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Tim Alper

Tim Alper

Tim Alper is a British journalist and a regular contributor to Cryptonews.com. He covers crypto and blockchain-related news on a daily basis, and also writes in-depth features about the latest trends in the crypto/blockchain sectors.

He has over a decade and a half of media experience and has written for the BBC, the Guardian, the Times of Israel, Chosun Ilbo and many other media outlets, covering tech, business, industry and a range of other fields. He has also collaborated on major media projects with the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, Hyundai, Korean Air, TÜV SÜD, Microsoft, Accenture and Shell. He has authored or co-authored five books on tech and other subjects.

You can reach him by email at [email protected]

Articles by Tim Alper

Dunamu Nasdaq Listing ‘Could Raise USD 17.9B’ – Analysts
Ukrainian MPs Want to Jail People Who Don’t Disclose Crypto Holdings
Zip's Potential Crypto Trading, Rothschild ETH Investment + More News
Gaming Giant WeMade Wants to Buy Bithumb – Report
Turkey Bans Crypto Payments (UPDATED)
More S Korean Exchange Customers in Nervous Hunt for their Crypto
Russian Finance Ministry, Central Bank at Loggerheads over Crypto Tax - Report
NFT Explosion Coming over Next 2 Years & Will Create Jobs, Say Insiders
Dogecoin At The Top 10 Gate as Cuban, Musk Stoke Social Media Flames
S Korean MPs Seek to Ban Crypto Felons from Returning to the Industry
Bitcoin Miners Might Solve Ukraine’s Energy Spending Woes
Goldman Sachs Wants To Go Digital, New SEC Chair + More News
3/4 of Polled S Korean Bankers See Bitcoin At USD 90K Before End of 2021
Coinbase Employees Get Extra Millions That Might Be Spent on BTC and Alts
South Korean City Goes to War with Tax Evaders, Will Seize their Crypto
Moscow Stock Exchange, Russian Banks Co-Found Blockchain Operator
Inflation Picks Up In US, New DeFi Investments + More News
NYSE Picks Crypto.org Chain For Its NFTs
Time Makes Another BTC Move as Crypto Is a ‘Turnkey Solution’ for Media
Chat App Giant Kakao ‘Owns 23% of Crypto Exchange Operator’
Bitcoin ETFs at the SEC Gate, MicroStrategy's BTC Pay + More News
GameStop Mulls NFT Expansion While Market Is Still Slowing Down
XRP Doubles as Ripple Scores Victory, 'XRP' Overtakes 'Ethereum' On Google
Crypto Moms Now Taking Bitcoin Buying Tips from their Kids
Trezor's Plans, Spain's Crypto Tax Warning, Thai SEC & Binance + More News
Fintech Heavyweights Revolut, Robinhood Gun for More Crypto Gains
Prepare For 'Uncertain Future of Money' – US Intelligence Center
Japanese Regulator Warns Teens Who’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Crypto
NYDIG Raises USD 100M, Meitu Buys More BTC, Crypto Climate Accord + More News
New South Korean Crypto ‘Crackdown’ not ‘Bluster’ as Banking Ties Strain
Bitcoin Evolves From Tulips Into A Geopolitical Weapon As US Warned Again
This Spanish AR NFT Campaign Will Give You Pokémon Go Flashbacks
Hedge Fund Giant Invests In Bitcoin Trust, JPMorgan's CEO On Crypto Regulation + More News
Kimchi Premium Vanishes, then Returns as Bank Issues Appear to Have Hit Upbit
Binance Boss CZ Only Has Eyes for Bitcoin and BNB
Swedish Central Bank Wants ‘Market Actors’ to Join Next Stage of CBDC Pilot
At Least 10 South Korean Crypto Exchanges’ ‘Survival Not Guaranteed’
Collect Taxes More Effectively to Avoid ‘Debt Trap’ Chaos, Warns IMF
New Crypto Lobbyist, Facebook Payments, Grayscale's Chainlink + More News
Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Metakovan & More to Judge NFT Funding Contest
South Korean Newspaper to Give its Subscribers Kakao's Klay Token
Yellen & Global Tax Plan, Russian Crypto Consultation, Indian NFT Marketplace + More News
Kimchi Premium ‘Returns’ as South Korean Youth ‘Rushes’ to Bitcoin
Japanese Central Bank Starts Testing on Digital Yen
Garlinghouse Backtracks on BTC as Ripple Gains Ground on SEC & XRP Soars
Russian Central Bank Wants to ‘Limit’ Stablecoin Use in Payments
Ukrainian MP Cashed in Her Crypto – and Made More than Twice Her Salary
Ex-SEC Chair On Bitcoin Regulation, New BTC ETF, N Korean Crypto Hackers + More News
Mark Cuban Says He’s ‘All-in’ on Ethereum and Bitcoin
Independent Local Stablecoin Booming in South Korea’s Buyeo
Abkhazia to Criminalize Crypto Mining and Extend ‘Temporary’ Ban
Teletubbies Lead the Madness as April Fool’s Bitcoin Bedlam Runs Amok
Ripple Bosses Break from Legal Battle to Bash Bitcoin
Judge Hands Convicted Crypto Tax Evader 3-Year Suspended Jail Sentence
Digital Euro Summer, Enjin Filled With Millions, Biden's USD 2T Tax Plan + More News
Bogus Trezor iOS App Snares Investor’s USD 1M Bitcoin Savings
Tesla Developers Help Patch Flaw in Open-source Bitcoin Pay Software
Customers of Small South Korean Crypto Exchanges Fear for their Funds
