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Tim Alper

Tim Alper

Tim Alper is a British, South Korea-based journalist, a regular contributor to Cryptonews.com, who covers cryptocurrency and blockchain related news daily, writes in depth analysis pieces about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
Tim has over 12 years of media experience. He has written for the BBC, the Guardian, the Jewish Chronicle, Chosun Ilbo and many other media outlets, covered cryptocurrency and blockchain related news. He has also collaborated on media projects with the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, Hyundai, Korean Air, TÜV SÜD and Shell.

Articles by Tim Alper

57% of Surveyed Japanese Companies Set to Adopt Blockchain Technology
Gox Rising Offers USD 800 Per Bitcoin, Canaan Disappoints, Coldplay Player Goes Crypto + More...
Can a Digital Dollar Save the US? JPMorgan Says...It’s Complicated
Kleiman Lawyers: Craig Wright ‘Has Keys to Encrypted BTC 820,200 File’
Another One-Stop-Crypto-Shop In Making, CBDC Test + More News
Brazil Watchdog Reopens Probe into Banks that Cut off Crypto Exchanges
Top 5 Catalysts and 4 Obstacles for Bitcoin In Africa
New Russian Law ‘Could Hit Illegal Crypto Traders with 7-yr Jail Terms’
Chinese Communist Party Wants Members to Learn about Bitcoin + More News
Court Rules on What Japanese Exchanges Must Do with Hard Fork Tokens
Digital Yuan ‘Highly Likely’ to Be Compatible with Alipay, WeChat Pay
Hackers ‘Using Crypto Wallet Address-switching Malware’ + More News
Facebook Libra ‘Rival’ Celo Says its Mainnet Is Now Live
Visa CEO Leaves Door Open for Libra Return, Says Bitcoin Is Commodity
Binance Re-entering China via 'Blockchain not Crypto' Road
New Crypto Bull Cycle, Ripple’s MoneyTap in ATMs + More News
JK Rowling Learns not to Be Glib about Bitcoin as She 'Boosts' 'Significant Ethereum Holdings'
South Korean Central Bank Steps up CBDC Work ‘in Response to COVID-19’
Blockchain Interoperability, Ethereum Classic to Upgrade + More News
Telegram Investor Backs Durov Crypto Return to ‘Kick Zuckerberg’s Ass’
Bithumb Delists Monero as Telegram Nth Room Rape Video Anger Festers
Coinbase Implements Fixes, Shortage Of Blockchain Specialists + More News
Mobile Carrier SK Unveils Samsung-made 5G Phone with Blockchain ID Wallet
Monex Group CEO to First-Time Investors: Buy Bitcoin, Gold & US Stocks
Coinbase Says That 60% of Its Bitcoin Buyers Go Into Altcoins
Blockchain-themed Manga Series Hopes to Take Japan by Storm
New Stablecoin, Bitcoin Interest Account, Cherry on Blockchain + More News
Chinese Central Bank Calls for Yet More Blockchain Adoption
Investors Say Lawsuits May Follow as Telegram Boss Concedes TON Defeat
BitPay Onboards Client With 1M Customers, ECB Focuses On Retail CBDC + More News
Honesty and Education Will Help Bitcoin Build Trust – Survey
Could Stablecoins Trash Cash in the Race to Deliver COVID-19 Payouts?
Michelle Phan and Ashton Kutcher Bet on Bitcoin Rewards + More News
S Korea to Welcome Blockchain-powered Unlisted Stock Trading Platforms
Litecoin an Unlikely Champ as Crypto Hedge Funds Continue to Diversify
Chinese, International Telcos Explore ‘Blockchain + 5G’ Paradigm
Bitcoin Suisse Raising USD 56M, 'Free TON', Zcash Eyes Cosmos + More News
Blockchain Key to South Korea’s ‘New Deal’ Post-COVID 19 Economic Plan
ErisX Wins BitLicense, Bitcoin Trading Booms on Silvergate & Square + More News
This is Why Criminals Prefer Less Anonymous Bitcoin to Privacy Coins
Confusion Reigns as Venezuela’s Petro Goes Offline for ‘Maintainance’
Crypto-powered Plastic Surgery, Blockchain Industrial Parks + More News
‘Ridiculous’ Registration Fees Force Dutch Bitcoin Exchange out of Business
Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Station Might Give Electricity to Bitcoin Miners
BlockFi Snaps up Execs From AmEx & Credit Suisse; Tokenized Pet Care + More News
Business Giants New Consortium To Help Firms ‘Manage Digital Assets’
Telegram Ditches 110% US Investor Refund Option ‘for Fear of Litigation’
Kraken CEO Underwent Surgery, Bitcoin Fees Skyrocket + More News
Bitcoin Goes Mainstream (Again) in Billions Season 5 Premiere
Nuclear Power and Blockchain, Crypto Exchanges Boost Hiring + More News
This Crypto-themed CoinMarketCap Roast Is Getting Spicy
These New Crypto Regulations Come into Force in Japan Today
Citizens Burn Banks, Print Their Own Money as Fiat Founders
USD 515M Crypto Fund, Blockchain-Powered Remittance Pilot + More News
Russian Banking Disclosure May Drive More Citizens to Crypto
Telegram’s Crypto Launch ‘Postponed Indefinitely’
BitMEX Leaves Japan, Youtube Suspends Ripple CTO + More News
Bitcoin-themed Manga Series Debuts in Japan
Chinese Media Outlets Rush to Distance the Digital Yuan from Bitcoin
Bitcoin Is Not Just a Dollar Gateway in Argentina
Libra and Ripple Find New Friends, Dash Fights In Japan + More News
This Chinese Move Could Help Local Miners After Bitcoin Halving
Crypto Derivatives Skyrocket, Mining Pool Industry Heats Up + More News
Operators Call Chinese Blockchain-powered Copyright Platform a Success
Crypto Exchange Data Raids Bearing Fruit for Nth Room Police - Dozens Identified
Chinese Companies Lead Blockchain Patent Race + More News
Another Prominent Investor Says Bitcoin Could Hit the USD 1m Mark
Argentina, Venezuela Seek Crypto-powered Solution to Economic Despair
How Have Petro Prices Stayed Stable While Crude Oil Falls Below USD 0?
Bitcoin Hodlers Accumulate, Binance-Backed Crypto App For Africa + More News
LG Pilots Facial Recognition-powered ‘Digital Token’ Payment Platform
McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway May Take Part in Digital Yuan Tests - Reports
Another Japanese SBI-backed Crypto Exchange Set to Begin Trading
Crypto Exchange on WordPress, Gemini Passes Another Exam + More News
Art + Crypto Tale Takes New Twist as Artist Tokenizes His Output
Chinese Blockchain-powered Trade Pilot Claims Int’l  Success
Central Bank of Argentina Tests Blockchain-powered System + More News
Japanese Analyst Says Traditional Investors Will Come Flocking to Crypto
K-pop and Charity Kingpin Denies Crypto Scam Reports
Beijing District to Use Blockchain-powered ID Solution + More News
Is This 1999 Forum Message from a Young Satoshi Nakamoto?
Chinese Central Bank Makes it Official: Digital Fiat Tests to Begin
Blockchain.com's 'Best Quarter', Parallel Binance Chain + More News
Seoul to Blockchain Firms: Take ‘Golden’ Chance to Gain Ground on US, EU
Chinese IT Firms Deny Digital Currency Involvement as Shares Skyrocket
Grayscale Bitcoin & Ethereum Investors Hit New Record + More News
SBI to Use Corda Blockchain for Forex Trading
Digital Yuan Real-world Tests to Begin in May - Chinese Media
Bitcoin DeFi Investment, New Local Stablecoin + More News
Mark Cuban Might Finally Like Bitcoin If It Becomes 'Grandma-Friendly'
Blockchain-powered Cosplay Has Arrived in Japan
Are these the First Images of China’s Digital Yuan? (UPDATED)
What Are Russians Doing in Lockdown? Praying and Trading Crypto
ShapeShift Acquires Portis, McAfee's New Coin, Coincheck Re-arrest + More News
Huobi Korea Searches for New Investors As It Aims At The 'Big Three'
Gov’t Policy Behind Venezuelan Bitcoin Exchange's SMS Gateway Service
Bitcoin Options on Binance, Litecoin's Horror Adventure, Ripple in Thailand + More News
Prosecutors Want to Open 15 Nth Room Crypto Wallets But Have No Keys
Venezuela’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic? More Petro!
Blockchain Patents, COVID-19 Crypto Scams, Shelved Coin + More News
Bithumb Under Pressure to Delist Monero as Nth Room Ire Continues
Crypto Privacy Is a Financial Tonic to Government Intervention
New BlockFi Investor, New Way to Stack Sats, Novogratz's Warning + More News
Italian Bitcoin-funded Coronavirus Medical Center Now Operational
Coronavirus Forces Mexican Fintech Firms to Wait Longer for Licenses
Bisq Attacked, BUX Crypto Launched, Bithumb Got a Black Mark + More News
‘Dismayed’ Blockchain Startups Excluded from S Korean Tax Support Plan
Nestlé, Tesla Testing Blockchain Solutions + More News
Politician Challenges Japanese Gov’t on Crypto Tax Rate, Urges Review
Illegal ‘Crypto Exchange’ Operator Arrested in Nth Room Investigation
Class Action Lawsuits Lodged against Binance, BitMex, Tron and More (UPDATED)
Poloniex to Enter IEO Club With Tron-based JUST + More News
It's Happening: S Korean Central Bank Unveils Plans to Pilot a CBDC
Japanese Government Green-lights New Crypto, STO Regulations
Monex Group Hopes Bitcoin Giveaway Will Get 50k People Trading Crypto
Ripple Co-Founder Says He Recovered from COVID-19 + More News
Traditional Traders Could Be Ready to Go Crypto, Prefer Bitcoin - Survey
A Sign of Adoption: Line Says 62% of its Exchange Users Are New to Crypto
Ripple Expands in Asia, Brave & CoinTracker Reach New Milestones + More News
Research: Bitcoin Still Correlated with US Markets, But Not for Long
Prosecutors Charge Two Men over Coincheck Hack, But Not For Hacking
Scammers Raise USD 4.9m in Ethereum in 2 Months + More News
66,000 Spanish Crypto Traders Warned to Pay Tax on their Earnings
Will New P2P Legislation Hurt South Korean DeFi Industry?
