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6 Best Cat Meme Coins to Buy for 2024

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 11 min read

Dog-themed tokens have traditionally ruled the meme coin market, in part because Dogecoin was the first token to immortalize a meme in cryptocurrency. But cat lovers are finally pushing back, starting a rivalry between dog and cat meme coins as the crypto market heats up.

The explosion of meme coins on Solana has seen hundreds of new cat meme coins launch, many of which have earned explosive gains after hitting exchanges. We analyzed both established and new cat tokens to find the most promising ones to buy in 2024.

Keep reading for the 6 best cat meme coins to buy today.

best cat meme coins

Top Cat Meme Coins to Buy Today

We evaluated cat meme coins based on their viral potential, utility, and growth so far. Based on our analysis, we think these are the 6 best cat meme coins for 2024:

  1. Popcat ($POPCAT) – New Solana Meme Coin with Explosive 5,400% Gain
  2. Cat in a Dogs World ($MEW) – #1 Cat Meme Coin by Market Cap with Huge Potential
  3. Meow ($MEOW) – Communist-themed Cat Meme with a Zine and DAO for Engagement
  4. Catwifhat ($CATWIF) – Meme Coin Taking on $WIF, Plans to Aim on Tier-1 Exchanges
  5. Toshi ($TOSHI) – Cat Meme Token with Open-source Utility Tools, NFTs, and More
  6. Wen ($WEN) – Groundbreaking Cat Coin Fractionalizing Ownership of an NFT Poem

A Closer Look at the Top Cat Meme Coins

While all of these cat meme tokens feature felines, they’re very different in terms of their roadmaps, virality, and other key features. We’ll take a closer look at the best cat-themed meme coins so you can decide which ones are worth buying.

1. Popcat ($POPCAT) – New Solana Meme Coin with Explosive 5,400% Gain

Popcat is one of the newest cat-themed crypto coins, but it’s already made a huge splash. The token launched on Solana’s Raydium DEX in December, at a moment when Solana meme coins were pumping left and right.

Popcat didn’t immediately catch on, but in March, it suddenly rose more than 5,400%. It now has a market cap of nearly $200 million, making it the fourth-largest cat meme coin.

Popcat Solana Meme Coin Price Chart

$POPCAT stands out because the creators behind this token fully renounced ownership and burned the liquidity pool. That means the token is 100% community-owned, which has huge appeal in the world of meme coins. $POPCAT also has no transaction taxes, which helps create the conditions for frenzied trading that can cause the price to pump.

Trading volume in Popcat has been high for weeks, and the project now has more than 34,000 token holders. It has the potential to be a lasting meme coin with a devoted following, which is key to long-term price growth.

2. Cat in a Dogs World ($MEW) – #1 Cat Meme Coin by Market Cap

Cat in a Dogs World is a funny cat meme coin featuring a feline hero on a mission to save other cats from the oppressive rule of the dogs that run the city. This Solana meme coin has seen enormous success, skyrocketing to a nearly $1 billion market cap at the height of its pump. It now has a $420 million market cap and is the #1 cat meme coin on CoinGecko.

We think Cat in a Dogs World still has huge potential ahead of it. The current pullback looks like a consolidation, and the project’s more than 210,000 token holders give it a lot of momentum for another pump.

Cat in a Dogs World Meme Coin Price Chart

On top of that, the team behind $MEW has set up the token for volatile trading. 90% of the liquidity pool was burned, and 10% of tokens were airdropped to Solana users to stoke engagement.

$MEW is currently available for trading on the Jupiter and Raydium DEXs. It has the potential to be the next token to list on Binance—making it the first cat meme coin on a Tier-1 exchange.

3. Meow ($MEOW) – Communist-themed Cat Meme with a Zine and DAO

Meow is a cat meme coin that plays on Mao Zedong, the founder of the People’s Republic of China. The token’s mascot is a cat wearing Mao’s famous outfit, including the tight collar and worker’s cap.

Meow declares an uprising against dogs, encouraging crypto cat lovers to take back ownership over Web3. To that end, Meow has established a DAO where token holders can pool their assets and make proposals for how best to re-establish cats’ dominance.

Meow Cat Meme Coin Price Chart

Meow also has an online zine with news and updates about cats, crypto, and more. It’s a neat way to boost the community’s engagement, and we think it could pay long-term dividends for the value of the $MEOW token.

$MEOW now has a market cap of more than $57 million and is listed on Uniswap. Notably, this is an Ethereum-based meme coin rather than a Solana ICO token.

4. Catwifhat ($CATWIF) – Meme Coin Taking on $WIF, Aiming for Tier-1 Exchanges

Catwifhat is a new Solana cat-themed meme coin based on the incredibly popular Dogwifhat meme. That meme coin spawned the $WIF token, which is one of the best meme coins of 2024. Our Dogwifhat price prediction suggests that $WIF could jump 150% by the end of 2025, and Catwifhat may not be far behind it.

The $CATWIF token offers the same fun meme but with a cat substituted in place of a dog. For cat lovers who feel left out of the meme frenzy, this token is sure to be a hit.

Catwifhat Cat Meme Coin Price Chart

In fact, the token already pumped almost 20,000% within hours of its launch. It now has a $2 million market cap, which is promising but still low enough that there’s plenty of room for more growth.

The team behind $CATWIF ultimately aims to list the token on CEXs, including Tier-1 exchanges like Binance and OKX. If that happens, Catwifhat could be the first cat meme coin to shoot for the moon.

5. Toshi ($TOSHI) – Cat-Themed Meme Token with Utility and NFTs

Toshi is one of the most interesting cat-themed crypto tokens we found in our analysis. It’s an Ethereum meme coin rather than a Solana token, and it’s working on introducing utility to build a lasting, cat-loving community.