Mini Bitcoin Futures, UK Crypto Tax Guide, Michael Jordan & NFTs + More News
PayPal Launches Crypto Pay Services in US for Bitcoin, Ether, Altcoins
Crypto Community Asks Who's Next As SEC Hits Decentralized LBRY
Russia Wants to Use the Digital Ruble to Power its USD Purge
South Korean Tech Giants May Capitalize on ‘Rising Crypto Pay Demand’
Ex-SEC Chair Enters Crypto River, USD 225m Crypto Fund + More News
Ukrainian Finance Minister Says Crypto Is ‘Promising’
SNL Tells American Viewers what NFTs Are – via "Eminem" & "Janet Yellen"
How Education – and Envy – Turned a Billionaire Skeptic into a Bitcoin Bull
South Korea Crypto Scammers Targeting People in Their 50s & 60s
Beeple Generator, NFT Skin, and Non-Fungible Lego Mystery
New Zealand Pension Fund Provider NZ Funds Management Takes Bitcoin Leap
Upbit Operator May Follow Coinbase with Nasdaq IPO Bid – Analysts
Bithumb Adds Auto-trading Function
Russian Companies, Government Losing Interest in Blockchain
Crypto Inflows Decline, Bitcoin's Taproot Has A Date + More News
Enigmatic Elon Musk Sets Crypto Riddle with Mysterious DeFi-themed Post
Potential Buyers Divided on the Wisdom of Spending Bitcoin on a Tesla
Sales and Income Rocket at South Korea’s Biggest Crypto Exchanges
Spain’s First Tokenized Property Sells for ETH to Investors in 3 Countries
Crypto Education, Time For Bitcoin, Beeple Dumps Ethereum + More News
Mitsubishi, Banking & Telecom Giants Invest USD 62M in DeCurret
Tesla Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments – and Will Not Convert to Fiat
This Is How Satoshi Nakamoto Defended Bitcoin Mining & Converted A Skeptic
New Uniswap, OKEx Korea To Close, Overconfident Crypto Investors + More News
Financial Sector Players Call for Improved KYC Regulations
Morgan Stanley Rules out M&A Deal for Bithumb, Binance Is 'Always Open'
South Korean Deputy PM Make Crypto ‘Overheating’ Claim as Alt Interest Rises
In Venezuela, USD, Not Bitcoin, Still Reigns Supreme – Report
Russia & China vs. USD, Fed's Chair on Bitcoin, FATF Aims at DeFi + More News
NFT Frenzy Now Encompasses Books, Satire, Magazines and 100-year-old Art
Deutsche Bank, Visa, Binance, Naver Eye Deal for Bithumb – Report
Updated FATF Crypto Guidelines Still ‘Predicated on Centralized Control’
Chinese Tech Giants Pay Big for Blockchain Talent in Crowded Field
Coincheck Readies Beta Launch of NFT Marketplace, Will Accept BTC, ETH & Alts
Bitcoin Suisse's Profit, Temptation Of Mt. Gox Creditors, Brazil's BTC ETF + More News
Spanish Property Experts: Interest in Bitcoin-powered House Buying Rising
New Lower-cost Samsung Phones Feature Blockchain File-sharing Tech
If a CBDC Is an ‘Instrument of Control,’ It’ll Fail – Expert
Rakuten Points To BTC, Crypto.com & Visa, a16z Dives Into NFT Sea + More News
Thai Central Bank Sets A Precedent By Banning Baht-pegged Stablecoin
South Koreans Warned to Pay Tax on Crypto Held on Foreign Exchanges
Bitcoin Suisse's License Plan, Fed Rates, Delayed Tax Season + More news
Inflation Is Here & Bitcoin Will Hit USD 115K ‘Ahead of Target’ – Pantera
Visa Boss Wants Company ‘in the Middle’ of Crypto as Cash ‘Declines’
South Korean Authorities Liquidate Tax Dodgers’ Crypto Holdings
MP Claims that Russia’s Crypto Tax Threshold Is Subject to Change
Accidental Gift To ETH Miners, Cardano Rallies On Coinbase Pro News + More
Dalio Disses Dollar Debt, But Warns Gov’ts May Target Bitcoin & Gold
A Crypto Vanity Dream Now Features Musk, Beeple, Justin Sun, DOGE and NFTs
Warnings as Crypto, Digital Yuan Fraudsters Run Wild in China
6,000+ XRP Holders Want to Testify, Bitcoin Stimulus + More News
Hoskinson: 100+ Companies Ready to Leave Ethereum for Cardano
Latest Episode of India’s Crypto Ban Soap Draws Decidedly Mixed Reviews
Post-COVID-19, Bitcoin & Co May Help UK Escape from Economic Funk
China May Target Tether after Digital Yuan Launch – B2C2 Japan CEO
MicroStrategy Does Its Bitcoin Thing Again, Man Group CEO Warns + More News
Binance Rolls out Crypto Pay Service for Bitcoin, Ether, Fiat and More
SEC ‘Wants to Know How Much We Spend on Groceries,’ Say Ripple Execs
Justin Sun: Christie’s Tech Glitch Stopped Me Paying USD 70M for Beeple NFT
Chat App KakaoTalk’s Crypto Wallet Now Has 0.75m Users
Video Cards, Crypto Mining Facility Demand Soars in Russia
US & EU Money Printers, Mt. Gox's Karpeles on Rehabilitation Plan + More News
DeFi Sector May Face Threat from New EU Crypto Regulations – Survey
SEC Hits out at Ripple’s ‘Lack of Due Process’ in Letter to Judge
Japanese Crypto Tax Evader Hit with Year-long Jail Sentence
Ethereum Miners Don’t Cause Price Volatility, Says Analyst
Grayscale's Parent Set to Buy GBTC Shares, BlockFi Attacked + More News
FX Branch of Japanese Giant SBI Planning Crypto Move – Report
Multiple High Profile Crypto Twitter Accounts Suspended, Users Suspect NFT Link
