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10 Best NFT Giveaways for 2023

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NFT projects promote their platforms by allowing users to earn free NFTs via giveaways. Along with the possibility to access unique digital art pieces for free, the best NFT giveaways feature exciting use cases by introducing playable avatars, metaverse ecosystems and more. 

This guide reviews the best NFT giveaway projects - which will offer users the chance to win exciting new airdrops, $1 million worth of prizes and even access some of the most expensive NFT projects for free. 

The 10 Best Free NFT Giveaways Open Now

Interested in getting your hands on the best NFT giveaways for 2023? The sections below list the top 10 giveaway projects that feature the best NFT games to online lottery prizes. 

  • Tamadoge - Win Up to $100,00 by Accessing this New NFT
  • Battle Infinity - Play-to-earn NFT Gaming & Metaverse Platform
  • Lucky Block - NFT Competition Platform offering a Free BAYC NFT
  • SKULLX - Earn a Free Ethereum-Based NFT
  • Material World - Collect Tier Points to Win NFT Rewards
  • Coachella - Free NFTs that Blossom into Real-Life Benefits for Passholders
  • Key of Life - Depolluting Web3 Brand Offering Free NFTs
  • Ape Masters Club - Win a $75 NFT by Getting Whitelisted
  • Wizardia - Win a Legendary NFT Worth $7,777
  • PiratexPirate - Earn Free NFTs to compete in a Play-to-Earn Fantasy Game

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Reviewing the Top NFT Giveaways

The sections below provide an in-depth analysis of the best NFT giveaways for 2023. 

1.Tamadoge - Win Upto $100,000 by Accessing this New NFT

Tamadoge is an exciting new cryptocurrency that offers a play-to-earn (P2E) environment to offer in-game earning opportunities to investors. At the center of this ecosystem are Tamadoge Pets - unique dog-like characters with different characteristics and advantages. Minted as NFTs, Tamadoge Pets are created using ERC 721 smart contracts. 

These NFTs can be purchased from the Tamadoge store via TAMA - the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. One of the best utility NFTs, Tamadoge Pets, can be grown and bred to eventually compete in community-wide competitions. 

Players compete with their own Pet NFTs to earn Dogepoints to climb up the leaderboard charts. The top performers are rewarded with TAMA tokens. On October 6th 2022, Tamadoge released its first collection of Tamadoge Pets. 

100 ultra rare pet NFTs were released, featuring boosted stats which will give them an edge over the other assets. In the future, Tamadoge will release 1,000 more rare NFTs and 20,000 common NFTs. These NFTs will be made available on popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea in the future. 

One of the best play to earn games, Tamadoge is offering investors the opportunity to win $100,000. To promote the free NFT giveaway, users can access 9 different ways to enter the best NFT giveaway competition. 

With the recent NFT drops, Tamadoge has the potential to become one of the best long term cryptocurrency projects. After releasing on OKX exchange for just $0.03, the token reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.19 - more than a 5x price increase. 

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2. Battle Infinity - Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming and Metaverse Platform 

Like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity is a P2E ecosystem offering multiple use cases. Battle Infinity offers an NFT marketplace where players can upgrade and access playable NFT avatars in a virtual environment - the Battle Arena. 

The Battle Arena features virtual events and concerts, where all participants take the form of unique NFTs that are minted using ERC 721 smart contract functionality. One of the best metaverse NFT projects, Battle Infinity also hosts an NFT-based sports fantasy league. On this P2E element, players can take part by purchasing NFT passes and win further NFT rewards and trade these digital assets on second-hand markets. 

To promote the project, Battle Infinity is hosting free NFT giveaways through its Telegram Group. The project has distributed $3,000 to users who completed various tasks whilst promoting the social media platforms. 

Each entrant was handed out points to determine their rankings, with one single performer being given $500 as a reward. In the future, Battle Infinity will look to host more NFT giveaways to promote the multiple P2E ecosystems of this project. With the rising popularity of the NFT use cases, Battle Infinity’s native token has also become a popular cryptocurrency. 

IBAT, the native token, collected 16,5000 worth of BNB in 24 days of its presale round. This new token traded from a price of just $0.0015 to a high of $0.0105. Currently, IBAT is available to buy on popular exchanges such as PancakeSwap. 

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3. Lucky Block - NFT Competition Platform offering a Free BAYC NFT

Lucky Block is an NFT-based competition platform - offering participants the opportunity to win several prizes by participating in weekly NFT and crypto draws. The Lucky Block ecosystem mints its own NFTs - which must be purchased to participate in exclusive NFT draws. 

One of the best ways to make money with NFTs is to invest in new crypto projects. Each NFT draw on Lucky Block involves exciting prizes. Players can stand a chance to win luxury watches, holiday packages and much more.

