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12+ New Crypto Launches to Invest in 2023

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of Cryptonews.com.

Blockchain hosts thousands of crypto projects, with new chains and tokens launched almost daily - but only a few projects add high value to investors. Our analysts reviewed several new crypto launches that provide proven benefits to investors and have strong long-term potential.

We reviewed each crypto in detail and provided guidance on how to discover new crypto. Our guide also answers the main questions investors have about newly launched crypto, and we've included key elements investors should analyze and ask themselves to decide if a project is a worthwhile investment.

The Top Crypto Launches to Watch This Year

Before we get into the detailed reviews of the top crypto launches, let's quickly find out what each offers.

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) - Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Crypto Launch in 2023
  2. DeeLance (DEELANCE) - Decentralized Freelance Crypto Platform with New Presale Launch
  3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) - New Recycle-2-Earn Crypto Presale Launch
  4. RobotEra (TARO) - P2E and Metaverse Project with Multiple Revenue Streams
  5. Tamadoge (TAMA) - New Crypto Launch Pumping on Exchanges
  6. IMPT (IMPT) - Carbon-Friendly Crypto with Real-World Use Case
  7. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Global Metaverse Gaming Platform Offering Rewards 
  8. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) -  Top NFT Competition Platform Released V2 Token
  9. Corite (CO) - Popular Interactive Music Crowdfunding Platform 
  10. WeSendit (WSI) - Efficient File Transfer Platform for Large Documents
  11. Byepix (EPIX) - Profitable Metaverse and All-in-One Blockchain Platform
  12. LasMeta (LASM) - New Play to Earn VR Poker Gaming Platform
  13. Interest Protocol (IPT) - Scalable Lending and Borrowing Blockchain Platform


A Closer Look at the Best New Coin Launches

Out of the newly launched crypto, we found Love Hate Inu to provide investors with tremendous value as it could be one of the best upcoming Binance listings in 2023.

1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) - Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Crypto Launch in 2023

As the number of blockchain projects in the market increases, finding the best new crypto launches with long-term potential can be challenging.

When looking for potential investments, it is essential to consider a project's ability to solve real-world problems - one promising project is Love Hate Inu, which aims to revolutionize online voting and polling.

The platform has already witnessed a solid start in its presale, with its first presale phase successfully attracting significant investor interest. 

Having been live for less than three \\weeks, more than $2 million has already been raised.

Interested buyers can purchase $LHINU for a low price of $0.000095 during stage 3 - however, over the next 60 days, the project's presale will go through eight stages, causing the value of each token to increase gradually. 

By the end of the presale, the value of each token will rise by 52% to $0.000145.

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu is the world's first utility meme token that allows users to vote and earn rewards through staking and voting.

It is a voting platform that uses blockchain technology to implement a 'vote-to-earn' mechanism, rewarding users for participating in meme polls by staking their coins and casting votes. The platform's use of distributed ledger technology and blockchain could change how people vote in online surveys.


The whitepaper explains that the platform has a voting system, an admin dashboard, and a user interface that makes it possible to hold polls, compile the results, and use the funds to conduct surveys on topics of interest to the community.

Presale StageToken PriceAmount of TokensToken PercentTotal PriceStage End Date
1$0.00008511,250,000,00012.5%$956,250(Soft launch) + 7.5 days
2$0.00009011,250,000,00012.5%$1,012,5007.5 days
3$0.00009511,250,000,00012.5%$1,068,7507.5 days
4$0.00010511,250,000,00012.5%$1,181,2507.5 days
5$0.00011511,250,000,00012.5%$1,293,7507.5 days
6$0.00012511,250,000,00012.5%$1,406,2507.5 days
7$0.00013511,250,000,00012.5%$1,518,7507.5 days
8$0.00014511,250,000,00012.5%$1,631,2507.5 days
Total 90,000,000,000100%$10,068,750 

Users with staked tokens can vote anonymously in polls without worrying about spam or tampering.

Love Hate Inu has released a blockchain-based voting platform that could completely change the face of online polls.

