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10 Best Avalanche Meme Coins to Buy in May 2024

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 16 min read

Avalanche is one of the largest blockchain and growing hub for crypto development. It’s been especially popular for meme coin development, and many meme coins launched on Avalanche have delivered explosive gains.

Avalanche meme coins aren’t as well known as their Ethereum or Solana counterparts, but there are a number of promising AVAX meme coins for traders to check out. In this guide, we’ll highlight 10 of the best Avalanche meme coins to buy in May 2024 and explain how to buy AVAX meme coins.

Best Avalanche Meme Coin List

Let’s dive straight into our list of the top AVAX meme coins to buy today:

  1. Coq Inu – Explosive AVAX meme coin up 4.7 million percent since launch
  2. Kimbo – Low-market cap meme coin with another pump on the horizon
  3. NoChill – Trending AVAX meme token with 1 million $NOCHILL airdrop
  4. Gecko Inu – Gecko-themed meme coin with a new token launchpad
  5. NumberGoUpTech – Fair launch token chosen as Avalanche Community Coin
  6. Husky – Established Avalanche meme coin with staking and e-shop
  7. MeowCat – Cat-themed AVAX meme token with strong momentum, $7.5M market cap
  8. Kong – Micro-cap meme coin with NFT collection and doxxed project team
  9. Meat – Basic AVAX meme coin with Web3 game and explosive growth
  10. Kingshit – Not-yet-discovered Avalanche meme coin with viral potential

A Closer Look at the Top AVAX Meme Coins

Let’s take a deeper dive into the best Avalanche meme coins so you can decide which tokens to buy today.

1. Coq Inu – Explosive AVAX Meme Coin up 4,700,000% Since Launch

Coq Inu

is one of the most explosive meme coins of 2024, blowing even the most exciting Solana meme coins out of the water. Since the start of the year, Coq Inu has rocketed upward 4.7 million percent. If a trader had invested $1 in $COQ when it launched, they would now have nearly half a million dollars.

Despite this enormous growth, $COQ is still a relatively low market cap crypto. It’s valued at less than $200 million and has 67,000 token holders. To us, this indicates the token still has room for additional growth.

Coq Inu Top Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

Coq Inu is listed on a variety of centralized exchanges, including,, KuCoin, and MEXC. However, it’s not listed on Binance, Coinbase, or OKX yet. A listing on one of these exchanges may not be far off, and we expect to see another pump in $COQ’s price when it hits these Tier-1 platforms.

Visit Coq Inu

2. Kimbo – Low Market Cap Meme Coin with Pump on the Horizon


is a dog-themed meme coin on Avalanche with a long-term plan to build the biggest community on AVAX. It’s succeeded so far, gathering more than 19,000 followers on X and thousands more across Telegram, Discord, Instagram, and TikTok. It’s also gained more than 17,000 holders of its $KIMBO token.

Kimbo has a lot of momentum behind it. The project just launched a series of 3,333 “Kimbro” NFTs, which have a floor price of 1.50 AVAX. It has its own line of merchandise. The project is supported by Avalanche’s Culture Catalyst Fund.

Kimbo Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

The $KIMBO token has been on an upward trajectory since its launch in December 2023, gaining more than 500,000%. It’s reached a market cap of $17 million, which is impressive but still leaves a ton of room for growth. $KIMBO is currently available on LBank along with Avalanche DEXs like Trader Joe, but a major CEX listing could be a significant catalyst for the token’s growth.

Visit Kimbo

3. NoChill – Trending AVAX Meme Token with 1 Million $NOCHILL Airdrop


is a meme coin designed to pump. The token has no inherent utility, but offers the chance at a 1 million $NOCHILL airdrop for early investors. That’s worth around 218 AVAX at the current price of the $NOCHILL token.

The project team has renounced ownership over $NOCHILL and the token held a fair launch, which are precursors to explosive growth for many meme coins. The token quickly ran up more than 320,000%. It’s since given up some of those gains, but appears poised for another rally.

NoChill Best Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

What’s really exciting about $NOCHILL is that it has a market cap of just $12 million, yet the token has more than 10,000 token holders. A push from inside the community to hold onto tokens could cause its price to shoot upwards, delivering outsized returns to traders who bought $NOCHILL early.

