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Sead Fadilpašić

Sead Fadilpašić

Sead is a staff journalist at Cryptonews.com who covers cryptocurrency and blockchain news daily, writes analysis pieces, tests blockchain and cryptocurrency products. He's based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to joining Cryptonews.com he was a freelance, also was a journalist for Al Jazeera web. He spends his free time in music studios, recording songs for movies and cinema. Loves to break gadgets so he could fix them, enjoys exploring new music and loves tasty and equally unhealthy food.

Articles by Sead Fadilpašić

PayPal’s Crypto Offer, BTC’s 13K Break, Bahama’s CBDC and 20 Crypto Jokes
Seoul Unsure Who Takes the Buck for North’s Crypto Raids + More News
Get Ready For Crypto Banking, DeFi & CBDC Surprises - Venture Capitalist
Prediction Markets Say Trump Won the Election Debate - but Barely
PayPal, Square, Revolut, and Robinhood: A Crypto Comparison
Justin Sun Goes For Another Deal, Bitstamp Gets New CEO + More News
SK Telecom's Digital Wallet, 1 Million WAVES, Coinone Eyes DeFi + More News
OKEx Resuming P2P Fiat Trading for Three Fiat Pairs
BitMEX Hastens User Verification After Securing 50+% of Their Trading Volume
IDEX 2.0 Revealed, Corda's XDC Exchange Token Launched + More News
Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract May Come in Days & Phase 0 in December
'Miner Strike is Nonsense, Miners Are Making a Ton' - Filecoin Founder
Hope Leads To Bitcoin, New NEO, Luno Launches Savings Wallet + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Re-Enters Positive Zone; 3 Coins Join Bitcoin & Ether
Filecoin Miners Strike, Protesting 'Chicken & Egg' Problem, FIL Crashes
BTC Transfers, CBDC Airdrops, Regulatory Warnings and 20 Crypto Jokes
Alchemy Reveals its Ethereum Gas Price Notification Tool
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set For New Record High + More News
Filecoin Enters Crypto Trading Market With Wild Swings
'Bitcoin on Track for USD 100,000 in 2025' - Bloomberg Intelligence
VCs Learned Bitcoin & ICO Lesson The Hard Way - Marc van der Chijs
Regulatory Crypto Sprint, Extended Mt. Gox, Crypto.com's 5m Users + More News
Airbnb For Data, Filecoin, Begins Space Wars With Google Cloud
Americas' Share in Crypto M&A and Fundraising is Shrinking
Another Major Investor Goes Bitcoin, Ethereum's Zinken, Serena & Coinbase + More News
Don't Take Your Privacy For Granted As Regulators Get Anxious About Crypto
Five Blockchain Use Cases Might Boost Global GDP by USD 1.76T - PwC
Ethereum Trust Earns More Trust, McAfee In 'Hilton' With 'Murderers' + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Strengthens Again; Tether Wins the Week
Brace For Higher Bitcoin Volatility and Returns in October - Kraken
Bitcoin Price Unmoved by Satoshi Era BTC 1,000 Move
Global Regulation Will Help Crypto Go Mainstream - Former Regulator
Snapped Up Stakes, Stepping Down CEOs, CBDC Pilots and 20 Crypto Jokes
BitMEX CTO Released On USD 5m Bond, USD 2bn Blockchain City + More News
Bitcoin Stands Above USD 11,000 Yet Again
'Bitcoin Quacks Like a Growth Stock'
Vulnerability Strikes Lightning Network
USD 36m in Stolen Bitfinex Bitcoin Moved, Botched BTC ATM Theft + More News
Bitcoin Can't be Correlated to Traditional Assets - Virgin Galactic Chairman
100x Group Reshuffles Execs As Arthur Hayes & Co Face Prison (UPDATED)
Kaspersky Leaves Ethereum For Bitfury, Kuna.io Defends Protesters + More News
How Investors in Ripple Lawsuit Tripped Themselves
BitMEX Case Might Prompt a Closer Regulatory Look into DeFi
New Crypto Ban, New Index, Litecoin's MimbleWimble Testnet + More News
Metamask Amasses 1M Active Monthly Users & Enters Altcoin Swaping Market
Bitcoin Handout, Mining Difficulty, Estonian CBDC Research + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Inches Up; Bitcoin Loses the Week, Wins the Day
Vitalik Buterin Says High Ethereum Fees Might Be Gone Even Before ETH 2.0
Hackation, Salvation, Expansion, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Decentralized Exchanges Doubled Trading Volume In September + More News
Europe Has The Most Of Money Laundering-Friendly Crypto Exchanges
Ethereum Miners Collected 6 Times More Fees Than Bitcoin Miners + More News
A Reality Check is Needed at This Stage of CBDC Development - Deutsche Bank
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of September and 3rd Quarter 2020
Ripple Decarbonizes, Novogratz Warns Banks Over DeFi, Salty SEC + More News
IOTA Works With Jaguar and Others on IOTA Access for Shared Devices
Tron's Justin Sun Forced To Explain Himself Over Dictatorship Accusations Again
Gemini & Zcash Shield, Genesis' Plans, Gold & Bitcoin Fund Returns 30% + More News
Reddit's Moon Moons & Dumps as Subreddit With 1m Members Goes 'Yield Farming'
Ethereum Fees, CBDC In Bahamas, Filecoin's Liftoff, Ebang's Crypto Bang + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Slips Within Neutral Zone, Bitcoin Alone on Top
KuCoin Hack Shows Key Difference Between Altcoins and Bitcoin
Bitcoin Miners Are Using New Strategies to Hedge Risks
Despites, Split Opinions, Many Regulations and 20 Crypto Jokes
Rescuing USD 9.6 Million in Ethereum: The Fellowship of a Smart Contract
JD.com Joins Digital Yuan Pilot, Canadians Get New BTC & ETH Exchange + More News
Stablecoins May Threaten EU Market Integration And Interoperability - ECB
As DeFi Cools, Altcoin Pump Addicts Smell Fresh Blood in NFTs
Before Correction, 70% Of Yield Farmers Planned to Stay In The Field - Survey
Binance's 'Innovation Zone,' Iranian Power Plants Eye Bitcoin Mining + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Dropped Today, Capping Weekly Gains
Bad News For Banking Giants Laundering Money Might Turn Against Bitcoin Too
Cooking, Slicing, Trimming, Merging, Migrating, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Crypto.com Goes DeFi, Pomp's New Fund, 1st Wave Of Tokenized Whiskey + More
yearn.finance Creator Has New Idea, YFI Rallied On Coinbase Pro News
Get Ready for 'CeDeFi' While Crypto CEO Warns of a DeFi Bubble
Binance's New Feature Stops Users Mistakenly Sending Money to Contracts
Croatian Post Launches Crypto Stamp & Ethereum-Based 'Postereum' Token
Justin Sun's Tron Scores New DEX Partnership + More News
As SushiSwap Drains Liquidity From Uniswap, Aave Leads In DeFi
Ethereum To Keep Its DeFi Throne For At Least 3 Years - Survey
Chinese Tech Giants to ‘Do Battle’ for Blockchain Talent + More News
Blockchain Adoption Lacks Evidence, Firms Use It For Non-Existing Problems - Report
Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela Beat China & US in Crypto Adoption + More News
USD 1m in Limbo as DeFi 'Rookie' Sends Funds To Wrong Address
Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper Finds Himself In Bitcoin Cash Shilling Mystery
Top-tier Crypto Exchanges Increased Their Market Share + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Unchanged; Tether and Tron Win the Week
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops While BTC Slips Below USD 10K Again
'Exclusive Mining' Can Be Used for Money Laundering & Tax Evasion - Report
Animoca Sells REVV, Announces Further Plans
A Whole Lot of DeFi and 20 Crypto Jokes
Binance Coin is Undervalued, KuCoin Shares Overvalued - TokenInsight
Vale Makes Blockchain-powered Iron Deal with Chinese Firm + More News
Safety Second: Top DeFi Projects By Highest Audit Scores
Ethereum ATH Fees Drop, Remain 50% Higher Than During ICO Boom
Asian Search Engine & Chat App Giants to Use Blockchain-based IDs + More News
Yearn.finance's yETH Vault Getting Filled With Ethereum
Tencent to Work With Taxman on Blockchain Solutions + More News
Prompted by Booming DeFi, a Bridge Between Bitoin and Ethereum is Growing
Tron Wins the Daily Market as JustSwap Shows Arguable Volume Change
Japanese Regulator Hints at ‘New Laws’ for Crypto Industry + More News
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of August; Chainlink Up Most, BSV Least
5 Chinese Banks to Build Blockchain-powered Trade Platform + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Falls Deeper into Neutral Zone
DeFi, DEXs, Stablecoins, Chainlink - All Scam, Says Craig Wright
New Craze is Served on the DeFi Table, Competing with Uniswap - Sushi
Highs, Lows, Flipping, Bridging and 20 Crypto Jokes
'Opt-Out with Bitcoin,' Says Visa's Director of Public Policy + More News
China: Bank to Launch Blockchain-Powered Int’l Trade Platform + More News
US Democrats Want Info on Confiscated Crypto, Bakkt's Record + More News
Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Medalla Running 'Reliably' at 76% Participation
Bitcoin and Fiat Most Donated as NGOs ‘Dip Their Toes’ in Crypto - BitGive
Akon Joins Brock Pierce's Presidential Campaign + More News
Japanese Government Urges Blockchain ‘Cooperation’ + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops Out of Positive Zone; Litecoin Wins the Week
Soaring, Plunging, Being Indecisive, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Japan: Demographic Shift Sees Younger Folk Flock to Crypto + More News
Colombian Tech Ministry Wants to Boost Crypto Progress + More News
Crypto Comes to Argentina Primera División Football League + More News
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set for a New All-Time High
Trader Who Earned USD 11m Shares Trading Techniques, Offers Advice
More Football Crypto as Japanese League Goes Blockchain + More News
Block.one's Voice Beta Goes Live + More News
Bitcoin Hits New Yearly High, Other Top Coins Shoot Upwards, Too
Crypto Market Sentiment Unchanged in a Week, 24-Hour Picture Shows an Increase
Yams, Supplygates, Demasking, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Ripple CEO Confirms Strategy, DeFi Locks USD 5.6bn + More News
Cryptoverse in Chaos: Giants Race for New DeFi Darling, Curve, Yam Plots Comeback
Filecoin, IoTeX & IPFS Bringing Decentralized Updates for Surveillance Cams
Taxes in Petro, Goldman Sachs Sells MoneyGram Shares + More News
Multimillion DeFi Experiment YAM Gets Rotten as Bug Eats Its Market Cap
Alarm Sounds As Hot & Unaudited DeFi Potato, YAM, Locks USD 387m In Hours
Blockchain Alchemy For All; BitPay Gets Closer To Coinbase + More News