Why Should you Invest in $LHINU?

Love Hate Inu has the potential to be a significant new launch in the crypto market, and it could benefit your portfolio in several ways. 

The platform uses distributed ledger technology to guarantee the integrity of the data collected.

To avoid potential 'rug pulls', the presale aims to sell 90% of the total supply cap of 100 billion tokens.

To ensure long-term liquidity, pay for exchange listings, and incentivize users, the platform will hold 10% of all tokens issued. Finally, joining the platform’s Telegram community can help you get the most recent updates.

Presale Started8 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
Min InvestmentNone
Max InvestmentNone


2. DeeLance - Decentralized Freelance Crypto Platform with New Presale Launch

The next cryptocurrency on our list is $DLANCE, the native token of the DeeLance platform. This decentralized freelancing ecosystem allows users to leverage $DLANCE tokens to access secure and transparent payments. Furthermore, one can access DeeLance’s metaverse ecosystem and NFT marketplace by purchasing this new crypto’s presale launch right now. 

DeeLance aims to attract members looking for a decentralized alternative to regular freelance agencies. By using blockchain technology, DeeLance records each activity between a buyer and seller on the public blockchain. DeeLance also offers escrow payment services - which stores an employer’s funds and automatically send them to the freelancer once the work is completed. 

Furthermore, freelancers have the opportunity to convert their work into NFTs. Through DeeLance’s NFT marketplace, users can mint their own NFTs. This is a great way to facilitate the transfer of ownership without any copyright issues arising. The NFT marketplace will also offer flexible pricings, NFT catalogs, and showcase events. 

Another feature of DeeLance will be the metaverse environment. On the metaverse, freelancers can connect with clients through the metaverse lobbies and office spaces. $DLANCE tokens can also be used to purchase virtual pieces of land on the DeeLance metaverse. 

DeeLance will release a recruitment platform, which aims to offer a large pool of talented freelancers, allowing clients to pick their favorite employees. By using crypto as a payment option, DeeLance also offers instant payments. 

The platform charges a low commission of just 2% from clients, which is among the lowest in the crypto space. Currently, on presale, $DLANCE is priced at $0.025 on round one. The price will jump to $0.030 by the final round. DeeLance has already raised more than $25K from the presale. 

Join the telegram channel and read the DeeLance whitepaper to stay updated with this project.

Presale Started30 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
Min Investment$10
Max InvestmentNone



3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) - New Recycle-2-Earn Crypto Presale Launch

One of the newest cryptocurrencies to have launched in 2023 is $ECOTERRA - the native cryptocurrency of Ecoterra’s recycle-2-earn ecosystem. Currently available to buy on round one of the presale, $ECOTERRA will soar by 150% as the presale progresses. 

Ecoterra is compatible with any country that uses Reversed Vending Machines (RVMs), making it accessible to millions. Through this feature, users can recycle items by scanning through the EcoTerra app to earn $ECOTERRA tokens. Furthermore, the tokens can be spent on ecological activities such as ocean cleanups and educational lessons through this project’s online learning platform. 

By doing this, users can receive further tokens as rewards. Ecoterra allows members to earn NFTs on the ecosystem. Through its Carbon Offset marketplace, you can earn NFTs as a reward. 

The project also plans to implement a second marketplace. On this platform, environmentally conscious businesses and users can buy Verified Carbon Credits (VCUs) and leverage them to offset more emissions. 

Ecoterra also offers various initiatives to companies looking to help combat climate change. The platform offers companies the chance to purchase impact packages consisting of different types of materials. The packages will be distributed depending on how much waste an organization recycles. 

All these features help companies track their sustainable actions on the Ecoterra ecosystem through a single profile. 

Users can also earn passive income and dividends by staking $ECOTERRA on the ecosystem. As mentioned above, $ECOERRA is available to buy in its first presale round for just $0.004 per token. The entire presale round will distribute 800 million tokens, representing 40% of the total token supply. 

By the final presale round, the price of $ECOTERRA will rise to $0.01, a 150% price increase from current levels. Therefore, interested investors can purchase this token at current levels before the price hikes. 