Toshi’s upcoming tools include a multi-sender wallet for airdrops, a token locker for vesting token grants, a liquidity locker for keeping liquidity pools secure, and more. The project could end up becoming a favorite of new token developers who need a trusted solution for these basic launch requirements.

Toshi Cat Meme Coin Price Chart

Toshi also has a selection of 3,000 NFTs on Coinbase’s Base blockchain. These NFTs launched in 2023, before the $TOSHI token itself, and have a floor price of 0.125999 ETH.

Another thing we like about Toshi is that it reaffirms its commitment to the community with the MEOW DAO, a DAO that puts the entire project in the hands of its token and NFT holders. We think this DAO has real long-term potential and could send the value of $TOSHI soaring once it’s fully operational.

6. Wen ($WEN) – Cat Meme Coin Fractionalizing Ownership in an NFT Poem

Wen is another interesting cat meme coin that’s based on an NFT poem by X user @weremeow titled ‘A Love Letter to Wen Bros.’ The poem is a hilarious reflection of crypto culture, and it’s the perfect fit for a cat meme coin.

The $WEN token itself represents fractional ownership of the Wen Bros NFT poem. That is, every user who owns $WEN also owns a piece of the poem. To spread the poem far and wide—and get a lot of users excited about $WEN—the project airdropped tokens to more than 1 million active Solana wallets.

wen price chart

$WEN has also notched some notable firsts. For example, it was the first token to officially launch on the Jupiter DEX’s LFG launchpad. It’s also the first project to mint an NFT on the WNS NFT standard.

Clearly, this is a project team with a deep love for cats that knows how to innovate and be clever. $WEN has already achieved a market cap of more than $200 million, and we think it could push $1 billion by the end of 2024.

How We Picked the Best Cat Meme Coins

With so many new cat meme coins to choose from, it was important for us to set specific criteria when assessing tokens and picking the best ones. We’ll explain the key factors we considered when choosing the top cat meme coins for 2024.

Price Potential

The main reason that many traders and investors are buying cat meme coins is to earn a return. So, price potential was the first thing we considered when evaluating cat crypto tokens.

We looked at each token’s price trajectory from launch until now. Our top-rated tokens have all seen major pumps, indicating that they have the potential to shoot upwards and deliver gains for token holders. While some of the tokens we highlighted have pulled back, we think they are simply consolidating and could see further gains.

We also considered each token’s market cap. A low market cap can mean that cat crypto coins have room to grow, but we also like to see tokens have a high enough market cap that they’ll be noticed by exchanges. So, most of the tokens we picked have valuations in the low hundreds of millions of dollars.


Much of a meme coin’s success hinges on it going viral, so it’s important that cat crypto coins are able to strike a chord within the cat-loving crypto community. We looked for tokens that piggyback on already popular memes, like Catwifhat, or that tell a great story, like Cat in a Dogs World. We also evaluated each token’s ability to achieve virality by monitoring its number of token holders and social media followers.

Catwifhat Viral Cat Memes

Community Engagement

How engaged a meme coin’s community is with a project can make a huge difference in its success. The best meme tokens we’ve seen all have large numbers of token holders who will HODL through any downturn and highly enthusiastic followers on social media.

It’s difficult to gauge how committed token holders are to a project, but we look at whether and how a cat meme coin is taking steps to keep its community engaged. For example, we check out its social media channels to see if they’re active and look for incentives that encourage engagement, such as DAOs and airdrops.


Cat meme coins typically don’t have utility, but some do. For example, Toshi earned a spot in our best cat meme coins list because it’s building a suite of tools for meme coin developers. Other utility features we looked for included staking, play-to-earn games, and DAOs, all of which can boost the long-term value of a meme coin.

Toshi Cat Meme Utility Tools


Meme coins vary widely in their plans for the future, so we also looked at each token’s roadmap. We prioritized projects that have ambitions to launch on centralized exchanges, including Tier-1 exchanges like Binance. We also gave more weight to projects that plan to form a DAO, giving the community more involvement in the meme coin’s future development.

Why Are Cat Meme Coins Becoming Popular?

Since Dogecoin launched in 2013, the meme coin market has been dominated by dog-themed tokens. Shiba Inu and Floki Inu were among the biggest meme coins of the last crypto bull market, and dog tokens like Dogwifhat and Bonk have been among the best meme coins of the current bull market.

However, that’s starting to change as the crypto community is growing and cat lovers are joining the meme coin market. They see an opportunity for cat meme coins to supplant dog tokens.

The Solana meme coin rush has presented the perfect opportunity for new cat crypto coins to launch. Hundreds of new cat tokens have hit Solana’s Jupiter and Raydium DEXs, increasing investment and excitement around cat meme coins across the board.

cat meme coins

In fact, cat crypto coins were among the biggest gainers in the first few months of the crypto bull market. According to CoinMarketCap, cat-themed meme coins now have a total market cap of more than $1.3 billion.

We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. Dogs’ stranglehold on meme coins couldn’t last forever, and it appears that the era of cats has begun in earnest.


Cat meme coins have the potential to disrupt dogs’ dominance in the meme coin market. These tokens have the potential to go viral and deliver huge returns, plus deliver utility, laughs, and community along the way.

We think the best cat meme coins for 2024 are Popcat, Cat in a Dogs World, and Meow. Popcat especially stands out for its explosive gains over the past few weeks and its fast-growing community of token holders. We think this could be the first cat meme coin to really break into the crypto spotlight. To check out other viral meme coins with huge potential, check out our guide to the nest meme coins of May.


What are the cat meme coins?

Cat meme coins are crypto tokens that feature a cat as their mascot instead of a Shiba Inu or another dog. Some of the top cat meme coins in 2024 are Popcat, Cat in a Dogs World, and Meow.