South Korea’s Shinhan, LG CNS Unveil CBDC Platform
Blockchain.com's Outage, Bitcoin's Vouchers, Cards & ETFs + More News
Taiwanese Prosecutors Swoop, Accusing Bitmain of IP Violations
Chinese Firms Get Bullish as Lottery Operator Renames Itself ‘BIT Mining’
Miners Returning to S Korea, Where Crypto Is ‘Essential’ for 20-30s
Morgan Stanley, Soros Tap Into Bitcoin, Speedy Taproot, Ethereum's Berlin + More News
Justin Sun, Sina Estavi & Co Race to Buy NFT of Jack Dorsey's First Tweet
Meitu CEO Hints More Asian Firms May Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, As Shares Rally
Crypto Fever Back in South Korea, Average USD 7B Per Day Transacted
Finance Guru 'Loves' Bitcoin, Ethereum Improvement Agreement, McAfee Hit Again + More News
Novogratz Brands Dogecoin a ‘Joke,’ Tells Mark Cuban to Steer Clear
FC Barcelona Presidential Election Gets A USD 72M Crypto Twist
User Data Issue Threatens to Blight New South Korean Crypto Regulation
Cuban Goes Dogecoin, Bitcoin's USD 100K Signal, Ripple's CBDC Plan + More news
Exchanges Target Payments Sphere as Bitfinex Enters Crypto Pay Too
Japan Edges Closer to its First IEO – an NFT Platform
Brave Buys Search Engine, Kings of NFT, Binance In Colombia + More News
NFT Overtakes Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP on Google
Inspired by Tesla, South Korean Crypto Moms Take the Bitcoin Plunge
Colombia’s Banco de Bogotá Begins Crypto Pilot
PayPal Rumored To Buy Curv, Goldman Sachs Reenters Bitcoin + More News
Grimes and Paris Hilton Go Full NFT – But Some Warn of Trouble Ahead
US SEC Now ‘On the Clock’ for Key Bitcoin ETF Decision
Door Opens for South Korean Crypto Exchanges Fearing Forced Closures
American Music Producer Makes USD 11.7M in NFT Sales
Blackmailed Tether, Dan Loeb Takes 'A Deep Dive' Into Crypto + More News
China’s Inner Mongolia Might Push Bitcoin Miners Towards Greener Energy
Spanish Bittrex Customer Says Exchange ‘Allowed’ Theft of His Bitcoin
Kraken Valuation, Millions Of Crypto Robinhoods, 1inch Bridge + More News
MIT, Jack Dorsey & More Pour Resources into Bitcoin Development Efforts
Crypto Industry Wins More Time For FATF Travel Rule
Giant Rakuten Lets Customers Charge E-Pay Accounts with BTC, ETH, BCH
Duma Committee Chief Throws up Roadblock to Russia’s Crypto Tax Plans
Ethereum ETF, Preconditions For Digital Dollar, Mt. Gox Voting + More News
Defeated Donald Trump-themed NFT Sells for USD 6.6 Million
Buffett's Partner Munger Bashes Bitcoin, Says It's 'Substitute For Gold'
Digital Yuan Scammers Gathering Momentum as Token Rollout Nears
Indian Central Bank Playing by Same Anti-Crypto, Pro-CBDC Rules as China, EU
Bitcoin ETF War, New Ethereum ETP, Swiss Bank Goes Crypto + More News
Crypto.com Aiming to Hit 100 million User Target by 2023 as CRO Surges
1 Million First-time Buyers Bought Bitcoin on Dorsey's Cash App Last Month
Bill Gates Champions His Own ‘Digital Money’ - But What Is It?
India's Warren Buffett Is Against Bitcoin Too, ECB Aims At Diem + More News
‘Extreme Selling’ Caused Kraken Ethereum Flash Crash - CEO
Peak 2021 Is Already Here as Schiff and Musk Go into Eggplant Twitter Meltdown
MoneyGram Says it Still Supports Ripple Despite Partnership Pause
Japanese Lonely Hearts Warned to Beware Dating App Crypto Scammers
S Korean Province Vows ‘Intense’ Clampdown on Crypto-themed MLM Fraud
Here Are the Ways Governments Could Attack Bitcoin – and None of them Sound Hot
Yellen on Bitcoin, NFTs Score Another Million + More News
Bank of Japan’s Year-long Digital Yen Pilot Begins this Spring
South Korean Crypto Exchanges Face New Hurdle as Legal Deadline Looms
OKCoin Suspends Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV Trading, New ETFs + More News
Kiss Star Simmons Turns into Cardano’s Dr. Love, Denies Shilling ADA
Bitcoin Is a Sideshow & a Poor Hedge, but It’s Mainstream – JPMorgan
BitMEX Founder Arthur Hayes Returns to Tout The Crypto Game
Bank Account Data May Indicate a Rise in South Korean Crypto Activity
Digital Yuan Must Dethrone Alipay, WeChat Pay Before Taking on USD - Researcher
N America's First Bitcoin ETF Booms, Nvidia's Surprise To Ethereum + More News
Crypto Traders Might Find Familiar Playbook In GameStop Hearing
Robinhood Suspected To Be a Dogecoin Whale As It Plans New Crypto Services
DDoS Attacks Slow as Botnet Operators Turn to Crypto Mining – Kaspersky
NFTs Gaining Traction Around the World as Key Milestone Is Met
BlackRock 'Dabbles' In Bitcoin, CBDC Card, Ethereum Futures + More News
Another Chinese Giant Enters Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining
Listed German Cannabis Firm to Buy Bitcoin, Slates Euro and USD
South Korean Blockchain-powered Local Stablecoins Set for Another Boost
New Bitcoin ETF Attempt, Diem's Move, Ripple vs. SEC + More News
Tesla Board Member’s Crypto ‘Conflict of Interest’ May Blight Bitcoin Buy