Boerse Stuttgart's Crypto App Grows 40% This Year + More News
USD 9bn Bitstamp and Korbit Owner NXC to Launch New Crypto Exchange
New Gen Bitcoin Mining Machines 'To Serve For 3-4 years' + More News
More New Bitcoin Dev Funds Needed, Key Funding Players Revealed - Study
Can Police Seize Nth Room Crypto? Int’l Exchanges Agree to Cooperate
Venezuelans Use Bitcoin as Gateway to Buy Foreign Fiat - Research
Investors Accused Ripple CEO of Dumping XRP While Touting It + More News
Spanish Red Cross Rejects Crypto While Italians Raise USD 20K in Bitcoin
EU Seeking Blockchain Defense Solutions + More News
Blockchain Plays a Part as China Claims 72% of SMEs Are Back to Work
Korean Nth Room Police Hunt 260K Crypto Wallets, Brokerages Hand over Client Data
500+ Crypto Wallets Linked to Telegram Nth Room Suspect + More News
S Korean Province to Fight COVID-19 Recession with Stablecoin Handout
Bitfinex, Bybit Launch New Products, CoinDCX Raises USD 3m + More News
Upbit, Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone Hand Data to Telegram Nth Room Investigators
Russian Economy Ministry ‘Wants to Legalize Crypto’ in Sandboxes
Japan’s Favorite Tipple Sake to Get Blockchain Makeover + More News
Major Securities Firm Gives Its Shareholders Bitcoin Benefits
MakerDAO Raises USD 2m in MKR Debt Auction + More News
This Crypto Firm Turns its Hand to Mask Manufacture to Fight Virus
Italian Bank to Offer Bitcoin Trading Services to 1.2m Customers
Another Venezuelan Bitcoin Spike as Banks Struggle + More News
South Korean Crypto Exchanges Ready Compliance Measures as Clock Ticks
Bitcoin Oversupply Issue Over & Prices Now Stable, Says Chainalysis
Why Is South Korea’s Coronavirus Fatality Rate so Low?
4 Financial Giants Launch Blockchain-Based Tech Platform + More News
Hyundai Blockchain Subsidiary Hdac Launches First Dapp on its Mainnet
Could the Russian Central Bank Try to Ban Bitcoin Mining?
Maker Accepts USDC as a Collateral, Becomes 'Less Trustless' + More News
Opera Lets US Users Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum with Apple Pay, Debit Cards
Westworld Showrunner Blockchain ‘Obsession’ Sparks App Storyline
Italian Red Cross Raises BTC 2.84 to Fight Covid-19 + More News
Is the South Korean Government Teaching Children How to Use Crypto?
Toyota and Securitize Say They Have Developed a Blockchain ID Platform
Major Japanese Crypto Conference off, Consensus Goes Virtual + More News
Friday 13 Strikes: Crypto Exchange Employee Makes USD 82,000 Fee Gaffe
Crypto Exchanges Make Emergency Moves to Deal With Disrupted Transactions
Police Reveal Details about Coincheck Hack Suspects + More News
Crypto-keen Japanese Securities Giant Joins STO Association
New South Korean Crypto Law May ‘Force 190 Exchanges to Close’
2 Japanese Business Giants to Offer Crypto Margin Trading + More News
Suspected Coincheck Hackers Arrested After Selling XEM for Bitcoin
USD Coin and Tether Issuers Expand Their Services + More News
This Ethereum-Based Platform Might Get New Clients Thanks to Coronavirus Lockdown
Crypto Scams Are N America’s Second Riskiest – Report
UK Regulator Warns It Will Get Tough with Crypto AML + More News
South Korean Gaming Giant Unveils Two Mobile Blockchain Games
Crypto Battle at India's Supreme Court Might Not Be Over + More News
Venezuelan Petro Crypto Pay Platform Left in Two-month Limbo
South Koreans Welcome New Crypto Laws – But There’s a Word of Warning
Argentinian Provinces Mull Stablecoin-powered Answer to Financial Mess
China to Build Another Blockchain Special Zone + More News
'Game On!' South Korean Parliament Passes 'Landmark' Crypto Bill (UPDATED)
Bitcoin-powered Alternative to Five Peso Note Issued in Argentina
Chinese University to Offer Undergrad Blockchain Degree + More News
Crypto Custody Could Help Keep South Korea’s Biggest Exchanges Afloat
Bank of England Official Warns Against Crypto, Stablecoins + More News
EPL Club Watford FC Plan Crypto Cup at Vicarage Road
Is Google Purging its App Marketplace of Crypto Media Sites?
‘Crypto Mugger’ Gets 10-year Jail Term + More News
Ripple-friendly SBI Chief in Talks About Launching an STO Exchange
Is Coinbase Another Step Closer to Opening in Japan?
XRP Might Get Neighbours on XPR Ledger + More News
Kaspersky Launches Blockchain-powered Voting Platform
Here Is How China Uses Blockchain Technology to Fight the Coronavirus
Another Asian Giant-backed Crypto Exchange Set to Enter U.S. Market
Beyond the Law Star Steven Seagal Settles With SEC + More News
‘Mass South Korean Crypto Closures’ to Follow if Legislation Delayed
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Slips For the First Time in 2020 + More News
Crypto Law Implementation ‘Virtually Impossible’ in Virus-hit S Korea
Ripple ‘Enters’ S Korean Blockchain Biz with Remittance Startup Deals
Bank Issues Blockchain-powered Employee ID + More News
Quoine Found Guilty of Breach of Contract in BTC 3,902 Trade Reversals
Regulator May Ban La Liga Football Clubs’ Crypto Sponsorship Deals
G20 on Tax, 'Global Stablecoins' and Crypto Market Oversight + More News
Senior Bank of England Official Calls for Urgent Digital Fiat Action
Japanese Finance Minister Urges China to Delay its Digital Fiat
Shopify Joins Facebook's Libra Project + More News
G20: Think Tank, Ministers, Central Bankers to Talk Crypto, CBDC Policy
SBI Subsidiary Boosts XRP Handouts by 67%
Spanish Crypto, Blockchain Testbed to Open this Year + More News
Hedge Fund Increases Mt. Gox Creditor Offer to USD 1,300 per Bitcoin
Another ICO Set to Close and Refund Investors, Blames Regulatory Fog
50m-User Chat App Kakao Delays Its Crypto Wallet + More News
Crypto Exchange Operators Let Workers Stay at Home in Coronavirus-hit Japan
Japanese Food Firm Execs Took Wild USD 2.7m Shitcoin Gamble – Police
Boerse Stuttgart’s Crypto Arm Aims at New Institutional Investors + More News
T-Mobile, Orange and Other Giants to Test Blockchain-powered Platform
South Korean Banks ‘Sitting on Crypto Plans in Regulatory Limbo’
Europeans Launch Bitcoin Friendly POS Terminal + More News
Alibaba Launches Blockchain-powered Initiative Amid Coronavirus Fears
Russian Central Bank Wants Banks to Flag Crypto Deals as ‘Suspicious’
Bitcoin Futures' Open Interest on Bakkt Up 50% in February + More News
XRP Friendly Giant SBI in Deal to Use ‘World’s Largest Bitcon Mine’
Cosmetics Giant AmorePacific Takes the Blockchain Plunge + More News
Samsung Plays Hide-and-Seek Galaxy S20 With the Cryptoverse
Bithumb Employee Found Guilty of Security Failings that Led to Hack
USD Coin Issuer Circle Sells Another Business + More News
Japanese Crypto Exchanges Protest as Leveraged Trading Cap Looms
Second-Best Month For Bitcoin Futures on CME + More News
Crypto Exchange CEO Given Suspended Jail Term after Appeal Fails
Ukraine Says it Will Not Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining + More News
Beijing Launches Blockchain Loans Platform for Coronavirus-hit SMEs
Samsung Might Have New Crypto Surprise as Galaxy S20 Set For Debut
Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Swap Equity On Blockchain + More News
Rewards-to-Crypto Plan May See Billions of USD Converted Into Bitcoin
Don't Get Too Excited About Crypto Mom's ICO Plan, Lawyer Warns
RSK Opens Bridge Between Bitcoin and Ethereum + More News
Public Blockchain Is a 'Natural Choice for Survival,' Says Banker
Fed Says it Is Looking into Possibility of CBDC Issuance
Blockchain Group Asks IRS to Exempt Small Crypto Payments + More News
Big-hitting Crypto Companies SBI and GMO Reveal Results and Plans
North Korea ‘Used LinkedIn, Telegram’ in USD 7m Crypto Exchange Hack
BitPay to Enable Merchant Payments From All Bitcoin Wallets + More News
South Korean Bankers, Crypto-advocates Hope to Drive Crypto Tax Law
14 Major Japanese Finance Firms to Begin Blockchain Inheritance Pilot
Politician to Form Blockchain-powered Party + More News
Russian Companies Pushing Gov’t for Crypto, Blockchain Legislation
China Worries Driving South Korean Central Bank to CBDC Research
Directors of Crypto Exchange Upbit Cleared of Fraud Wrap + More News
Lack of Regulations Driving Crypto Firms to the Verge of Ruin - Report
Landmark Venezuelan Hotel to Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins + More News
Spanish Tax Agency to Step up Bitcoin and Altcoins Monitoring Efforts
Facebook and Telegram Rival Line to Bring its Token to 82 Million Users
Mexican Firm ups Crypto Bid for Presidential Plane + More News
The Darknet Still Loves Bitcoin – and Doesn’t Care About Prices
Another Japanese Finance Industry Player Joins the Cryptocurrency Fray
Altcoin Delisting Claims Some Surprising Casualties in South Korea
New Law May Kill Smaller South Korean Crypto Exchanges + More News
UK Court Freezes a Ransomware-linked Bitcoin Account on Bitfinex
Iran Issues Over 1,000 Licences for Crypto Mining + More News
Bitcoin’s Unit of Account Status is Still a Fantasy - BitMEX Research
Ex-BitTorrent Staff Allege Violence at Tron from Boss Justin Sun
Watch Thieves Wrench Open a Bitcoin ATM – Leaving a Regular ATM Intact
Another Competitor To Libra Might Come From Japan + More News
Scammers Who Sold Coin '10x Faster Than Bitcoin' Now Jailed
Dfinity Launches Open Version of LinkedIn + More News
A Step-by-step Guide for Central Bankers to Launch CBDC
Peter Shiff's 'Lost' Bitcoin 'Mystery is Solved'!
