6 Best Solana ICOs and Presales to Invest in 2024

Kane Pepi
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The Solana ecosystem continues to pump, with many new projects achieving 100x gains in a matter of days. In this guide, we reveal the best Solana ICOs and presales to invest in.

You’ll discover top-rated SOL ICOs before they become mainstream. Read on to find the next Solana gem.

List of the Best Solana ICOs for Maximum Gains

Our picks for the best Solana ICOs are listed below:

  1. SlothanaThe overall best Solana ICOs, $500k+ raised in one day 
  2. Smog – Trending Solana meme project with a huge airdrop and 42% staking APYs
  3. Weewu – New metaverse gaming platform on the Solana network, $11 million+ raised 
  4. Donk.Meme – 70% supply being sold at presale prices, 1.5x upside on Raydium
  5. Snappe Coin – Unique Pepe-themed coin with plans to launch staking and token burns.
  6. FAITH – Encourages long-term holding in the Solana ecosystem with its $FAITH token.

Analyzing the Top Solana Presales

To examine the top ICOs on the Solana blockchain, we carried out a comprehensive analysis of their features, market potential, and underlying technology. Let’s take a closer look at which Solana ICOs offer the biggest upside potential. 

1. Slothana – The Overall Best Solana ICO for High-Risk Investors, 1,000x Potential

If you’re looking for a new Solana presale with a huge upside potential – check out Slothana. This is a brand-new meme coin project that could rival Bonk. It’s based on a lazy sloth that’s tired of the 9-5 grind. Slothana promises to stop ‘getting high on herb‘ and instead focus on profits.  

Although Slothana is a high-risk project, its presale raise has literally just launched. This means you can become one of the first investors, ensuring the lowest entry price possible. According to the Slothana website, users need to send SOL to the stated wallet address. After that, users will receive their SLOTH tokens via an airdrop.

Slothana presale

The current exchange rate is 10,000 SLOTH for every 1 SOL. Based on current prices, you’ll pay about $0.0192 per SLOTH. However, the price will likely increase as more capital is raised. So far, more than $6.7 million worth of SOL has been invested. Should Slothana succeed in creating hype, this could be the next 1,000x meme coin.

2. Smog – Trending Solana Meme Project With a Huge Airdrop and 42% Staking APYs

Yet another Solana meme coin to look out for is Smog. Although Smog didn’t offer a presale campaign, you can still invest from the ground up. Smog launched in February 2024 in a ‘fair launch’, meaning tokens were distributed to early investors at the same price.

Since then, Smog has increased by over 300%. This makes Smog one of the best Solana meme coins to hold. In addition, Smog has a market capitalization of just over $150 million. This offers an attractive entry point for new investors. There are no issues with liquidity – more than $1 million worth of Smog was traded in the past 24 hours.

Smog meme coin Solana

Smog is also gaining a lot of traction because of its airdrop campaign. Tokens are distributed to those helping promote Smog on social media. Currently, you can buy Smog on Raydium, Orca, or Jupiter. That said, a wave of centralized exchange listings is expected in the coming weeks. Smog is also a staking coin, with holders currently earning APYs of 42%.  

3. Weewu – New Metaverse Gaming Platform on the Solana Network, $11 Million+ Raised

One of the best Solana ICOs for metaverse investors could be Weewu. Its ecosystem will offer decentralized gaming experiences. Players can explore new worlds, complete quests, and look for rare NFTs. Weewu also supported metaverse land ownership. Similar to other metaverses, land plots are backed by unique NFTs.

What’s more, users can develop their land to build custom real estate projects. All transactions within the Weewu ecosystem are processed in OMNI. This is Weewu’s native token that’s currently being sold to presale investors. So far, more than $11 million has been raised.

Weewu presale

There is a hard cap total of $12 million, so the presale allocation is almost sold out. This represents 40% of the overall OMNI supply. The presale accepts many cryptocurrencies including SOL, ETH, BNB, and USDT. Although Weewu doesn’t have a Telegram group, the X page has over 15,000 followers.

4. Donk.Meme – 70% Supply Being Sold at Presale Prices, 1.5x Upside Once Listed on Raydium

Next is Donk.Meme, a new Solana meme coin based on the donkey character from Shrek. Like many meme coin projects, Donk.Meme has no use cases or utility. The project aims to become the next meme coin success story through community building.

So far, Donk.Meme has attracted over 2,700 Telegram members. It also has over 750 members on Discord. Donk.Meme has a maximum supply of 1 billion DONKM tokens. 70%, or 700 million, will be sold during the presale. More than 420 SOL has been raised so far.

Donk.Meme presale

This amounts to more than $80,000 based on current SOL prices. After the presale, Donk.Meme will be listed on Radium. The listing price will be 1.5 times higher than the presale valuation. This gives investors an immediate return on their presale purchase.

5. Snappe Coin – Unique Pepe-Themed Coin With Plans To Launch Staking And Token Burns

Snappe ($SNAPPE) is a hot new meme token on the Solana that aims to transform the classic Pepe meme into a more reptilian character. The token currently lacks utility and has plans to introduce staking and token burns in the future.

