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Sead Fadilpašić

Sead Fadilpašić

Sead is a staff journalist at Cryptonews.com who covers cryptocurrency and blockchain news daily, writes analysis pieces, tests blockchain and cryptocurrency products. He's based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to joining Cryptonews.com he was a freelance, also was a journalist for Al Jazeera web. He spends his free time in music studios, recording songs for movies and cinema. Loves to break gadgets so he could fix them, enjoys exploring new music and loves tasty and equally unhealthy food.

Articles by Sead Fadilpašić

Dash Sees "Mixed Signals on User Growth", Active Adresses Jump by 36%
Retail Giant Target Hacked by Bitcoin Scammers
This New Stablecoin Has a Backdoor for Freezing Funds Too
Bitfinex Users Struggle with Fiat Withdrawal
Approaching the Moon With 20 Crypto Jokes
Major Trading Platform Publishes Their Crypto Wallet
Take a Look at this Utopian Blockchain City in Nevada
Soprano, Ice cream and Security Tokens - Exploring New Crypto Trends
The Massive XLM Airdrop Hits Wall of Criticism
Sirin Labs Introduces Finney Smartphone, SRN Skyrockets
One Twitter Crypto Scammer Collected USD 180,000 in 24h
Gwyneth Paltrow Offers Bitcoin Investing Advice
Google CEO Learns About Ethereum from 11yo Son
"I’m Not Leaving," Says Vitalik Buterin
Braving the Cold November Rain With 20 Crypto Jokes
First Kin Apps Now Live - Check Them Out
Tether Claims They Have USD 1.8 Billion, Community Amused
Responding to ICO Market Changes: The Case of Hiway
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of October
Cakes, Songs and Jokes: How the World Celebrates Bitcoin
Ripple’s New Ad Is Brutally Honest
A Very Spooky Crypto Halloween!
Coinbase Just Got USD 300 million for Competition Fights
Anonymous ICO Founder Reportedly Stole Funds & Disappeared
The Oldest Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Sold
OKEx Delists 58 Trading Pairs - Does Anyone Care?
Waiting for the Bull Run: 20 Crypto Jokes
Crypto Sneaking into Our Everyday Lives: 20 Adoption Cases
Hardware Wallets Galore: Two New Wallets Join the Ranks
16 Crypto Companies Among Top 100 Fintech Businesses. Meet them All!
"Top" 10 Crypto Music Videos
Try Your Hand at Bitcoin Mining in this Simple Game
Step by Step to Mass Adoption: Cutting Fees
HTC’s Blockchain Phone Unveiled: The Case of Exodus
Two Good News for Crypto from Institutional Investors
9 Crypto Baskets of 2018: Features and Differences
What Will November Rain Bring for Bitcoin This Year?
These Crypto Lenders Might Help ICOs Avoid ETH Panic Selling
Collection of 20 Crypto Jokes, Comics and Reactions
An Interview: Despite Downturn, Investors Ready for Good Projects
What to Do This Weekend: File Your Mt. Gox Claim!
This USD 6bn Global Giant Launched its First Crypto Service
This Viral Crypto Ad Just Got Almost 2.5 Million Views
An Interview With ODEM on New Education Marketplace and Bad Actors
Hyped ICO Failure: The Case of Civil
Lightning-Powered E-Bike Showcases Crypto’s Abilities
Major Exchanges Add More Coins than Delist, Poloniex Cleaning House
Top 20 Countries by Crypto ATMs per Capita
Hot Monday Morning in the Market
Weekly Dose of Fun: Take These 20 Crypto Jokes
"Lost Bitcoin is a Donation": Best Quotes by Satoshi Nakamoto
Pundi X Enters Blockchain Phone Race
In a Fight with Dr Doom Vitalik Reveals His ETH Holdings
Bitcoin Goes Sidechain and Becomes More Liquid
Google Mentions Crypto in Ad and Everyone Tries to Guess What It Means
Altcoins Hit the Fan at Binance
Tron Trims Weekly Gains, Still Best Performer Among Top 20
China Could Damage Bitcoin, Research Shows
20 Crypto Adoption Cases Throughout the World
Dr Doom Strikes Again: "Buterin is "Dictator for Life"
Memes of Our Lives: Your Weekly 20 Crypto Jokes
Top 5 Privacy Coins: Features and Differences
Crypto Baskets are the New Hot Thing
Ripple Enters Remittance Corridor Between Europe and India
Most Secure Exchanges Do Not Include Biggest Ones (Except One)
Coinbase Valuation at USD 8 billion Speaks Volumes
"Invisible" Petro Launches, Maduro Promises Tradeability
Ripple Wars: Good News vs. Decentralization
Top 40 ICOs by Gains / Loss Due to ETH Price Swings
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners / Losers of September and 3Q
Attack of the 20 Crypto Jokes
Major Indian Crypto Exchange Shutting Down
'A Brilliant Idea' for Bitcoin Finds its First Application in Zcoin
Traditional Banking Veterans Migrate into Crypto
USD//Coin Circles Tether
Top 5 Stablecoins: Features and Differences
September Bugs: Major Flaws Challenge Devs of Major Coins
Juventus Brings Crypto Closer to its 340 million Fans
We’re In It Strictly for 20 Crypto Jokes
Devs Warn to Update Bitcoin Software
What Does Novogratz Know about Starbuck's Bitcoin Plan?