Uzbekistan to Throw its Doors Open to Tax-free Cryptocurrency Trading
South Korean Army to Use Blockchain-powered ID Solution + More News
Cuba Considers Accepting Venezuelan Petro in Bilateral Deals
Mexican Firm Offers Crypto in Exchange for Presidential Plane
Six Central Banks to Assess Potential Cases For Digital Fiat + More News
South Korean Bankers 'Fear' Starbucks Crypto Threat
Ethereum Advocates Step up Marketing Drive over Rival Domination Fears
Venezuela to Launch a ‘Crypto Casino’ in Caracas + More News
South Korea Mulls 20% Crypto Tax Plan, Russia Also Wants to Tax Tokens
Launching Bitcoin ETFs Could Burst the Bitcoin Floodgates – Study
Proof of Trust, BTCX Consider IPOs, KyberSwap Leaves Malta + More News
Binance Eyes Japanese Market with Yahoo Japan, TaoTao Partnership
Gemini Launches Captive Insurance Company + More News
Corrupt OTC Brokers Sent Dirty USD 1.5bn in Bitcoin to Binance and Huobi - Report
Anxious S Korean Crypto Exchanges Prepare for Crunch Talks with Banks
Terra Reaches '1 Million User Accounts' + More News
UN Tells the Crypto World Not to Travel to N Korea Conference - Report
Bithumb’s Biggest Shareholder Pulls Plug on Lawsuit
Check This VC ‘Playbook’ for Cryptocurrency Startup Success
"First-Ever" IRA Investment In Digital Securities + More News
Constitutional Court to Rule on Legality of South Korean Crypto Ban
Venezuelan Petro-accepting Merchants Panic as Crypto Drive Hits Snag
South Korean Crypto YouTuber’s Attacker Flees to Australia + More News
Japanese Crypto Exchanges Might be Left Without Their Golden Goose
MUFG Bank Issues First Blockchain-powered Letter of Credit + More News
Man Suing AT&T Over USD 1.8m Crypto Loss Says Telco ‘Can’t Deny’ Blame
Russian Oil Industry 'Waits' as Medvedev Says Token Regulation Needed
Bithumb to Invest USD 9M in a New Crypto Trading Platform + More News
Latin American Banks Intensify Closure of Crypto Exchange Accounts
These Companies Hope to Shine at Blockchain-focused CES
How Much Do South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Employees Make?
China: Private, State-run Firms Debut Blockchain Platforms + More News
Upbit to Resume Altcoin Deposits and Withdrawals + More News
Costs Spiral for Exchanges as Police, Regulators Step up Scrutiny
Huobi Heats up Competition in Japan With a New Banking Deal
Arrington XRP Capital Partner Urges Cryptoworld to Stop Raging on Twitter
Baidu Launches SuperChain + More News
G7 Member Issues Warning of Digital Yuan ‘Dangers’
Chinese Province Launches Blockchain-powered SMB Financing + More News
Crypto Investor Sues U.S. Law Firm over ‘Erroneous’ Advice
South Korean Telecoms Giant SK to Unveil Ripple-based Charity Tool
This Crypto Question Stumped TV Quiz Show Contestants + More News
Is South Korea’s Central Bank Set to Make a Digital Fiat U-turn?
Is Coinbase on the Verge of Opening a Japanese Exchange?
Japanese Education Chiefs Charged over Crypto Deal + More News
Legal Wrinkles Could Blight Taxman’s USD 67m Bithumb Ruling
Russian Programmer 'Sends' USD 450m in Crypto to Fraudsters + More News
Venezuelans Flock to Stores in their Droves to Spend Petro Payouts
10 Japanese Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2020
Lines Form Outside Petro-accepting Stores in Venezuela + More News
Tokyo Wants 50% of Transactions to Be Made in its Stablecoin by 2025
Chinese Regulators Warn Crypto Crackdown Is Still Effective
Russia’s Central Bank Ready to Test Stablecoins + More News
This is How Blockchain Industry Can Be Saved from Dangerous Lack of Diversity
‘Mainstream Recognition’ for Crypto as Tokai Tokyo Invests in Huobi Japan
Tencent Reportedly Building Digital Currency Business Unit + More News
Hunt for XEM 526m Coincheck Hackers Intensifies, Several Men Suspected
E-commerce Giant Rakuten to Let its Customers Swap Points for Crypto
Meltem Demirors Explains Why the Next Bitcoin Halving ‘Will Be Different’
Disappointing IEOs, Up To USD 150M IPO, Bitcoin ETF Battles + More News
Chinese Central Bank: Digital Yuan Is Not for Speculation
Looking for Meta-trends in 2020 Crypto Predictions
Chinese Authorities Bust 8 Companies for Crypto Violations + More News
Santander & Other Spanish Banks Test Blockchain Payments + More News
Ping An Subsidiary & Ripple Friendly SBI to Bring Blockchain to Banks
IOTA Pledges a ‘Bright 2020’ in New Roadmap but Market Is Unimpressed
CNN: Bitcoin is the Best Investment of the Decade + More News
Report: Ethereum Has Pulled ahead of EOS and Tron in Blockchain Gaming
Twitter Erupts after Tron's Justin Sun Evokes Greta Thunberg’s Name
Read Messari CEO Ryan Selkis’ 19 Bitcoin, Ethereum Forecasts for 2020
UK’s Oldest Exchange to Delist Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash + More News
Japanese Kids Proving too Smart for Crypto Scammers
South Korean Police Charge Operators of USD 18m Bogus ‘Thai Crypto’
3,000 7-Eleven Stores Get Blockchain-powered Air Monitors + More News
CEO of Bitmain Rival MicroBT Facing Embezzlement Wrap in China
Man Using a TV Studio’s Electricity to Mine Ethereum Has the Last Laugh
QuadrigaCX Users Want to Dig Former CEO Out, Literally + More News
Exit Scam Fears as Major Darknet Site ICO Promises 700% Growth in 6 Months
Basel Committee Initiates Discussion on Crypto + More News
Accusations Pile Up Against ‘Big’ South Korean Exchange
Company at Center of SEC Fraud Probe, Shopin, Promotes its Token Sale
New Crypto Rules in New York + More News
Hedge Fund Chief ‘Concerned’ by Growing Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Hype
Chinese City Named as Digital Yuan Testbed Launches Blockchain ID
How to Increase Women's (And Men's) Interest in Bitcoin + More News
Bitmain Promises Big Discounts as Founder Wu Returns to Action
Global Citizens Call For 'a Global Unit of Account,' Says Central Bank
Bakkt Launches Two New Products + More News
China to Pilot Digital Yuan With Four Banks in Two Cities - Report
EOS to Show its Beta Voice on Valentine’s Day 2020
Brave Triples Daily Users, Surpasses 3 Million + More News
Chinese Central Bank Issues USD 2.8m Worth of Blockchain Bonds
S Korean Crypto Exchanges Will Struggle to Survive in 2020 – Report
First Blockchain Free Trade Zone in China + More News
SBI Mulling a Company-wide Cryptocurrency Shareholder Payout in XRP
Bakkt Loses its CEO, Kelly Loeffler + More News
Bitfinex Deal to Enable Bitcoin-powered Mobile Phone Top-ups and More
World’s 5th Biggest Bank to Launch ‘Digital Currency’ Company - Reports
Nordea Employees Banned From Buying Bitcoin + More News
Why Has Binance Just Bought a Chinese Dapps Analytics Platform?
Brazilians Make 2.5 Million Crypto Transactions in Just 8 Weeks
IMF Wants Crypto Mining Answers from Georgia + More News
How One Ethereum Developer Created a Dilemma For the Whole Cryptoverse
Crypto Exchange Huobi Strengthens Ties With China
Crypto Goes Mainstream with TV Ads and More in France, Switzerland
50m-User Chat App Kakao to Add Crypto Wallet in Early 2020 + More News
Is Russia Set to Ban Bitcoin Pay?
Bitso Says 5% of U.S.-Mexico Remittances Made in Crypto + More News
Financial Giant Fidelity Pilots Tokenized Employee Rewards Initiative
Police Hit CEO of ‘Top 3’ South Korean Exchange with Assault Wrap
The Bank of Ghana Considering Digital Currency + More Crypto News
Giant Indonesian Market Gets 'First' Regulated Local Crypto Exchange
Upbit Hack Worries Continue as Irregular ETH Transfer Confirmed (UPDATED)
Forrester: Firms Want Blockchains with Multi-cloud Compatibility
Japan Tells Tax Bodies to Stop Seizing Crypto + More Crypto News
South Korea Might Send Cryptocurrency Exchange AML Offenders to Jail
Russia Confirms First Capital Filling That Includes BTC + More News
Bitfinex Hit With Second Class Action Lawsuit, Threatens Retaliation
Asian Tech Giants’ New Blockchain Drive Involves Traditional Finance
Cardano's Charles Hoskinson: USD 4bn Stellar Burn Was ‘Insanity’
South Korea to Make Government-led USD 383m Blockchain R&D Drive
Greta Thunberg Might Like This Research on Bitcoin Mining + More News
Bitcoin Cash Prices Enjoy Short-lived Recovery on USD 200m Fund News
China Has Registered 60% of the World’s Blockchain Patents - Report
Singapore's Message to Crypto Derivative Traders + More Crypto News
Passwords, Data of 1.4m XRP Ledger-based GateHub Wallets Leaked Online
BOJ Rules out Digital Fiat, But Cambodia Could Issue a CBDC Next Year
At Least BTC 1.5 Million Might be Lost + More Crypto News
RBC Says It Has No 'Near-term Plans' to Launch Crypto Exchange
Is Blockchain the ‘Secret Weapon’ Driving the Yahoo Japan-Line Merger?
UK's 'Landmark Statement' on Crypto and Smart Contracts + More News
Number of Bitcoin ATMs Passes 6K Mark…But the Taxman Is Taking Note
Big South Korean Companies Continue Blockchain Spending Drive
Is Blockchain-powered Medicine Just What the Doctor Ordered?