Visit NoChill

4. Gecko Inu – Gecko-themed Meme Coin with New Token Launchpad

Gecko Inu

is another exciting AVAX meme coin with a lot of potential to shoot to the moon. This token’s mascot is a green gecko that looks a lot like the animated film hero in the movie Rango.

Unlike other Avalanche meme coins, $GEC has real utility. Token holders who stake $GEC will get access to Gecko Inu’s new token launchpad, where you can be among the first to buy new Avalanche tokens. Your allocation of each new token is based on how much $GEC you stake.

Gecko Inu Avalanche Meme Coin

Gecko Inu’s price is down from its high and hasn’t yet responded to the launchpad announcement. However, we think the $GEC token could shoot up in value once the first new token lands on the launchpad and traders scramble to get an allocation. $GEC also has a market cap of just $5 million, so it won’t take a huge surge in demand to send the price 5x or 10x higher.

Visit Gecko Inu

5. NumberGoUpTech – Fair Launch Meme Coin Chosen as Avalanche Community Coin


is a funny, community-driven meme coin that features imagery of rockets and a dog named Spot. The joke is that Spot is developing new technology that will make the price of the project’s $TECH token go up.

We like $TECH because the project held a fair launch and minted its entire supply of 69 billion $TECH tokens right away. 95% of the tokens were put in a liquidity pool, 3% of tokens were burned, and 2% were set aside for the $TECH community. No new $TECH will ever be minted, so there’s no inflation to worry about with this token.

Numbergouptech Top Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

$TECH’s launch was so successful that it was named one of Avalanche’s first 5 Community Coins, part of a new project to better engage developers on Avalanche. $TECH now has a market capitalization of $6.4 million and nearly 8,000 token holders, and we think it has a lot more room for growth. Watch out for $TECH’s first centralized exchange listing, which could initiate an explosive move higher.

Visit NumberGoUpTech

6. Husky – Established Avalanche Meme Coin with Staking and E-shop


is one of the oldest meme coins on the Avalanche blockchain, launched in 2021. The $HUSKY token exploded in value after its launch, but settled into a price of around $0.000000002 for much of the crypto winter. Now, it’s up more than 20x on massive trading volume as the Avalanche blockchain outperforms much of the crypto market.

Husky’s established token makes it especially valuable among Avalanche meme coins. It clearly has staying power, which is worth a lot in a part of the crypto market that’s known for tokens coming and going.

Husky Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

In addition, Husky is one of only a few Avalanche meme coins that offers staking rewards. Unstaking tokens incurs a 2% fee, which encourages long-term HODLing. The project is on the cusp of launching an e-shop for token holders, which we think could put even more jet fuel behind Husky’s recent momentum.

Visit Husky

7. MeowCat – Cat-themed AVAX Meme Token with Strong Momentum


is another Avalanche meme coin worth exploring. This is one of those digital assets that has been building momentum since its launch in March and has delivered gains of nearly 8x for early token holders. It’s now up to a $7.5 million market cap and looks poised to continue its gains.

The $MEOW token is a true meme coin, with no utility and no roadmap for development. So, it’s more speculative than some of the other Avalanche tokens we’ve highlighted.

Meowcat Best Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

That said, we’re bullish on MeowCat. Cat-themed memes have been hot on Solana, and the cat scratch fever could easily spread to Avalanche. In addition, MeowCat has more than 5,500 token holders and a highly engaged community on Telegram to support the $MEOW token.

Visit MeowCat

8. Kong – Micro-cap Meme Coin with NFT Collection and Doxxed Project Team


is an interesting micro-cap crypto token with a lot of potential ahead. It’s a meme coin, but also so much more—Kong has an NFT collection that features apes in different outfits. It also has a doxxed project team that has renounced ownership over the $KONG contract and burned the token’s liquidity pool.

All of this makes Kong highly trustworthy, which is worth its weight in gold in the meme coin space. Kong has a market cap of just over $2 million, so it’s entirely possible this token could deliver 10x-100x gains if it catches fire. Currently, it’s only listed on the Trader Joe DEX, but it seems like a good candidate for a or LBank listing that could put $KONG in front of more traders.

Kong Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

One thing to watch out for when buying $KONG is that it has only around $75,000 in daily trading volume. So, the token’s price can be more volatile than some of the other top Avalanche meme coins we covered.