Ethereum 2.0 Multi-Client Testnet Medalla Up 30% in Active Validators
Ethereum's Supplygate Has Nuanced Answers & Hard Questions On Money
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Climbs Again, Miners Selling More BTC
Facebook Dives Deeper Into Payments + More News
OKEx CEO Says Indian Crypto Ban 'Unlikely', Has 3 Scenarios in Mind
Brief 12K, Many Exploits, Plenty ETH and 20 Crypto Jokes
Ethereum Classic Attacker Nets USD 1.7m, Bitfinex Loses USD 1m + More News
Grayscale to Bring Crypto Ads to US Homes Amid Economic Crisis
XRP & Ripple Slammed Too as Team Bitcoin Expands Ethereum Battle
Hot Crypto Exchange, NBA Plays Blockchain, Status Unknown + More News
Fed's 'Lower Rates - Increase Inflation' Plan Might Help Bitcoin Too
From Cash to Cat - A New Attempt to 'Make Bitcoin Great Again' In Works
The Salty Battle of Two Bs - Bitcoin's Adam Turns Back on Ethereum's Vitalik
Square Saw Stronger Demand For Bitcoin in Q2, Local Stablecoins + More News
Ethereum Saved by DeFi in July, Tron Scores in All Metrics - DappRadar
Discovered Vulnerability Made Ledger to Choose Between 'Security and Usability'
Hacked DeFi Platform Opyn Says They Will Reimburse the Victims in Full
From AntiAMPL & ProAMPL to AMPL with Tendies - Inspired by Ampleforth
DLT Passport, Scammers Preying on Retirement Funds + More News
Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 Medalla Testnet Goes Live
Bitfinex Steps up Hunt For Its Hackers, Promises USD 400m In Rewards
'Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor' To Use Baseline Protocol & Ethereum Mainnet
Here is the Best Time of Day to Save on Ethereum Gas Prices
New USD 110m for Crypto Startups, Crypto.com Swap Fuels MCO + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Hits Yearly High; Bitcoin, Ethereum Break Records
Teenager, 'Polite' Lad, and 'Very Good Person' - Meet Alleged Twitter Hackers
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of July; Ethereum Up the Most, Bitcoin Least
10Ks, 11Ks, Launching, Soaring and 20 Crypto Jokes
DAI Rewards, Bitcoin Futures Record, Blockchain Park + More News
Happy B'ETHday! Ethereum Turns Five Before It Turns 2.0
LEND Jumps 16% on Aave Decentralization and Token Migration News
CBDC Among Priorities in Japan, eToro card, Flashing Crypto Loans + More News
Augur Launches its Second Version with Host of Major Integrations
13 Exchanges Pass the New 'Trusted' Spot Volume Tests
New Bitcoin ETP, Trading Records, Synthetix Gets 3 DAOs + More News
Goldman Sachs Strategist Warns of 'Real Concerns' Over US Dollar
Ethereum Starts Training ETH 2.0 Validators
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops, While Miners Slow Down BTC Sale
Following Major Losses, Another Crypto Hedge Fund Shuts Doors - Report
Crypto BLINC, Huawei's Blockchain Patent, XRP's Payburner + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment is Back Up, Bitcoin & Ethereum In The Positive Zone
The Big Chainlink Short Gets a 'Lawsuit' Twist as LINK Leaves Top 10 in Silence
SOL Jumps Almost 40% as FTX Announces Solana-Based Project
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set to Drop for the First Time in Two Months
BTC.TOP Launches 'Joint Mining' Platform, Users Pay After Breaking Even
Bitcoin Brokers In 'Very Important' Race For Big Investors - BitGo Prime CEO
Very-Much Altseasons, Hard-Learned Lessons and 20 Crypto Jokes
BTC-funded Escape, 1,000 Twitter "Gods," Bitcoin Suisse Gets USD 49m + More News
Median Ethereum Fee Up Almost 1,300% Since April, Bitcoin Fees Jump Too
YouTube Says It's Immune to Ripple's Lawsuit
Tezos, Litecoin, Elrond Score Victories, Ant Group's AntChain + More News
'A New Class of Attack' In Crypto Is 'Actively Exploited' - Research
US Banks Offering Crypto Custody is 'Insanely' Bullish and Risky
Devastating Floods in China Raise Questions About Bitcoin Mining Too
Hedera Hashgraph in Micropayments, Avalanche Raises USD 42m + More News
mStable Learns Communication The Hard Way as MTA Plunged 40%
A Date for Final Ethereum 2.0 Public Testnet Announced; Attacknets Live
NFTs on Samsung, Taxing Crypto Loans, BTC Transaction Risk Score + More News
Tron's 'JUST DeFi' Exchange and Yield Farming Launching in August
Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 Has Another Possible Launch Date - November
YFI Grabs Yield Farmers' Attention as DeFi Hits USD 3bn Milestone
Bitcoin Hashrate Might Double In a Year, Pressing Miners' Margins
Crypto Mastercard, French CBDC Experiment, Fake Digital Yuan + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops, Three Major Coins Remain Positive
PayPal and Paxos Might Announce Crypto Partnership This Week - Report
DOGETok Jumps, Playgrounds, Presidential Runs and 20 Crypto Jokes
Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co Have Plenty of Room Left to Take Over TikTok
Ethereum 2.021, Dai Giveaway, Bourbon on Tokens + More News
Bottlepay Returns by September with Fiat Integration and Bitcoin Tweets
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set For New All-Time High. What Comes Next?
Crypto-Powered Cannabis, Bitcoin Buying on Trezor + More News
This Eurozone Member Opens A 'Playground' for Testing CBDCs
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP CFDs, Defi Moves, Blockchain Deals + More News
Another Bitcoin Stimulus Check Might Be Around The Corner
As Dogecoin Barks Louder, Tron's Justin Sun Rides the Focus on TikTok
Bad & Good News For Binance, Unstoppable Chat + More News
Liquidity Mining is 'Like Uber' Giving Shares to Early Drivers & Riders
Cryptoverse Talks Hypocrisy After Crypto Companies Take Gov't Millions
Crypto Spot Trading Halved in June; Kraken's Move in Europe + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Unchanged; Cardano Joins Bitcoin in Positive Zone
Bitcoin Miners Hodl More As BTC Trades Sideways Ahead of Difficulty Increase
US Presidential Campaign Has Now Stronger Flavor of Crypto
Rolling, Doubling, Consuming and 20 Crypto Jokes
Top 10 NFTs by All-time Trading Volume
SK Telecom Set to Debut Blokchain-powered Mobile Insurance + More News
Cardano and Coinbase Enter Custody Partnership
Multibillion Investor Doubles Down on Bitcoin Mining
This Is What EU Wants From Blockchain and DLT
BitPay Adds SegWit, BlockFi Doubles Revenue, 3 News From Cardano + More
More Than 2,500 Merchants In Austria Just Got Closer to Bitcoin
Young Robinhooders Might Be a Driving Force for Bitcoin Market
This is How Facebook's Novi Can Share Libra User Info With Others
Samsung to Launch App that Reports ‘Lost or Stolen’ Crypto + More News
Vitalik Buterin Pushes for Rollups as Ethereum's Scaling Solution
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of June, 2nd Quarter, and 1st Half 2020
Another Million People Tried Crypto in the UK + More News
IOTA Takes Step Towards Decentralized Network
CBDCs Might Increase Central Banks' Footprint on Financial System - BIS
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Might Remain At Almost the Same Level
Bitcoin Miner Ebang Mulls Crypto Exchange, BTC Refunds + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Unchanged in 7 Days, Drops in a Day
DeFi Attackers Get 'More Creative', Steal USD 500,000 From Balancer
Reaching Highs, Buying Crypto, Making Partnerships and 20 Crypto Jokes
Colombian Regulators Urged To Ditch ‘Obsolete’ Draft Crypto Law + More News
Hedera Brings HBAR to 5M BRD Wallet Users, Announces Hackathon Winners
Telegram Users' Data on Dark Web, Arrest for Buying Bitcoin + More News
ISIS Affiliated News Site Stops Accepting Bitcoin, Moves To Monero
Domain-powered Transfers: Huobi Wallet in Unstoppable Domains Deal (UPDATED)
Bitcoin Must Be Tied to Commodities Basket to Be Currency - Steve Hanke
17 Companies to Make Blockchain ID Platform; CBDC Calatyst + More News
Wirecard Ex-CEO in Custody,  Blockchain-powered Baby Milk + More News
LibertyX Lets Americans Buy BTC at 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid (UPDATED)
‘400 Companies’ to Use Chinese Blockchain Pilot Zone + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops Further, Ethereum Out of Positive Zone
Italian Banking Association Gives Digital Euro the Green Light
High Jumps, (Self)Hacks, Heated Competitions and 20 Crypto Jokes
New Tool to Track Tax Evaders, Digital Collectors LBCOIN  + More News
Reddit Asks Ethereum Community for a Scaling Solution
Austria to Put Ardor Blockchain-Based Comms in Citizens' Hands
A Blockchain Fix for China’s ‘Salmon-related’ COVID Spike + More News
Ledger Bitcoin Selling Feature Should be Live in September (UPDATED)
Insider Claims Trump ’Told Treasury Secretary’ to ’Go After’ Bitcoin - Report
Six Blockchain Companies Make WEF 100 Technology Pioneers List
South Korean Crypto Tax Reports, Canada's CBDC + More News
Sender of USD 5.3 Million ETH Transactions Reportedly Revealed
Institutional Investors Set for Herd-like Move to BTC, Says Kraken CEO
Number of Bitcoin Whales Rises, but Their Wealth 'Declines'
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Just Made the Highest Jump in Two Years
South Korea Announces USD 680M ‘Digital New Deal’ + More News
Miners Lower Bitcoin Supply, Start Hoarding More
Crypto-related Banking Freezes in Brazil, China + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops; Only Bitcoin and Ether in Positive Zone
Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Now Bitcoin Price Analyst Too
Real ETH Giveaways, Blackmaily ETH Fees, and 20 Crypto Jokes
These Are 8 Biggest Crypto Funds According to a New Database
Petro for Petrol, Karpeles' Guilt, Cotten's Ponzi, Frozen Bitmain + More News
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set for Highest Jump in Nine Months
Indian Crypto Ban Allegedly Moves Forward, Industry Called to Action
Estonian Crypto Purge; BitPay Card; Three Arrows Hit Grayscale + More News
Bitcoin Users Could've Saved Half a Billion USD in Fees - Report
Another USD 2.6M Paid in Ethereum Fees - Many Doubt it's a Mistake
Ledger Adds Bitcoin Buying; Brave Fork; Ethereum Cashback + More News
The Most Dizzying Fee 'By Far' Paid for an Ethereum Transaction Today
Check Out How Much Coinbase Paid Their Former CLO
Stocks Steal Spotlight From Bitcoin Despite Market Crash Warnings
Brave Apologizes, Crypto Scammers Get Smarter + More News