One can also read the Ecoterra whitepaper and join the telegram channel to learn more about this sustainable crypto project. 

Presale StartedMarch 29
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Min InvestmentN/A
Max InvestmentN/A



4. RobotEra (TARO) - P2E and Metaverse Project with Multiple Revenue Streams

RobotEra launched its crypto presale in November 2022, with early-round fundraising enabling investors to buy $TARO tokens at low prices.

TARO is currently on sale for just $0.02 each but by the third and final stage of the presale the price will have increased by 60% to $0.032.

With only 270 million tokens (15% of the max supply) on sale during the presale, investors may be wise to move quickly with the allocation quickly being bought up.

The crypto market has shown that investors value play to earn tokens more than other altcoins, which was evident during a crypto winter when P2E tokens held more of their value.

Crypto presales also offer better chance for growth and gains than more established projects, as they offer low entry points, usually below market value.

Players need to own TARO tokens to buy robot NFT avatars to rebuild the destroyed Taro planet.

Stage 190 million tokens$0.02$1,800,000
Stage 290 million tokens$0.025$2,250,000
Stage 390million tokens$0.032$2,880,000

NFT robots can also be customized and then used in the game, held for the long term, or sold on a marketplace, while players can also buy metaverse plots of land that can be built upon and monetized.

Infrastructure and buildings can be added, with monetization coming from holding events and concerts - and charging for them - or putting up advertising billboards.

Players will also be rewarded in TARO for mining minerals on the metaverse land and their developing robot companions.

According to the RobotEra whitepaper, TARO tokens can also be staked for more rewards, while players will be able to own and develop continents of land.

Players will not need any coding language to customize or build their robots or land, with physics, 3D scenes, payment options, user interaction and more all able to be added. RobotEra, which is an LBank Labs project, expects more use cases to develop over time as players make the land and world their own.

Investors can receive updates about $TARO and the project by subscribing to the RobotEra Telegram channel. RobotEra has dedicated only 270 million tokens to the presale, which is 15% of the total supply - there will be no vesting period on presale tokens.

The rest of supply is largely split between the treasury and governance DAO (33%) and play to earn rewards pool (25%), with a further 10% to the team, 9% to the ECO fund, 3% to advisors, 3% to liquidity and 2% to an early institutional investor.

As mentioned above, by the time the presale ends early investors will own an asset that has appreciated by 60%.

Presale StartedNovember 2022
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT
Min Investment1,000 TARO
Max InvestmentN/A

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5. Tamadoge (TAMA) - New Crypto Launch Pumping on Exchanges

Tamadoge launched its beta presale in July 2022 and quickly progressed to the regular presale because of the high demand for TAMA tokens. The presale was scheduled to last until the end of Q4 2022, but it sold out in less than two months after launch.

Because of the overwhelming demand during the presale, Tamadoge began trading on OKX at the end of September and pumped to a peak price of $0.194 - nearly 2,000% above its initial presale price of $0.01 at its peak.

The token retraced amid the collapse of FTX but has made a huge comeback in 2023, growing more than 50% last month.

That's because the first three Tamadoge Arcade games - Super Doge, Rocket Doge, To The Moon and Tama Blast - have been launched to huge success, while the main Tamadoge game, two more arcade games and an augmented reality app are still on the way. 

This play-to-earn project has differentiated itself from other meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu by enabling players to receive rewards while entertaining themselves. 

In the main game, players can exercise, feed and breed digital pets and nurture them to adulthood to battle it out against other pets. 

Tamadoge rewards players with TAMA tokens for grooming their pets and winning battles. The introduction of the augmented reality app in 2023 will make the interaction between players and pets more realistic. 

A key distinguishing feature of this project from other meme coins is its small supply and deflationary mechanics. 

The supply of TAMA coins is limited to 2 billion, which will diminish over time because of the 5% token burn of the transaction fees from pet store purchases.

Investors are continuing to buy into TAMA, which has been a top 10 coin in the meme coin category since listing. The NFT collection also became the top trending coin on OpenSea after dropping, with more than 250 ETH spent on pets.

