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Tamadoge Price Blasts Up 235% as Ultra-Rare Auction Launches – Best New NFT Drop?

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read

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The Tamadoge price has risen by over 235% in the past week, capping a 580% return over the altcoin’s presale price from last month. At a time when the cryptocurrency market as a whole is down by 18% since August, and by 56.6% since the start of the year, such increases are highly impressive, even if TAMA has fallen back from the all-time high it set on Tuesday.

At $0.068395, TAMA is down by 37% in 24 hours and by 64% in comparison to the aforementioned ATH, with profit-taking by earlier holders the likely cause of such a fall. However, with the altcoin still riding its post-presale momentum and with Tamadoge having launched a collection of ultra-rare NFTs, it has every chance of rallying again in the coming days.

Tamadoge Price Blasts Up 235% as Ultra-Rare Auction Launches

When its presale first started, investors could purchase TAMA at a price of $0.01. Many did precisely that, with the sale raising around $19 million in total, before the altcoin gained listings on major centralized exchange OKX, as well as its decentralized offshoot, OKX DEX (which is open to users worldwide).

TAMA was listed on OKX on September 27, from which date it proceeded to surpass its presale price by a wide margin. Indeed, it reached its record high of $0.194446 a week later, on October 4, meaning it recorded a 1,844% return for its earliest investors.

Even now, TAMA is still comfortably up on its presale prices, despite seeing a climbdown in the past day. This is arguably a necessary cooling-off period for the altcoin, with the drop in price potentially providing an attractive discount for newcomers who were a little late to its market.

Aside from its OKX listing, TAMA has had a few other things to celebrate more recently. It was listed on MEXC Global and LBANK Exchange over the past week, while it has also just announced a listing on Coinsbit today at 1:00 pm BST (2:00 pm UTC).

This will likely provide its market with more liquidity and demand, something which will also be helped by yesterday’s launch of 100 highly rare Tamadoge NFTs.

Available on OpenSea, these non-fungible tokens represent Tamadoge pets, which are styled after Tamagotchis (and after Shiba Inu dogs). These pets can be nurtured, trained, and put to battle against other Tamadoges, while they can also be traded.

The launch of these NFTs represents an important early step for Tamadoge as it moves from its exciting presale phase to a phase where it begins developing and deploying its underlying product. In this case, this product is a play-to-earn Metaverse, which aside from the ability to care for Tamadoge pets, will also expand to feature a variety of arcade-style games, which the 100 new NFTs can be used to access exclusively.

Such features provide TAMA with strong fundamentals, which should enable it to continue rising in value over the medium and long term.

Future Listings, More Features

Looking at the slightly more distant future, it’s worth pointing out that Tamadoge recently applied to list on Binance.

This application is still under review, yet a positive sign in its favor is that Binance already has a how-to-buy page for TAMA, implying that it was already on its radar prior to the application. Needless to say, if Binance does list TAMA, the coin could very well set another all-time high in the immediate aftermath.

Aside from its promising fundamentals, Tamadoge can already lay claim to having a strong and growing community of supporters and holders. While it opened a Twitter account as recently as July, this account has already swelled to boast over 76,000 followers.

This testifies to the strong interest Tamadoge has created within the cryptocurrency market. And with the altcoin only really having just started its journey, it likely has a few more big rallies in store.

Anyone interested in hearing more about TAMA’s OKX listing can join the planned OKX AMA with Carl Dawkins (Head of Growth for Tamadoge) at 8 am UTC on October 14.