Russian Parliamentary Committee OKs Crypto Tax Bill, but Flaws Remain
Justin Sun Denies Bid to Enlist 13.6m-sub YouTuber as Tron ‘Shill’
Blockchain-powered Karaoke Booms in South Korea as Coronavirus Drags on
Crypto Exchange Bithumb: Beware Bogus Brokers Posing as Our Staff
MicroStrategy Makes another Bitcoin Move, HK ‘on Tenterhooks’ + More News
PwC Chief: Mexican Companies Want to Follow Tesla into Bitcoin Investment
Germany’s Biggest Bank Talked the Talk, Now it Walks the Crypto Walk
Canada OKs Its First Bona Fide Bitcoin ETF, JPMorgan on BTC + More News
American Political Leaders Playing High-stakes Bitcoin Pledge War
India’s Crypto Community Fights Back As Ban Bill Turns Into Tiresome Soap Opera
PayPal Touts Crypto For Its 'Super App,' But It Won’t Buy Bitcoin Just Yet
Spain Crypto Warning Was ‘to Spook Companies Planning Tesla-type BTC Buys’
Uber Says "Maybe" & "No" To Bitcoin, Yellen On Crypto Crime + More News
Opinions Divided on Bitcoin ETF in US as Experts Say 2021 Launch Is Possible
Amazon Building ‘Digital Currency’ Team for ‘New Payment Product’
Group of Men, One Company Indicted for Handling Stolen Coincheck XEM
Bithumb Must Compensate BTC Address Book Mixup Customers – at 2018 Prices
7 Traditional Investors Who Said Bah Humbug to Bitcoin
BBC Features Stories of Traders who Struck it Rich on Bitcoin
Bitcoin Mining Moves In Russia & US, Ledger Gets Big Client + More News
Elon Musk Rages at Wallet, May Land in Hot Water from Regulators
US Congress Now Aims At Decentralized Services Too
South Korean Telecoms Giant KT Posts ‘Sevenfold’ Blockchain Profits
New Bitcoin Trust, ECB Might Limit Digital Euro Holdings + More News
Here’s What the Mainstream Media Makes of Tesla’s Bitcoin Move
The G7 Taxman Is Coming for Your Crypto Profits
Yes, Huawei Is Getting into Mining – But Not Bitcoin Mining
Russia Looks to ‘Tighten Control’ over Crypto Traders with New Tax Measures
Apple Has a 'Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity' in Bitcoin & Crypto + More News
South Korean Central Bank: Build Legal Boundary Between CBDCs & Crypto
Industry Players Weigh In As CME Group’s Ethereum Futures Go Live
Bitcoiners Bristle as Musk-fuelled Dogecoin Rocket Re-enters Top 10
Spanish Tax Body Will Force Citizens to Declare Overseas Crypto Holdings
Bitfinex Repays USD 550m to Tether, Nigerian Ban, Dorsey's Bitcoin Node + More News
Net Detectives Wonder if This DOGE Whale Is Actually Elon Musk
Bitcoin-keen Palihapitiya Says He Won’t Run for Governor of California
Argentinian Province Introduces Sweeping Crypto Tax Laws
US Senate Banking Committee Now Has A Bitcoiner + More News
FTX Boss Bankman-Fried Says He Is Worth a ‘Mostly Illiquid’ USD 10B
What SEC Crackdown? Japanese Giant SBI Starts Offering XRP Lending
PayPal to Beef up Crypto Operations with ‘Significant Investment’
Former Social Media Giant Cyworld To Return With A New Token
Pension Fund's Exposure to Bitcoin, USD 600,000 per BTC + More News
So You’re Not a Bitcoin Whale – But What Kind of BTC Sea Creature Are You?
Visa Growing Increasingly Bullish on Crypto, Announces Neobank Pilot
Crypto World Waits to See What Post-Bezos-era Amazon Will Bring
Bitcoin ATM Boom, OKEx's Lightning, India's Blockchain Plan + More News
The Winklevoss Test New Way To Earn More Clients For Gemini
Economists: CBDCs to ‘Flop’ if They Aren't Designed as Stores of Value
Colombian Banks to Work with Exchanges on Year-long Crypto Pilot
J-pop Deepens Crypto Links as Nogizaka46 Star Talks Investment on TV Show
Grayscale Ethereum Trust Reopens, Bitcoin Fund 'Over 99% Invested' + More News
Ukraine Wants to Bolster its Budget with Nuclear-powered Crypto Mining
Mark Cuban Says Crypto Is a Store of Value & Redditors Right to ‘Kick Wall St. Ass’
Elon Musk Just Asked Robinhood CEO These Questions – Here Are His Answers
Crypto Exchange Operator Affiliate to Launch Blockchain Genome Platform
MicroStrategy to Buy More Bitcoin, Crypto Adoption Signs, Zero-Fee Trading + More News
World's Richest Person, Tesla's Elon Musk Sends Bitcoin Sign, BTC Rallies
Visa Wants to Work with Exchanges, Wallets on ‘Digital Gold’ Bitcoin
South Korean Bank Shinhan Seals Crypto Custody Deal with BitGo
Fair Banking Delayed, Nuclear-powered Bitcoin Mining + More News
Crypto Fans 'LOL' At BIS GM Claims that Bitcoin 'May Break Down'
ETH Prices Barely Budge Despite Ethereum Foundation’s Reddit Deal
S Korean Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize Crypto Manipulation
BlackRock CEO on BTC, Grayscale Competitor, USD 16.5bn Lost to Crypto Scams + More News
Bitcoin Bull Palihapitiya May Stand a Chance of Becoming California’s Governor
Craig Wright's Anti-Bitcoin Attempts Helped Bitcoin
Japanese Card Giant JCB Readies Crypto Interoperability Pilot
Lawyers Take Aim at Russia’s Crypto Legislation