Lack of Regulations Keeps Crypto Projects Behind
Is Bitcoin Cash Heading for a Crash?
People in Crypto: Successful Twins and Adventure of Bitcoin Girl
These Devs Found a Way to Send Crypto in Times of Disasters
ICO Hotbed Lithuania Now Builds Blockchain Hub
For Every Bad News the Cryptoverse Has Two Good News
A Precedent: "Creative Destruction" of ICO with Market Cap of USD 10m
20 Crypto Jokes: Another Week, Another Collection
Smallest Exchanges: Who Are They?
Novogratz Calls Another Bottom
Ethereum is the Most Profitable ICO - Research
Allianz Chief Economist: Crypto Is Not Dead
The Dark Web Delivers: Crowdsourcing for Jihad
Black Wednesday Follow-Up: We Have Survivors!
20 More Crypto Adoption Cases Throughout the World
ICOs Hit New Low, but Production Picking Up
Clothing and Accessories for the Fashionable Crypto Trader
Two Forecasts: Buterin vs. Armstrong
20 Jokes for the Crypto Aficionado
This Company with 2m Wallets Knows Where Revolution Is Happening
Goldman Sachs CFO: The Crypto Ditch Is "Fake News"
Why This Man Scared Bitcoin Maximalists?
Lightning Network Just Struck 4,000 Bitcoin Accepting Companies
What’s Going On in the Crypto Market?
Bad Wednesday: Prices Plummet, Giant Postpones Crypto Trading Desk
The Mysterious Sale of CryptoKitty for ETH 600
Bittrex Moves to Delist Bitcoin Gold, the Coin Moves Up
Buterin: ETH Will Be Worthless Unless Protocol Changes
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of August
Dogecoin Price Skyrockets and Falls, Hype Stays
"Why No One Sends Me Money?" Stories From Crypto Support
20 Handpicked Crypto Jokes for Your Entertainment
Social Networks and Crypto: The Case of Instagram
Research Predicts Bitcoin at USD 144,000, Community Amused
The Curious Case of Selling Stake in Football Club for ICO Token
Binance and Andreessen Horowitz Found New Investment Targets
COTI Builds Another Digital Currency for Payments
Elon Musk’s Tweet Devolves into Shilling Altcoins
20 Adoption Cases as Your Crypto Bright Side
"No-one Wants to be Left Behind by Blockchain"
This Data Shows How Far Coins Are from their All-Time High
Banking Giant Prepares for Crypto Mass Adoption
20 Bright Crypto Jokes and Bonus Video in a Dark Market
You Can Now File Your Mt Gox Rehabilitation Claim
Ether Firesale Sale Risk Comes From Small ICOs - Research
World Bank Blockchain Bond "Exceeds Expectations"
Crypto Gambling Game Claims it Paid USD 3m Prize
China to Slam Another Banhammer on Crypto - Report
Venezuela Crisis is a Great Chance for Crypto Adoption
Moonlight Builds a Decentralized Workforce Platform
How Many Bitcoins Does Satoshi Have?