Some of the available NFTs minted on Lucky Block include the Platinum Rollers NFT collection, consisting of 10,000 unique NFTs giving access to all exclusive Platinum draws on Lucky Block. The NFT giveaways on this draw range from gaming consoles to free Lamborghinis.

However, one of the most exciting rewards on the Lucky Block is a free Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT. For those unfamiliar with this collection, the BAYC NFTs have a floor price of 73 ETH ($93,000 at the time of writing). All one needs to do take part in the BAYC draw is purchase an NFT pass and stand a chance to win this NFT. 

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4. SKULLX - Earn a Free Ethereum-Based NFT 

The next NFT giveaway on our list is SKULLX - a popular NFT collection comprising 10,000 unique digital avatars. Each SKULLX NFT showcases a unique image of skull-shaped avatars with their unique skins, clothes and accessories. 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SKULLX have been minted as ERC 721 tokens which can be purchased to win different prizes and benefits. SKULLX has held an NFT giveaway where 1 participant stood a chance to win a free SKULLX NFT. The average floor price per NFT is 0.01 ETH - which represents the lowest buy price in the collection.

The free NFT giveaway is valued at about 0.08 ETH, equating to more than $100. Currently, the 10,000 SKULLX NFTs are held by 2,509 different investors. SKULLX NFTs have a market cap of 100 ETH ($127,000).

In the future, SKULLX will release a new collection - SKULLX Origins. This will comprise 666 pixel skulls - hand-drawn pieces of art designed and minted as NFTs. The team will provide more information via their Discord and social media channels. 

5. Material World - Collect Tier Points to Win NFT Rewards

Material World is an NFT collection comprising of 3,333 unique NFTs. Apart from concentrating on unique designs and accessories, each NFT collection in Material World takes practicality into consideration. 

With each new NFT collection, Material World aims to run a recurring giveaway where platform members can win huge prizes and rewards. The release of the first collection has led to the introduction of the first prize drop - where platform members can win up to $275,000. According to the platform, prizes vary from luxury watches like the Royal Oak AP to luxury cars like the BMW I8. 

One of the main aspects of this NFT collection is a three-tier system - which rewards points to platform members. Points can be earned by purchasing NFTs and are used to determine your tiers - Tier 1 being the highest. In the future, your tiers will give you access to benefits such as free NFT giveaways, private events and whitelist spaces. 

Therefore, investors can begin purchasing these NFTs to stand a chance to earn exclusive prizes and benefits in the Material World collection. 

6. Coachella - Free NFTs that Blossom into Real-Life Benefits for Passholders

The popular music festival Coachella is now handing out free NFTs to pass-holders for its yearly festivals. In 2022, Coachella Passholders were distributed free NFTs, courtesy of the event’s partnerships with FTX - the global cryptocurrency exchange. 

Termed as ‘Bloom NFTs’ - these unique digital assets will allow holders to access various on-site perks throughout the festival weekends. Every weekend of an event, the NFT holders will witness their Bloom NFTs blossom into one of seven dessert flowers. This will allow attendees to earn benefits, including food and beverage vouchers, limited edition merchandise and more. 

Some of the NFTs will also blossom into six rare flowers - which will offer benefits for the 2023 Coachella year, including free passes, VIP upgrades and access to the FTX lounge. Thus, this special NFT giveaway combines NFT rewards with real-life use cases such as music and festival-based benefits. 

7. Key of Life - Depolluting Web3 Brand Offering Free NFTs

Key of Life is a new NFT collection developed by Recycle the Land - a web3-based environmental clean-up brand. Aiming to make others more aware of solid waste disposal, Recycle the Land leverages web3 products such as NFTs, apparel and toys to raise awareness in an interesting way. 

After already having released two NFT collections, Recycle the Land is now releasing the Key of Life NFT collection - which will feature 3,800 digital creations. On October 31st 2022, this project will host a free mint to let interested participants get a Key of Life NFT before the collection drops. 

Some of the giveaways include access to Key of Life’s Zombie Trunk NFT - which will also offer VIP access to future events and upcoming NFT drops. 

8. Ape Masters Club - Win a $75 NFT by Getting Whitelisted

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ape Masters Club is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. A computer programme randomly generates and designs an NFT by selecting from over 300 different 3D designs and traits.

Boasting social media utility, the Ape Masters Club will allow holders to get shout-outs on their socials via Twitter and Instagram. NFT holders can use the community to promote their businesses, conduct personal branding and network with others. 

To distribute the NFTs, Ape Masters Club has been holding social media-based events that allow users to be whitelisted. This means they will be a part of a special list of investors who will get access to NFT drops, before the collection is released.

