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How to Buy Lucky Boo ($BOO) – Easy Guide

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 6 min read

Lucky Boo ($BOO) is a hot new meme coin on Solana that sold its first presale round within hours. Now it’s the final chance to grab some $BOO tokens before the token lists on exchanges and the price goes up. Those who buy and hold $BOO in the early stages will become eligible for a massive token airdrop in the future.

Our how-to-buy Lucky Boo guide covers all the steps for buying the $BOO presale, from opening a Solana wallet to getting your $BOO tokens.

What is Lucky Boo?

Lucky Boo ($BOO) is a meme coin on Solana that combines the meme potential of a dog, as we’ve seen with Dogwifhat, Bonk and Myro, and a lucky charm to bring fortune to your wallet.

The goal with Lucky Boo is to reward early participants and holders. Those who buy the presale and hold the token will get an allocation of a massive token airdrop. Those who participate in Lucky Boo’s Zealy campaign will get allocation points for completing quests like joining the Lucky Boo Telegram channel, following Lucky Boo on X, tweeting about the project, etc.

lucky boo presale

Currently, $BOO is in a token presale where you need to send $SOL to get your $BOO allocation. Sending $SOL to a presale wallet to get new tokens became popular on Solana with Slerf where the dev burned $10 million worth of token airdrop funds. Whether this was a genius marketing stunt or not, it pulled in over $2.7 billion in trading volume in one day. This “legitimized” the new way of getting tokens in a presale on Solana.

However, the team behind Lucky Boo has also built a token presale site where you can connect your Solana wallet and buy $BOO tokens directly, which is useful for beginners.

Despite not having launched officially on decentralized and centralized exchanges, Lucky Boo is already popular. The first presale stage sold out in a flash, and now there are only 6 days left before the token launches on exchanges.

Visit Lucky Boo


Luckynomics, as the team calls the Lucky Boo tokenomics, is straightforward. There are a total of 8.1 billion tokens, and only 5% will be available during the Solana-based presale (with 1.6% allocated for each round). This makes it important to buy the presale if you’re planning to buy this token anyway.

Only 10% is reserved for exchange liquidity, and a massive 45% is reserved for marketing purposes. With such allocation aimed at promoting the project, this could provide a strong enough boost to the $BOO token price once it launches on exchanges.

The final 40% of the total token supply is dedicated to the airdrop. Eligible airdrop wallets are those who buy the $BOO presale and hold the tokens, as well as those who complete Zealy quests.

lucky boo tokenomics

3 Reasons to Buy Lucky Boo – Key Takeaways

lucky boo crypto project

Here’s why it makes sense to buy Lucky Boo now:

  • Token Presale – Lucky Boo is in a token presale phase, meaning you get to buy it cheaper before it lists on exchanges and it catches traction. Only 5% of the total token supply is available for the presale, making it scarce this early in the project’s phase.
  • Token Airdrop – Not only are you getting the tokens you pay for during the presale, but you’ll also be eligible for one of the major token airdrops, where over 3 billion tokens will be distributed to early $BOO holders and users who actively participate in the Zealy campaign.
  • Launched on Solana – Solana is the go-to blockchain for all things DeFi and meme coin trading. That’s because transactions are fast and cost less than $0.01 even when the network is highly congested, which is way lower than Ethereum’s average cost of $16. A lot of popular meme coins originated from Solana, like Bonk, Dogwifhat, Book of Meme, and more, showing a strong community for meme coin trading.

How to Buy Lucky Boo ($BOO) Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are two ways to buy $BOO tokens during the presale: by sending $SOL to the presale address and by buying $BOO from the Lucky Boo presale site. We’ll cover both in this guide.

Step 1: Download a Solana Wallet

To interact with the Solana blockchain, you need a Solana wallet. There are many wallets to choose from, including Phantom, Solflare, Magic Eden, Backpack, and even MetaMask. However, we’ll take Phantom as an example, as it’s widely used across Solana.

Visit the Phantom Wallet website to download the app. Download it as a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox, or grab it as a mobile app for Android and iOS. If you’re using a hardware wallet like Ledger, you can connect it to Phantom and use Phantom’s UI.

phantom wallet

Here’s what it will look like to set up a Phantom wallet with a Chrome browser:

  1. Visit the Phantom download page.
  2. Select “Add extension to Chrome”.
  3. Select Phantom Wallet in the extensions tab.
  4. Create a new Phantom wallet.
  5. Write down the seed phrase on paper and never share it with anyone.
  6. Create a password.

phantom wallet ui

Step 2: Fund the Crypto Wallet

To buy Lucky Boo tokens, you need $SOL. Visit an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken and buy $SOL either directly with a card – which is fast but comes with around 4% fees – or deposit funds via bank transfer and buy $SOL on the spot market. The latter is a cheaper method fee-wise but typically takes longer to process.

Once you have your $SOL, visit your profile or account page and select withdraw. Use the Phantom wallet address as the withdrawal recipient and select the Solana network if it’s not automatically selected.

Step 3: Send $SOL to the Presale Wallet

One option is to send $SOL directly to this presale wallet. Here’s how:

  1. Select $SOL in your wallet and tap “Send”
  2. In the “Recipient’s Solana address” field, copy and paste the following address: 3NftXHu1MqfqLaYfDQ9Th9gESq4vtM8sxgbgxTKRdgrY.
  3. You’ll get $BOO tokens a few hours later.

send sol

Alternatively, visit the Lucky Boo website, connect your Phantom wallet, and use $SOL to purchase $BOO.

lucky boo presale

Step 4: Get Your Lucky Boo Tokens

Regardless of which way you use to buy $BOO, you’ll get your tokens within a few hours after purchase. Keep them in your wallet for now to become eligible for the massive token airdrop coming in the near future.


Lucky Boo is an exciting new Solana presale that’s had a hugely successful first round, selling out in hours. The second stage is officially launched, and investors still have a chance to get in early. Early participants in the presale will gain exclusive access to an airdrop of $BOO tokens.

Our how-to-buy Lucky Boo guide shows the step-by-step process of getting a Solana wallet, buying $SOL tokens, and sending them to the Lucky Boo wallet address to get $BOO tokens. Your token allocation will arrive in your wallet a few hours after purchase.

Visit Lucky Boo


What is Lucky Boo?

Lucky Boo is a popular new meme coin on Solana aiming to reward early holders and those who participate in the Zealy campaign.

What is the current price of Lucky Boo?

Based on the $SOL /$BOO exchange rate, one $BOO token is worth around $0.001 during the presale.

How do I buy Lucky Boo?

You need a Solana wallet and some $SOL. Once you have that, send $SOL to the following address 3NftXHu1MqfqLaYfDQ9Th9gESq4vtM8sxgbgxTKRdgrY or visit the Lucky Boo token presale site and connect your Solana wallet. Exchange $SOL for $BOO.


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