China Shuts Down Crypto Media Accounts on WeChat
There is Place For Crypto in Business: Majority of Financial Leaders
Which Coin Will Overtake Bitcoin Cash?
Dapp Hype Fades, Userbase Drops
A New Adoption Case: Paying Bills With Crypto in Australia
Small Liechtenstein Bank Tries To Set an Example For Crypto Banking
20 Crypto Jokes: Get Your Weekly Antidepressant Dose Here
Digital Assets Mainstream Within 5 Years: Exec at Swiss Exchange
Buterin Responds To Claims He's Shilling Bitcoin Cash
The New Way For Investors in the US to Invest in Bitcoin
New Crypto Venture Fund Raising USD 175 Million
Blockchain’s Problem Is Too Much Hype, Says Vitalik
This CEO Manages 100M Users: "Crypto Will Go Mainstream in 2019"
CEO of the Largest Exchange Calls Ether a Shitcoin, Community Stunned
Coinbase CEO: "It’s Getting Harder to Find Crypto Skeptics"
Cannabis IPO Changed Its Mind Regarding Bitcoin
Petro Announced as Official Currency in Venezuela
Ethereum Price Tumbling, Splitting Crypto Community
HODL or Not? The Sentiment Against Hodling Gets Stronger
20 Crypto Jokes to Hide Them Tears
Tiny Crypto Projects on Kickstarter Want Love (and Money), Too
FOAM Thinks Our Maps Could Use an Upgrade
20 Crypto Jokes to Have You Forget About the Dip
Vite Aims To Become a Universal Dapp Platform
Jura Wants You to Rethink Blockchain
When Nobel Winner Asks What Problems Bitcoin Solves...
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of July
We Tested Augur and This Is How It Went
Smaller Investors Intrigued by Bitcoin More
How Kim Kardashian Helps the Adoption of Bitcoin
Vitalik Has An Idea How to Help Crypto Adoption
This Company Brings Crypto to Its 600K Of Users
20 Crypto Jokes to Round Off the Successful Week
Binance CEO: We (Still) Don’t Like Big ICOs
Clumsy Cardano Co-Founder's Tweet Sparks Outrage
Now Google Bans Crypto Mining Mobile Apps, Too
MultiVAC Targets Triangle of Blockchain Issues
Iran Mulls Own Cryptocurrency - Reports
Hodlers Expect More Places To Spend Their Coins
How's Ethereum Doing In the Shadow of Bitcoin?
This App Is a New Hit Among Wannabe Miners
Missed The BTC Party? Don't Let the FOMO Kick In!
Novogratz Finds New Crypto Startup to Invest In
Solving ICO Problems With - New Token Projects!
Mediatum Looks to Challenge the Identity Status Quo
Bitcoin ETF: It's Getting Hot in Here
Google and Facebook Give Cryptos a Boost
Competition For Crypto Jobs Might Come From India
G20 Send Positive Sign To The Crypto Market
20 Crypto Jokes to Close The Green Week
“Cryptoeconomics Is Just Economics,” Says Vitalik
To Bottom or Not to Bottom
Blockchain Investments Pie Could Reach USD 11.7 billion in 2022
Binance and OKEx Get Closer to Malta
Battle of the Billionaires, Crypto Edition
Ethereum Fees Higher than Bitcoin Fees - For the First Time Since 2015
"I'm Going to Watch It Growing." Peter Gabriel Invests in Blockchain
Investor Protection? Never Heard of It. Analysis of Top ICOs
Lizard People and July Bonuses Pushed Bitcoin Up: Community Reactions
Is Cryptocurrency Halal? Another Step Towards Muslim Countries
IBM Just Got a Stablecoin to Play With
Crypto Companies Want to Run Onto Football Field
China’s “Blockchain” Names Booming
Kodak Miner 'Scam' Is Gone
Sovrin Develops Online Identity Verification System
The Largest Asset Manager Sends Mixed Message To Crypto Market
DJ D-Sol Set To Become CEO of Goldman Sachs, the Crypto World Listens
Get Your Popcorn: Kraken Trolls Coinbase
Bitcoin as a Bus Station
Thailand Studies Blockchain Use Cases for Bond Token
Your Weekly Digest of 20 “Millennial” Jokes
Fujitsu Promises to Deliver Viable Blockchain Project Within 5 days
Close to 80% of ICOs Are Scams - But They Get Less Money
DxChain: Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network
Binance and Malta Have Some News to Share, Again
Meet the Man Who Bought Bitcoin in 2009