China's Region Targets Miners; Binance Blocked on Weibo + More News
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa Have a ‘Crypto’ Plan
Line-Yahoo Japan Merger Set to Shake up the Crypto Scene
Coinbase Card Adds 10 Countries, XRP Support + More Crypto News
Chinese Crypto Heavyweights Canaan, OneConnect Aim for USD 100m IPOs
IRS Clarifies its Confusing ‘Airdrop’ Cryptocurrency Tax Policy
Bitcoin, Ether Adoption Expands to 650 Airlines + More Crypto News
Tron Prices Rise as CEO Justin Sun Admits He Invested in Poloniex
Vietnamese ‘Upbeat’ About Crypto as Blockchain Plans Unveiled
CoinMarketCap to Replace Volume With a New Metric + More Crypto News
Banking Giant With 16 Million Clients, RBC, Goes Crypto - Report
8 South Korean Crypto Exchange Execs Jailed in USD 386m Fraud Wrap
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Estimated to Drop Again + More Crypto News
Singapore & JPMorgan Create Forex Payments Blockchain Solution
Did South Korea Just 'Sentence Blockchain Gaming to Death'?
CEO of Bitmain's Rival Reportedly Arrested in China + More Crypto News
Trezor Denies Links to Venezuela after Maduro Endorsement
Crypto Job Market Trends Might Mean Higher Salaries
7 Conclusions About the Bitcoin Reformation + 15 More Crypto News
Tezos Price Rallies, Beats 99 Cryptos on Coinbase, OKEx News
Russian Crypto Law Could Sideline Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Altcoins
Russia's Crypto Law is Taking a Confusing Shape
China's Digital Fiat to Substitute Paper Money + 12 More Crypto News
UN: North Korea Turns Talented Children into Cryptocurrency Hackers
Competition Among Ripple, Visa and IBM Heats Up + 16 More Crypto News
Stellar Price Jumps 20% after Foundation Burns Half of All Tokens
Users of Two More Crypto Exchanges Can't Access Their Funds
BitBay to Offer IEO Investing With Fiat + 10 More Crypto News
Craig Wright to Return to Court after ‘Failing’ to Pay Settlement
UK Introduces New Crypto Tax Rulings, Says Bitcoin is not Money
Here’s How the French Gov’t Wants to Teach 16-year-olds About Bitcoin
Argentina Introduces Cryptocurrency Tax Rules + 11 More Crypto News
Blockchain Banking March Continues Despite S Korea Digital Fiat No-go
US Edging Ahead of China and Europe in this Crypto Sector
USD Backed by Gold, Believe 29% of Respondents + 11 More Crypto News
Japanese Giant SBI Makes Millions With Crypto, Praises Ripple
Disappointment in China, Twitter CEO's Crypto Deal + 12 More News
Dash Responds to ‘Confusion’ After Closing its Latin America Affiliate
S Korean Crypto Stance Under Pressure, Ripple Invests in University
Russia’s Sberbank Takes on Crypto with Cross-border Money Transfer App
Tron Gets Into Samsung Blockchain Keystore + 14 More Crypto News
As China Goes Blockchain, South Korea Pledges New Investment
FATF to Include Crypto Brokers in Japan Audit + 8 More Crypto News
Mastercard and Retail Giant Topco to Launch Blockchain Pilot
Beijing Mulls Blockchain-powered Forex, Chinese Crypto Searches Soar
Ex-Intel Chief Says Venezuela Secretly Mines Crypto + 11 More News
Twitter CEO Dismisses Facebook’s Libra Project as a ‘Gimmick’
Regulators Join Forces to Tackle Global Crypto Challenges
CHAI Processes USD 54m via Terra's Blockchain + 12 More Crypto News
Even Pentagon Agrees With Facebook's Libra Over China Threat
Maduro OKs Petro-to-Fiat Trades, Will Provide Stores with Crypto Pay Tech
U.S. Agents to Hunt North Korean Crypto Hackers + 14 More Crypto News
Samsung Adds 12 New Dapps to its Mobile Blockchain Keystore
Ukraine Rushes to Utilize 'Huge Potential' of Crypto Industry
Bitcoin Support on Opera Leaves Beta Testing + 7 More Crypto News
800+ South Korean Companies Dealing in Crypto Despite ‘Dead’ Market
Kakao Welcomes Binance to Klaytn Council in ‘Scene-shaking’ Move
Russia May Block Facebook, Telegram over Crypto Concerns + More News
Facebook vs. Binance: Libra's Plan B Targets Venus's Goals (UPDATED)
Samsung, LG, Hyundai Speed Up Major Blockchain Adoption Project
Binance Launched 'How to Get Rekt 101' + 10 More Crypto News
G7 Going to War Over Control of Money, Says 'Bitcoin Failed'
Facebook Warns that China May ‘Rewire the World’ with the Digital Yuan
Broadway Goes Blockchain + 12 More Crypto News
Central Banks Realize They Can’t Ignore Crypto, Digital Fiats Any More
Maduro: Caracas to Hand out up to USD 3.6m in Petro Tokens
Telegram ‘to Postpone Gram Release by at Least Six Months’
Bitcoin Buyers: 19th-Century UK Church for Sale at BTC 180
Binance Coin Price Jumps on ETP Launch + 11 More Crypto News
Small Crypto Exchanges ‘Low-hanging Fruit’ for North Korean Hackers
Coinbase Makes Another European Expansion Step + 8 More Crypto News
BMW, Renault, General Motors, Honda, Ford to Pilot Blockchain Project
Telegram May Delay Gram Launch After Regulatory Action from the SEC
Bitcoin to Return to 5,200 French Tobacco Stores + 15 More Crypto News
Major Refinery Perth Mint Unveils Government Gold-backed Token
Russian Legislators in Crypto ‘Compromise’ as Law Is Delayed Again
SEC Might Not Approve Bitcoin ETF For Two Years + 13 More Crypto News
Picking out Positives from the (Perplexing) New Crypto Tax Guidelines
Libra under Fire from US Politicians, But Bank of England Offers Hope
Ukraine to Legalize Crypto Mining + 10 More Crypto News
DeFi Boosted Ethereum Dapps Despite Market Slump
Crypto Pay Adoption Booms in Spanish-speaking Countries
Colombian Coffee Axis Becoming a Cradle of Crypto Pay
SEC Denies That Bitcoin Is a Security + 8 More Crypto News
Hyundai Blockchain, Crypto Affiliate to Spend USD 10m + Launch Mainnet
What Ban? Bithumb Eyes India for Expansion + 11 More Crypto News
Cybervillains Are ‘Harvesting’ Crypto in Low-cost Hacking Campaigns
Apple Says No to Libra-like Altcoins
Russia, Mexico and Paraguay Set off on Different Crypto Paths
Lawmakers to Fed: 'The Nature of Money is Changing' + More Crypto News
These Two Exchanges Might be the First to List Telegram's Gram
Financial Giant to 'Bring Credibility' to Crypto + 14 More Crypto News
Surprise! State-Owned Bank Says Bitcoin Price Is Too Low
Japanese Regulator Set to Sideline Crypto Trusts
Smart Contracts Legalized in Russia + 11 More Crypto News
EOS Price Spikes Upwards After Block.one Settles with SEC
Venezuela Considers Moving its Bitcoin and Ethereum Stash
Telegram's Blockchain 'Could Open a New Era' + 10 More Crypto News
‘Legalization’ Coming for Cryptocurrency in Ukraine – And So Is the Taxman
Bithumb Acquisition Deal ‘Off’ - Reports (UPDATED)
A Nigerian Wallet Suspected in USD 1M Exit Scam + 8 More Crypto News
South Korea Welcomes Blockchain-powered Driver’s Licences on Mobiles
Maduro’s Secret ‘Stash’ of Cryptos is Unlikely to Affect Bitcoin Price
Ex-Fed Man Frets About Libra-like Coins + 9 More Crypto News
Russian Banks: We’ve Found Ways to Tax Crypto Without Changing the Law
Crypto Debit Card Coming to Mexico as Colombia, Peru Demand Soars
SEC Delays Wilshire Phoenix Bitcoin ETF Ruling + 11 More Crypto News
Securities Giant Monex Group Will Give Bitcoin to All Shareholders
The Fall Season: Bitcoin Price at USD 8K, Altcoins in ~20% Drop
IBM Keen to Work on Blockchain with Facebook + 12 More Crypto News
Kin Price Nosedives After Operator Announced the Shut Down of Kik App
A Bleak Start for Bakkt Futures as Bitcoin Price Drops to USD 9.7K
Spain Island Tourists Will Eventually Pay for ‘Everything’ in Crypto
Ether Is Regular Weekend Price Winner vs Bitcoin + 6 More Crypto News
Five Major South Korean Banks Join JPMorgan Blockchain Project
IRS Warns SMEs: Our Agents Are Trained to Value and Seize Your Crypto
Coinbase to Experiment With a New Type of Coins + 5 More Crypto News
Bitcoin Creeps Back Above USD 10k; Byrne Crypto Move Sparks Intrigue
Russia AGAIN Delays Crypto Decision + 16 More Crypto News
South Koreans Bristle at ‘Nonsensical’ Reports of North’s Crypto Plans
Facebook’s Libra in Spain Setback – but Is there a Glimmer of UK Hope?
Survey: 74% Understand that Crypto is Money + 7 More Crypto Briefs
Line and Huobi Launch Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Japan, Argentina
Germany ‘Rejects’ Stablecoins – and Wants the World to Do Likewise
Binance's First Strategic Investment in China + 11 More Crypto Briefs
'No Space for More than 4 Blockchain Standards Until 2022'
Samsung & Other S Korean Companies Make Blockchain, Crypto VC Push
Facebook to Be Quizzed by ECB & Central Banks + 8 More Crypto Briefs
LG Confirms its Blockchain Smartphone Intentions
OKEx Korea Axes Privacy Coins as South Korean Purge Intensifies
Russia’s Crypto Fate to Be Sealed on Sep 18 + 10 More Crypto Briefs
CME Wants to Double Its Monthly BTC Futures Trading Cap to USD 100M
Russian Banks Want to Eliminate Cryptocurrency Anonymity
Another Banking Giant Picks Ethereum + 8 More Crypto Briefs
Bitcoin.com Aims to Launch BCH Futures Contract and Drive Token to #2
Delistings: More S Korean Exchanges ‘Clear Out’ Low-performing Cryptos
How Many Crypto Accounts Japan Has + 10 More Crypto Briefs
North Koreans ‘Can Own Crypto,’ Pyongyang to Host Crypto Conference
Brazilian, Mexican Regulators on the Warpath for Crypto Businesses
Stock Exchange MERJ Launches Tokenized IPO + 10 More Crypto Briefs
Has the Uruguayan Central Bank Taken a Crypto U-turn?