The price of TAMA has retraced in recent days following the collapse of FTX, but the token looks primed to pump when market conditions improve, with 2023 set to see numerous releases in the ecosystem.

To stay up to date with the coin's latest updates, investors can subscribe to the Tamadoge Telegram channel. (Admins will not DM you first).

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6. IMPT - Carbon-Friendly Crypto with Real-World Use Case

IMPT is an eco-friendly crypto project that has an extremely appealing real-world use case and will help in the fight against climate change. 

Interest in the project has soared in recent weeks after it raised more than $20 million during its presale, with the IMPT token price expected to pump in 2023 when market conditions improve.

Already listed on Gate, BitMart, LBank and Uniswap, a number of other exchanges will list the token in the coming weeks and months.

Experts are predicting major gains in 2023 with the likes of independent review sites CoinCodex.com and CryptoPresales.com rating it among their best ICOs of the year.

IMPT is aiming to help solve one of the biggest issues of the modern world, the climate crisis. It will use blockchain technology to help users - individuals and retailers - offset their carbon footprint by earning tokens when shopping.

The tokens can then be converted into carbon credit NFTs, which fund vetted environmentally friendly projects and organizations to help fight climate change.

Carbon credits are permits that allow holders to emit greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, with one credit equalling one ton of CO2.

Carbon credit NFTs can also be purchased, sold, and held as they will have value in themselves, while they can be retired - with those who retire credits earning unique NFTs in return.

IMPT has partnered with more than 10,000 retailers and brands - globally recognized companies like Samsung, Amazon, LEGO, Microsoft among them - and will keep a score of carbon offsetting to encourage users to do more.

IMPT is a carbon zero project and built on Ethereum, one of the greenest blockchains after the recent Merge, while its team is doxxed and has years of senior experience at global commerce and telecoms brands.

As well as crypto influencers such as Jacob Crypto Bury, IMPT token has also recently been reviewed by Bitcoinist, and Capital.com a leading online broker.

We previously named it among the best crypto presales of 2022 and investors who want more information should read the IMPT whitepaper and join the Telegram group.

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7. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Global Metaverse Gaming Platform Offering Rewards 

Battle Infinity is an NFT-based game enabling players to enter 6 platforms to earn IBAT token rewards. This newly launched crypto proved to be successful from the beginning, as its presale sold out within 25 days but was scheduled for 90 days.

IBAT began trading on PancakeSwap in August 2022 and immediately surged, providing early investors with 700% returns. The token's value could increase because of developments such as Battle Staking. 

Players can compete for the highest rewards by staking coins. The three options available are solo, duo and crate staking. Battle Infinity enables investors to earn up to 25% interest for locking up their coins for 365 days. 

Battle Infinity has proven it's one of the best staking platforms because it enables flexible staking - investors choose the period to lock in their coins and earn up to 12% APR. The global staking pool also distributes IBAT tokens to the most active players.

To get started, players can buy IBAT tokens on Battle Swap, the platform's exchange. The tokens can be exchanged for NFT passes, which are necessary for entering the IBAT Premier League. It's in the league that players build teams to win competitions and earn rewards by monetizing land.

The Battle Marketplace enables players to buy NFTs to stylize their avatars with jewelry and unique hairstyles. Players use their VR headsets to explore the Metaverse in Battle Arena and chat with players in real-time.

More information about IBAT tokens and this crypto project is easily accessible on the Battle Infinity Telegram channel.

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8. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Top NFT Competition Platform Released V2 Token

Lucky Block initially launched its V1 BEP-20 token at the beginning of 2022, and it went on a 65x bull run from launch. That native token, with the ticker symbol LBLOCK, started trading on PancakeSwap in January 2022. Investors who bought the coin during the earliest presale phase received even high returns.

But getting in early on LBLOCK during exchange listings also proved lucrative. Investors who bought the coin during its initial coin offering (ICO) profited handsomely, receiving more than 1,100% returns in just over 2 weeks. One issue with the V1 token was that investors incurred a 12% sales tax.