Crypto Lending Heats Up, Jihan Wu Steps Down, FinCEN News + More
Davos Watch: ‘Underestimated’ Digital Revolution & Unsafe 'Magic Money Tree'
Chinese Central Bank Governor Signals USD 37B Ant IPO May Still Happen
Bill Gates-backed, Blockchain, AI, and Big Data-powered Virus-fighting App Launched
A Hint From Davos: Regulating Crypto Is ‘in the Public Interest’
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty at ATH, New ETF Attempts + More News
Major YouTuber MrBeast Wants to Send Bitcoin to the Moon...Literally
Digital Yuan Compatible with at Least Eight Chinese Bank Platforms
OKCoin's Lightning, Grayscale's Fillings, NexTech Sells BTC on Fake News + More
Alongside CBDC Plans, BIS Reveals Tokenized Green Retail Bond Pilot
US Treasury Nominee Yellen Tells Senators that Crypto Has ‘Benefits’
‘Over-Regulation’ May Scupper South Korea’s Fledgling Crypto Sector
Ripple’s Hot Takes for 2021: Surprising M&A, Ethereum Rivals and More
Bitcoin Protection, New Surveys, Mnuchin's Idea On Ice + More News
Former Coinbase Exec Might be Replaced With Former Ripple Advisor At OCC
Japan Heading for Stage Two of its CBDC Pilot in Spring
Bitcoin Less Risky Than Tesla, Ethereum at USD 10,500 + More News
'I Thought I Was The Smartest Person' - Allianz's El-Erian On His USD 19K BTC Sale
BMW, Ford, Honda to Co-work on Blockchain-powered Car Damage History Platform
Gaming Giant Netmarble Develops Blockchain-powered Way to Cap Kids’ Gaming Time
New Bitcoin ETP, Faster BNB Burn, Digital Euro, Enjin in Japan + More news
South Korean Traders Offered First Fear-Greed Crypto Volatility Tool
Hong Kong Crypto Robbers Strike Again: Gang Makes off with 450k Tether Haul
UK Crypto-Skeptic’s Anti-Bitcoin Petition Looks Set for a Sad Fate
South Korean Carrier SKT Launches Blockchain-powered Certification App
Spanish Football Club Says it Has Made World-first Crypto Pro Transfer
New SEC Chair, Confiscated Bitcoin Miners, Trader vs. Banks + More News
Travel Firm Backed for USD 50m in Bid to Develop ‘Killer DeFi App’
Lack of Crypto Regulations a Turnoff for Japanese Investors – Coincheck
Associated Gas Pilot Could Lead to Huge Boon for Russian Bitcoin Miners
Bitcoin ETP Boom, Mt. Gox Deal, XRP Hit Again, Cows On Blockchain + More News
Fed Chief Bets That US's 'First-Mover Advantage' in CBDC Race Is Stronger Than China's
Bithumb Boss: Only 4-7 Korean Crypto Exchanges Will Survive Regulations
Maduro Promises ‘Revival’ for Venezuela’s Foundering Petro Token
Man Will Give 25% of Lost Bitcoin to COVID Relief if He Can Search Dump for USD 296M Haul
OCC's Fair Banking Rule, Gemini IPO, Coinbase Altcoins Hub + More News
Regulatory Green Light for Hong Kong’s First Bitcoin ETF – Report
Further Details of ‘Offline’ Chinese Digital Yuan ‘Hard Wallet’ Emerge
Over 70% of Surveyed Argentinians ‘Interested’ in Crypto
World's Biggest Publicly Traded Hedge Fund Firm Defends Bitcoin + More News
Most US Financial Advisors Want to up Crypto Holdings in 2021 – Survey
Two Wrong Guesses And This Programmer Loses USD 241M in Bitcoin
Mexico May Be Forced to Issue Digital Peso, Claims Economist
Grayscale Reopens Doors For New Crypto Investors + More News
Bakkt Predicting Sky-high Growth for ‘USD 3 Trillion’ Crypto Sector
Crypto M&A Growth Shows How Fast Sector Is Maturing
South Korean Banks ‘Play to Their Strengths’ with Bitcoin Custody Moves
Bitcoin Volume Doubles on CME, Crypto Booking With Benefits + More News
EOS Slumps, Holders Rage after Key Technical Boss Steps Down
Russian Banks Given Power to Freeze or Block Crypto-linked Accounts
New Platform Could Give Whiskey Fans a Boozy Blockchain Boost
Bitcoin Auction, Norwegian Digital Bank, Bakkt Merger + More News
Pension Funds Getting Set to Board Bitcoin Bandwagon, Say Insiders
NCSoft Denies It Made a Bid for Control of Bithumb
Blockchain Projects Gain Boost in Seoul’s USD 7Bn 2021 Spending Plan
Third Major South Korean Bank to Enter Crypto Custody Fray
Bitcoin Overtakes Ethereum, BNB Valuation, BitMEX Completes Verification + More news
Ethereum Nears All-Time-High...but Nobody Knows which Watershed to Aim for
Bitstamp, Korbit Owner Set to Take Control of Bithumb - Report
South Korean Software Behemoth Hancom Wades into DeFi Arena
China Pilots Phone-free Digital Yuan Wallet at Shanghai Hospital
Major ShapeShift, Crypto Boom at Revolut, Interest In Ethereum Peaks + More News
More Crypto Regulation Coming in Russia and Beyond, Warns Key Lawmaker
‘Kimchi Premium Return’ Reports 'Exaggerated'
International Coffee Shop Chain Tom N Toms to Launch 'Cryptoasset'
Sell Telegram to Pay off Failed ICO Debts, Demand Angry Investors
Two Reasons Why Bitcoin Differs From Google, Amazon, & Facebook Networks
Grayscale Replaces XRP With Bitcoin, Ether, LTC, and BCH + More news
Ethereum Rally Fails to Spark Chinese Interest as Bitcoin Hogs Limelight