Ethereum-Based Tether Better Distributed Than Other Stablecoins - Report
DeFi Capitalization Doubles In Two Months; Up To 1K New Users Per Day
Coca-Cola Vending Machines in Australia & New Zealand Accept Bitcoin, Ether
Optional Zcash and Dash Features Prompt Debate on Privacy & Compliance
Bitcoin Spenders' Basket 2x the Size of Conventional One - Beliani CEO
ConsenSys' New Business, Shareholders and ID on Blockchain + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Nears Positive Zone; Four Coins There Already
This Alternative to Central Banks Is Better For Free Societies - Expert
TRX Takes the Lead Among Top 25 Coins On Tron 4.0 News
Un-10K-ed Bitcoin, Made History, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Crypto Derivatives Blossomed In May, Celsius Hit USD 1B + More News
USD 100,000 'Reserved' of USD 1M in Bitcoin Giveaway by Draper Goren Holm
Bitcoin's Wasabi Too Strong For Europol (UPDATED)
Bitcoin DeFi Startup Atomic Loans to Launch Lending This Summer
OKEx to Double Staff, Bitfinex Untethers Allegations + More News
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sees its 8th Biggest Drop in History
Craig Wright Fights Back: 'You Don't Understand Digital Signatures At All'
'Ethereum-Based' LIBOR Alternative Gets a Nod From Fed Chairman
Cryptobartender Serves Drinks for Crypto, Doing its Part in Pandemic
Bitcoin Upgrade, Pu’er on Blockchain, Underground Miners + More News
Did Vitalik Buterin Just Say That Ethereum Is Now More Important Than Bitcoin?
Hackers Threaten to Use Stolen Data from Coinsquare for SIM Swapping
5 Ways to Reduce Risks for Customers in Case Bitcoin Exchange Fails
Payment-Centric Projects Bring Blockchain to People – Blockdaemon CEO
Ethereum's Layers, Mining moves, Swiss Bitcoin Banking + More News
Western Union Aims to Acquire Ripple's Partner MoneyGram - Report
BMW Blockchain Pilot, Bitcoin Competition + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Takes a Step Up; Bitcoin and Ether Remain Positive
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of Mixed May; Bitcoin, Ethereum Up Again
Existential BTC, Undervalued ETH, Rebranded Calibra & 20 Crypto Jokes
Ethereum is Close to Being Flipped on its Own Blockchain - Analyst
JPMorgan Loses USD 2.5M in Crypto Case, Dragonchain on Science Channel + More News
Justin Sun Says Only These People Question Him
Kraken Mulls Lightning, Telegram Chief Donates Bitcoin + More News
Brave Aims At Zoom With 'Private and Unlimited Video Calling Service'
Why You Should and Shouldn't Care About Goldman Sachs' Report on Bitcoin
Here's What People Bought With Their Bitcoin Profits
No Timetable Yet for Digital Yuan Launch, Google Finds Theta + More News
Why Is Polkadot Mainnet News Important to Blockchain Adoption?
Major Bitcoin Players Lure Large Investors With New Offerings
Ruling Russian Party’s Blockchain Vote Attacked, Bitcoin 401k + More News
Central Banks Could Partner with Private Sector on CBDCs
Bitcoin Fees Drop But Still Remain Far From the Pre-Halving Level
Crypto Researcher Warns Of a Growing 'Existential' Risk To Bitcoin
Crypto Is Likely Winner as Recession to Force Rethink Money - Gemini Exec
Sleepy Bridges, Reentered China, Reopened Probes and 20 Crypto Jokes
Ethereum 1.0 Has 'A Major Role' To Play Before Merging With ETH 2.0
What Can Crypto Crisis Managers Learn From BlockFi's Silence & tBTC's Openness?
Gox Rising Offers USD 800 Per Bitcoin, Canaan Disappoints, Coldplay Player Goes Crypto + More...
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day: This is How "Toppings" Changed in 10 Years
Another One-Stop-Crypto-Shop In Making, CBDC Test + More News
Blockchain.com Aims At 1B Wallets by 2030; Some Doubt Their Numbers
Chinese Communist Party Wants Members to Learn about Bitcoin + More News
Darknet Turns To Bitcoin Mixers As Exchanges Get Stricter
Trezor Team Making a Bitcoin Wallet Chip to Disrupt Multi-M Dollar Industry
Steem Drama Heats Up as Tron's Justin Sun Threatens Vitalik Buterin
Hackers ‘Using Crypto Wallet Address-switching Malware’ + More News
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Adjustment Might Help Adjust Heavy Fees Too
Binance Re-entering China via 'Blockchain not Crypto' Road
BitPay Processes More Volume, Transaction Count Remains Unchanged
New Crypto Bull Cycle, Ripple’s MoneyTap in ATMs + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops Again; Bitcoin Still in the Positive Zone
Bitcoin Miners To Experience First Post-Halving Difficulty Adjustment
Red Lever Pulled on Bitcoin-Ethereum Bridge Two Days Post-Launch
Happy Halving, Indecisive 9K and 20 Crypto Jokes
Blockchain Interoperability, Ethereum Classic to Upgrade + More News
Bitcoin and Ethereum Users Complain About Rising 'Ridiculous' Fees
Cryptoverse Upvotes and Downvotes Reddit's Experiment on Ethereum
Coinbase Implements Fixes, Shortage Of Blockchain Specialists + More News
Brace For Impact! How Would Another Stock Market Crash Affect Bitcoin?
Interest in Buying Bitcoin Is Highest In More Than Two Years
New Stablecoin, Bitcoin Interest Account, Cherry on Blockchain + More News
Some Bitcoin Miners Flock to Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin Fees Rising, Surprising Even Industry Insiders
Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 is 'On track' With 0 Deadlines
BitPay Onboards Client With 1M Customers, ECB Focuses On Retail CBDC + More News
Demand for Non-Sovereign Safe Havens - Bitcoin & Gold - Expected to Rise
JPMorgan Welcomes Coinbase and Gemini as First Crypto Clients - Report
First Bitcoin's Post-Halving Day Brings Surprising Results (UPDATED)
Bitcoin Went Through its Third Halving, Next Target - 'Halvation'
Michelle Phan and Ashton Kutcher Bet on Bitcoin Rewards + More News
This is How Bitcoin Changed Since Its Second Halving in 2016
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops in 7 Days, Even Bloodier in 24 Hours
Hot Scandals, Business Giants, Halvation and 20 Crypto Jokes
Bitcoin Suisse Raising USD 56M, 'Free TON', Zcash Eyes Cosmos + More News
Bitcoin Miners Send Bullish Signs Ahead of Halving
Ripple Reveals Details on its New Trading Platform Through Job Openings
ErisX Wins BitLicense, Bitcoin Trading Booms on Silvergate & Square + More News
The Tron/Justin Sun Scandal Gets Hotter as Cryptoverse Seeks Explanation
China's Dominance in Bitcoin Mining Dropped Amid Growing Competition
Bitcoin Halving as 'A Crypto Super Cycle Marketing Event' & Its Three Narratives
Italian Banks' App Shows Financial World is Not Sleeping on Blockchain
Crypto-powered Plastic Surgery, Blockchain Industrial Parks + More News
Major Youtuber PewDiePie Leaves Decentralized Platform and 800K Followers
Six Bitcoin Halving Scenarios and Likelihood of Each
BlockFi Snaps up Execs From AmEx & Credit Suisse; Tokenized Pet Care + More News
European Money Printer Goes Brrr Program Runs Into a Problem
Blockstream Updates Its Bitcoin Satellite Network, Announces Kits
These Miners Might Suffer The Most After Bitcoin Halving
Kraken CEO Underwent Surgery, Bitcoin Fees Skyrocket + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Takes Another Step Up
Family Offices Likely to Invest in Bitcoin; Don't Count on Banks - Coinbase Analyst
Mainnet, Testnets, Targets, Multiple Clients and 20 Crypto Jokes
Nuclear Power and Blockchain, Crypto Exchanges Boost Hiring + More News
Women Becoming Stronger Players in the Crypto Market
New Mining Difficulty Record Cancelled Right Before Bitcoin Halving
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of Green April
USD 515M Crypto Fund, Blockchain-Powered Remittance Pilot + More News
The 'ETH Is Used 440x More Than Bitcoin' Claim Is Not So Simple
Four Reasons Why Bitcoin Might Not Rally Right After The Halving
BitMEX Leaves Japan, Youtube Suspends Ripple CTO + More News
Ethereum Has More Whales and Some Of Them Manipulate (UPDATED)
'Market-led' Currencies Can Live Alongside Digital Euro - ECB Board Member
Italians Are Now the Biggest Crypto Believers, Brits - The Most Skeptical
Libra and Ripple Find New Friends, Dash Fights In Japan + More News
New Ethereum 2.0 Calculator: Stake ETH 1 and Earn 279% in 10 Years
Blockchain Touted As a Supply Chain Fix Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Multi-Client Testnet for Ethereum 2.0 is Live, Bringing Phase 0 Closer
Crypto Derivatives Skyrocket, Mining Pool Industry Heats Up + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment is Back Up; Bitcoin, Ether in the Positive Zone
Starbucks Denies Involvement in Digital Yuan Tests
NFT Devs Build While Users Follow Ethereum Price & Wait For Better Products
Digi-Yuan Confirmations, Royal Screw-Ups and 20 Crypto Jokes
Chinese Companies Lead Blockchain Patent Race + More News
Zilliqa To Work On Modular Network, Launch DEX in 2020
AI Says Only Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Tezos To Rise Next Week
Purse Reverses Decision To Close, Roger Ver 'In Talks' With the Company
Bitcoin Hodlers Accumulate, Binance-Backed Crypto App For Africa + More News
Dharma Launches Feature for Sending Dai Payments to Twitter Handles
New Libra Might Help Crypto Adoption - Binance Research
Crypto Exchange on WordPress, Gemini Passes Another Exam + More News
What Crypto Prediction Markets Can Tell Us About Coronavirus
Stablecoins Challenge Ethereum's Claim To Become Money
Central Bank of Argentina Tests Blockchain-powered System + More News
Ripple Sues YouTube (UPDATED 2)
In a Year or Two, Courts Will Be Ones Making Crypto Laws - Kraken CLO
Lendf.Me Attacker Screws Up, Returns All the Stolen Funds
Mining Difficulty Might Reach All-Time High Before Bitcoin Halving
Beijing District to Use Blockchain-powered ID Solution + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Ends Its Winning Streak; Bitcoin Back to Neutral
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set For Biggest Jump Since Mid-September
'Huge Blow' to DeFi as Hackers Exploit Known Vulnerability
Predicted Market Crash, Foretold Market Explosion, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Blockchain.com's 'Best Quarter', Parallel Binance Chain + More News
DeFi Experiment: A Loan Issued With Ethereum Domain Name as Collateral
BTCPay Brings Two-Way Bitcoin Privacy To Thousands of Merchants
Did Amazon Just Kill One of the Oldest Bitcoin Companies, Purse?
