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11 Best Crypto Alerts Sites for 2024

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 19 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
best crypto alert sites

Crypto alerts can help traders stay on top of the fast-moving crypto market so they never miss an opportunity. There are many different types of crypto alerts platforms, from crypto signals services to price alert tools to automated trading bots. In this guide, we’ll review the 11 best crypto alerts sites for 2024 and explain everything traders need to know about using crypto alerts.

The 11 Best Cryptocurrency Alerts Sites Ranked

Here are the 11 best crypto alerts sites traders can use in 2024:

  1. – Get 2-3 Telegram Crypto Alerts Each Day
  2. Jacob Bury – Daily Trading Signals & Crypto Trading Chat Room
  3. NFT Signals – Trading Alerts for NFTs
  4. Crypto Launchpad – Easy to Follow Alerts for Emerging Cryptos
  5. Cryptocurrency Alerting – Customizable Crypto Price Alerts App
  6. TradingView – Technical Analysis Platform with Advanced Alerts
  7. Universal Crypto Signals – Cryptocurrency Alerts & Automated Trading
  8. CoinMarketCap – Mobile Crypto Price Alert App
  9. Verified Crypto Traders – Real-time Alerts for Crypto Futures Trading
  10. 2Moon – Best Long-term Crypto Trading Signals
  11. Fat Pig Signals – Best Crypto Alerts Site for Beginners

Reviewing The Top Crypto Price Alerts Sites & Channels

To get the most out of a crypto price alerts site, it’s important for traders to use alerts that fit their needs. We’ll take a closer look at each of the best crypto price alerts sites and what they offer.

1. – Get 2-3 Telegram Crypto Alerts Each Day is a crypto alerts service run by an experienced team of professional crypto traders. The platform offers daily crypto trading signals via Telegram. It’s no wonder that is also one of the best crypto Telegram groups to join in 2024. Traders can evaluate signals and trade manually or integrate’s alerts with their trading platform for automated trading. Telegram channel

Each offers everything traders need to make a crypto trade. That includes the entry price, target price, and stop loss, plus an annotated chart showing the setup. The service issues 3 signals per week for free users or 2-3 signals per day for VIP subscribers.

The Telegram channel is simple to follow along with and doesn’t require traders to spend all day glued to a charting screen. Plus, Telegram works well on mobile devices so trading on the go with alerts is easy.

According to, this alerts service has a success rate of 82%. That means that traders win 4 out of every 5 signaled trades. The traders behind this service state the trade’s expected risk-reward ratio for every trade and typically target setups with a 1:2 or 1:3 risk-reward ratio. offers its VIP signals for £42 per month or £210 per year. Alternatively, traders can sign up with one of’s partner brokers – AvaTrade and – and make a $250 minimum deposit. That sign-up and deposit earns traders a free lifetime VIP subscription to

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals Cryptocurrency Telegram £42 per month (free plan available)


2. Jacob Bury – Daily Trading Signals & Crypto Trading Chat Room

Jacob Bury is a crypto trading guru who now shares his trading techniques and ideas with other traders. Bury runs one of the best Discord groups where active crypto day traders can get together to share ideas, offer support to one another, and point out the latest setups.

Jacob Crypto Bury Discord

The channel is highly active, with dozens to hundreds of traders posting about their trades each day. There are sub-channels for charts, fundamental data, NFTs, and more, making this a suitable community for a wide range of traders.

The Discord channel also serves as a hub for Bury’s own crypto trading signals and one-on-one coaching. Users looking for the best crypto trading tips in 2024 are likely to have already come across popular Discord and Telegram groups.

Bury is also active on Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube, so traders interested in his strategies and ideas can find out more about his approach through those channels. For those looking to subscribe to the best crypto YouTube channels, Jacob Bury is attracting a lot of attention from the crypto community.

Bury made a splash in the world of crypto traders by being among the first to identify fast-moving emerging cryptocurrencies. For example, Bury was early to spot Tamadoge, a new deflationary cryptocurrency, as offering huge potential opportunities for traders.

