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New Multichain Meme Coin Dogeverse Raises $1 Million In Two Days of ICO

Tim Hakki
Last updated: | 2 min read
Dogeverse homepage
Cosmo is the hyper jumping star of the cross-chain Dogeverse

Newcomer meme coin and multichain good boy Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) has lapped up $1 million barely 48 hours into a fresh new ICO. 

The latest in crypto’s long line of Shiba Inu-inspired funny tokens has pricked the ears of meme fans, degens and crypto evangelists alike, who see its cross-chain capabilities as a hint of what tomorrow’s meme coins will look like. 

Priced at $0.000291, Dogeverse has sold out two stages of its presale within two days of launch, far exceeding the team’s initial expectation of a 4-day first round. The price is due to rise in under four days as the ICO moves to Stage 3.

Token holders can stake on Ethereum to earn passive rewards. 

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing applications are also underway, while later DEX and CEX listings form part of the project roadmap.

Make no mistake, the project’s progenitors think Dogeverse has the potential to be a household name as crypto gets more interoperable. 

Dogeverse Gets $1 Million in 2 Days: What’s Different About It?

Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Floki (FLOKI), Bonk (BONK), and DogWifHat (WIF) all reference original viral doge memes in some way, but each are circumscribed within their own chain. 

Dogecoin is its own proprietary network based on Bitcoin’s code, while the others are either on the most commercially important blockchain, Ethereum, or its nearest rival, Solana. 

Dogeverse on a multichain network spanning six chains. It is already live on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, (Ethereum Layer 2) Polygon and Avalanche. Rollouts for Solana and Base (Coinbase exchange’s Ethereum Layer 2 chain) will go live before the end of the week. 

The four-legged friend at the centre of the Dogeverse is Cosmo. Born from a supernova, Cosmo discovered he had a unique ability: the power to hyperjump across universes. 

Now, Cosmo wants to share the chain-leaping fun with his owners. 

Upcoming Price Drivers

As any holder will tell you, meme coins are some of crypto’s most volatile investments. This is because they have a tendency to exaggerate broader market-wide price movements. 

This means, for instance, that on days when investors are feeling risky and pumping Bitcoin, meme coins are often rallying harder. Conversely, a bad risk-off day in crypto may manifest itself in spiraling meme coin prices. 

Investors should be aware then, that meme coin performance is linked to crypto’s perpetual news cycle. In this light, Dogeverse investors have two big boons coming in the next fortnight. 

Dogeverse tokenomics

The first arrives April 19 with the Bitcoin halving. The halving slashes Bitcoin mining rewards in half, effectively choking the issuance of new BTC and helping drive prices higher. Halvings have historically been linked to bull runs.

The second is April 20. Now, certain investors will nod knowingly to the International Pothead Commemoration Day. For this exact reason, the Dogecoin community picked the same day for their own commemoration, to remind them of DOGE’s fun and irreverent origins. 

Coming one day after the halving, Doge Day will be a day of canine coin fun over on social media. However, unlike many of the flash-in-the-pan coins that will pump in the near-future, Dogeverse isn’t just a friend for a day, he’s a friend for life. 

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.