Grayscale Bitcoin & Ethereum Investors Hit New Record + More News
There's Still Money for IEOs; Blockchain Fundraising Will Grow - Binance CEO
NEO Bets On Post-Pandemic Blockchain Boom: 'May The Fittest Survive'
People Tell Cryptoverse to Fix These Things to Reach Bitcoin Mass Adoption
Bitcoin DeFi Investment, New Local Stablecoin + More News
49 Crypto-Stealing Chrome Extensions Removed from Google's Store
Huawei, Alipay, Tencent Join China's Latest Push in Blockchain Development
Investors Sue The Maker Foundation, MKR Goes up
ShapeShift Acquires Portis, McAfee's New Coin, Coincheck Re-arrest + More News
Bitcoin-Gold Correlation Is Weak; BTC-S&P 500 Correlation Might Drop
Startup Founder Sells USD 20,000 of Personal Tokens in a 'Human IPO'
'Same Activity, Same Regulation' For 'Global Stablecoins' - FSB Chair
Bitcoin Options on Binance, Litecoin's Horror Adventure, Ripple in Thailand + More News
Weekly Crypto Market Sentiment Gains Trimmed By Correction on Monday
Bitcoin Forecast From Prison: Ross Ulbricht Says Prepare to Buy
An EU Committee Calls for Crypto Rules w/ International Standards
First Halvings, New Steps and 20 Crypto Jokes
Blockchain Patents, COVID-19 Crypto Scams, Shelved Coin + More News
Mining Monero on HTC Exodus 1s is Coming in 3 Months
Cryptoverse Speculates On Alleged Reddit Plans With Ethereum (UPDATED)
Bitcoin Cash Lost 66% Of Its Hashrate, Bitcoin SV Miners Leaving Too
New BlockFi Investor, New Way to Stack Sats, Novogratz's Warning + More News
Ethereum Beat Tron and EOS in Dapp Category in Q1
This Is How G20 Might Keep Crypto And Stablecoins at Bay
Bisq Attacked, BUX Crypto Launched, Bithumb Got a Black Mark + More News
The Smallest of the Biggest Bitcoins, Bitcoin SV, Rallies Ahead of Halving
Bitcoin Cash Miners Just Lost Half of Their Reward (UPDATED)
Cryptopia's Crypto is 'Property' and Owned by Account Holders - Judge
Mining Bitcoin Just Became More Difficult by Almost 6%
Nestlé, Tesla Testing Blockchain Solutions + More News
Paxful Launches Bitcoin/Gold Trading to Meet 'Surprisingly High' Demand
'Rich Dad' Robert Kiyosaki To Reinvest Stimulus Money in Bitcoin, Gold, Silver
Bitcoin Cash Miners Changing Camps Ahead of Its First Halving on Wednesday
No More Relief for Bitcoin Miners - Mining Difficulty to Increase Again
Crypto Market Sentiment Improved For The Third Week in A Row
Poloniex to Enter IEO Club With Tron-based JUST + More News
Software Engineer Cracks Encrypted File To Recover USD 300K in Bitcoin
The World Might See CBDCs Sooner Than Expected
Pushy Turbulence, Pressuring Miners, Bright Future and 20 Crypto Jokes
Ripple Co-Founder Says He Recovered from COVID-19 + More News
Bitcoin Needs To Make an Effort to Not Waste This Crisis
Maker Foundation To Start Its Dissolution in Two Years
Revolut Brings Bitcoin Without Private Keys to 10m+ Users
Ripple Expands in Asia, Brave & CoinTracker Reach New Milestones + More News
Exclusive: QE Won't Trigger Hyperinflation, says World's Hyperinflation Expert
US 'Largely Compliant' with FATF Recommendations, but Issues Remain
Bitcoin Merchant Resilience Amid Pandemic Surprises Analysts
Scammers Raise USD 4.9m in Ethereum in 2 Months + More News
Miners Pressing Bitcoin Price, but Analyst See a Bright Future
Coin Race: Top Winners & Losers of March and 1st Quarter of 2020
This Crisis Is Good For Bitcoin, But Beware of Recession - Luno CEO
Boerse Stuttgart's Crypto App Grows 40% This Year + More News
Market Turbulence Might Push Crypto Users Towards More Centralized Projects
Politicians Building Case for Bitcoin Through Fiat and Democracy Limits
New Gen Bitcoin Mining Machines 'To Serve For 3-4 years' + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Improves for the Second Week in a Row
Number of Addresses with BTC 1 Rising, while Bitcoin is Leaving Exchanges
Reversed Loses, Settled Lawsuits, Pickled Gold and 20 Crypto Jokes
Investors Accused Ripple CEO of Dumping XRP While Touting It + More News
Tezos, ConsenSys, Blockstack, and Others Share Their COVID-19 Stories
Panic in Bitcoin Market 'Dissipating,' Miners Returning
Binance Announces Binance Card; How Does it Compare to Coinbase Card?
EU Seeking Blockchain Defense Solutions + More News
ETH 2.0 Phase 0 Reviewed by Auditers, with Attack Vector Warnings
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sees Historic Drop, Even Larger Might Be Coming
500+ Crypto Wallets Linked to Telegram Nth Room Suspect + More News
Gold Faces a Very Physical Problem; Bitcoin To the Rescue!
Telegram Loses Latest Round With the SEC; Kik Begins the Next Round
Bitfinex, Bybit Launch New Products, CoinDCX Raises USD 3m + More News
Stress-tested Crypto Companies Focus on New Products and Growth
ZenGo Warns of Dapp and Wallet Security Issue; Offers Solution
US Digital Dollar Proposal Appeared in Three Draft Bills (UPDATED)
Japan’s Favorite Tipple Sake to Get Blockchain Makeover + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Shows Gradual Improvement
BitMEX Says Its BTC 35K Isurance Fund Fulfilled Its Role During Market Crash
Hive Blockchain Launched, HIVE Coin Listed - Is Steem-Sun Battle Over?
Devastation, Mitigation, Migration, Stabilization and 20 Crypto Jokes
Check These Fresh Crypto Games Inspired By Financial Chaos
MakerDAO Raises USD 2m in MKR Debt Auction + More News
Good News For Crypto Traders in the U.S. as IRS Extends Tax Deadline
Justin Sun vs. Steem Community Case Just Got Even More Complicated
Money is a 'Kind of a Fair Game,' says Vitalik Buterin
Another Venezuelan Bitcoin Spike as Banks Struggle + More News
Relief to Bitcoin Miners as Difficulty Set For Largest Drop in Five Months
4 Financial Giants Launch Blockchain-Based Tech Platform + More News
Fiat Money Printer 'Goes BRRR,' Is It a Time To Sell All Cash For Bitcoin?