Bury also has a Discord sub-channel for “alt-gems” where he highlights new cryptocurrencies that could be set to explode. Access to Bury’s Discord channel requires a Patreon subscription, which starts at $7.50 per month.

To unlock Bury’s crypto signals, traders need to upgrade to a plan that costs $11.50 per month. This includes spot trading signals, leveraged trading signals, and optional one-on-one lessons from Bury himself. Additionally, for those looking for trading tips via social networking mediums, Jacob Bury also hosts one of the best crypto TikTok accounts in 2024.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals, chat room Cryptocurrency, NFTs Discord $7.50 per month

Visit Jacob Bury

3. NFT Signals – Trading Alerts for NFTs

NFT Signals is one the best NFT alerts sites for 2024. This signals and alerts platform is uniquely focused on the NFT market, helping traders spot undervalued NFTs that could be worth a lot more in a short timeframe. Notably, NFT Signals also supports alerts for shorting NFTs, which is something traders won’t find from most other alerts sites.

NFT trading signals

According to NFT Signals, this crypto alert service has generated more than $53 million in profit for traders. The service offers a detailed look at recommended trades for several recent months so that traders can see the range of wins and losses. The professional traders behind the service emphasize consistency so that traders can potentially make a steady income off of flipping NFTs.

NFT Signals offers a free Telegram channel where traders can get a taste for the service, but a VIP subscription is needed to access most NFT price alerts. VIP plans start at £50 per month and include a minimum of 5 NFT trade alerts per week. All signals are delivered by Telegram, but need to be executed manually since few NFT exchanges support auto-trading.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals NFTs Telegram £50 per month


Visit NFT Signals

4. Crypto Launchpad – Easy to Follow Alerts for Emerging Cryptos

Crypto Launchpad is another Telegram-based crypto alerts site that traders can use to find trading opportunities in the crypto market.

Crypto Launchpad

This crypto alerts app focuses on emerging cryptocurrencies, which frequently experience significant gains when they first go on pre-sale or hold a crypto ICO. Crypto Launchpad also seeks out opportunities in the aftermath of these gains, when some hot tokens can be shorted for a profit. Some recent emerging cryptocurrencies that Crypto Launchpad has identified for trading include Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block.

rypto Launchpad’s signals include much more than just the bare minimum needed to execute a trade. Alerts are usually accompanied by an explanation of why the professional traders behind this service like a coin. That may include notes on the success of a pre-sale or details about a coin’s favorable tokenomics.

One of the best things about this cryptocurrency price alert app is that it’s completely free to use. There’s no VIP subscription necessary to access the Telegram channel. So, anyone can start using Crypto Launchpad’s signals to start finding the hottest new cryptocurrencies.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals Emerging cryptocurrencies Telegram Free



Visit Crypto Launchpad

5. Cryptocurrency Alerting – Customizable Crypto Price Alerts App

Cryptocurrency Alerting is a cryptocurrency alerts site that makes it easy for traders and investors to build their own custom alerts. Traders can set up price alerts, trading volume alerts, market cap alerts, or even interval alerts that tell them the price of a crypto token at regular intervals.

Cryptocurrency alerting

The app also supports listing alerts, which can be very helpful for finding new coin listings to trade. Ethereum gas fee alerts notify traders when they could pay reduced fees for making transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Alerting can send out notifications over a wide variety of crypto alerts channels, including email, text message, phone call, and push notification. It can also send alerts via Telegram, Discord, or Slack. Cryptocurrency Alerts is free to use for up to 3 active alerts or costs $3.99 per month for up to 20 active alerts.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Price alerts, volume alerts, ICO alerts Cryptocurrency SMS, Email, Telegram, Discord, Slack Free

6. TradingView – Technical Analysis Platform with Advanced Alerts

TradingView is an advanced charting and technical analysis platform that offers traders a wide range of ways to create alerts. The platform has built-in tools for common alerts like price and volume notifications. More experienced traders can also use TradingView’s script editor to code their own custom alerts.