Participants can be whitelisted by completing simple tasks such as following the Twitter accounts, retweeting posts and joining the Discord community. After the whitelist ends, each NFT will be worth around $75 worth of Ethereum. 

9. Wizardia - Win a Legendary NFT Worth $7,777

Wizardia is a play-to-earn metaverse platform where users can purchase NFTs, access staking benefits and compete in PVE tournaments. An online role-playing strategy game, Wizardia features a fantasy world where users can stand a chance to compete for prize pools. 

To get started, users must purchase the available NFTs on the platform to stand a chance to win various rewards. Currently, the Genesis NFTs collections are being made available in 7 rounds - with the potential to win free NFT giveaways at the end of each round. Wizardia has set aside $10,000 which will be distributed as 60 x $50 prizes and 80 x $25 prizes. 

There will be 10 prize winners announced at the end of each round - with rounds 6 & 7 participants offered the chance to win exclusive NFT prizes. Currently, on Round 6 of the Genesis NFT sale, the digital avatars can be purchased at $300 per NFT. Prizes include Rare, Epic and Legendary Genesis NFTs - with one Legendary NFT going up to $7,777. 

10. PirateXPirate - Earn Free NFTs to compete in a Play-to-Earn Fantasy Game 

PirateXPirate (PXP) is a PVP fantasy battle game which features play-to-earn ecosystems where users can compete to earn in-game rewards. The available NFTs include PXP NFT Ships - which can be built and designed to compete for PXP - the native cryptocurrency. 

Players can also purchase NFT avatars of their Ship’s captains, each offering different stats and accessories to help in the online battle modes. In the future, PXP is working on new NFT creations which can also be won during in-game battles. Furthermore, PXP tokens can be staked within the ecosystem to earn passive income. 

PirateXPirate also holds monthly online lottery events where players can stand a chance to earn up to $1,000 in PXP. These competitions can be entered by staking PXP tokens. 

How do NFT Giveaways Work?

NFT projects allow investors to participate in their giveaways in various ways. For example, some of the best NFT giveaway projects, like Lucky Block, mint their own NFTs, which must be purchased to take part in other prize draws. After purchasing Lucky Block NFTs, individuals can stand a chance to win a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT just by keeping their NFT in their respective wallets. 

Other projects have begun leveraging social media to promote their NFT giveaways. Ape Masters Club offers investors the opportunity to be whitelisted in their projects by following their social media accounts, retweeting and sharing their posts. Thus, there is no minimum deposit required to enter the draws either. 

Since the main aim of NFT giveaways is to attract more participants, many giveaway projects offer free prizes after making an initial purchase. On Wizardia, a user can purchase an NFT to stand a chance to win a prize draw every round. 

How to Enter a Free NFT Giveaway 

Tamadoge is one of the top trending crypto coins to buy now. After the success of the initial $100,00 NFT giveaway, players can buy TAMA tokens by following the steps listed below: 

Step 1: Create an OKX Account

Tamadoge is available to buy on OKX - a global cryptocurrency exchange with more than 20 million active users. Head over to the OKX website and begin the registration process. 

Enter your phone number, email address and create a unique password for your OKX account. 

Step 2: Buy ETH/USDT

An ERC-20 token, TAMA, can be purchased with Ethereum-based tokens like Ethereum or USDT. On OKX, search for either ETH/USDT and buy the tokens with fiat currency payment methods such as a credit/debit card, a bank transfer or an e-wallet. 

Step 3: Buy Tamadoge on OKX

After acquiring ETH/USDT in your OKX account, you can search for Tamadoge on the platform’s search bar. Once you access the TAMA market, enter the amount of tokens you wish to convert to Tamadoge. 

Click on ‘Buy TAMA’ and select ‘Confirm Order’ to make your purchase. 

For those that can't register to the OKX centralized exchange to regulatory restrictions, TAMA is also available to purchase with a cryptocurrency wallet through the OKX decentralized exchange.




NFT giveaways are a great way for investors to access unique and digitally minted art pieces free of cost. We recommend Tamadoge as one of the best NFT giveaway projects - after running a $100,000 giveaway for its Tamadoge Pets NFT collection. 

Investors can purchase these NFTs with TAMA, the native cryptocurrency via OKX’s centralized and decentralized exchange.

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How do I get a free NFT giveaway?

Many NFT giveaways allow investors to access free NFTs by purchasing items on their platform, following their social media handles or taking part in competitions to earn prizes. Read our article to see which NFT giveaways are trending right now. 

What are some NFT giveaways?

Lucky Block is an NFT-based competition platform that runs some of the best NFT giveaways. Users can compete in different NFT draws by purchasing a platform-based NFT and win a free Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, a Lamborghinis, luxury watches and other exciting prizes.