Steem Moving to Hive to Evade Justin Sun's Control
Maker Accepts USDC as a Collateral, Becomes 'Less Trustless' + More News
Blame Short-term Bitcoin Holders For the Price Crash Again
18 Ethereum Conference Attendees Got Coronavirus, Buterin Not On the List
BitMEX Explains the Attack to Doubting Customers; Refunds BTC 40
Italian Red Cross Raises BTC 2.84 to Fight Covid-19 + More News
Bakkt Raises USD 300M from Microsoft's M12 and PayU Among Others
Crypto Market Sentiment is the Lowest It's Been in 6 Months
Bitfinex Onboards Fulgur Alpha, USD 280M Crypto Hedge Fund
Demand for 'Internet Dollars' to Increase - Circle CEO; Not All Celebrate
Crash! Boom! Bang! and 20 Crypto Jokes
Exclusive: 10 Crypto Minds Weigh in On Post-Crash Bitcoin and Its Future
Post-crash Hopium: Bitcoin Bulls Look for Light in the Dark Tunnel
DeFi Goes Through Its Own Major Turbulence
Police Reveal Details about Coincheck Hack Suspects + More News
Pre-crash Data: Number of Addresses with 1 Bitcoin Hit All-Time High
PlusToken Scam Still Has BTC 61,229 Undistributed - Report
Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator to Accelerate These 17 Startups
2 Japanese Business Giants to Offer Crypto Margin Trading + More News
Can ‘Old’ Users from U.S. Still Trade on Binance.com?
MIOTA Outperforms Many Top 30 Coins As IOTA Mainnet's Switched Back On
Crypto Startup CEO, Attendee of Ethereum Conferences Diagnosed With Coronavirus (UPDATED)
USD Coin and Tether Issuers Expand Their Services + More News
Check These 17 Countries Where Samsung Blockchain Keystore is Available
Ethereum Locked in DeFi Rises, While Flash Loan Holes Are Being Plugged
Crypto Market Sentiment a Bit Higher in 7 Days, but Brutal in 24 Hours
UK Regulator Warns It Will Get Tough with Crypto AML + More News
Ponzi Scheme PlusToken Might Be Behind Bitcoin's Crash, Traders Say
Bitcoin Hashrate, Mining Difficulty Hit New Highs and Inefficient Miners
IOTA Co-founder to Repay Hack Victims USD 2M as Network Prepares to Reopen
Victories, Opportunities and 20 Crypto Jokes
Crypto Battle at India's Supreme Court Might Not Be Over + More News
Browse Decentralized Sites on Chrome With This Extension
Ethereum Scalability Solution is Coming 'Soon,' says Vitalik Buterin
China to Build Another Blockchain Special Zone + More News
Investors Sue Bitcoin Mining Giant Canaan; Shares Crashed 48% in 3 Months
Why is New Protocol by EY, ConsenSys, Microsoft Important for Ethereum
Will Bitcoin Win Crypto Adoption Race? Coinbase CEO Not Sure
Chinese University to Offer Undergrad Blockchain Degree + More News
Binance Halts Trading Again Amidst Users' Growing Frustration
India's Crypto Ban Overruled, But the Battle is Far From Over (UPDATED 2)
Devs, Dapps Leave Steem Ecosystem Due to Justin Sun Prompted Backlash
Discussion, Opposition, Escalation and 20 Crypto Jokes
XRP Might Get Neighbours on XPR Ledger + More News
OKEx and Bitfinex Suffer a DDoS Attack
FCoin Clients Not Happy With a "Restart" Plan
Beyond the Law Star Steven Seagal Settles With SEC + More News
How Are People Trading MIOTA When IOTA Mainnet is Paused?
Ethereum's Buterin Finds Bitcoin's Stock-to-Flow Model Useless
Ethereum ProgPow Battle Not Over Yet as Opposition Rises
The USD 500bn Card Didn't Help Ripple, XRP 'Stays in the Crosshairs'
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Slips For the First Time in 2020 + More News
Overnight Move Fuels EOS Decentralization Debate
This is How Coinbase Prepares for Coronavirus Outbreak
Bank Issues Blockchain-powered Employee ID + More News
What Have Vladimir Putin, Warren Buffett, and Justin Sun Got in Common? This Bitcoin Address
Incognito Launches Anonymous Way to Swap Monero With Bitcoin & Co
Ethereum ProgPow Set for July Amid Heavy Opposition
Troubles Under the Sun: Buffett in Denial, Steem Grills Tron's Boss
G20 on Tax, 'Global Stablecoins' and Crypto Market Oversight + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops, Only Bitcoin & ADA Positive
Justin Sun Sees Bitcoin at USD 100K by 2025, Holds 'A Lot' of ETH and XRP
Mass Adoption of Crypto "Confirmed" by Simpsons, Vodafone, and Willy Woo
Hacks, Exploits, Pauses and 20 Crypto Jokes
Spanish Crypto, Blockchain Testbed to Open this Year + More News
Handshake Gets into Coinmine Ahead of Possible Listing on Coinbase
Can Bitcoin Really be Censored, Controlled, and Mass Surveilled?
What are These Flash Loans that Caused an Uproar in Cryptoverse?
Telegram's Battle To End by April 30, Judge Focuses on 'Economic Realities'
Another ICO Set to Close and Refund Investors, Blames Regulatory Fog
50m-User Chat App Kakao Delays Its Crypto Wallet + More News
Coinbase Hits 'Significant Milestone' in Crypto Adoption
Boerse Stuttgart’s Crypto Arm Aims at New Institutional Investors + More News
IOTA Closed for 6th Day, MIOTA up 4% on Remediation Plan
DeFi Loses USD 140M in a Few Hours as bZx Suffers Another Exploit
Crypto Market Sentiment is the Highest It's Been In a Year
Ledger, Binance fell "Victims" of Bull Run
Troubled FCoin Goes Bust Leaving Up to USD 116 Million in Limbo (UPDATED)
A DeFi Hack Fuels Debate, Litecoin's Lee Bashes 'Decentralized Fiatre'
Rollouts, Rollbacks and 20 Crypto Jokes
Financial Giants-Backed Fnality To Launch First USC Payment Asset This Year
Bitcoin Futures' Open Interest on Bakkt Up 50% in February + More News
What a CEO’s Arrest Tells Us of Coin Mixers' Present and Future
Hacked IOTA on 'Pause' During its Investigation; MIOTA Down 2%
Cosmetics Giant AmorePacific Takes the Blockchain Plunge + More News
Crypto Lending Startup BlockFi Raises USD 30M, Plans Singapore Office
Crypto Exchange Model Disruptor FCoin Reports 'Severe' Damages, Data Loss
Beta Voice of EOS Developer Block.one Is Not for Everyone Yet
Here’s What Crypto-Related Lawsuits Can Teach Us
USD Coin Issuer Circle Sells Another Business + More News
Are Chinese Bitcoin Mining Farms Moving to North America and Why?
Ethereum Grows on Gaming Dapps, Tron - on Gambling, EOS - Going Downhill
Second-Best Month For Bitcoin Futures on CME + More News
This is How "Bitcoin Only" Narrative Might Help Altcoins in 2020
Ukraine Says it Will Not Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining + More News
OKEx's OKB Skyrockets on News of OKChain Testnet Going Live
Market Deaf to Tron’s Justin Sun Call to 'Buy His Shitcoin' as TRX Down 4%
Conflicts, Interests, Emojis and 20 Crypto Jokes
Bitcoin Realism Is More Sustainable Than Altcoins Rally - Strategist
Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Swap Equity On Blockchain + More News
Ethereum Classic Turns Into the Worst Performing Top 20 Coin Today
Major DeFi Milestone: Total Value Locked Hit USD 1 Billion
Kyber Network Expects to Surpass USD 500 million in Volume This Year
RSK Opens Bridge Between Bitcoin and Ethereum + More News
Justin Sun, Warren Buffett and Guests Finally Eat Dinner; TRX Jumps 12%
Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 'Certainly' Coming This Year, Deadline Unknown
Ethereum, XRP, and Other Altcoins Are in 'Proving Phase,' says Novogratz
Blockchain Group Asks IRS to Exempt Small Crypto Payments + More News
Celsius CEO Gives 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Might Reach USD 30K in 2020
Why It's Important for Bitcoin if Bakkt and NYSE Owner Acquires eBay
BitPay to Enable Merchant Payments From All Bitcoin Wallets + More News
Handshake Introduces a New Way to Send Your Crypto
Bitspark to Shut Down Due to Internal Issues, Despite Positive Results
Crypto Market Sentiment Bounces Back; BTC, ETH, ADA in Positive Zone
Politician to Form Blockchain-powered Party + More News
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of January; Winners Aplenty
Bitcoin Just Got New Emoji to 'Spread Awareness', New Goal Emerged
9 Ks, 12.5 Percents, 51 Attacks and 20 Crypto Jokes
New Blockchain Scalability Ideas: Packets and Zones
Directors of Crypto Exchange Upbit Cleared of Fraud Wrap + More News
Some DigixDAO Investors Doubled Their Funds By Killing DAO
DeFi Challenge: Organic User Adoption
Landmark Venezuelan Hotel to Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins + More News
Zcash Rallies as Changes to Mining Rewards Are Voted In
Mexican Firm ups Crypto Bid for Presidential Plane + More News
'A Clear Indication' of 'Healthy' Bitcoin Adoption Found
51% Attack on Bitcoin Is Now Pricier, Attack on Ethereum - Cheaper
New Law May Kill Smaller South Korean Crypto Exchanges + More News
Competing Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool Averted 'For the Time Being'
Bitcoin Can Learn These Key Lessons from Cash
Iran Issues Over 1,000 Licences for Crypto Mining + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops, BTC and ETH in Positive Zone
Following Kobe Bryant's Tragic Death, Cryptoverse Remembers His Visit
Transformation, Domination, Evasion, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Another Competitor To Libra Might Come From Japan + More News
Bitcoin a Step Closer to Taproot, the Biggest Upgrade Since SegWit
XRP Unmoved, as Brad Garlinghouse Discusses Ripple's IPO Once Again
Dfinity Launches Open Version of LinkedIn + More News
1.5 Billion People Might Have CBDC in Their Wallets in 3 Years
Goodbye, PayPal! Justin Sun and Tether are New Best Friends of Pornhub (UPDATED)
Cryptoverse Stunned as Jihan Wu, Roger Ver Sign a Threat to Bitcoin Cash Miners
South Korean Army to Use Blockchain-powered ID Solution + More News
Crypto Derivatives Market Might be 'Double the Size' of Spot Market in 2020
Resurfaced Binance Whitepaper Change Prompts Transparency Questions
Six Central Banks to Assess Potential Cases For Digital Fiat + More News
Ethereum Officially Starts the One Million Developer Challenge
Crypto Enthusiast’s Day-by-Day Guide to Davos (Part 2)
Crypto Enthusiast’s Day-by-Day Guide to Davos
Crypto Market Sentiment Climbs Higher; Bitcoin Gets Company
Venezuela to Launch a ‘Crypto Casino’ in Caracas + More News
Block.one Not Sure About Giving EOS Voice; Market Unmoved
How Bitcoin Critic Peter Schiff Launched Another 'Proof of Keys' Day
Safe Havens, Lawsuits, Pandora’s Boxes and 20 Crypto Jokes
Proof of Trust, BTCX Consider IPOs, KyberSwap Leaves Malta + More News
Researchers Cut Hardware Wallet Market Forecast
Ripple Spent Less Lobbying but Had More Lobbyists Working With Trump's Staff
Gemini Launches Captive Insurance Company + More News
Ripple Plays 'USD 500bn XRP Market' Card in Court
This is 'The Strongest Validation' of the Bitcoin Safe Haven Theory
Bitcoin SV Rally Cools Off as Craig Wright Opens 'Pandora's Box'
"First-Ever" IRA Investment In Digital Securities + More News
Exchange Tokens 'May Decline' if Bitcoin Doesn’t Start a Bull Run
Pre-Bitcoin Halving Race Pushes Mining Difficulty to Record High
Crypto Market Sentiment Jumps Up; Bitcoin Climbs Up
Will Ethereum Reach Serenity This Year?