Lucky Block's developers wanted to offer investors a coin that didn't levy any sales tax and could be used to expedite exchange listings. Hence the recent launch of the ERC-20 token, referred to as LBLOCK V2. 

Since the development of the V2 token, listings on LBank, MEXC and Gate.io followed. Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder announced that more exchange listings would follow. Part of Ryder's announcements was a 1% token burn. 

The intent for the rolling monthly token burn, which started at the end of September, was to make LBLOCK tokens more valuable.

LBLOCK token has proven to be one of the best cryptos to buy because of the massive returns offered to investors. Alongside that, the Lucky Block NFT competitions platform is another way to reap rewards from this project.

Investors can buy NFTs from the Platinum Rollers Club NFT and enter prize draws. The main prizes are a Lamborghini, a house worth $1 million and $1 million in Bitcoin. Even if investors don't win the main prize, Lucky Block provides daily rewards to investors who keep their NFTs in their wallets.

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9. Corite (CO) - Popular Interactive Music Crowdfunding Platform 

Blockchain boasts various projects, and musicians can benefit from it as well. Corite is a platform launched for artists and their fans to interact while serving as a crowdfunding source.

Artists on Corite can invite fans to support their new projects by investing. It's different from a donations platform because fans that support their artists receive a share of the streaming revenues. The artists decide the share of their royalties, and they keep all the rights.

Corite provides daily data about how music is streamed globally and has also been instrumental in helping artists such as Alan Walker and Oscar Stembridge. Both artists gave back to their fans by using Corite.

At the core of this project is the native token CO. This utility token powers the entire ecosystem to enable transparent funding. Owning the coin enables investors to stake it, earn rewards for contributions and unlock functionality.  

This cryptocurrency launches today, 28 September 2022. Corite is making 42 million tokens available on PancakeSwap at $0.035 per token. The project's goal is to raise $1.47 million.

10. WeSendit - Efficient File Transfer Platform for Large Documents 

WeSendit has used the power of blockchain to enable users to transfer large files globally. It has more than 3 million users in 150 countries that have trusted this platform for 10 years.

The platform launched WeSendit3.0 to create a decentralized solution for data protection. Premium users can anonymize their data management to ensure that central connections cannot collect personal data.

One of the features that separate WeSendit from other file transfer platforms is the ability for users to earn rewards. This is an ideal long term crypto project for users wanting to earn the platform's native token, WSI, while sending files. Users need to register for a business or premium account to receive rewards from the activity pool for sending data.

Users get up to a 60% discount on premium features by paying for their subscription with WSI tokens. WeSendit's ICO began on 1 September 2022, and the project aims to raise $2 million. Only 8% of the total token supply (120 million coins) will be available during the ICO at $0.017 each.

11. Byepix (EPIX) - Profitable Metaverse and All-in-One Blockchain Platform

One of the top crypto launches this year considered an all-in-one platform is Byepix. It has diversified its network by incorporating play to earn, Metaverse, NFTs, SoFi and DAO protocols.

Investors can access several protocols such as Gems Hunter, mission platform and the NFT showroom. Gems Hunter is a profitable play to earn game, and the mission platform enables investors to earn in-game currency by completing tasks. Virtual lands enables investors to buy, sell and build digital real estate.

To take advantage of the rewards offered, investors need to own the native token, EPIX - investors can buy EPIX tokens from the Byepix ICO platform.

One hundred million tokens are available for the ICO at $0.18 each. Byepix has enabled the advantageous maximum profit program (AMP) to ensure that tokens aren't released all at once. They'll be released daily at different times to prevent a pump and dump.

The platform has enabled investors to stake their coins while they wait for them to be released, so they can earn rewards.

12. LasMeta (LASM) - New Play to Earn VR Poker Gaming Platform 

LasMeta is a Metaverse platform launched to enable poker player to immerse themselves in the ultimate gaming experience by using virtual reality headsets. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and also enables players to earn rewards.