Visit Kong

9. Meat – Basic AVAX Meme Coin with Web3 Game


is a simple Avalanche meme coin available on the Trader Joe DEX. It was launched in December and has already delivered 5x gains so far, but we think this is just the beginning. The $MEAT token has a low market cap of $1.5 million, leaving plenty of room for growth.

Holding $MEAT tokens unlocks the Sausagers Web3 game. While this isn’t a play-to-earn game, it is a lot of fun and plays an important role in keeping the $MEAT community engaged with the project. Meat currently has more than 5,000 token holders, and we think the game is a big part of the reason why.

Meat Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

Meat’s price is highly volatile, making it a suitable choice for traders interested in turning a quick profit from the AVAX blockchain. This volatility could be a good thing for the right trader—especially if $MEAT lists on another exchange and sees an upward explosion in price.

Visit Meat

10. Kingshit – Not-yet-Discovered Avalanche Meme Coin with Viral Potential


is an exciting meme coin project on Avalanche that traders don’t seem to have discovered yet. Despite launching in February, the $KINGSHIT token has only 220 token holders and a market cap of $1.2 million.

That means meme coin traders still have an opportunity to get in on this token before it explodes. The token is based on 2,222 illustrated ducks that wander the Avalanche blockchain, and it has a social media presence that’s perfectly presented to go viral.

Kingshit Avalanche Meme Coin Price Chart

Just bear in mind that for now, $KINGSHIT has a very low trading volume. This is a token to buy and hold, waiting for explosive price gains, rather than one to actively trade.

Visit KingShit

What is an AVAX Meme Coin?

An AVAX meme coin is a meme coin built on the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche is a smart contract blockchain similar to Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano. It stands out for its very high processing speeds and low transaction fees, which make it ideal for meme coin trading.

AVAX meme coins are similar to meme coins on other blockchains in that they are based on a joke or viral idea. Unlike utility and governance tokens, Avalanche meme coins don’t necessarily have a specific function or purpose beyond trading.

Avalanche Blockchain Homepage

How AVAX Meme Coins Work

Avalanche meme coins can be launched in a number of ways. Teams can hold a presale to offer coins to the public at a discounted price before trading begins. They can also hold a fair launch, which sends tokens directly to an exchange so that trading can begin immediately. Traders usually need to swap AVAX to buy meme coins on the Avalanche blockchain.

Meme coins on Avalanche typically trade on Trader Joe, which is the most popular DEX on Avalanche. The price of these tokens is mainly controlled by supply and demand.

Methodology: How We Picked the Best Avalanche Meme Coins

We considered several key factors when evaluating which Avalanche meme coins are the best to buy today. Let’s take a closer look at these factors and why they matter when picking Avalanche crypto assets.

Viral Potential – 30%

A meme coin’s viral potential is one of the most significant factors contributing to its future success. If a token goes viral, it can quickly attract huge demand and experience massive price gains.

It can be difficult to know what will go viral. We looked for tokens that feature lovable characters, funny memes, and creative backstories. We also evaluated how much attention each token has gotten so far to determine if it’s likely to resonate with a wider audience.

Momentum – 25%

Meme coins trading with strong bullish momentum frequently keep going up, at least in the short term. So, we looked for tokens that have experienced big price gains and that look to still have gas in the tank.

We did include tokens without bullish momentum in our list of the best AVAX meme coins. However, we made sure that no tokens had strong downward momentum—it’s typically not a good idea to buy against the current.

Community Engagement  – 20%

How engaged a community is with a meme coin says a lot about its long-term potential. If token holders and crypto communities are dedicated to holding onto a token, that reduces the available supply and helps translate increases in demand into spiking prices. In addition, an engaged community is usually a sign that the team behind a meme coin is doing a good job of marketing their project.

Market Cap – 15%

All of the top Avalanche meme coins we covered are small and microcap tokens. This is important because it means they have room to grow. A token with a $10 million market cap can deliver 10x returns much more easily than a token with a $100 million market cap.

Staking and Utility – 10%

While many of the meme coins we highlighted don’t offer utility, some do. This utility can further contribute to a token’s long-term potential and encourage early investors to stick around. In addition, staking rewards can increase investors’ holdings of a token and boost your investment profits if the token takes off.

