only in 2017. Besides, the Ethereum network is more complex than that of Bitcoin, and still requires more testing, as well as brand recognition.

Besides, Ether comes with a built-in utility to serve as a fuel of the Ethereum network. It powers dapps, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s), smart contracts, and simple transactions. These functions alone give Ether adequate utility, as it literally was one of the most demanded cryptocurrencies during 2017-18 crypto rally and ICO craze. If the network manages to remain safe while also solving its scalability issues, it should earn more brand recognition and become more acceptable as a payment vehicle.

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