Early buyers can buy about 30% of the total presale supply in the ongoing presale. It is worth noting that the trading is set to begin on Solana DEXs on April 20, 2024.

Snappe Token ICO

The increasing popularity of Pepe-themed memes could potentially draw more investor interest. Also, the platform’s roadmap includes phases for liquidity launch, advertising campaigns, burn mechanisms, and community voting for future expansion. 

Buying options range from 1 million SNAPPE for $20 to 50 million for $1000 (with a 48-hour limit to prevent unfair distribution). Snappe Coin’s unique take on the Pepe coin and its future plans for utility make it a promising Solana ICO to invest in.

6. FAITH – Encourages Long-Term Holding In The Solana Ecosystem With Its $FAITH Token

Faithonbase (FAITH) is a trending new Solana-based meme coin that is built for the Solana ecosystem’s believers. It promotes holding onto the token and calls for “crypto sinners” who have lost faith in their tokens and sold them to join the ‘Faith’ movement.

This project will likely resonate with the Solana community, especially with long-term $SOL holders who have endured the crypto winter and the blockchain’s near-collapse and were ultimately rewarded for their faith.

Faith Token

FAITH is also supported by an experienced team in the meme coin space. The project is based on the concept of the “7 Jeetly Sins,” which stands for the crypto sins: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. Its main idea is encouraging people to act with faith in meme coins or skip on the opportunity.

Should I Invest in Solana ICOs?

Solana presales and ICOs offer a high-risk, high-return proposition. You have to look at each project’s fundamentals, team expertise, and market potential, and consider your risk tolerance and investment goals while carrying out your own research and due diligence. Read on to determine if Solana ICOs could be a good fit for your investment targets.

Solana is the Hottest Ecosystem Right Now

Solana is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in recent times. The price of SOL has increased by over 800% in the past year. SOL is up nearly 90% in the prior month alone. This has had a knock-on effect on the broader Solana ecosystem – especially meme coins.

  • For instance, dogwifhat is a Solana meme that was launched in late 2023. It has since increased by over 1,600%, surpassing a $3 billion market capitalization.
  • Bonk – another Solana meme coin, has also witnessed huge growth. Over the past year, Bonk has increased by over 4,600%.
  • And then there’s BOOK OF MEME. This Solana meme coin has increased by over 1,300% in just one week.

Overall, the Solana ecosystem is now worth over $230 billion. While still worth a fraction of the Ethereum ecosystem, momentum is firmly with Solana. As such, the best Solana ICOs allow you to invest in a trending marketplace.  

Do I Need SOL to Invest in Solana ICOs?

  • Yes, in most cases you’ll need SOL to invest in a Solana ICO.
  • This is because SOL is the primary cryptocurrency of the Solana network.
  • What’s more, SOL is required to cover network fees.
  • Fortunately, you can buy SOL on most crypto exchanges.

New Solana Tokens Can Generate Unprecedented Gains

Solana ICOs offer unprecedented upside potential in a short period of time. This is especially the case when SOL outperforms the broader market. This is because there’s a direct correlation between the price of SOL and new Solana tokens.

hottest projects on Solana

Even bigger gains can be realized when investing in Solana ICOs. Most are listed on exchanges with a micro-cap valuation. This means the token can explode by 100x or more within days.

The Solana Network is Ideal for Active Traders

In the previous bull cycle, the best-performing tokens came from the Ethereum ecosystem. This includes metaverse projects like Decentraland and the Sandbox. Not to mention meme coins like Shiba Inu and Floki.  

However, Ethereum fees continue to spiral out of control. When the network is overly congested, Ethereum gas can exceed $100 per transaction. This is a huge drawback for active traders.

In contrast, Solana has a medium transaction fee of just $0.00064. Moreover, Solana is currently handling over 2,600 transactions per second. This ensures ICO traders can buy and sell tokens in seamless market conditions.

How to Choose the Top Solana Crypto ICOs

Solana is currently the network of choice for new crypto tokens. This makes it increasingly difficult to find credible Solana projects for your portfolio.  

With this in mind, we’ll now discuss some best practices when selecting suitable Solana ICOs.  

Whitepaper and Tokenomics

Due diligence is crucial when exploring the best Solana ICOs. Experienced ICO investors will read the whitepaper before risking any funds. This highlights the project’s long-term objectives.

Investors should also evaluate the tokenomics. This explains how many tokens the project has issued, and how they will be allocated. Some traders prefer projects that issue the vast majority of tokens to ICO investors. This reduces the risk of being scammed.

After all, the majority of tokens will already be in circulation, so the founders won’t be able to dump huge amounts. However, ICO projects should also reserve tokens for other important divisions, such as marketing and exchange liquidity.    

Initial Market Capitalization

Investors should also consider the market capitalization when choosing Solana presales to invest in. This will directly impact the risk-reward ratio.