Tradingview Bitcoin chart

Another benefit to TradingView is that it has a strong social community. So, traders can find custom alerts created by other traders and modify them or copy them. Alerts are easy to set up right from the technical charting interface, which is a major plus for day traders in a hurry. TradingView is free to use, but only supports 1 active alert with a free account. Pricing starts at $14.95 for a Pro account that supports up to 20 active alerts.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Price alerts, volume alerts, custom alerts Cryptocurrency TradingView app, email Free

7. Universal Crypto Signals – Cryptocurrency Alerts & Automated Trading

Universal Crypto Signals is a premium crypto signals platform that claims to have an incredible success rate of 96%. The service backs up this claim with a report on its historical performance for a month in 2021, which shows that the platform’s alerts generated a total gain of more than 1,000% for traders.

Universal crypto signals

Universal Crypto Signals offers crypto alerts for Bitcoin and most popular altcoins that trade on Binance. Trade signals are issued through Telegram and Universal Crypto Signals integrates seamlessly with auto-trading bots like Cornix. Signals may be long or short and there are typically several trade alerts each day. A subscription to Universal Crypto Signals costs $66 per month for manual trading or $91 per month for fully automated trading with a Cornix bot.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals Cryptocurrency Telegram $66 per month

8. CoinMarketCap – Mobile Crypto Price Alert App

CoinMarketCap is best known as a free crypto research site and the go-to source for finding out the market capitalization of any cryptocurrency. But the new CoinMarketCap mobile app for Android and iOS is also one of the best apps for crypto price alerts.

Coinmarketcap mobile app

Alerts through this cryptocurrency price alerts app are relatively simple. Traders can set a price for each coin at which they want to receive a notification or they can set alerts based on how much a token has moved during a day of trading.

Alerts are delivered as push notifications on a trader’s smartphone. In addition to these alerts, it’s worth knowing about CoinMarketCap’s ICO calendar. This shows the best upcoming ICOs and can be a useful tool for monitoring new cryptocurrencies that have the potential to take off.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Price alerts Cryptocurrency Push notifications Free

9. Verified Crypto Traders – Real-time Alerts for Crypto Futures Trading

Verified Crypto Traders is one of the best crypto alerts sites for traders who want to buy and sell crypto derivatives. This platform specifically offers alerts for crypto futures contracts, including Bitcoin futures, as well as leveraged cryptocurrency products. While many of these derivatives aren’t available to trade in the US, traders in other countries can find a wide range of leveraged crypto tokens on Binance and Bitmex.

Verified Crypto Traders platform

Verified Crypto Traders provides a detailed log of all of its trades for the past year so that traders can evaluate the service’s success. On average, crypto breakout alerts on this service had a success rate of nearly 70%. Verified Crypto Traders requires a paid subscription that starts at $99 per month. Trader receive access to daily signals, weekly trading webinars, and a Cornix auto-trading bot.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals Cryptocurrency, crypto futures, leveraged tokens Telegram $99 per month

10. 2Moon – Best Long-term Crypto Trading Signals

2Moon is one of the best crypto alert apps for traders in search of long-term trades. This service occasionally issues signals that last for weeks or even months, offering potentially much higher returns compared to daily or weekly trades.

2Moon crypto signals

2Moon has been offering the best crypto signals since 2017 and has issued more than 2,100 signals in that time. The service doesn’t provide a detailed record of its performance, but a selection of months in 2020 shows that 2Moon delivered more than 250% monthly returns for traders on average. 2Moon signals are delivered by Telegram and are designed for use with the Binance and Bitmex crypto exchanges, which offer leveraged tokens. A one-month subscription costs $297, but 2Moon also offers a lifetime subscription for $997.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals Cryptocurrency, crypto futures, leveraged tokens Telegram $297 per month

11. Fat Pig Signals – Best Crypto Alerts Site for Beginners

Fat Pig Signals is a well-established crypto signals provider that trades Bitcoin and a wide range of altcoins. Signals are delivered via a Telegram and they’re incredibly simple to follow, making this one of the best crypto alerts services for new traders.