South Korean Crypto YouTuber’s Attacker Flees to Australia + More News
ETF Giant WisdomTree Plans to Launch a Stablecoin
Dethronement, Maintenance, Breakup and 20 Crypto Jokes
Derivatives Giant CME to Launch Bitcoin Options on Monday
A Lawsuit Against Bitfinex and Tether Dismissed by Plaintiffs (UPDATED)
MUFG Bank Issues First Blockchain-powered Letter of Credit + More News
How Vintage Sardines Became Fishy Talk of Crypto Town
More Altcoin Mining to be Integrated by Mining Pools in 2020 - Report
Bithumb to Invest USD 9M in a New Crypto Trading Platform + More News
Ethereum Classic Rallies Ahead of Agharta More Than Before Atlantis
Ex-CEO of Mt. Gox, Mark Karpeles, Moves to Shut Down the Lawsuit
These Companies Hope to Shine at Blockchain-focused CES
China: Private, State-run Firms Debut Blockchain Platforms + More News
How Many Cryptos Died in 2019?
ICO Project That Ditched Blockchain Finalizes its Token Buy Back
Bitcoin ETF May Be Approved in 2021 and Will Bring a Host of Benefits
Biometric Cards and Fund Savers: The Marvelous World of Crypto Wallets
Upbit to Resume Altcoin Deposits and Withdrawals + More News
Bitcoin Rally Has the Crypto Universe Asking 'What Happens Next?'
Crypto Market Sentiment Improves; Bitcoin Back in the Positive Zone
McAfee Breaks Up With Bitcoin; Calls His USD 1M per BTC Bet a 'Ruse'
11 Predictions for the 2020s by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong
Glaciers, Novogratz, Fraudsters and 20 Crypto Jokes
Crypto Banking Race to Bring Cheaper Services - Analysis
Chinese Province Launches Blockchain-powered SMB Financing + More News
Proof of Bitcoin's Birthday: The Power of an Individual Action in Crypto
Bitcoin as Safe Haven Narrative is Tested Again After U.S. Strike in Iran
This Crypto Question Stumped TV Quiz Show Contestants + More News
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners & Losers of December, Q4, and 2019
Ethereum’s Muir Glacier Upgrade is Live; ETH Rises Almost 4% in a Week
Cryptonews Rewind 2019: Q4 - China, War of Money, IPOs & Arrests
Unexpected Ethereum Muir Glacier Upgrade Finds 74% of Clients Ready
Justin Sun Fails to Impress Market With DLive and BitTorrent Partnership
Cryptonews Rewind 2019: Q3 - The Return of Bears and Growing Adoption
Russian Programmer 'Sends' USD 450m in Crypto to Fraudsters + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment is Back in Green
How Good Is Mike Novogratz In Guessing Bitcoin's Price?
Cryptonews Rewind 2019: Q2 - The Big Rally, Libra & Regulatory Awakening
Cryptonews Rewind 2019: Q1 - Last Months of Crypto Winter & First Hacks
Bans, Exiles, Breakthroughs and 20 Crypto Jokes
Lines Form Outside Petro-accepting Stores in Venezuela + More News
Crypto YouTubers Return from Self-Exile as YouTube Admits Mistake
Relax, There is Not Enough Data to Predict the Impact of Bitcoin Halving
Russia’s Central Bank Ready to Test Stablecoins + More News
YouTubers Going into Hiding Mode as Attack on Crypto Continues
Tencent Reportedly Building Digital Currency Business Unit + More News
This Digital Asset Manager Has a Framework for Crypto Investing in 2020
Christmas 'Gift' From YouTube: An Attack on Crypto
Crypto Market Sentiment Sees a Minor Fall
Disappointing IEOs, Up To USD 150M IPO, Bitcoin ETF Battles + More News
ICE Appoints Insiders as New CEO and President Of Bakkt
Binance and FTX Stormed Crypto Derivatives Market in November
Tron’s New Experimental Game Wants to Play With You to Keep Existing
Twitter Storms, Ice Ages and 20 Crypto Jokes
Ripple Boss: 50% of World Top 20 Banks to Trade Digital Assets in 2020
11 'Bold' Crypto Predictions for 2020 by Blockchain Capital
Average Bitcoin Spender Doesn't Need 6 Confirmations - Mathematicians
Chinese Authorities Bust 8 Companies for Crypto Violations + More News
Ripple Raises USD 200M From Tetragon, SBI Holdings & Route 66 Ventures
FTX Token Rallies on Binance and Derivatives Exchange FTX Deal News
PlusToken Ponzi Scheme Moves USD 100 Million Worth of Ethereum
Check out These Dozens of Crypto Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas
CNN: Bitcoin is the Best Investment of the Decade + More News
Is Bitcoin SV About to Sabotage Itself? (UPDATED)
Circle Prepares for Crypto Mass Adoption as USD Coin Trading Volume up 954%
Fidelity Aims for European Expansion, Launches UK Operations
UK’s Oldest Exchange to Delist Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash + More News
New Ethereum Hard Fork Coming in January to Delay Ice Age
Has Ashton Kutcher Left XRP? Actually He's a Bitcoin Fan Since 2013
Crypto Market Sentiment Rising Slowly
3,000 7-Eleven Stores Get Blockchain-powered Air Monitors + More News
Ethereum Foundation USD 100 Million Deal Raises Transparency Questions
Market Shrugs, Price Nightmares and 20 Crypto Jokes
QuadrigaCX Users Want to Dig Former CEO Out, Literally + More News
This is What Happens When Millionaire Bill Pulte Buys 11 Bitcoins
Mark Cuban: Don't Convince Me, Convince Your Neighbor About Bitcoin
Canaan Crashed Almost 40% Amid Falling Bitcoin Price and Market Doubts
Basel Committee Initiates Discussion on Crypto + More News
BitMEX and Arthur Hayes Now Have USD 300 Million Problem (UPDATED)
There’s a New Game That Will Make You a Bitcoin Collector
New Ethereum Scaling Solution is Not New, Says BTC Dev; ETH Camp Fights Back
ShapeShift Denies Claims By Kraken That KeepKey Can be Hacked in 15 Minutes
Ripple Launches Xpring.io with Wallet and Brings More Updates
How to Increase Women's (And Men's) Interest in Bitcoin + More News
Market Shrugs Off Maker's Problems
Amun AG Allowed to Expand its Crypto ETP Offering in the EU
Meet the Fastest Cryptocurrency in the World; She has Four Legs
Bakkt Launches Two New Products + More News
Crypto Market Sentiment is Finally Showing Signs of Recovery
OKEx Announces Options Trading While CME Starts Testing Theirs
MATIC Price Up 175% in a Month; Other Binance IEOs Also Rallied
Top 5 Bitcoin Mining Machines Ahead Of Halving
Brazil, Japan, Istanbul and 20 Crypto Jokes
'Crazy' Chain of Bitcoin Transfers Drives Cryptoverse Crazy
eToro Confirms Working on a Debit Card; Support for Crypto Unclear
XRP the Best Performer Today; Ripple Dismisses Securities Suit Again
Bitcoin Price Could Hit USD 5,000 Before Rallying – Tuur Demeester
Hive Blockchain Lost 'Last Analyst'; Reports Record Income, Still Makes Loss
Bakkt Loses its CEO, Kelly Loeffler + More News
‘Bitcoin is a Constantly Evolving Suite of Protocols’
Constantinople Beat Istanbul as Ethereum Price Drops Ahead of the Upgrade
Top 4 Major Challenges For DLT, According to 200 Businessmen
Nordea Employees Banned From Buying Bitcoin + More News
'The Best and Cleanest Bitcoin is From the Silk Road'
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops More; 4 Coins Enter the Negative Zone
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of November, Top 10 Back in Red
VeChain Price Jumps 20% on Classic Game Development News
How One Ethereum Developer Created a Dilemma For the Whole Cryptoverse
Check out 13 Crypto/Blockchain-Related Companies from the Fintech100
Hack Worries, Roller Coaster and 20 Crypto Jokes
Canaan Ends 1st Week on Nasdaq in Red, Bitmain Promotes Rigs Ahead IPO
Emergency at Crypto Exchange IDAX: CEO 'Missing' (UPDATED)
Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Robot! Here's Some Bitcoin For You
Bitso Says 5% of U.S.-Mexico Remittances Made in Crypto + More News
Bakkt Smashes Another Bitcoin Futures Record, But There is a ‘But’
Another Crypto Card Revealed - This Time, by Binance and TravelbyBit
It's Best Time Ever to be a Black Friday Bitcoin Shopper
Kenya Finds a New Way to Use Blockchain, Launches 'Local Currencies'
The Bank of Ghana Considering Digital Currency + More Crypto News
This is How Progress in Crypto Looks Like, According to Buterin
BitBay Also Delists Monero, Citing Money Laundering Concerns
Japan Tells Tax Bodies to Stop Seizing Crypto + More Crypto News
Goldman Sachs Alumnus: China Will Eventually Legalize Crypto Exchanges
Gaming Might Spur Crypto Adoption, But People Need Fun Games First
Leaked Passwords, Miner Capitulations and 20 Crypto Jokes
Top 6 Crypto Growth Drivers By Binance’s VIP Clients
Policymakers 'Will Take a Very Hard Look' at Crypto + More News
Even Tezos, the Only Green Coin in the Top 30, Turns Red
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty, Hash Rate Up; Miner Capitulation Postponed?