How to Buy Avalanche Meme Coins

The best way to buy Avalanche meme coins is through the Trader Joe DEX. We’ll walk through how this process works.

Step 1: Visit Trader Joe

Head to the Trader Joe DEX and select Trade to open the token swap platform.

Trader Joe DEX Avalanche

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Click Connect Wallet in the upper right-hand corner of the page to connect your crypto wallet. If there’s a pop-up, authorize the connection.

Connect a wallet to Trader Joe DEX Avalanche

Step 3: Select a Meme Coin to Buy

In the drop-down menu, select which meme coin to buy. You can search for meme coins by name.

Select a token to buy on Trader Joe DEX Avalanche

Step 4: Buy with AVAX

Enter the amount of the meme coin to buy in AVAX. Trader Joe will automatically calculate the corresponding amount of the meme coin. When ready, click Swap to complete your purchase.

Buy COQ Inu on Trader Joe DEX

Why Has AVAX Ecosystem Become so Popular with Meme Coins?

Avalanche has long been a good network for meme tokens because of the blockchain’s low transaction fees and fast processing speeds. However, it wasn’t until the Avalanche Foundation, which manages the Avalanche blockchain, announced its Culture Catalyst Fund in December that meme coins really took off on AVAX.

The Culture Catalyst Fund is specifically designed to turn Avalanche into a hub for meme culture. The project involves buying up large quantities of AVAX meme coins to support the projects and bring more attention to them.

The Avalanche Foundation also announced the Memecoin Rush, a $1 million program to incentivize liquidity in meme coins built on AVAX. This is designed to have liquidity providers further increase trading on Avalanche meme coins and make it easier for the tokens to trade on decentralized exchanges like Trader Joe.

Avalanche Blockchain Memecoin Rush

Several of the meme coins we covered are supported by the Culture Catalyst Fund and the Memecoin Rush programs, including Coq Inu, Kimbo, and Husky. It’s likely that many more meme coins will launch on Avalanche now that there is more money on the network to support their growth.

AVAX Meme Coins vs Solana Meme Coins

While Avalanche meme coins are growing in popularity, they tend to be much smaller in market cap than Solana meme coins. Avalanche did not experience the same enormous surge in popularity that Solana meme coins experienced over the winter, even though many of the tokens that we covered launched around the same time.

That said, some Avalanche meme coins have posted gains similar to Solana meme coins, even though they have had less trading volume overall. For example, Coq Inu is up 4,700,000% and Kimbo is up 500,000%.

The fact that AVAX meme coins still have relatively small market caps can be a good thing for traders. A spike in demand has more potential to move the price 10x or more, whereas that would be very difficult for Solana meme coins like $WIF and $BONK to achieve at this point.

Ultimately, there aren’t many differences between meme coins on Avalanche and meme coins on Solana. Solana happens to be extremely hot for meme coins right now, but it’s entirely possible the excitement will shift to Avalanche in the near future.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Avalanche Meme Coin to Buy in [current_year]?

Avalanche meme coins offer explosive potential and have smaller market caps than meme coins on Ethereum and Solana, meaning they have more room to grow. We’re especially excited about Coq Inu, which has delivered eye-popping gains and appears to have more gas in the tank. It’s already the leading meme coin on Avalanche, and could see an explosive pump if it lists on a Tier-1 crypto exchange.

Visit Coq Inu

AVAX Meme Coin FAQs

What is an AVAX meme coin?

An AVAX meme coin is a meme coin built on the Avalanche blockchain. Meme coins on the Avalanche network work similarly to meme coins on Ethereum or Solana and they may or may not have utility.

What coins are based on AVAX?

In addition to Avalanche’s native AVAX token, the blockchain is home to coins like Frax, Joe, and TrueFi. The Avalanche ecosystem also has several meme coins including Coq Inu, Kimbo, and NoChill.

What are the best meme coins on Avalanche?

The best meme coins on Avalanche are Coq Inu ($COQ) and Kimbo ($KIMBO). These meme tokens have delivered massive gains for early investors and still have room to move significantly higher.

What is Avalanche meme coin rush?

The Avalanche meme coin rush refers to the rapid growth of meme coins on Avalanche between December 2023 and April 2024. During this period, tokens like Coq Inu rose 470,000x in price.


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