Fat Pig signals

One thing we especially like about Fat Pig Signals is that the service is transparent about its performance. Traders can view a spreadsheet of every trade the service has recommended going back to 2018 along with the profit or loss.

In addition to seeing the service’s performance, traders can get a sense for how often signals are issued and how stop losses and profit target work. Fat Pig Signals offers a free Telegram channel with 1-2 signals per week. A VIP subscription includes access to multiple signals per day and costs $247 per month.

Types of Alerts Markets Alerts Channel Pricing
Crypto signals Cryptocurrency Telegram $247 per month (free plan available)

What are Crypto Alerts?

Crypto alerts can take several forms. At their most basic, crypto alerts can be price alerts – notifications that traders receive when the price of a token crosses a threshold they specify. Related alerts include trading volume alerts or percent change alerts, both of which can be useful for spotting a cryptocurrency that’s seeing higher than average trading activity.

Many of the best crypto alerts sites go beyond price alerts to offer full-fledged crypto trading signals. These signals are ready-made trades that traders can act on. Typically, they include the recommended entry price for the trade, the target price at which to exit for a profit, and the stop loss price at which to exit for a loss.

For crypto watchers, there are also crypto news alerts. These can be useful for finding tokens that are trading higher or lower after big announcements. Some top crypto apps even let traders create their own custom alerts. These can be very useful for traders who have a custom strategy and want to know when a new coin is setting up to trade with that strategy.

How Do Cryptocurrency Price Alerts Work?

Just like there are several different types of crypto alerts, there are also several different ways that the best crypto alert sites can work. Most cryptocurrency alerts are automated. A bot or piece of code with access to market data recognizes when the conditions of the alert are met and sends a notification to traders.

However, crypto signals can also be created manually by professional traders. These traders monitor the market using the best cryptocurrency scanners and custom strategies to find opportunities, then issue an alert when they’ve found a setup they recommend.

Crypto signals are usually delivered using the Telegram messaging app. That’s because Telegram ensures that all traders receive alerts instantly at the same time, so no one is left behind. In addition, Telegram is compatible with a wide range of auto-trading bots that can be used to act on signals automatically.

Price alerts and other types of crypto alerts may be issued by push notification, email, SMS message, or browser notification. Trading platforms that support price alerts usually make a sound or display a notification on the platform itself.

What are the Best Cryptocurrencies to Track Right Now?

In order for traders to make use of the best crypto alerts sites, they need to have a watchlist of cryptocurrencies to track. Here are the top 5 crypto tokens that traders can keep an eye on in 2024.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is one of the hottest new cryptocurrencies of 2024. The creators behind this play-to-earn crypto game recently raised more than $15 million during a presale of the project’s TAMA cryptocurrency is now trading on OKX. Traders should be ready to jump in if the price of TAMA explodes once this coin lists on a major exchange.

Tamadoge crypto project

Tamadoge is a doge-themed game in which players can purchase and battle NFT pets. As players win matches, they climb the game’s leaderboards and earn TAMA as a reward. TAMA itself is removed from circulation and burned every time a player purchases an NFT or in-game upgrade, making this cryptocurrency deflationary.

TAMA proved hugely popular with investors during the crypto presale and the tokenomics of the coin could help the price appreciate over time. Traders can find all the latest alerts about TAMA from Jacob Bury, who was one of the first traders to call attention to this token.


Register on OKX CEX to Trade TAMA

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is another new and highly promising crypto to watch in 2024. This project is aiming to create a multiverse of metaverses where players can find an expansive range of virtual experiences and earn crypto along the way.

Battle Infinity crypto project

The native cryptocurrency of Battle Infinity is IBAT, which forms the backbone of this virtual platform’s economy. IBAT can be used to buy NFTs and in-game upgrades in the Battle Infinity metaverse. It’s also given out to players as a reward for gaming and can be staked using Battle Infinity’s built-in staking pools.