Kik Giving Developers USD 3m, Community Excited for Job
This Video Shows How Blockchain Can Get Closer to Non-tech Savvy User
Kambria Tries To Combine Robotics and Blockchain
Opera Browser Introduces Built-In Crypto Wallet
HTC’s Blockchain Phone Exodus Coming This Quarter
These 26 Merchants Already Accept Lightning Network Payments
TokenPay & Litecoin Team Up, Buy Shares in German Bank
Decentralized Binance Prototype Is Expected Within a Couple of Months
Sergey Brin Mines Ethereum and Admits Google's Failure in Blockchain
Someone Spends Millions on Coins.com and Looks for a Major Partner
Bancor and MyEtherWallet Hit by Security Breaches
Inmediate Aims To Make Insurance Accessible to Wider Audience
Big Investors Show Trust in Oasis Labs By Injecting USD 45m
Want to Use ThePirateBay? Be Ready to Mine Monero
Fifty Shades of Blockchain Is Dogecoin Creator's New Venture
Crypto.com Domain Is Officially Sold For "Millions"
Weather vs. Crypto: Conditions Dented the Global Hashrate
Your Batch of Memes and Jokes, Delivered Weekly
Codex Protocol Aims to Help Art Collectors
Facebook Strengthens Its Blockchain Team
Chinese Bitcoin Whale Trash-Talks NEO, Ripple and Other Big Names
Gold Rush: Swiss Exchange Goes Crypto, Binance Targets USD 1bn Profit
Tom Lee “May Have Misspoke a Little Bit” in Bitcoin Predictions
Meet 6 Blockchain Tech Pioneers, Selected by The World Economic Forum
This Shop Claims Its Sales Boomed by 427% Due To Crypto Payments
Ethereum Network Congestion: Who’s to Blame?
Akropolis Wants Take Care of Seniors With Pension Blockchain
Survey In Canada Sends Worrying Signal To The ICO Market
Y Combinator Alumni Raise USD 125m, Learn How to Anger Investors
Blockchain Adoption, or How to Make a (Fake) Whale Squirt
International Coalition J5 Unites Against Crypto Tax Criminals
Binance To Resume Trading, SYS Compromised
Bad News For Crypto From India
An Interview: Origin Aims to Change the Sharing Economy. Uber, Beware!
Britain’s Youngest Self-Made Bitcoin Billionaire Is Just 34
Malware Monitoring 2.3 Million Bitcoin Addresses
Three New Blockchain Use Cases Go Live in Europe
AERGO Aims To Create Blockchain For Next-Generation Businesses
If Satoshi Nakamoto Is Writing a Book, You Can Start Reading It Here
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of June
One Coin to Rule Them All: Cryptocurrency With a Single Coin
20 Crypto Jokes to Brighten the Bear Run
DREP Builds Decentralized Reputation System
Crypto Graveyard May Not Have Much Space Left
In Five Months ICOs Raised More Than In Five Years
Bithumb Cuts Hack Losses By 46%
An Interview: “Governments Can’t Prevent People from Choosing Crypto”
Vitalik Vs. Apple: App Store Is Restrictive & Nobody Is Complaining
20% of UK Millenials Prefer Bitcoin Over Real Estate - Survey
Bitcoin Dominance Rate Rising: At the 2 Month Maximum
Essentia Tries to Improve Interoperability and Data Management
Social Media Influences Bitcoin Price, Research Shows
Europol Goes for Blockchain: Validating Conference Speakers
“Blockchain Is a Centralizing Technology,” Holochain’s Director
Crypto Community in Uproar Due to EOS Team Behavior
Robinhood May Be Coming for Coinbase
CryptoKitties Fight Falling Sales With KittyVerse and Partner Program
One Bad And Two Great News For Crypto
An Interview: “If the ICO Bubble Bursts, I Don’t See It Hurting ARK”
Emotiq Aims to Simplify Use of Smart Contracts
Jack Ma Goes for Blockchain, But Bitcoin Is "Still a Bubble"
Crypto-Related Crime Might Be Top Cyberattack of 2018
Julien Bouteloup Strikes Again, This Time With FlyingCarpet
Market Looks Bad? These 20 Crypto Jokes Will Cheer You Up (Maybe)
Cardstack Raised USD 35m to Build Decentralized Software Ecosystem
Mt. Gox Creditors One Step Closer To Their Bitcoins
The Case for Decentralization: Etsy vs. OpenBazaar
BitFlyer Closes Door to New Clients After Regulator Slaps 6 Exchanges