Facebook ‘May Omit’ Yuan from Libra Reserve, Tether’s CNH-pegged Coin
Venezuelan Gov’t Releases Crypto Calculator + More Crypto Briefs
Cryptoverse Laments Binance.US KYC Announcement, Lack of Token List
LG ‘Likely’ to Follow Samsung into Blockchain Phone Market
Tokyo Mulls Own Stablecoin + More Crypto Briefs
Samsung Reveals More Details About Klaytn Crypto Friendly Phones
Major Chat App Has a New Crypto Plan for its 80M Users, Aims at Libra
Naspers, Blockchain.com Invest in DappRadar + More Crypto Briefs
Major Investor: Reality is Below Crypto Hype But We'll Keep Investing
K-pop Giant SM Entertainment Eyes Crypto and Blockchain Expansion
Blockchain.com Raising USD 50M + More Crypto Briefs
Auditor, Bank and Sports Platform Turn to Bitcoin, Crypto Payments
Bitcoin, Altcoin Rally Stalls, Ripple Moves XRP
Russian, Chinese Capital ‘Threat’ to Bithumb + More Crypto Briefs
Four Japanese Banks Invest in Ripple-powered SBI App
International Regulator Appoints New ‘Crypto Regulations’ Chief
‘Regulation, Funding and Uncertainty’ Rock S Korean Blockchain Market
Boxer and Senator Manny Pacquiao Finally Launches His Coin
Bitcoin is on Samsung Galaxy S10 Already, Another 32 Cryptos Supported
More Crypto Regulations for Japan as Bank Reveals Wallet Plans
Japanese Financial Giant SBI to Reward Shareholders with XRP
Bitcoin Drops Below USD 10,000 Leaving Analysts Stumped
Venezuela: Gov’t Crypto-remittance Platform Opens as Crypto-pay Booms
United States SEC Chief: No Securities Law Changes for Crypto
Brazilian Central Bank Changes its Cryptocurrency Classifications
Craig Wright ‘to Pay Billions’ as Judge ‘Rejects’ His Testimony
Are South Korean Exchanges Preparing a Delistings Purge?
Libra ‘Concerns Remain’ for US Lawmakers after Switzerland Talks
Hashed CEO on New Trend In Crypto Startup Investing: Money Wises Up
What a Month! Third Crypto Exchange to Leave the Business
Crypto-keen Overstock CEO Steps Down Amid Controversy
Crypto Exchange: Taiwan to Become Libra’s Chinese-language Capital
Good News and Bad for Blockchain and Crypto in South Korea
Pundi X Strikes Deal in Venezuela, Mobile Operator Embraces Crypto Pay
EU Adds Another Hurdle For Facebook's Libra
EOS Finds Music Partner, Deloitte Releases 'Blockchain in a Box'
Israel: Regulator to Aid Blockchain Firms but Crypto Pain Continues
Why Are S Korean Crypto Projects Going Cool on Domestic Exchanges?
US and Swiss Regulators to Talk 'Complicated' Libra Subject This Week
Coinbase to ‘Store 5% of all the BTC in the World’ Following Xapo Deal
Crypto Exchanges bitFlyer, GMO Coin Branch Out into Property, Sport
What to Do if You Just Got a Crypto Tax Letter from the IRS
Crypto, Blockchain Progress Continues in Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador
Samsung Adds Bitcoin to its Crypto Wallet, Available on Note 10 Also
Is Crypto Tax Coming to Brazil’s Richest State?
Argentinians Pay Crypto Premium, Venezuelan Lottery to Give BTC Prizes
Charlie Lee Says Litecoin Is Still Alive and Kicking
Is China on the Verge of Releasing a Digital Fiat?
Flurry of German, South Korean, UAE Major Firms Pivot to Blockchain
S Korean Exchange to ‘Boost Restrictions’ on Deposits, Withdrawals
Blockchain-keen Gaming Firm Snaps up Platform With 208K Active Users
US Committee to Debate Crypto Tax Reform, Indians ‘Face Questionnaire’
Coinbase Hit with Bitcoin Cash Negligence Wrap, Kik Hits Back at SEC
South Korean Cities May Reward Cyclists with ‘Token’ Incentives
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Feature Crypto Wallet, SDK in Plans – Report
Hacked BITpoint Gives Details of Attack, Reopens Doors for Business
Mastercard to Beef up Crypto, Blockchain Drive with New Hires
UN Believes North Korean Crypto Raiders Have Amassed USD 2Bn
Local Gov’t Stablecoins Booming in South Korea
German Crypto Firms May Face New Regulatory Hurdles, BitPay Leaves
Everton Deal Is eToro’s Latest Attempt to Reach New Crypto Users
This Airline Says Blockchain Ticketing Sales Hit USD 1m in July
Russian Lawyers Draw up Pro-Crypto Tax Plans
2,700 Indian Companies Stood Against Proposed Crypto Ban
‘Japanese Amazon’ Prepares for Big Crypto Push
Former Brazilian Central Bank Chief Praises Bitcoin, Libra
Cryptocurrency Sanctions Evasion ‘Already Happening’
New Singapore Crypto Tax Rules Could Help it Compete with Hong Kong
Is China Rethinking its Crypto-crackdown?
Russian Manufacturers Want to Sell Arms ‘using BTC or Stablecoins’
Florida-based Firm ‘Letting Venezuela Dodge US Sanctions with Bitcoin’
Confusion Reigns as Tron’s Justin Sun Posts and Deletes Apology
Seoul Gives Go-ahead to Blockchain Free Zone – But There’s a Twist
Hyundai Pay to Expand Blockchain Services, E-commerce App Makes Waves
UnionBank Claims Cross-border Blockchain Remittance Breakthrough
Will the Mercedes of the Future Come with a Crypto Wallet?
Tron Prices Rocked After Sun Postpones Buffett Lunch Meeting (UPDATED)
Japanese Exchanges Ask Regulator to Make Cryptocurrency Tax Reforms
US Opponents Have Long-term Crypto Sanction Strategy - Think Tank
China: Blockchain Tourism Initiative Launched, Bitcoin Miners Busted
Chinese Court Rules that Bitcoin has Legal Value - Report
S Korean Telecoms, Food Giants Team up for Blockchain Project
Tokyo ‘Builds SWIFT Network for Crypto Payments with FATF’s Blessing’
G7 Leaders Talk Cryptocurrency and Libra, Pledge to ‘Act Quickly’
Crypto Mom Warns of US Inaction as France Unveils ICO 'Talks'
Politicians, Internet Reactions Mixed after Facebook’s Libra Hearing
LG Claims Blockchain First with Insurance Platform for Mobiles
Market Buoyed as US Treasury Sec Backs Trump’s Anti-Crypto Sentiments
US Lawmakers Draft "Keep Big Tech out of Crypto" Bill
SK, LG U+ and KT Join Samsung and Banks on Blockchain Project
S Korean Blockchain Sandbox ‘Leaving Crypto Companies in Limbo’
Trump Takes Aim at Bitcoin, But Crypto Community Says ‘Thanks’
Kakao and Samsung ‘in Talks’ Over Blockchain Collaboration - Report
Russia Once Again Puts Brakes on Crypto-Legislation
Electronics Giant LG and Unicorn Might Launch Crypto Businesses
Samsung Adds Six New Dapps to its Wallet, More to Follow
New York Attorney General Hits Back at Bitfinex, Tether
SEC & FINRA Explain Rules for Crypto Brokers
IRS 'Weeks Away from 3 Tax Bills' After Call from Pro-Crypto Activists
Argentinian, S Korean Local Governments Set New Blockchain Goals
Kitchenware Chief Allegedly Cooks Books to Feed Crypto Cravings
South Korean Parliament Offers Pro-Crypto Advocates a Glimmer of Hope
Cuba ‘Studies’ Cryptocurrencies, Expert Floats Cent’l Asia Crypto Idea
Japan's Crypto Exchange Association Just Lost Influential Boss
Big Blockchain, Crypto Firsts: Shipment Succeeds, UK Hedge Fund OKed
Samsung, LG and SK Begin ‘Summer Blockchain War’
Japanese Parliamentarian Wants Tokyo to Cut Crypto Tax
Russian Companies Keen to Flood the Market With Their Own Tokens
Japanese Regulator Says Libra is Not Crypto, Gives the Green Light
South Korean Gaming Companies 'Investing Heavily' in Blockchain Titles
Kakao Blockchain Platform Unveils ‘USD 65bn’ Governance Council List
Columbia Embroiled in 'Fake' Crypto Story, Mexico Cautious over Libra
Crypto ATM Operator Adds Dai, Targets USD 690bn Remittance Market
Crypto Volatility Jumps as Market Crash Coincides with Coinbase Outage
Holidayers to Be Wooed by Crypto Giveaways, Investors - by Derivatives
Libra May Spark the G20 Crypto Debate Japan Has Been Craving
Russian Parliament Comes to ‘Cryptocurrency Crossroads’
Facebook and Libra Set for Two US Parliament Hearings in Two Days
Moscow to Consider ‘Legalizing Cryptocurrency Trading’
Crypto-keen S Korean Tech Giants ‘Six Months ahead of Facebook’
Major US Convenience Store Chain Circle K Begins Bitcoin ATM Pilot
Bank of Japan Boss Keen to Follow Facebook's Libra Progress
Facebook’s Libra Facing a World of Regulatory Hurdles
Bithumb Hit with Data Leak Charges, Denies Link to Hack
American Lawmakers Want Facebook to Put Brakes on Libra
US Companies Dominate Blockchain Patents Top 10
S Korean Exchange Joins Ripple’s Cross-border Payment Network
Tax Agency: ‘Risk of Crypto Tax Non-compliance Is High in Canada’
S Korean Crypto-Pay Company Dragged into Mega Burning Sun Scandal
Mexican Crypto Exchange Makes 11th-hour Bid to Halt Regulations
Liquid Exchange Opens Pre-sale for Telegram’s New Cryptocurrency
Existing Cryptos Could Gain Most from Facebook Coin - Caitlin Long
A Japanese-Brazilian Investor's Baffling Ukrainian Crypto Dream
Crypto Tax Evasion ‘Rampant’ in Japan
Researcher Makes Blockchain Warning, But Companies Loath to Slow Down
International Crypto Exchanges Move into Peruvian Market
Japanese Parliament OKs Crypto Law Changes, Limits Speculative Trading
60% of S Korean Smartphone Users to Gain Blockchain Platform Access
World’s Biggest Shipbuilder Makes USD 6 Bn Blockchain Move
South Korean Government Talks of ‘Overheated’ Market as Cryptos Soar
S Korean Bank Unveils ‘Country’s First Blockchain-powered Loans’
Russia ‘Suspends’ Crypto Legislation, Blames FATF Ruling for Delay
What Crypto Regulations Does Japan Want the G20 to Impose – and Why?
Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork ‘Undermined by a Bug’
Hack Kills Cryptopia - Liquidators Take Charge of Exchange
Facebook Snaps up Coinbase Compliance Pros
Samsung Confirms it Is Planning More Blockchain Smartphones
Lawmaker Offers New Hope for ICOs in South Korea
Bitfinex Makes Bold but ‘Unaudited’ USD 404 million Profit Claims
Traffic Violators – Japanese Police Are Coming for Your Crypto!
Facebook Makes Cryptocurrency Ad U-Turn Amid Token Launch Speculation
Bitstamp Snatches Coinbase Insider as Operator Sale Looms
Brazil Orders Companies, Citizens to ‘Report Crypto Transactions’
Bitfinex Releases White Paper for USD 1 Billion IEO
S Korean Food Giant Takes Blockchain Plunge, Banks Make Fintech ‘Leap’
NY Attorney General Hits Back at Bitfinex (UPDATED)
Facebook 'Has Spoken to Visa & Mastercard’ About a Token Launch
South Korean Banks Bet Big on Blockchain
S Korean Biz Giants Scramble for Blockchain Supremacy
Crypto Market Ignores Tether's Backing News
Bank of England to take ‘Strong Approach’ to Cryptocurrencies
Top CEO Spurns Both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, Takes Ripple Role
Politician: ‘Crypto vs Blockchain Debate Is Wasteful’; LG Crypto Moves
Bitfinex, Tether Hit with ‘USD 851 million Cover-up’ Wrap (UPDATED 2)
G20 Think Tank Meetings ‘Will Discuss International Crypto Policy’
Bitstamp Owner Could Re-invest USD 8.8 billion Windfall in Crypto
Crypto Investor Lost USD 130m, Exchange Raid, New Blow to Bitcoin SV
Russia, Belarus Unveil Bold Cryptocurrency, Mining Ambitions
North Korea Crypto Conference Is ‘an Int’l Success’, New Event Coming
Japan Draws up Cryptocurrency Regulations ‘Manual’ for G20 Leaders
Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Reveals Crypto Manifesto
Giant-owned Crypto Exchange Sheds More Light on Bitcoin Cash Delisting
S Korean Cryptocurrency Industry ‘Excited’ by Possible ICO Lifeline
Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Scene Set for Major Shake-up
France Wants Entire EU to Adopt its Cryptocurrency Regulations
S Korea Doubles Down on Blockchain, Samsung Strikes International Deal
Report: Devs Running Private Tests on Telegram TON Network
Crypto Prices Drop, S Korean Market Takes a Hit
Two Japanese Exchanges to Merge, MUFG to Commercialize Stablecoin
Two Front-Runners Emerge in Race to Buy Exchanges Bitstamp and Korbit
Journalist: ‘Facebook Wants External Funding for its Cryptocurrency’
Has the Kimchi Premium Been Replaced by the ‘Korean Bonus’?
Spain Issues 1.5k Crypto Tax Warnings, Colombia to Regulate Exchanges?
Attendees Say Roubini vs Buterin 2019 ‘Ended in a Draw’
Buterin Tells S Korea: Separating  Blockchain & Crypto 'Is Difficult'
Austria Economics Minister: ‘Europe Over-regulating Blockchain’
‘Russian Facebook’ Launches 'Cryptocurrency'...or Huge April Fools Prank
S Korean Crypto Community Must ‘Get House in Order’ after Bithumb Hack
Report: ‘Russian Facebook’ Considers Launching a Cryptocurrency
Crypto Pay Coming for Millions of Japanese Rail Passengers
‘Momentous Week for Crypto’ Has Japan Buzzing
S Korean Crypto, Blockchain Leaders Join Forces for Assault on ICO Ban
Changes Coming for Crypto in Japan – and Beyond?
New Regulations ‘Could Jeopardize’ Mexican Crypto Exchanges
Swiss Parliament Votes in Favor of Crypto Regulations
Could Billiards Be Set for a Blockchain-powered Facelift?
44m User KakaoTalk Chat App Says it ‘Might’ Add a Crypto Wallet
Samsung, Hyundai Make Further Blockchain, Crypto Moves
CBOE Puts Brakes on Bitcoin Futures
Hacked Exchange Zaif Resumes Trading in BCH, Points Program Adds BTC
S Korean Internet Giant Doubles Down on Blockchain, Says ‘No’ to ICO
Big Euro Changes for Crypto, Barclays Talks up ‘$3-19Bn’ Facebook Coin
Mexico Looks to Bolster Crypto Regulations
How South Korean Island Province Leads the Way in Blockchain Adoption
Three Japanese Crypto-companies Want to Trade Securities Too
QuadrigaCX Granted Respite with Creditors Held at Bay
South America’s Answer to Economic Crisis? More Crypto!
Will Samsung's Crypto Drive Topple Google & Co's Internet Empire?
These Three Blockchain Projects to Receive Public & Private Investment
A Blockchain-powered Guide to Mobile World Congress 2019
First Foreign Crypto Exchange About to Enter Thailand Market
Samsung is Not the Only Mega-Company to Exploit Crypto Progress
Russia Sets New Crypto Law Deadline
Buterin Discloses Another 8 Tokens in His Crypto Portfolio
Japan's Regulator Just Caught Another Crypto Intruder
Another Megabank Moves Forward With its Stablecoin, Alipay Joins Race
Yahoo Japan Doubles Down on Crypto, Rakuten in Regulatory Push
S Korea: Companies, Exchanges in Flurry of Blockchain, Crypto Deals
103 BTC Vanishes into Cold Wallet amid QuadrigaCX Turmoil
Tron Strikes Deal with Major Blockchain and Gaming Groups
Another Major Conglomerate Moves into Blockchain, Crypto Spheres
New Details About Facebook's Crypto Acquisition Hunt Emerge
Telegram Token ’Could Be Worth USD 29.5 Billion’
Latin American Crypto-boom in Full Swing
Crypto Deals Galore in US, Europe for Opera, Abra and F1
Court Steps in as QuadrigaCX Crypto-Chaos Intensifies
Australia and Brazil Have Good News for the Cryptoverse
Facebook in Blockchain ‘Acqui-Hire,’ Bitfury Inks Paraguay Mining Deal
Anything is Still Possible for Crypto in South Korea
After 'a Crushing Blow' to ICOs, S Korea Targets Fake Crypto Projects
Crypto Exchange Fined for Complicated Account Closing Process
Experts Stoke Talk of Samsung’s Smartphone Crypto-wallet
New Crypto Regulations Coming for Russia and Central Asia
Court Orders BitGrail Exchange to Pay Users "as Much as Possible"
S Korea ICO Ban Ruling Forthcoming – Bad News Incoming?
Crypto Strengthens in New York, MIT Develops Data-lite Token
Are UK Crypto Regulations Coming this Summer?
Telegram Coin ’Set for March Launch’ as Russia Mulls Crypto-biz Pilots
Exchange CoinZest Accidentally Dishes out Crypto Worth USD 5.3m
Int’l Governments Intensify Crypto Regulation, Tax Efforts
Disney, EA and Tencent ‘May Bid for Korbit, Bitstamp Owner’
Russian Politicians Sing Crypto’s Praises
Ethereum ‘Hard Fork Won’t Happen this Week’, ETH Drops
Crypto Tax Crackdown: Denmark, Bulgaria Begin Purges
Russia ‘Not Ready to Deal’ in Venezuelan Petro
Bithumb, Upbit, Korbit and Coinone Eclipsing Smaller Rivals
Bitmain ‘Poised to Name New CEO’ with Co-Founders to Step Aside
Taiwanese City Wants to Woo Tourists with Stablecoin
Japan to Close USD 74m Crypto Investment Loophole
Fortnite Says it Enabled Monero Pay at Store ‘by Accident’
Crypto Cheer in Chile as Exchanges Win Legal Battle
Reports: Korbit and Bitstamp Might Get a New Owner
DMM and GMO Shut Down Mine, Halt Hardware Sales
UK Watchdog Probing 18 Crypto Vendors
Abkhazia Bans Cryptocurrency Mining
Facebook ‘Working on WhatsApp Stablecoin’
Two Congressmen Propose a Special Exemption for Crypto
Russia: Crypto Law Chaos and Mining Mania Is Back with a Bang
South Korean Gov’t to Almost Double Investments in Blockchain
Russian Region Holds ‘World’s Biggest Blockchain Elections’
LG Reportedly Working on Secret Crypto Project
Bitcoin Bomb ‘Hoax’ Appears to Have Failed Spectacularly
Japanese Exchanges Hope to End 2018 on a High
Coinbit's DEX Skyrockets by 54% Due to Investment Boost
Spanish Deputies to Debate Creating ‘National Crypto Council’
Turks May be Turning to Crypto Despite Lira Recovery
This Banking Giant Begins to Commercialize Blockchain-powered Services
Ukraine: Parliamentary Committee Backs 5% Crypto Tax Bill
Israeli Tax Agency Targets Crypto Tax Dodgers
S Korea’s Incoming Minister Suspects "Illegal Activities" on Exchanges
Reports: Japanese Regulator to Change Crypto Laws
G20 Reportedly Agrees on Int’l Crypto Tax Plan
Major Exchanges Look to Reignite S Korean Crypto Market
Japan: Exchanges, FSA and Bank Step up Crypto Developments
Venezuela’s Crypto Tourism Bid, Paraguay OKs Huge Mining Project
China, Russia in Mining Panic – But Some See Silver Lining
Ray of Bitcoin Hope as Ohio OKs Crypto Tax Payments
An Unprecedented Legal Victory for Crypto in Russia
Seoul Postpones ICO Ruling Amid Market Drop
Malaysia: Experts and Politicians Clash over Political Coin
Thai Central Bank Delivers Mixed ‘Digital Currency’ News
Venezuela Claims "International Experts" Approve of the Petro
Malaysia Mulling Digital Fiat, Says PM
1 in 3 Mexican Firms 'Have Crypto Pay Platforms in Place’
Thai SEC Warns Exchange Backed by “Major South Korean firm”
Market Buoyed by Japanese Companies Boost, XEM Jumps by 24%
Companies Launch Crypto Pay Travel Pilots
Spain is Preparing for Crypto Fiesta
Huobi Opens "Mining Hotel" in Russia amid Mining Uncertainty
Mexico Flying the Flag for Crypto in Latin America
Why Asian Giants Joined Novogratz in USD 80m Bitfury Deal?
