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K-pop Stars Feature in Newly Released Crypto-themed Movie ‘Twenty Hacker’

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read

A galaxy of K-pop stars-turned-actors is likely to draw music and cinema fans to a new South Korean crypto-themed movie that will begin streaming on major international platforms in the coming days.

A trailer screenshot. Source: Youtube/EonTalk

As reported last year, the pop star Kwon Hyun-bin, aka Viini, of the K-pop boyband JBJ, was recruited to play the lead role in what was originally filmed as a mini-series, but later edited into a movie. Originally tentatively named Romantic Hacker, the movie has now been released in South Korea as Twenty Hacker. Per Newsen, the film marks the star’s cinematic debut.

Also appearing in the movie is Cho Hyun-young, a former member of the girl group Rainbow. Cho has turned her hand to acting in recent years since the dissolution of the chart-topping group.

And another girl group star-turned-actress plays Kwon’s romantic interest – Im Na-young, a former member of the pop acts I.O.I and Pristin. Im performed one of the songs featured on the film’s soundtrack.

As if that is not enough, another boyband member, Lee Su-woong of Boys’ Republic also appears in the new film.

Twenty Hacker tells the tale of how Kwon’s character, Jae-min, sees his father driven to suicide after hackers use ransomware to attack his company’s servers. Jae-min resolves to take his revenge, and throws his energy into becoming a computer boffin, developing extraordinary “white” hacking skills.

His abilities catch the eye of Cho’s character, who recruits him to work for her clandestine gang of benevolent hackers.

Meanwhile, a small, rival cabal of young and elite but ill-intentioned hackers decided to reap havoc on the country’s biggest crypto exchange. They succeed in breaking through the tight defenses of the exchange’s security system and send the exchange’s many clients ominous text messages about the imminent withdrawal of the tokens in their wallets.

Kwon’s character, along with the rest of Cho’s gang, is forced into a race against time to stop the hackers from making off with the exchange users’ funds.

In a further crypto bent, Im plays one of Jae-min’s childhood friends – and turns to him for help when her father becomes the victim of a potentially crippling crypto-themed scam.

If all this cryptoasset-flavored South Korean screen fun leaves you wanting more – you’re in luck. Armed with an eye-watering USD 540m budget, production is ongoing on Pumping Time, which will feature not only A-listing stars from South Korea, but also Hollywood stars. Already shaping up to be the crypto world’s answer to Game of Thrones, the soon-to-be-released series is slated to run for 10 seasons.
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