Bitcoin Mining in Canada Might Become Less Profitable
Microsoft and EY Deploying Huge Blockchain System
An Interview With Eximchain CEO: "We’re Very Lucky To Start Early"
Quadrant Protocol: Mapping the Chaotic Space of Data
Nasdaq CEO: “ICOs Are Taking Advantage of Retail Investors”
SEC Sees No End to Complains About Coinbase
What's Happening In the Market? An Optimistic And Pessimistic View
EOS Freezing Accounts, Community Growing Restless
Carry Protocol Wants To Turn Offline Retail Data Into Commodity
“SEC Won’t Let Me Shill ICOs,” Cries McAfee
Almost 60% of the Rich People Showed Interest In Crypto - Survey
Inside the ICO Pitch Competition: Rock 'n' Roll and Deafening Gong
CryptoKitties Sales Plummeting 'As Expected'
Crypto Is Bad, Says Most Central of All Banks
Game Dapps Will Bring Blockchain To The Masses - Investor
Neonexchange Works on Digital Cashless Economy
EOS's USD 4 Billion Blockchain Now Live
Interactive Map Lets You Browse EU Blockchain Businesses
Western Union Isn't Adding Crypto Transfers Any Time Soon
Hot Five Blockchain Companies To Keep an Eye Out On In 2018
Last Year's Bitcoin Prices Manipulated, Experts Claim
Traceto.io Aims to Solve the KYC Problem
Registering on Exchanges: How Much Data Is Needed?
Bitmain Raises USD 400 Million in Pre-IPO - Report
Crypto to Fiat in 6 Seconds Becomes Reality
Ethereum Classic Owners Got Richer by 25% in Less Than an Hour
USD 20 Million Stolen from Ethereum Clients - What Should I Do?
Crypto Giant Binance Goes Fiat
Top 5 Ethereum Dapp Games
EOS Mainnet Launched - At What Cost
Bitcoin is Bottoming and May Break Out, Experts Say
Marijuana-Themed Token Plays “Peace mission” With Dennis Rodman
Lambo Trader Launches Own Stablecoin
Self-Made Crypto Billionaire May Choose IPO for Bitmain
Adoption Ideas: Bitcoin Shopping Mall and Russian Crypto Village
Was Satoshi Nakamoto Pleasant To Work With? No, Says Developer
Hacker Claims He Made USD 120,000 in a Week Thanks to EOS Bugs
Ex-NBA Commissioner Dips Into Crypto
Ex-NBA Commissioner Dips Into Crypto
Supply Chain Might be First to Show Value of Blockchain. In 10 years
Bitcoin, ICOs Slowing Down and Looking For New Narrative
Bitcoin, ICOs Slowing Down and Looking For New Narrative
Big in Japan: Coinbase Expands Eastwards
Binance's Fund Head: "We’d like the ICO bubble to break"
Putting Your Business on Distributed Ledger - Intiva Case
Putting Your Business on Distributed Ledger - Intiva Case
Blockchain Isn’t for Everyone, Says Man Who Raised USD 100m in an ICO
Microsoft Buys GitHub, Community Not Happy
At Least Three New Investment Funds Aim to Bolster the Crypto Space
Exclusive: Ledger CEO On Business Growth, M&A and Wallet Price
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of May
Bitcoin May Be at Profit-Taking Stage of a Bubble - Expert
ICOs Can Fail Without Being Scams: The Case of USD 100m ICO
IMF Official: If Banks Can’t Beat Crypto, They Need to Join It
EOS Mainnet Launch: Fixing Bugs and Learning to Vote
EOS Mainnet Launch: Fixing Bugs and Learning to Vote
Research: ICOs Are Lucrative Endeavors for Investors, Too
Research: ICOs Are Lucrative Endeavors for Investors, Too
Top 5 Coins With Best Investment Risks & Rewards Grades
Long-Time Bitcoin Critic, Nobel Laureate Gives a Hope to Crypto
Headphone Manufacturer Planning USD 300 Million ICO
Headphone Manufacturer Planning USD 300 Million ICO
Twitter Scams Are Getting Out of Hand
A Key Insight For the Blockchain Came in 1991
BitBay Forced to Move to Malta Because of Polish Banks
POA Network: How To Stake Your Identity
How Much Does it Cost to Attack Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Coins
Average Blockchain Project Dies In 15 months, Chinese Official Claims
Report: Ethereum Price May Have Plummeted Because of EOS
Solana and Its Proof of History
12 Unexpected Problems Blockchain Is Supposed to Fix