No Need for South Korean Lawmakers to Declare Crypto after Bill Fails
XRP Army Fils A Petition, Digital Yuan Giweaway + More News
Russian CBDC To Create 'Centralized Database' of Spending, Expert Warns
Blockstream Debuts Open-source Hardware Bitcoin Wallet
Colombian Watchdog Says Companies Can Convert Capital to Bitcoin
Total Tokenization, Taproot, Bitcoin ETF + More News
Fact-checking Ripple’s Claim that ‘Many G20 Gov’ts’ Call XRP a ‘Currency’
Coinbase to Face Class Action Suit over XRP Listing
Power-starved Abkhazians Face Internet Restrictions in Crypto Mining Crisis
Order Book Sharing Ban Could Shake South Korean Exchanges to the Core
'World's First' Physical Crypto Banking Branch Opened in India + More News
Miami Mayor Open to Bitcoin Investment, Crypto Bill Pay Plans
Production to Begin on USD 540m Crypto-themed TV Drama 'Pumping Time'
Brazilian Banking Boss Says Venezuelans Use Bitcoin & Alts as a ‘Vehicle’
Indian Crypto Tax, Listed VR Company Diversifies Into Bitcoin + More News
Crypto Players Plea for More Opposition to FinCEN Regulation Proposal
Alarm Bells Ringing in XRP-keen Japan
South Korean Crypto Exchanges Prepare for Order Book Sharing Shutdown
BlackRock Prepares to Make More Crypto Moves + More News
Among S&P 500 Companies Only Two Outperformed Bitcoin This Year
Binance CEO Says Expansion to Japan Is ‘Unlikely’
Expert Warns CBDCs Won’t Carry the Same Advantages as Bitcoin
Economists Speak of ‘Once-in-a-Millennium Change’ in Monetary History
Binance to Exit South Korea, MoneyGram on Ripple, Acting SEC Chair + More News
Telegram Forced to Monetize – and the American SEC May Be to Blame
Another Listed Company to Invest in Bitcoin + More News
Crypto, Blockchain Firms in South Korea, Switzerland Get Investment Boosts
Brave Browser Chief Courts Social Media Rage with COVID-19 Comments
Mining Giant Nornickel Issues First Blockchain-powered Metals Tokens
Russian Parliament Expects a 2021 ‘Surge’ in Token Issuance
Puerto Rico Neobank the Latest to Unveil Bitcoin, Ethereum Custody Plans
Huobi Set for US Return, Italians Experiment With Digital Euro + More News
Ethereum, XRP Making Gains on Bitcoin in Crypto Pay Stakes – BitPay Stats
US Exchanges Fight Treasury-FinCEN Proposal That Would 'Wall Off' The Poor
Bitcoin Booms, But No Return to the Kimchi Premium in South Korea
Bitcoin Pay Gets Traction in Venezuela While Crypto Gathers Pace in Argentina
MicroStrategy Has Now Over USD 1bn in Bitcoin, New & Old Hacks + More News
BTC Drops Below USD 23K While Investors Watch Elon Musk, New Stimulus, and Crackdown
South Korean Province to Create Youth Blockchain Jobs with New Fund
Spanish Banking Giant Prepared For Bitcoin, PayPal's BTC Game + More News
Bitcoin Now Retail Inflation Hedge, Experts Agree – and Altcoins May Follow Suit
Spain Gets Bullish for Bitcoin as Hotel Booking Site Inks Crypto Pay Deal
Megan Thee Stallion Hops On Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin Train With USD 1m Ticket
Russian MPs Seek to Drive E-Pay and Crypto Further Apart with New Bill
Regulatory Crypto Primer, NiceHash Reimburses BTC 4.6K Hack Victims + More News
Global Mainstream Media Fills its Boots with Bitcoin News as Prices Rocket
S Korean Industry Body: Mandatory Crypto Disclosure Would Boost Credibility
Several Major Bullish News For Bitcoin and Ethereum + More
Sberbank Urges Central Bank to Reconsider Digital Ruble Issuance Plans
After Fake Assange Pardon News, Crypto Fans in Clamor Over Ulbricht Pardon Rumor
Mexico’s Biggest University Adds Course That Features Crypto Learning
Italian Banking Giant Enters Bitcoin, Mt. Gox Rehabilitation + More News
Japan’s Biggest Crypto Bull SBI Makes M&A Charge in UK Liquidity Firm Deal
Billionaire Turns to Bitcoin Mining To Help His Troubled Business
Venezuelans Use Blockchain Tech in Unofficial Anti-Maduro Referendum
ECB: Private Sector Can Help with ‘Intensifying’ Digital Euro Project
Best Month For Bitcoin Futures on CME in 2020 + More News
Massive Google Outage Shows Why Decentralization Is Better
Chinese State Media Keeps Surprising With Bitcoin ‘Outshining’ Gold Prediction
Blockchain Capital Unveils New 10 ‘Bold’ Crypto Predictions for 2021
Short-lived Bitcoin Trap, Ethereum on Wordpress, IOTA's Drama + More News
Sweden Launches E-krona Feasibility Review
Business Giants Invest USD 60m in Blockchain-powered Payment Firm Chai
BTC, ETH Slide Lower Despite Insurers’ USD 100m Bitcoin Buy & Ether ETF
Russian Prosecutor General Coming for Civil Servants’ ‘Hidden Bitcoin’
Cash Still a Top Hedge Pick, but Digital Winning Payments War – Bank Strategist
JPMorgan's Coin In Action, ECB Money Printer Heats Up, Metamask in DeFi + More News
DBS Makes it Official: Banking Giant Will Launch Crypto Exchange
Politicians, Industry, Crypto Fans Unite to Reject Treasury Wallet Plans
