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Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of March and 1Q

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 3 min read

March has brought some long-needed respite from the bearish markets, with some notable coins in green – a big part of this is the fact that every single coin from the top 10 by market cap is in green, even excluding stablecoins. The month also holds only one loser among the top 50 coins by market capitalization in the true sense of the word, with their price in red – all the others are simply the lowest among the green.

Source: iStock/vm

Compared to February, even Tron and Stellar Lumens are back in the green – the only coins that were in the red at that time. Meanwhile, Bitcoin registered a second successive winning month.

Top 10 coins by market capitalization in March:, UTC 06:50 AM


Top 10 Winners, UTC 06:50 AM

The biggest winner by a wide margin is MaxiMine Coin, with a rarely seen monthly increase of an incredible 1,050%. The coin is now ranked 31st by market capitalization, according to While there is no clear reason for the jump, some are speculating that it might be related to wash trading on some exchanges.

Other winners are much smaller than the one in the first spot, however, the gains are impressive, also. Ravencoin is up by almost 300%, while KuCoin Shares are following by 280%. Even at the bottom of the winning list, the increases are nothing to scoff at: Ontology has added 50% to its price throughout March.

Top 10 Losers

Source:, UTC 06:50 AM

In the losing list, only Bitcoin SV has seen its price drop throughout the month by a measly 1.5%. The others are simply not increasing as much as the market average, although they’re still firmly in the green. Tron is still recovering from the losses of February, when it lost close to 16%, but now it is sitting in the third losing spot, stablecoins excluded, with a gain of 2.4%. The least of the losers in the list is Waves, with a gain close to 9%. 

Winners & Losers from the Top 100/200

Although MaxiMine Coin remains the winner in the top 100, the list is displaced by TTC Protocol coming into second place with a total increase of around 708% – other than that, it does not change much. However, in the top 200, the third and fourth spot belong to Presearch and Everex with an increase of 504% and 413%, respectively.

There are many more losers in the top 100. Theta is the biggest, with a total drop of 20.85%, followed by Nash (-15%) and Electroneum (11%). Including Bitcoin SV, there are a total of six coins in the red from the top 100. The top 200 shows a different situation: Theta is only fifth in the list, where REPO holds the first place with a loss of 60%, followed by Santiment Network Token (-32%) and Quant Network (-23%).

First Quarter

In total, the first quarter of this year has been positive towards the top 10. The only losers are Ripple, having lost 11.5% of its price, and Stellar Lumens with -3.4%. The others are showing varying degrees of improvement compared to 2018.

Top 10 coins by market capitalization:

Source:, UTC 06:50 AM


Top 10 Winners

Source:, UTC 06:50 AM

MaxiMine Coin and Ravencoin take the first two spots in this category as well, followed byBinance Coin which increased by close to 200% during this quarter. Even the bottom of the list, belonging to Tezos, is up by 120% in this timeframe – a strong sign of a recovering market.

Top 10 Losers

Source:, UTC 06:50 AM

The losing list is certainly larger than in the case of March due to the fact that many coins simply did not have time to recover from previous losses. Bitcoin SV still heads this list with a total of 25.5% lost, followed by NEM and Ripple. Still, the losses seem almost insignificant compared to the gains of the period.