Crypto Trading Addiction Treatment Centre Opens in Scotland
The Open Platform Secures Another Backer
How to Throw Away 7,500 Bitcoins
Zimbabwe Court Lifts Restrictions on Crypto
Sberbank Piloting Russia’s First Official ICO
Blockchain-Based Marine Insurance Is Live
Investors: Probe into Bitcoin Manipulation Is a Good Thing
IBM To Hire 1,800 Blockchain, AI and IoT Researches in France
Deutsche Boerse “Deep at Work” on Bitcoin Futures Trading
Indian Government May Retroactively Tax Crypto
1 Million USD Bonus, or 'Insane' Pay Packages for a Crypto Talent
EUR 5 Million Blockchain Contest Updated Rules & Eligibility
Bitcoin As Explained by AI Is the Next Viral Hit
Verge Lost USD 1.7 Million to Hackers Exploiting Same Faults
Bitcoin Pizza Day Menu: Jokes, Events, New Products and Kebab
Walmart Patents Another Blockchain Application
Poland’s Heavy Crypto Tax Policy “Temporarily Abandoned”
Brian Kelly Promotes Bitcoin Cash, But He Never Used It as Currency
Unexpected Candidate to Support Crypto - Mosque in UK
Trolling Buffett Is a New Hobby in the Cryptoverse
European Parliament and Commission to Debate Blockchain in June
VC Funding for Blockchain at an All-Time High
GDPR Begins to Count Blockchain-based Victims
Bitfinex is Under Fire Due to Tax Information Request
McAfee Accused of Promoting Copycat ICO
USD 1 Billion Under ICO Red Flag
China Ranks Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is Not in Top 10
Customers to Control & Sell Data over Blockchain Through Nokia
PayPal Will 'Certainly Support' Crypto Once it Stabilizes
Don't Miss This Exclusive Opportunity! A Mock-ICO Lesson
Ver Claims BCH Adopted Faster than BTC - Is It?
Microsoft's Bing to Ban Crypto-Related Ads
Circle Raises USD 110 Million for Dollar-Backed Token
Amazon’s New Partnership Is Another Step into Blockchain
Mining Gear Manufacturers to Test Crypto Appetite Through IPOs
Crypto Conference with Loaned Lambos and Joke Protest
Florida County to Accept Crypto for Services, Tax Payment
A Big Bet: Blockchain Tech Won’t Last Five Years
30% of Surveyed Businesses Plan to Spend More on Blockchain
Blockchain Helps Financial Giant to Take 'a Major Step'
Binance Loses Title of the World's Largest Crypto Exchange (With Fees)
An Interview: Blockchain Rival That Invented Own Decentralization
Mainframe Fights Censorship and Looks for Proof of Heart
Robinhood Vying for Largest Crypto Platform by End of 2018
Kodak Seeks USD 50 Million in Token Offering
Bitcoin Price Forecast Game: Up To USD 64,000 at End of 2019
4% of Nocoiners Plan to Buy Cryptocurrencies - Survey
Crypto is “Next Step in the Space of Currency” - Nasdaq CEO
Keys to USD 10bn in Bitcoin Locked Underground on Five Continents
Crypto Rally: Blockchain Race Across Lithuania
ICOs Visualized: Explosion at its Finest
Meet Carol, the Future Average Lightning User
Ethereum is One Step Closer to a Major Change
Former England Football Player Launches OWN Coin
Crypto Millionaire's Advice to Bill Gates How to Short Bitcoin
The Most Profitable Public ICOs of Q1
Research: Bitcoin Dropped Due to Bitcoin Futures Launch
“ICOs Are Necessary,” Says Binance CEO
NYSE's Parent Develops Bitcoin Trading Platform - Report
Bill Gates Applies 'Greater Fool Theory' To Bitcoin
Legal Battles on the Rise in the Crypto World
Blockchain Finds Its Place in Formula One
Crypto Enthusiasts Try to Decode Buffett’s Hate for Bitcoin
No Money for Lawsuit Against Roger Ver's Website but Mistake Corrected
Only 34% of CIOs Not Interested in Blockchain - Survey
Dr Doom vs. Captain Crypto: Fight Over BTC ''Suckers" and ''Bulls**t"
Goldman Sachs Opening Bitcoin Futures Trading
Telegram ICO May Not Happen
Can’t Get Enough Bacon and Bitcoin? This One's for You
Coin Race: Top 10 Winners and "Losers" Last Month
Ethereum: Sharding News Wins Over SEC Scrutiny
Let’s Celebrate International Crypto Workers’ Day!