Battle Infinity had a very successful presale and crypto ICO and IBAT is now available on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap. Traders should keep their price alerts active, as there could be big movements in the price of IBAT as more pieces of the Battle Infinity metaverse come online.

Visit Battle Infinity

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin. It’s one of the most widely traded cryptocurrencies, which means that traders won’t have any issues finding an exchange that offers it or liquidity problems entering and exiting positions.

While trading a mega-cap crypto might not be as exciting as trading lesser-known altcoins, Ethereum could be in for unusually large price swings in the near future. This blockchain recently completed The Merge, a long-planned switch from a proof of work to a proof of stake verification mechanism.

That switch has been accompanied by a jump in ETH futures trading and higher volatility in the price of ETH generally. While Ethereum’s volatility has calmed down in recent days, vigilant traders may still be able to find opportunities in this popular cryptocurrency.

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is a governance and utility token created by Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT collections. Since launching it’s been one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies on the market, which has created plenty of opportunities for watchful crypto traders.

ApeCoin could be in for even bigger moves ahead. Yuga Labs announced that it is developing a metaverse, called Otherside, around the Bored Ape theme. Rumors are swirling that ApeCoin could become the official crypto token of the Otherside metaverse and may be required to purchase land NFTs in the virtual world. If that happens, expect the price of this metaverse coin to skyrocket as demand for the coin soars. Traders will want to have alerts in place so they don’t miss the coin’s potentially quick rise.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of the largest competitors to the Ethereum blockchain, but it’s had a rough go over the past year. Attacks on the blockchain have forced it offline at times, shaking the confidence of investors. However, the developers behind Solana believe that they have the exploited bugs under control, and the coin has been active in bringing new projects onto its blockchain.

Add to that the fact that Solana offers some of the best graphics and lowest costs for play-to-earn crypto games, and there could be a significant bounce in this token’s value in the future. In any case, more volatility is likely in store for Solana. For traders, that means there could be opportunities in this token.

How to Get Reliable Crypto Price Alerts

Ready to start trading with crypto breakout alerts? We’ll walk traders through how to get alerts from, our top-rated crypto alerts site for 2024.

Step 1: Visit

Head to and click on ‘Join Our VIP Telegram Group.’ Telegram channel

Step 2: Sign Up for a Plan

Choose a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual VIP subscription to and click ‘Buy Now.’ Traders can pay with a credit card or debit card, pricing

Step 3: Join the VIP Telegram Group

Download the Telegram app and join’s VIP channel using the invite link.

Crypto Signals Telegram

Step 4: Trade Crypto Signals

Monitor the Telegram group for daily crypto signals. Traders can enter trades manually with their exchange or crypto broker, or integrate an auto-trading bot to trade signals automatically.


The best crypto alerts sites make it easier to stay on top of the crypto market and find prime trading opportunities. For reliable and profitable crypto signals, traders should check out and Jacob Bury. Both platforms offer easy-to-follow alerts and have highly profitable track records.



How do I get crypto alerts?

Traders can get crypto alerts from services like or Jacob Bury. Many popular crypto trading platforms also offer customizable crypto price alerts.

What is the best site for crypto price alerts?

Cryptocurrency Alerting is the best site for crypto price alerts. It offers simple alerts for any token across an extremely wide range of channels.

Can I get crypto alerts for free?

Yes, many platforms offer crypto price alerts at no cost. Traders can also get free crypto signals, although most services only offer a few signals each week to free subscribers.

Is Cryptocurrency Alerting free?

Cryptocurrency Alerting is free for up to 3 active alerts. Traders who need more alerts can upgrade to a Trader plan for $3.99 per month (billed annually).

How do I get NFT alerts?

The best place to get NFT alerts is NFT Signals. This trading service specializes in NFT flipping signals and aims to help traders generate consistent income from trading NFTs.

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