Greta Thunberg Might Like This Research on Bitcoin Mining + More News
Watch Thieves Stealing CAD 4K from Bitcoin ATM; Leaving CAD 50K Behind
Binance Ignores Crypto Ban Plan in India Also, Acquires WazirX
Several Hundred XRP Accounts Linked to "Dirty" USD 400 Million
Miner Capitulation Speculated in Light of Falling Bitcoin Price
Binance, Coinbase Drop in 'Trusted Exchanges' Ranking, Gemini Leads
At Least BTC 1.5 Million Might be Lost + More Crypto News
Multi-collateral Dai is Live, Drawing Praise, Criticism and Confusion
Grin Price Crashes on 'Inaccurate' 'Broken Mimblewimble' News
Crypto Market Sentiment Lower Still; BTC and TRX Out of Positive Zone
Official Beijing Tries to Curb Crypto Enthusiasm (UPDATED)
Bitcoin May Dip Below USD 7K Before Post-Halving Rally - Tone Vays
Cryptoworld Votes BTC after Bank of America Axes Ex PayPal CFO Account
Surveillance, Blockchain Importance and 20 Crypto Jokes
From Corporate Desperation to Ethereum Riches: A Journey
The Road to USD 25K is 'Easy': Double Bitcoin Users, says Tom Lee
Bitcoin Cash Price Down Ahead of a Major Upgrade
Global Gold Survey Tells 5 Important Things About Bitcoin Adoption
Coinbase Card Adds 10 Countries, XRP Support + More Crypto News
BAT Price Jumps 7% on Brave 1.0 Launch News
Even Binance and Tron CEOs Joined Hot PornHub Debate (UPDATED 2)
'Bitcoin is a Safe Haven' Narrative Got into Trouble - Analysts
Google Joins New Banking Race, Stressing Bitcoin's Importance
Bitcoin, Ether Adoption Expands to 650 Airlines + More Crypto News
'Altcoin Hype Has Largely Died Off' – Kraken CEO
This Transparent Trader Among the Best on BitMEX, Handles USD 1B Daily
Token Quality is Not the Main Criteria When Choosing a Crypto Exchange
CME Group to Launch Options on Bitcoin Futures Contracts in Two Months
ETH Killer, Private Messaging and Change in BTC - 4 Crypto Experiments
CoinMarketCap to Replace Volume With a New Metric + More Crypto News
China’s Digital Currency is Not About Total Surveillance - Official
Crypto Market Sentiment Slightly Down; BTC and TRX Hold Their Spots
Bitcoiners May Change Their Mind on PoS, 'Who Knows,' Says Buterin
Taiwanese Buy USD 15m Condo In New York with Bitcoin
Even Financial Professionals Say Bitcoin to Outperform S&P 500
The World Wants to Know Bitcoin Price, BTC Forecast and Is It Healthy?
Manipulations, Turns, Exchanges and 20 Crypto Jokes
Not Accidental China's U-Turn On Bitcoin Mining Might Fuel Competition
Bitcoin Price Drops Below USD 9,000 Again; Altcoins Follow
XRP Price Among the Worst Performers Today
Ignore Decentralization & Tokenization and You May Miss USD 3Tn Market
This is Why Dogecoin is Better than 'Altcoins-Degenerators'
Ripple's Client Base Up 50%, c. 7% Use XRP for Cross-Border Liquidity
Ripple CEO Says There are Too Many Cryptos, but Bull is on the Horizon
'The Most Feared' Megafirm Quinn Emanuel Accepted First Crypto Payment
Payments is the Main Battleground for Banks Amid Bitcoin Rise
This Man Says He Invested Half His Lottery Winnings in Bitcoin
Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash may be Worth 99,900% More 'Some Day'
Crypto Market Sentiment Near Positive Zone; BTC and TRX Already There
Malicious Groups Collated Leaked Crypto Trader Data - BitMEX
DX.Exchange 'Temporarily Closed' Amid Talks With Asian Investors
Hairdryers and Kettles as Blockchain-Based Provocations
Integration, Domination, Investment and 20 Crypto Jokes
Stellar Price Rallies, XLM is Back in Top 10
Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of October, Bitcoin Price Back in Green
Unfortunate Halloween: BitMEX Data Leak, Deribit Reimburses BTC 150
This is How Bitcoin Has Changed in a Year
Only 10 out of Top 50 Coins are in Green in 12 Months
CZ Crypto Deepfake is Funny Now, But it May Not be So Amusing Soon
Alec Baldwin Hired by eToro, but Baldwins are Not New to Crypto
With Ethereum, Staking Activity Volume 'Will More Than Double'
Crypto Market Sentiment Back to Pre-Crash Level; Bitcoin Reigns Alone
While Bitcoin Cash Network's Security was in Question, BCH Rallied
NEO Price, Ontology, Qtum, Tron, Bytum, IOST Skyrocket on China Hype
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Top 8 Crypto Tax Platforms
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Facebook Soared on CEO Testimony, While Bitcoin Nears Death Cross
Ethereum-Based Crypto-Games Fall under ‘Gambling’ - Study
This Is How Facebook CEO Contradicts Himself in Libra Testimony
Gold Investors Eyeing Bitcoin on its Way to USD 100,000 - Plan₿
New Crypto Seed Storage Solution Offered: Cryptosteel Capsule
Ripple Released 'Sequel' to Their Famous Crypto Ad (UPDATED)
New Crypto Game is Coming: Earn or Lose Bitcoin in a Battle Royale
Crypto Market Sentiment Continues its Rise; Bitcoin and XRP at the Top
Poorly Rated Crypto Exchanges Outperformed Industry Stars In September
Russia May Block Facebook, Telegram over Crypto Concerns + More News
How is HTC’s Exodus 1s Cryptophone Different from its Exodus 1
Strange Confusions, Big Money and 20 Crypto Jokes
Big News: Fidelity's Bitcoin Custody Solution Takes Off
Ripple Has USD 305 Million in Cash and Makes '30 Deals a Quarter'
Only 3 Million Bitcoins Left Unmined (And 120 Years to Get Them)
BAT Price Jumps on Brave’s News of 8m Monthly Active Users
These Six Coins in the Top 50 Up by Two Digits in the Past Quarter
Casa Says They Have a Solution for the Bitcoin Inheritance Problem
Binance Makes USD 1bn in Total, CEO Confused About BNB Price
How to Use Bitcoin SegWit Transactions: a Guide
Governments 'Will Need to Respond' to this Crypto Surprise by Bermuda
Back in Red: Ethereum Price Below USD 180 and Continues to Drop
'Ideal' Security Setup for an Average Bitcoiner by Security Experts
EY Has Blockchain-based Solution to Governments + 11 More Crypto News
New Crypto Adoption Example: Samsung Testing Tokenomics with Lympo
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Crypto Market Sentiment Improves for the Second Week in a Row
XRP Price Jumps the Most On Monday, Takes 2nd Place in Past Week
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Lil Bubble: The Cryptosphere is a Ridiculous Place (Sometimes)
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Crypto Wallets at Their Peaks of 'Inflated Expectations.' What's Next?
Ethereum Price Fails To Keep USD 190, Trims Weekly Gains
Bitcoin to Return to 5,200 French Tobacco Stores + 15 More Crypto News
Binance CEO Recommends 'No More News' About This Chinese Crypto Secret
Litecoin Price Shows the Second Smallest Gain in the Past Week
Ethereum Looks For 1 Million Devs While Ether Price Surpasses USD 190
Blockchain 'Following Internet’s Steps' to the Mainstream
Chainlink Price Up 45% as Rally Continues
Ethereum Price Climbs Over USD 180, while the ETH 2.0 Drama Develops
This is Why Ripple Removed xRapid, xVia and xCurrent from their Site
Fiat Money May Break in a Decade, Says Author of 'Black Swan'
Tron Price is Up 11% in a Week, while the Cryptoverse Speculates Why
Crypto Market Unimpressed by Tether Lawsuit
Crypto Market Sentiment Moves Higher within the Neutral Zone
Chainlink Price Jumps 33% in a Week, Best Performer in the Top 20
XRP Price Rallied Today, Leaving Other Top 10 Coins Behind
Imagine Separation of Money and State: 6 Crypto Experts Weigh In
Experts, Settlements, and 20 Crypto Jokes
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Tether Watch Might Help Predict Bitcoin Price - Analysts
Coinbase Pro Increases Fees. What Could Go Wrong?