For example:

  • If you’re looking for the next 1,000x Solana meme coin, you’ll need to focus on ICOs with a micro-cap valuation.
  • These projects can blow up quickly.
  • However, you’ll also need to take on a lot more risk. If a large holder cashes out, this can wipe off a huge chunk of the token’s value.

If you want to reduce your risk spectrum, consider ICOs with a higher market capitalization. This will reduce volatility levels, allowing you to grow your holdings more organically. However, as the market capitalization increases, there is a reduction in upside potential.

Top Solana projects by market cap

For instance, we mentioned earlier that dogwifhat has a market capitalization of $3 billion. Dogwifhat would need to reach a $300 billion valuation to increase by 100x. This would make dogwifhat three times more valuable than SOL.

Now consider DogWifCat, a new Solana meme coin with a $3.3 million market capitalization. 100x from current prices would require a valuation of just $330 million. Naturally, this is potentially more likely than dogwifhat reaching $300 billion.

Where Can I Find the ICO Market Capitalization?

  • You won’t know the market capitalization until the ICO campaign is over. This is because it depends on how much the ICO raises.
  • For example, suppose the ICO allocates 25% of the total token supply. The ICO has a hard cap of $10 million.
  • If the hard cap is reached, this means the project has a $40 million market capitalization.
  • However, if only $8 million is raised, this will reduce the market capitalization to $32 million.

Trending Niches

Investors should also assess which crypto niches are trending. Capital flows often move toward trending narratives, whether that’s AI, real-world assets (RWA), or metaverses.

Right now, the trend is focused on Solana meme coins. This is why Slothana, DogWifCat, and Smog are our top picks.

Token Use Cases

Although Solana meme coins are a hot niche right now, the best crypto presales often have an identifiable use case. This means investors benefit by holding the token, such as being entitled to voting rights or receiving staking income.

In other cases, the use case might be access to a particular feature. For example, earning a share of trading fees or being able to invest in metaverse land.

Either way, Solana tokens with a use case are often solid long-term crypto investments. This is because they can hold their own even when the markets are bearish. In contrast, meme coin trends are often short-lived.  

How Risky are Solana ICOs?

Solana ICOs are inherently risky. You’ll be investing in a brand-new project with no trading history. This is similar to investing in a pre-revenue startup. However, the risks are much higher in the crypto landscape, especially considering that most ICOs are run anonymously.

This means there’s no accountability if things don’t go to plan. For a start, the price of your ICO tokens will rise and fall once they’re listed on exchanges. The price can decline below what you paid. Meaning, you’ll lose money.

Some Solana ICOs have no intention of maximizing token-holder value. On the contrary, the objective is to raise as much capital as possible before moving on to something else. Another risk is that your Solana ICO investment is a rug pull.

In this instance, the ICO founder will dump their tokens on the open market. They’ll also drain the liquidity pool for further gains. If you don’t feel comfortable taking on these risks, Solana crypto ICOs won’t be for you.

To invest in crypto responsibly, experienced ICO traders will diversify their holdings. This means investing in a wide range of Solana ICOs from different niches. If one ICO investment turns out to be a scam, the impact will be minimal.  

How Do I Invest in a Solana ICO? Quickfire Guide

The best Solana ICOs have a similar investment process. If you’re new to ICO campaigns, here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Buy Some SOL You’ll need SOL coins to invest in a Solana ICO. SOL is listed on the best crypto exchanges, including eToro, KuCoin, and Coinbase.
  • Step 2: Transfer SOL to a Private Wallet The next step is to transfer SOL to a private wallet. MetaMask is one of the best crypto wallets for storing SOL, although many other options exist.
  • Step 3: Connect Private Wallet to ICO Website Most Solana ICOs raise funds directly. Visit the respective ICO website and connect your crypto wallet.  
  • Step 4: Set up ICO Order Now that your Solana wallet is connected, you’ll need to type in the amount of SOL you wish to invest. The equivalent number of ICO tokens will update accordingly.
  • Step 5: Buy ICO Tokens After confirming the ICO investment, you’ll need to provide authorization to your connected wallet. SOL will then be swapped for the presale tokens. You can then disconnect your wallet from the presale website.  


Taking part in a Solana chain ICO is one of the hottest crypto trends right now. It’s also one of the most risky, so ensure your ICO portfolio is well diversified.

Those with an appetite for high-risk, high-return ICOs might like Slothana. This is an early-stage presale that has already raised over $500,000 in the first 24 hours. Investors can secure the best price possible before the exchange listing. 


What is the best Solana ICO to invest in?

The best Solana ICO right now is Slothana. This is a brand-new Solana meme coin with a micro-market capitalization.

Should I invest in a Solana ICO?

Solana ICOs can yield unprecedented growth in a short period of time. But Solana ICOs are also high risk, so be prepared to lose all of your investment.

Where can I find upcoming Solana chain ICOs?

Most Solana ICOs advertise on X, so use the ‘Solana ICO’ hashtag to find suitable projects.


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