Russian Spy: Blockchain Will Be Ours!
Bitcoin.com Accused of Misleading People into Buying BCH
Ethereum to the Moon: USD 2,500 in 2018, Analyst Says
The Kingdom of Exchanges Accounts Only 1% of Trading Volumes
New Supply Chain Is Blockchain for Alibaba
Market Manipulation in Crypto - What It Says About the Industry
Bitcoin in Brick and Mortar: Pictures from Prague and Vienna
TokenPay To Acquire 9.9% in German Bank, Will Litecoin Join the Deal?
An Interview: MyEtherWallet’s Split and Future Plans
Philippines Allowing Crypto in Economic Zone
Nasdaq CEO’s Endorsement of Crypto May Mean Bigger Future
The Oldest Exchange Might be Sold for USD 350m - Report
How to Use Bitcoin's Blockchain for Advertising
Founder of the Largest Exchange Sued Over Failed Funding Deal
Chinese Police Confiscated Mining Rig of 600 Computers
Three Possible Ways to Destroy Bitcoin
A Fifth of Financial Institutions May Trade Crypto - Survey
"Bitcoin Will Be Bigger than the Internet"
Ripple & Ether In Current Violation of the Law - Expert
A British TV Star to Sue Facebook for Defamation through Crypto Ads
Binance to Help Uganda: Possible Move to Africa?
High Court Gives Hope to India's Crypto Community
Transfer of USD 99m in litecoin: 2.5 minutes and a USD 0.40 fee
On Average, an ICO Raised 29% More This Year (Excluding Telegram)
Crypto Miners and Profitability: An Uphill Battle
Roger Ver Would Bribe Reddit for New Bitcoin Moderator
A Job for Mt. Gox ex-CEO: Downgrading to CTO
Bitcoin to the Moon - in a Video Game
The Vomiting Camel Spotted in the Market
Stablecoin Raises USD 133m from Bitcoin Sceptics
Savedroid’s Exit Scam Was a PR Stunt
Savedroid Seems to Be the Next Exit Scam
Blockchain-based System to Help Establishing Companies in the EU
Verge Drops After Announced Partnership With Pornhub
Entrepreneur to Beat Warren Buffett Portfolio With Crypto
Blockchain May Hurt Swiss Banking the Most, Says Moody’s
A New Era for Earning Crypto? Coinbase Buys Earn, Takes CEO on as CTO
Prices May Skyrocket Once Tax Day is Over, Traders Say
69 Bitcoin Forks, Very Few Tradeable
How Bitcoin Gets Under Your Skin - Literally
DNA and Samsung - Two Recent Adoption Cases in the Blockchain Family
Russia Blocks Telegram for Refusing to Hand Over Data
Crypto Tax Policy in the US as Unclear as Ever
Crypto Pens is the New Way to Cash In on the Crypto Craze
Reactions to the Market Jump Surprisingly Lukewarm
Another Crypto Giant Moves to Malta
These Seven EU Members Didn't Join European Blockchain Partnership
Vietnam to Investigate USD 658m Crypto Fraud Allegations
Would You Buy This Townhouse for USD 30mln - or 45mln in BTC?