Korea Exchange to Scrutinize Crypto-related Stocks, Foul Play Suspected
Everything Your Mom Needs to Know About Crypto...But Was Afraid to Ask
Messari Boss Names 10 Key Crypto Trends for 2021
3 Bullish News For Bitcoin From Fidelity, JPMorgan & Microstrategy + More
Morgan Stanley Exec Says Bitcoin is Coming for the US Dollar
Give Commercial Banks More Power over Digital Ruble – Industry Leader
China Preparing to Wow World with Digital Yuan at Winter Olympics
Bitcoin, Altcoin Trading Erupted, Nearing USD 1 Trillion In November + More News
Bitcoin, Blockchain: Most Americans Don’t Know the Difference – Survey
Facebook’s Libra Rebrand Hits Another Name-Change Snag as UK Diem Lawyers up
Power Substation Burns out as Abkhazia Bitcoin Mining Woes Worsen
MicroStrategy Buys More Bitcoin, Hong Kong Eyes Digital Yuan + More News
Back to Bits – Bitcoin OG Says It’s Time to Say Sayonara to Satoshis
Venezuela Paying Iranian, Turkish Companies in Bitcoin – Report
Lawyer Warns Russian Crypto, Blockchain Exodus Has Already Begun
Binance Expects Up to USD 1B In Profits This Year + More News
CCB-backed Blockchain-powered Bond Issuance Saga Takes a New Turn
OMG Rallies as OMG Network Sold To a New Owner
Sorry, Bitcoin, Altcoins Start Grabbing the Spotlight in Mainstream Media
Banks Should Pay Interest on CBDCs to Reduce Tax Avoidance – Report
Trader Says His BTC 7 Has Been Stuck in LocalBitcoins Escrow Since 2017
Aave's Second Version, New Bitcoin Mining Pool in North America + More News
BIS Indicates CBDC Issuance May Hinge on Private Sector Collaboration
Cubans Turn to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin as US Sanctions Bite
Canadian Restaurant Sends a Bitcoin Message To SMEs
PayPal CEO Sees 'The Entire World' Going 'Digital First' + More News
Crypto Proves Central Banks Are Obsolete, Says UIC Barcelona Professor
Chinese State Media: Ignore Bitcoin Hype, Stay on the Blockchain Path
Bitstamp, Korbit Crypto Exchange Buyer Nexon Sells Blockchain R&D Arm
Coinbase's Strategy Helped MicroStrategy, Bitcoiner Eyes Soccer Club + More News
DeFi Superpowers yearn.finance and SushiSwap To Merge (UPDATED)
Experts Divided on New Russian Crypto Regulations
Ukraine To Teach Citizens About Bitcoin, Crypto Crime Warning + More News
Upbit Begins Crypto Withdrawal Delays + More News
‘Twitter Philanthropist’ Pulte Shares 30 Secret Billionaire Bitcoin Owners Rumor
The USD 4.2bn Question: Has China ‘Dumped’ PlusToken Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co?
OECD Says It Is Working on Crypto Tax Reporting Standards for 2021
Venezuelan Retailing Heavyweight Starts Accepting Bitcoin, Altcoins
Russia To Give More Rights To Crypto Owners + More News
Reddit Users Fume at Details of PayPal Crypto ‘Lockout’ Case
South Korea’s Banking Giant to Co-create ‘Crypto Bank’ for Exchanges
Furious Abkhazian Villagers Forcibly Close Down Crypto Mining Farms
Retail Crypto Trading Soars In Africa and Asia + More News
South Korean Crypto Tax May Be Delayed after Parliamentary Intervention
Ripple-SBI Bond Intensifies Again with XRP Lending Plans in Pipelines
Blockchain Mag Gets Royal OK, Crypto Comedians Question Queen’s Bitcoin Interest
Hotels in Argentina Are Ready to Consider Adopting Crypto Pay
DeFi Industry Ponders Strategy as Regulators Begin to Circle
Alarming Tax Letters, Bitcoin Sponsors, Mining Chaos in Abkhazia + More News
DOJ ‘Overlooked’ USD 500k in Forked Crypto in Bitcoin Bust
Venezuelan Army Engineers Start Mining Bitcoin
New Crypto Unicorn, Filecoins' First Exbibyte, Catching Monero + More News
Ethereum King Buterin Loses Live Showdown to Twitch Chess Queen
In Argentina, a Politician Wants to Build a State-backed Crypto Exchange
US in Crypto Tax Balancing Act, ETH Miners Safe Until Nov. 2021 + More News
ECB Suggests that Losing CBDC Race Could Have ‘Spillover’ Consequences
SoftBank Boss Glad to Be out of Bitcoin, But His Firm Is Still in the Game
Crypto-keen South Korean Travel Unicorn Sets Sights on 2021 IPO
Venezuelan Authorities Clamp Down on Off-The-Books Crypto Pay Vendors
SEC Chairman On What Drives Bitcoin, Poker Players Cry For BTC + More News
Widespread Use Cases Would Bring More People To Crypto - Survey
Deutsche Bank Strategist Bullish on Bitcoin, But JPMorgan Boss Still Unmoved
Spanish Security Giant Prosegur Enters Crypto Custody Race
South Korean Government Has Plans to Nurture Blockchain Unicorns
Western Union Ban Could Drive Cubans to Bitcoin As Deadline Looms
Liquid Data Leak, Zcash Halving, Ethereum Classic Enters DeFi + More News
Bitcoin Bursts Through into Mainstream Media After Latest Price Surge
Challenges Remain for VASPs as Regulators Ready New Round of Policing
Mexican Billionaire and GOT Actress Buy Bitcoin – and Want the World to Know
Chat App Line Offers Crypto Cashback-type Rewards for e-Pay Spending