Seoul Consults Experts over Possible End to ICO Ban
Japanese Bank Joins Stablecoin Frenzy
Japan: Gov’t Mulls Securities-like ICO Regulations
Major Exchanges Expanding to US, Singapore Markets
Another Crypto Exchange's Victory in Banking Battle
Banks Spark Crypto Crackdown Fear in Panama
Japan Crypto Exchanges: ‘Stability’ Ahead, But Takeovers ‘Likely’
BCEX Set to Open in S Korea, Gov’t Offers Glimmer of ICO Hope
Japan: Hacked Exchange Sale Confirmed, Self-regulation Approved
Colombian Crypto Fervor Reaching New Heights
S Korean Exchanges ‘Could Downsize’ as Gov’t Regulations Bite
Church Hit with Mining Bill as Legislation Delay Looms in Russia
Can Crypto Ventures Cash in on Gov’t ‘Cashless’ Drives?
Armenia Opens Massive Crypto Mine
Crypto Adoption Center Moving Towards Emerging Markets
Mexico Crypto Laws Wins Int’l Praise - and Warnings
Binance Tests Its First Fiat-Crypto Exchange in Uganda, Zambia Warns
Bithumb Trading Booms after Sale, Outpacing Even Binance
S Korean "Alps" to Offer Digital Fiat to its 6.6m Visitors
USD 1bn LATAM Tech Unicorn Said Yes to Bitcoin
Japan: ‘24/7, Real-Time Yen Withdrawals’ and a New Stablecoin
This Move Could Save Israeli Crypto Investors Millions
Expert: ‘Regulations Will Help Spark Mexican Crypto Boom’
Russia: Draft Crypto Laws Take New Twist
Seoul Mayor Pledges Massive Blockchain Push
New Investment by Binance May Bring Crypto into Airports
Ukrainian MP Proposes Tax-free Crypto Trading
Almost 200 Bitcoin ATMs Planned for Argentina as Crisis Bites
Business Booming for S Korean Crypto Lawyers
Colombia Crypto Developments Coming Thick and Fast
Digital Fiat Booming in South Korea
Ukrainian Central Bank Wants to Issue Digital Fiat
Hacked Exchange Zaif Has One Day to Start Talking
This Footballing Powerhouse Finds a New Way to Dip into Crypto
Fallout Continues in Wake of USD 63m Hack
This Theme Park Claims ‘It's First to Accept Crypto Pay’
Another Japanese Exchange Hacked, USD 59.7m Lost
Crypto Boom: Yahoo, Mitsubishi among 160+ Wannabe Exchanges in Japan
Zimbabwe Finance Chief Calls for Crypto Change
Russia: Farmer’s Crypto Going Strong as Central Bank Tests ICO
FBI, S Korean Police Bust International XRP Phishing Scam
This Japanese Company Mined Almost 600 BTC "Somewhere in Scandinavia"
Vietnam Banks Halt Crypto Business - Reports
Chinese Authorities, Firms Make Blockchain & Crypto Moves
Confusion Over Conflicting Reports About OKEx Founder
Russia May Seek to Cap Crypto Investments
French Football Giants PSG to Issue Crypto Token
Russia to Debate Crypto Laws ‘Next Month’, Putin Wants Strict Rules
This Central Asian Nation Aims To Become "the Next Malta" for Crypto
US Regulator Suspends Swedish Crypto Products
Australian State Eyes Broad Blockchain Adoption
Will Japan and South Korea Rediscover their Thirst for Crypto?
Kraken Confirms Job Cuts but US Public Still Crypto Keen
EU Finance Chiefs Advised to Regulate Exchanges, ICOs
“Anonymous Millionaire” Made Bumper Telegram ICO Investment
HK Company to ‘Issue 100,000 Crypto Visa Cards’
Iran Gov’t OKs Mining as Crypto Love-in Intensifies
It Started! South Korea Parliament Debates Ending the ICO Ban
A New Chance for Crypto Trading (and Coinbase) in Japan
S Korean Gov’t To Take Bigger Slice of Exchange Profits
Philippines Opens Door for Exchange Expansion
Victim of the Biggest Hack, Coincheck Tries to Regain Trust
The Fight For ICOs Intensifies in South Korea
Russia: Gov’t Hopes to Monitor Crypto Transactions
Russian Crypto Mining Mania Stays Strong Despite Risks
Russia: Politician Seeks Crypto Counter to US Sanctions
N Korea Making Surprise Crypto, Blockchain Moves
S Korea: Politicians in Fresh Bid for ICO Reform
S Korea: Major Exchanges Still Making Profits
S Korea: Political Parties Turn to Blockchain
Japanese Exchanges Snap up Soccer Superstars to Lure New Clients
SBI Group Invests in Rival Japanese Exchange
Seoul Delivers Crypto Exchanges Funding Blow
Mongolia Wants to Learn From Bithumb
Ukraine Edges Further Toward Crypto Legalization
S Korean Exchanges: Gov Wants To "Cut Off Its Nose"
Japan: Regulator Steps up Crypto Exchange Policing
Crypto Friendly S Korean Bank Signs Blockchain Deal
N Korea Crypto Hack Threat ‘Rising Again’ - Experts
Japan: More Regulations ahead for Crypto Exchanges
Expert: Rocky Road Ahead for Crypto Pay in Russia
Mining Booms in Russia Despite Falling Profits
Rich S Koreans Reluctant To Buy More Crypto - Survey
S Korean Exchanges In Regulation Race
Surprise Silver Lining as Crypto Prices Fall
S Korea’s Bithumb Runs into Banking Trouble
A Double Blow to South Korean Exchanges
Russian Politician: Crypto-Tourism Future Bright
Japanese Exchanges Try To Win Back Trust
This African Island To Move Its Operations on Blockchain
Giant Telco Sheds Light On Its Blockchain Platform
Lawyers Criticize Japan's Crypto Regulations
Festival Aims to Go Cash-free with Crypto Pay Solutions
Have S Korean Exchanges Solved their Insurance Riddle?
Japan: Government Regulator, Companies Ramping Up Crypto Operations
Japan: One Exchange Opens For Residents, Another Pulls Plug on App
Hacks Force South Korean Exchanges to Seek ISO 27001 Accreditation
Japan Unveils “Simplified” Crypto Tax System
S Korea To “Foster The Market” and “Stimulate Jobs” In Blockchain
Pressure Growing For S Korea's Government to Reverse ICO Ban
Logistics Giant Enters Blockchain Arena
Island Province Wants to Lead the Way for South Korea ICO Change
Gov’t Could Have Done More to Stop USD 100m of Hacks - S Korean MP
Hacked Exchange Faces Investigation That Could Create New Precedent
Troubled K-pop-themed Crypto Startup Just Lost USD 6m Investment
Rakuten Plans to Launch its Crypto in Russia through Viber
Mitsubishi UFJG’s Investment Arm Hints at Possible Crypto Business
Crypto-keen Law Firm Teams up with Leading South Korean University
Japan Exchange Exodus: KuCoin and Huobi Pull Out
S Korean Exchange Upbit Denies Hack Rumor
Russia Set to Delay its Crypto-laws “Until Autumn”
S Korean Exchanges: New Regulations Will Alleviate Uncertainty
Russian University to Issue Blockchain-powered Degree Certificates
Bithumb Hack: Chinese Hackers Blamed, S Korean Police Stumped
Japanese Finance Minister Mulls Crypto Tax Changes
Blockchain and Crypto Find Role in Italian, S Korean Property Industry
bitFlyer, Bitbank CEOs Quit as VCs of Exchange Association
Revealed: Details of Japanese Regulator’s Orders to Censured Exchanges
Singapore Reaping USD 270,000 Each from ‘ICO Refugees’
Financial Sector Urges South Korea to Police Crypto Exchanges
Bithumb Unlikely to Get Payout Despite Millions Spent on Insurance
Ethereum Co-founder Lauds Qtum and VeChain, Welcomes SEC Ruling
Fujitsu and Japanese Police Team up for Crypto and Blockchain Training
Bithumb Hack Shakes Investors' Confidence: “Only Upbit is left”
It's Getting Hot in Kenyan Blockchain and Crypto Scene
Monex Boss Sees “Innovation” Benefits of Crypto Regulations
Regulator To Hit Japanese Top Exchanges With New Orders
Another Blow To Monero, Dash And Other Privacy Coins In Japan
Big-spending Investor Injects Capital Into Another Crypto Startup
Builder and Exchange to Launch Blockchain-based Housing Pilot
Pop. 1,500 Village Set to Issue its Own ICO by 2021
Students’ Blockchain Platform ‘Could Transform Auto Trading’
Japanese, South Korean Pensioners Becoming Increasingly Crypto Curious
Seoul District’s Digital Fiat Could Become Model for all of S Korea
Japanese Police Widen Crackdown on Crypto Mining Software
Kazakhstan: Blockchain Hub ‘Approves of Crypto Regulations’
South Korean Elections Offer a Glimmer of Hope for ICO Legalization
Santander to Use Ripple-powered FX Trading Blockchain App in Brazil
First Steps For Crypto Payments in Kenya
Huobi Steps up South Korea Expansion with University Deal
Japanese Financial Giant Adds BCH To its New Exchange, Mulls ETH
LG and Kakao Blockchain Subsidiaries Pen South Korea Government Deals
Bitcoin Tumbled Following South Korean Exchange Hack
Crypto Business Growing in Africa as Demand Surges
Seoul Mayoral Hopefuls Clash over Blockchain Policy
Quebec Energy Provider Overwhelmed by Crypto Mining Demand
Exchange ‘Fled HQ Before Winding-up Order’
Messaging Giant ‘Can't Confirm’ it Is to Open ‘Six’ Crypto Exchanges
Kenyan Think Tank Proposes Crypto Solution for Small Businesses
Japanese Regulator Rejects Exchange Application in Show of Force
Vietnam Enjoying Unlikely Crypto Boom – But There Is a Twist
South Korean Universities Sign Ripple, Blockchain Deals
The World's Fourth-most Populous Country Recognizes Crypto
Samsung and KT Launch Two Blockchain Platforms
UK Experts Slam Google and Facebook Crypto Ad Bans
Crypto Pay Venture Predicts Indonesia Crypto Turnaround in Three Years
Japanese Wallet Firm Buys Mongolian Mine, SBI Exchange Launched?