A Guide to Crypto Terminology
Crypto Community Turns to Petitions Amid Regulatory Crackdown
"AirBnB for Computers" Announces the Big Step
Bitcoin Is Over Like the Flu Season, Says Barclays
How HODLing and Bitcoin Price Correlate
How to Mine Bitcoin for Free and Make USD 5 a Year
Where Is the Focus: Blockchain or Bitcoin?
Ethereum Mining Rig Trading Cards Are a Thing
Gold for Muslim Investors is a New Tactic for Crypto Traders
Majority of U.S. CFOs Don't Expect to be Affected by Blockchain
Old-School Investors Dipping into Crypto
Crypto’s Own Silicon Valley Sitcom: “Buy the Dip”
Coincheck Sold for USD 34 million
Major Think Tank Tries to Save Blockchain Industry From GDPR
India’s Crypto Community Urges Not to Panic Due to Recent Ban
Verge Might Fork After 51% Attack
Japan Might Give Green Light for ICOs Under New Guidelines
Coincheck Accepts Monex Bid for Takeover
Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Crypto Trades Daily Over Skype
Self-Proclaimed “Bitcoin Creator” is a Fraud, Says Vitalik Buterin
Petro Deemed a Scam by Rating Sites
Crypto Arbitrage in Asia Has Fallen, But is Still Profitable
John McAfee Charges USD 105,000 for Promotional ICO Tweet
Coincheck Could be Sold to Monex Group
What Six Nobel Laureate Economists Have to Say About Crypto
Telegram Rakes in USD 1.7 billion in Two Rounds
China for Centralized Crypto
Monero Not as Private as Previously Thought
Crypto Job Popularity on the Decline, Blockchain Still Wanted
Bitcoin Bull Makes a Case for HODLing
11-Year-Old Crypto Wunderkind to Revolutionize Coins for Gaming
Ford Awarded Patent for Car-to-Car Crypto Transactions
Three Countries Unites Against Tech Giants in Banned Crypto Ads Case
Cryptomatoes, Blockchain Pigs & Habanero Coins: Crypto in Agro
Cybercrime Gang Arrested, Used BTC to Launder USD 1.24bn
Chile Crypto Exchanges Slam on Banks for Service Denial
Bitcoin Puzzles: A New Rewarding Pastime
European Utilities to Start Trading with Each Other Using Blockchain
China Leads by Number of Blockchain Patents Filed
Password Security at Exchanges “Incredibly Weak,” Research Shows
The Largest Exchange Moves to Malta
Blockchain Companies May Face Issues Complying With EU Regulations
Bitcoin Blockbuster to be Distributed Using Blockchain
Exchange Giant in Regulatory Trouble in Japan
Facebook's Problems Could Help Blockchain Growth
CEO of Twitter: Bitcoin Will Be World’s Single Currency
15-Year-Old Security Researcher Discovers Ledger Wallet Vulnerability
Russians Helped Venezuela Launch Petro, Report Says
Image Gallery: ICOs Finding New Ways to Garner Attention
IBM: “Smaller Than a Grain of Salt” Computer Will Use Blockchain
The New Head of China’s Central Bank Might Show More Love for Crypto
The Two Faces of Crypto Elitism
Monero Cryptominers Use Google Play and Picture of Scarlett Johansson
Coca-Cola to Fight Forced Labor Using Blockchain
Report: Twitter May Start Banning Crypto Ads in Two Weeks
Google Trends: How Is Crypto Holding Up?
Market Talk: the Bad and the Good About Crypto
Bitcoin is "On the Edge of Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption"
Crypto Adoption in Media: Washington Post Example
Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in a Dilemma After Google Crypto-Ad Ban
Playboy to Play Crypto Card
Apple-Approved App Mining Crypto on Users’ Computers
Coinbase Heats Up Competition in Europe
It's Official: Google Banning Crypto Ads
Bitcoin Takes a Break from Mt. Gox Until September
Dogecoin Has More Transactions than Bitcoin Cash
Listing ICOs on Exchanges Is a Lucrative Business
Two New Ways to Measure Crypto Mania
John Oliver Explains Crypto
Another ICO Makes Off With More Than USD 2 Million
Hacker Hunt: USD 10 million for Info on Binance Hackers
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