Players can also own casinos, entitling them to special NFT ownership privileges. The collection consists of 7,000 NFTs, enabling holders to earn a passive income. Casino owners can host tournaments and receive actual profits.

Participating in games is another income stream. LasMeta also enables players to earn in-game currency by selling their analysis and predictions and joining the referral program. 

Staking will be available for investors wanting to receive interest for locking away their coins. An annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 15% is achievable, and a 2-year staking period earns investors up to 25%.  

Not many details have been released about the LASM token, the only information stated is that the token will trade at $0.062.  

13. Interest Protocol (IPT) - Scalable Lending and Borrowing Blockchain Platform

Interest Protocol is another new crypto launches in September 2022. This fractional reserve banking protocol pays interest to depositors. Its stablecoin, USDi enables investors to earn yield without staking.

The two main participants on this platform are depositors holding USDi to earn interest and USDi borrowers. Using this platform enables investors to access convenient and efficient financial services.

The Interest Protocol Token (IPT) is the platform's governance token, enabling holders to control the protocol. IPT holders propose and vote on changes such as updating the interest rate curve or adding new collateral assets.

Investors can buy IPT tokens from the platform's website. Each token costs $0.25, and 35 million coins are available. Interest Protocol aims to raise $8.75 million to make its platform even more scalable. 

How to Find New Crypto Launches

Investors wanting the best possible crypto prices should get involved in projects in their infancy. That means investing in projects when they’re in presales or during the ICO. Below are some resources for finding such avenues.

ICO Calendar

The most popular ICO calendar is provided by CoinMarketCap. The convenient aspect of using this source for new coin launches that it shows upcoming ICOs and ongoing projects. Having access to the upcoming ICO information enables investors to gauge projects potentially in the presale stages.

CoinMarketCap’s calendar also provides information about projects that recently concluded their ICO. Those platforms are also considered to be new crypto launches.


Networking is a powerful tool for attaining wealth. The best way to network with like-minded individuals is by attending crypto events. The key speakers usually have an inside scoop about upcoming projects.

Even if the speakers don’t mention new cryptocurrencies during the speech, investors can speak to them after the event. Meeting one of the attendees who know about new crypto launches is highly likely.


Exchanges advertise new coin listings well in advance to ensure sufficient liquidity the day the coin starts trading. A key advantage of buying new crypto when it launches on an exchange is the possibility of getting the lowest prices.

Then when the rest of the market enters, the demand should increase the coin’s value. 

How to Decide Whether to Invest in a Crypto Launch

Investors need to do their due diligence to ensure a project is worth investing in. The fewer risks that accompany a project, the more likely it is to be a sound investment. So, how do investors minimize risk?

Ensure that a cryptocurrency provides utility. Crypto coins need to solve a real-world problem, provide a service or enable investors to earn interest by owning them. 

The meme coin era has passed and has proven that investors quickly get over the hype of celebrity endorsements. They require value from projects. The ideal investment would be a project that already has a prominent brand and is branching out into different blockchain protocols.

Investors should enquire about the project’s developers. Knowing the identities of the people running the project is key. It shows they aren’t trying to hide, and investors know who to hold accountable in case of nefarious activities.


From the new crypto launches we reviewed, Love Hate Inu (LHINU) has shown to be the crypto with the most potential. 

The project will revolutionize the $3 billion online survey industry with its new 'vote-to-earn' platform that rewards users for participating in several polls and surveys. 

At press time, $LHINU is selling out for a presale rate of only $0.000095 during stage 3, with $2 million already raised in less than three weeks. 



What new cryptocurrencies are coming out?

Several crypto projects are added to the blockchain daily, but only a few a worth investing in. We found that projects such as Love Hate Inu, DeeLance, Ecoterra and RobotEra, are some new coin launches that have excellent utility and big futures.

Where can I find newly launched crypto?

Investors can look for newly launched crypto in several places such as ICO calendars, crypto events and exchanges. CoinMarketCap is a popular ICO calendar, and attending events with industry leaders as key speakers helps investors gain insight into crypto presales and new coin launches.