Game of Exchanges: Self-regulation as Self-defense
Chinese Crypto-companies Eyeing South Korea Expansion
Report: World Cup Could Spur on Crypto Market
S Korean Regulator: Key Court Crypto Ruling Won’t Change Gov’t Stance
R3 Blockchain Consortium Receives Major Financial Boost
Chinese President Hails Blockchain – as Crypto Biz ‘Leaks’ Abroad
S Korean Regulator Unmoved by Parliamentary Call to Lift ICO Ban
S Korean Regulator Unmoved by Parliamentary Call to Lift ICO Ban
Chinese Giant Introduces Blockchain-powered Encyclopedia Services
German Prosecutors Sell off Millions in Website’s Crypto-assets
India Says No to Venezuela’s ‘Crypto-oil Deal’
Bithumb Pledges to Respect Gov’t Security Guidelines
Survey: Most Japanese PC Users in the Dark over Cryptojacking
Another Major Asian Exchange Delists Privacy Coins
Catholic Thinker Urges Church to Consider Crypto
Oman Medical Training Center in Blockchain Deal with Gov’t Provider
From Eels to Eyeglasses – Exploring Japan’s Crypto Pay Revolution
BitFlyer Fights Back Against New Wave of Phishing Attempts
Ugandan President Defends Crypto From Central Bank Governor
Cryptocurrency Is Not Money, Says South Africa Central Bank
Coinbase Buys P2P Trading Platform, Revamps GDAX
Suspected Fraudster Caught Red-handed by Exchange Staff
Blockchain: A Solution to China’s Fake Wine ‘Epidemic’?
Thai Crypto Companies Hope to Change 'Improper Tax Measures'
Russian Parliament Approves First Readings of 3 New Crypto-laws
‘Crypto’ Fraudster Dupes Japanese Pensioner out of USD 9,000
US-Canada Securities Regulators Begin ‘Operation Crypto-Sweep’
Japanese Financial Giant to Launch Blockchain Pay Platform
Russian Crypto Law Taking Shape
Manga-themed Monacoin Hacked, Miner Suspected - Report
Three Privacy Coins and Augur Lose Friend in Japan
Ex-VISA Chief Appointed as CEO of a Crypto Bank
Coincheck Owner Sets Sights on US Expansion
UNDP Initiates Crypto-powered Energy Project, Starts from Moldova
S Korean IT Expert Calls for ‘Urgent’ Exchange Regulations
Australia Looking to Issue Blockchain-powered Welfare Payments
Bithumb Withdraws Altcoin Listing after Customer Backlash
Sberbank Oversees Russia’s First Blockchain Corporate Bond Deal
Shopify Strikes Deal with Pay Gateway, Allowing Pay in ‘300+’ Altcoins
HTC Makes ‘Exodus’ to Blockchain with New Crypto-friendly Smartphone
Japanese Exchanges Not Doing Enough to Stop Crypto Phishing - Report
Experts Call for American Regulators to End Indecision
Japanese Farmers Begin Organic Vegetables Blockchain Pilot
Zimbabwe Hits Crypto Exchanges with Banking Ban
Thailand Passes Crypto Capital Gains Tax Law
Organized Crime Mobs ‘Launder USD 275 Million’ in Crypto - Report
EOS Developer Appoints High-flying Commonwealth Bank Exec as COO
One of S Korea’s Biggest Exchanges Hit with Shock Fraud Wrap
Huawei Targets Chinese Users with Bicoin Wallet App
Belarus Bank Offers BTC-Dollar Trading, Ukraine ‘to Legalize Crypto’?
Bahrain Wants to Launch Blockchain-powered Vehicle Registry
Financial Giant Invests Millions in Crypto Startup Ahead its IPO
Venezuela Wants Foreign Ships to Pay Petros for Port Services
‘No ICO’ for Manga-themed Otaku Coin, Devs Plan Giveaway Instead
Facebook Appoints Coinbase Board Member to Head New Blockchain Unit
Judge Calls Two Coins "Grand Misrepresentation" in Crypto Fraud Trial
Venezuela and Palestine Launch Shared Fund with ‘USD 1.2Bn’ in Petro
S Korean Exchanges Adding New Altcoins to Fight ‘Crypto Recession’
Oracle to Release Blockchain Product in May, Apps to Follow in June
Coincheck Resumes Monero Trading as Regulator Ban Looms
Incoming S Korean Financial Regulator Hints at Lenient Crypto Approach
Regulators and Banks Blamed for S Korean Crypto ‘Recession’
Brits To Sell 10,000 Tickets for the 2018 World Cup on Blockchain
Maduro Urges Venezuelan Schools to Start Mining Crypto
South Korean MP Seeking to Overturn the Country’s ICO Ban
Ugandan Gov’t Eyes Blockchain to Boost Public Sector Efficiency
Airbus, Rolls-Royce Seeking Blockchain Air Parts Traceability Solution
Japanese Prosecutors Free Eight in High-profile Crypto Fraud Case
Controversial Italian Exchange BitGrail Ordered to Halt Trading
Co-Founder of Exchange Run by Philippine President's Brother Arrested
S Korean Fishermen, Farmers To Use Blockchain Trading Platform
India Can Use Petro to Buy Venezuelan Oil at 30% Discount - Insider
‘Bogus’ ICO Ordered to Repay Investor USD 1 million
Beazley, Bitfury’s Blockchain Insurance Solution for ‘Mass Shootings’
Japanese Release Pig-Themed Ethereum Blockchain Game
UNICEF Wants Donors to Mine Monero for Disadvantaged Children
The Second Largest S Korean Exchange to Integrate AML Solution
Manga and Anime’s Relationship with Crypto is…Complicated
Crypto Market Braced for Volatility after Mt. Gox Makes Massive Coin Transfer
Japanese Financial Giants Compete For Profit in Crypto Business
Nevada County Begins Blockchain Marriage License Pilot
A Number of Exchanges Suspend ERC20 Tokens as Bug Chaos Strikes
Chile Sends "An Excellent Sign" to the Crypto Industry
Japan Prepares to Welcome Cryptocurrency Theme Bar
95% of Japanese Crypto Investors Invested Less than USD 9,200
S Korean Telco Giant Plans ICO Consultancy, Trading Platform
Chinese #MeToo Activists Turn to Blockchain to Avoid Censorship
Walmart Wants its Suppliers to Apply Blockchain Technology
Bithumb ICO Details to Be ‘Revealed this Week’
Japanese Exchanges Vow to Self-regulate, Seek Gov’t Approval
Singapore and Hong Kong Becoming Asian ICO Hubs – But There’s a Twist
Japanese Largest Bank Tests Digital Currency in Cashier-free Store
Taiwan Gov't Mulls ‘Real-name’ Crypto Trading Regulations
Crypto Innovators’ Purr-fect Solutions Could End Animal Cruelty
Bahamas Looking to Enable Blockchain-powered Undersea Exploration
Singapore Energy Provider to Launch Global Power Marketplace
S Korean Giant to Create Insurance Solution at New ‘Blockchain Hub’
Venezuelans Make Record Bitcoin Buys as Country Clamors for Crypto
South Korean Exchanges Struggling to Find Insurance Policies
Boxing Star Pacquiao to Issue ICO – But Supports Crypto Regulations
Russia Fails to Ban Telegram, Censor Insists It Is Not Targeting Users
"South Korean Exchanges Are in a State of Confusion"
New York Attorney General Asks US Exchanges to Prove Security
Payward Japan Exchange to Close – But Insider Says it May Return
Vietnam Edges Closer to Crypto Crackdown
Japanese Police Bust ‘Ringleader’ of Crypto Crime Ring
Coinone Outruns Rivals by Expanding Oversees
S Korean Experts: ‘Time to End Restrictive Blockchain Regulations’
Survey: 40% of Crypto Investors Were Driven by Curiosity
Exchange Run by Philippine President’s Brother Seeks Operating Permit
Japanese Giant With Billions in Revenue Expresses Crypto Interest
Bithumb Denies Leak as Telegram Users Correctly Predict New Listings
Small and Medium-sized Business Goes Blockchain in South Korea
Customer Suing JPMorgan Chase over ‘Sky-high’ Crypto Fees
Will S Korea Turn to Blockchain to Solve Samsung Securities Crisis?
Tech Giant's E-Learning Center Strikes Blockchain Deal
74 Japanese Beauty Clinics Starts Accepting Bitcoin
Japanese Police Bust Nationwide Crypto Crime Ring
South Korean Regulators May Suspend Exchanges’ Corporate Bank Accounts
South Korean Investors Snubbing Real-name Crypto Banking
Expert: Blockchain Could Stop a Repeat of Samsung Securities Crisis
BitFlyer Plans to Unveil Common Blockchain Query Language ‘in a Year’
Major S Korean Hospital to Use Blockchain Platform for Medical Records
Swiss, Kazakh and Armenian Bodies Join Anti-Crypto Ban Lawsuit
S Korean Regulators Begin On-Site Investigations of Bank Crypto Accounts
South Korean Lighting Company CTL Edging Closer to Singapore ICO
Beauticians Are Leading South Korea’s Crypto Pay Charge
Morning News: Coinnest CEO in Court, Rivals Step In
CEO of Major S Korean Exchange Coinnest Arrested for Fraud - Report
Morning News: Monster Profit of Exchanges, Blockchain Phone Deal
Morning News: Coincheck Sale ‘Imminent,’ Gaming Co ‘to Launch ICO’
Morning News: Google Bans Mining Extensions, Prof Wants Regulations
Morning News: Buterin in Seoul, N Korea ‘Cryptojacking Pirate Manga’
Morning News: MailChimp Issues Crypto Ban, Yahoo Crypto Move Still On
Morning News: Thailand's Crypto Regulations, Japan’s FM Meets Buterin
Morning News: Twitter’s Crypto Ban, S Korean Exchanges in Major Moves
Morning News: USD 93m Blockchain Investment, Crypto Board Game
South Korean Motorbike Delivery Services Ready for Crypto Fastlane
Morning News: US Regulator Funding Cut, Gamer to Launch Exchange
Why South Korea Could Legalize ICOs
Morning News: US ICOs Fall into Line, USD 18m Scam and 5,704 Victims
Morning News: G20 Needs Recommendations, NSA Monitors BTC Users
Morning News: No Regulations from G20?, Japan Faces Crypto Tax Fight