Former Giant YouTuber Michelle Phan is Now a Bitcoin Evangelist
Turn Your Old Smartphone into Ethereum Hardware Wallet
XRP Price Trades Sideways Despite Ripple Brings Multiple News
10 Main Trends in Digital Assets this Year, Picked by 5 Crypto Experts
EOS and Sia Settlements With SEC 'May End Existential Securities Risk'
Ethereum Price Falls Below USD 180 Again
Blame These Traders for Bitcoin Price Crash
Weiss Crypto Ratings Downgrades Monero, Ups Litecoin and Cardano
Coin Race: Ethereum Price Ends Losing Streak, Bitcoin Price Drops More
Smart Contracts Legalized in Russia + 11 More Crypto News
Crypto Market Sentiment on the Verge of the Negative Zone
Bitcoin Price: Cryptoverse is Trying to Guess the Next Move
XRP Price Jumps on Ripple's Investment News
Cardano Price Drops 23% in a Week, Despite Platform’s Announcements
7 Biggest Misconceptions About Bitcoin, Picked by 6 Crypto Experts
Bitcoin Prices, Bets, Satellites and 20 Crypto Jokes
Justin Sun to Reschedule Lunch With Buffett as Tron Price Crashes 55%
EOS & XLM Prices See Strongest Rebound, Ethereum Price, Litecoin up 6%
Stellar Leads the Top 10 Coins as XLM Price Jumps More Than 10%
Fiat is a 'Big Thing' for Binance as They Focus More on Fiat Onramp
XRP Price Drops to the Level Last Seen in December 2017
Ethereum Price Erased All its Gains in September
Stellar’s Free XLM Either Unclaimed or Exchanged for Other Coins
OKEx Defends Itself from Wash Trading Accusations With a BTC 100 Bet
The U.S. 'has Room for More Exchanges' as Binance.US Starts Trading
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops Further; BTC and XMR This Week’s Losers
Altcoins, Seasons, and 20 Crypto Jokes
Bitfury Strengthens its Focus on Software Development
Bakkt Launching on Monday to Various High and Low Expectations
Satoshi Nakamoto is Dead, Thinks BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes
Ripple Asks for Dismissal of XRP Lawsuit; Repeats XRP isn’t a Security
Most Top 10 Coins' Trading Volumes Increase; BTC's Drops Further
Russia AGAIN Delays Crypto Decision + 16 More Crypto News
Weiss Crypto Ratings Downgrades Litecoin & Cardano, Ups Monero
Dozens of Altcoins on the Rise, but is it Alt Season Yet?
Binance.US Officially Adds Binance Coin to Their Markets
BitPay to Announce New Coins Soon; Litecoin, XRP Being Evaluated
Ether Hit USD 200; On its Way to Surpass BTC in Daily Transaction Fees
Bitcoin Perhaps More Dependent on Governments than Many Think
Crypto Market Sentiment Slightly Lower; EOS is This Week’s Winner
Forks and 20 Crypto Jokes

Forks and 20 Crypto Jokes

This NBA Star Might Have a Multi-Million Crypto Plan
Get Ready for a Blockchain Device Boom
Ripple is Selling XRP at a Discount to Some Institutional Buyers
Why Did These Two Lawmakers Buy Marijuana with Stablecoin
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Gemini Found a New Way to Lure Institutional Investors into Crypto
Trezor Introduces Bitcoin-Only Firmware
‘This Stellar Airdrop is Different' as XLM Down 76% Since First One
Weiss Crypto Ratings Downgrades Bitcoin, Some Altcoins, Ups NEO
Crypto Market Sentiment Recovering; Bitcoin is Back in Positive Zone
Huobi Confirms That USD 1B Transaction Did Not Include Their Own BTC
Dozens of Altcoins Outperform BTC, Fueling Altseason Talks
Crypto Treasure Hunters to Get a New Target - XTZ 1 Million
Faketoshi’s Crime & Punishment and 20 Crypto Jokes
These Coins Saw Double and Triple Digit Growth in the Last Week
ECB: Stablecoins Could be Rendered Useless by Financial Institutions
Dominican Republic Citizenship Advertised as Benefit to STO Investors
DeFi Startup Findora Weighs Funding Options, Plans First Apps in 2020
Blockchain Alternative Hedera Hashgraph Has Three News
Decred Adds More Privacy to Its Coin
Ether is Shariah-Compliant Until it's Used For Profit - Scholars
Ripple CEO Attempts to Fight 'FUD' Against XRP
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Bitcoin Rewards are Spreading with Major Partnerships
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Bitcoin’s Popular Twitter Handle Abandoned BCH for BTC?
The Rise of a New Faketoshi? Caantoshi Enters the Scene
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Towards Crypto Adoption: Four Recent Announcements
Japanese Giant Rakuten Enters Crypto Trading Business
Banking Giant Santander to Bring Ripple-Powered App to Latin America
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'Learn From My Mistakes,' Says BBC Reporter Who Lost GBP 25K in Crypto
Ponzi Accused of USD 2B Heist & BTC Crash, Analysts Disagree
Ripple Gives Away USD 263M in XRP that Lost 27% of its Value this Year
Bitcoin As a Safe Haven Case Still Lacks Proof
Ad Watchdog Warns Crypto Companies Not to Mislead the Public
How Mike Tyson Made Headlines in Cryptoland without Even Knowing It
Final Decisions on Two BTC ETFs in October May Not Be Final After All
Poloniex Begins Bitcoin Refunds to Investors Impacted by CLAM Crash
Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 32
Crypto Market Sentiment Dropped: BTC in Positive, LTC in Negative Zone
The Cryptocurrency’s Tale: 20 Crypto Jokes
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FATF & 15 Governments Target Personal Data of Crypto Users - Report
Ripple in 'Multiple' M&A Talks, Plans 100 New Contracts in 2019
This is How Hackers Attempted to Attack Coinbase
Six Alternative Hardware Wallets to Check Out
This Is What MoneyGram is Using XRP For (UPDATED)
How Crypto YouTuber Scammed a Scammer and Donated the Money to Charity
Huobi and Abra Keep Their Crypto Baskets as Coinbase Bundle Closed
Post-Halving Litecoin to Readjust its Mining Difficulty Today
Binance Starts Hunting its Blackmailer, Offers Reward of 25 BTC
Crypto Market Sentiment Recovered; Bitcoin and Monero in Positive Zone
Litecoin Enters Lower Supply Era as Second Halving is Complete
Crypto is the New Black: 20 Crypto Jokes
From Halving to Halving: Litecoin Has Seen Massive Rise
9 Walmart's Blockchain/Crypto Patents Revealed in One Day
Giant Backed Terra's Strategy Works, Says Stablecoin Co-Founder
What Regulators Offered Cryptoverse in July: 22 Announcements
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of July
UK's Crypto Industry Gets Final Guidance on Cryptoassets
Privacy-Focused Zcoin Rolls Out Zero-Knowledge Proof Protocol, Sigma
Blockchain Launches Exchange & Trading Started on Eosfinex
bitFlyer Launches New Trading Platform in Europe
‘Tremendous Interest’ in TD Ameritrade’s BTC Futures; ErisX Coming
Crypto in Venezuela: Daily Usage and 'Seamless' Bitcoin Transactions
Crypto Market Sentiment: BTC Out of Positive, Tether in Negative Zone
Game of Cryptos: 20 Crypto Jokes
Croatian Post Joins Cryptoverse
Another Blow to Crypto Users in the U.S.: Abra Announces Restrictions
Mysterious Project Accused of Increasing Ethereum Gas Price
After Busy Week, Justin Sun Visits Party, Says He's Feeling Better
Ripple’s Q2 Report: XRP Up, Volume Down, Benchmark Changed
20 y/o Crypto Millionaire Briefed Congressional Representatives on BTC
Major Airline, Norwegian, Lifts Bitcoin Adoption to the Sky
John McAfee Released from Detention
E-Commerce Giant, Newegg, Expands BTC Payment to 73 More Countries
Facebook's Word Play Puts Libra's Promise Under Question
McAfee Allegedly Detained by Authorities
"Wild West" Days of Crypto Coming to End - Report
Bitcoin Family Starts their New World Tour
Beware: Don’t Fall a Victim to Libra Scams
Another Ethereum Proposal Met with a Wave of Criticism
Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 29
Crypto Market Sentiment: Deep within the Neutral Zone
Crypto Diversification: Coinbase Broadens Focus, Targets 1B People
Bakkt Starts Testing its Bitcoin Futures Today
eToro and Binance Get Their Seats at the Table With Warren Buffet
I Know What you did Last Crypto Winter: 20 Crypto Jokes
Zebpay: There Are Too Many Crypto Exchanges, M&A Inevitable
2nd Sun-Buffett Lunch Guest Revealed; Investor Offers Talking Points
Coinbase Kills Another Product
Zcash Hard Fork, Ycash, is Live
Half of the Top Altcoins Jump Against Bitcoin; BTC Jumps Above USD 10K
Billionaire Looks for "the Next-best Currency", Gives Bitcoin Hope
VC Investments Fall, but Blockchain Space Gets 'a Second Wind'
Coinbase Gives You a Look into Actions of its Top 10% Traders
States Rush to Collect Abandoned Crypto
Huobi Announces New Stablecoin
White Label Crypto Card Provider Targets 10% of Litecoin Users
New Show in Cryptoverse: Roubini vs. Hayes Fight Heats Up
Top ICO of 2017, Polkadot, to Start Important Experiment
Crypto Companies Rush to Capitalize on Amazon Prime Day
German Giant Siemens Explores Carsharing on Blockchain
Huobi Won't Follow Binance's 'Radical' BNB Burn; Mulls Balanced Shift
Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 28
Pundi X Partners With PoS Giant, Brings Crypto to More Retailers
Buterin’s 'Ethereum+Bitcoin Cash' Scalability Solution Draws Criticism
Crypto’s Travels: 20 Crypto Jokes
OKGroup Heats Up Competition in the U.S. Market via OKCoin
Coinpaprika Bets on its Mobile-only Product, Will Look For Investors
Alert: Crypto Scam Season is Upon Us, Even Central Bank Issues Warning
Opera’s Crypto Wallet for Android now Supports Bitcoin and Tron
Litecoin Halving Should Already Be Priced in, Says Charlie Lee
Kakao's Klaytn Sacrifices Decentralization to Beat Ethereum on Speed
Good News Failed to Cushion CELR and BTT Price Drop
Everything is Fine, Says Justin Sun as Fake News Hit Tron
Singapore Mulls a New Idea How to Boost Crypto Adoption
Crypto Twist: 20 Crypto Jokes
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of June; 2nd Quarter and 1st Half
Crypto Market Sentiment Worsened as Prices Drop
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Under the Sign of Libra: 20 Crypto Jokes