Airbnb Mulls Crypto & Blockchain, Crypto ETP Trading Surges + More News
Bitcoin Camp Losing Nail-biting Game Launched By GOT Arya Actress
Huobi Interested in Bithumb Takeover Deal – Report
Sony Co-testing Blockchain Solution for Fans of its Pop Groups
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Jumps, SEC Boss Leaves Early + More News
FATF Signals More Pressure on Crypto Industry As It Moves 'Too Slow'
FATF Preparing Regulation for P2P Crypto Trading Platforms
SWIFT-based FATF Rules Poor Fit for Crypto Industry, Says V20 Speaker
Binance CEO On Outsmarting Users From US, BoE On Protecting Banks + More News
State-owned Belarusbank Launches Crypto Exchange Amid Sanctions Against Lukashenko
CCB Corrects Blockchain Bond Reports…and Says a Big Fat ‘No’ to BTC
Further Chaos Brews for Cryptopia Users Still Waiting for their Crypto
South Korean SME Minister Sings Praises of Blockchain-powered Payments
Reversible Ethereum Transactions, Digital Oil Token + More News
BTC Rainbow Proponent Wants to Bet USD 1m that S2F Advocates Are Wrong
Russian Ministry Wants to Jail Citizens Who Don’t Declare Bitcoin Earnings
Liquidity Solution For Ethereum 2.0 Validators Launched + More News
You're Not Alone: Ripple Exec Lost Thousands on ‘Worthless’ Tokens Too
Argentinean Crypto Bill Headed for Parliamentary Vote
Central Banks’ Renewed Gold Hunger Shows Need For A Hedge
Spanish Senate Green-lights Crypto, Blockchain & Fintech Sandbox
Why One Crypto Artist Won’t Call Biden Victory until Fat Lady Sings
10 Superstar Traditional Investors Who Have Endorsed Bitcoin
Lebanon Schedules Its CBDC, DeFi Crime On The Rise + More News
'The Most Crucial Question' on Digital Dollar According to Fed
‘Russian Dictators Will Use Blockchain to Rig Elections,’ Says Critic
Spot Trading Dropped On Binance, OKEx, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi in October + More News
Cryptoverse Might Face 'More Aggressive' SEC Under Biden
3 Ways Troubled Cred Aims To Repay Millions to Thousands of its Customers
Japanese ‘Smart City’ May Look to Use Blokchain Voting Solution
More Japanese Pro Gamers Agree to Receive Salaries in XRP
Vitalik Buterin Leads By Example, Stakes USD 1m in Ethereum + More News
Chaotic QuadrigaCX’s Finances Might Leave Traders Almost Out Of Pocket
Coinbase in Japan, Binance In Africa, Bybit On Football Field + More News
Venezuela Unveils State-run Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Petro Exchange
Russian Crypto Traders May Be Forced to Declare Earnings to the Taxman
‘Dozens’ of Arrests as South Korean Police Swoop on Bogus Ethereum Fund
Knife-edge Biden-Trump Showdown Has Crypto Backers on Both Sides
Mitsubishi UFJ to Launch Blockchain-powered Payment Platform in 2021
Binance Convinces DeFi Scammer To Return Funds + More News
US Presidential Crypto Candidate Brock Pierce Yet to Break Silence
Bitcoin Bull Cynthia Lummis Wins US Senate Seat
‘Arbitrary’ Ruling May ‘Force South Korean Crypto Exchanges to Close’
Japanese Exchange FXCoin and SBI to Pilot Crypto Remittance Platform
Xapo Leaves Venezuela, 20m Brave Internauts, Oversubscribed IEOs + More News
Spanish Police: Ex-Catalan Leader Used Bitcoin to Pay for Escape to Belgium
Whales Moving Millions in Bitcoin as Hong Kong Regulator Makes Move
South Korean Doctor Says Blockchain ‘Must Be Used’ to Fight Crisis
South Korean Regulator Bans Privacy Coin Trading, Beefs up Crypto AML
3 CBDC Projects, Bitcoin Lightning Hits Pool, Verizon Taps Blockchain + More News
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set For Double-Digit Drop on Tuesday
BBC Radio Scotland Show Goes Bullish on Bitcoin (and Whiskey)
bitFlyer to Pioneer Blockchain-powered Home Rentals Platform
Venezuela Expands Scope of its Remittance Platform With Bitcoin & Litecoin
Crypto Lending Boom, JustLink vs. Chainlink, USD 1m DeFi Bounty + More News
Huawei’s Latest Smartphone Comes with a CBDC Wallet for Digital Yuan
Russian Central Bank Says CBDC Will Wipe Out Need for Crypto
Leading South Korean Hospital Group Readies Blockchain Move
Canadian CBDC, Cred On Pause, Iran Wants Virgin Bitcoin + More News
Asian Banks Prepare Crypto Takeoff as Thailand’s SCB Revs DeFi Engines
Architect of Launched Cambodian CBDC Also Working with ‘Other Countries’
South Korean, Mongolian Banks Prepare Crypto, Digital Fiat Offerings
Bitwise Hits USD 100m, SBI to Launch XRP, Bitcoin, and Ether Fund + More News
Trump Hackers Spur US Interest in Monero…But Not Prices
MicroStrategy To Buy More Bitcoin As Its CEO Owns BTC 17.7K (UPDATED)
Peruvian Regulator Says COVID-19 Won’t Delay Crypto Regulation Plans
Crypto Adoption in India About to Get More Physical + More News
Coronavirus Crisis Driving US Investors to Bitcoin, Survey Finds
Banking Giant With 11m Clients May Be on Verge of Launching Crypto Exchange
Russian Central Bank Chided for ‘Deliberately Slowing Crypto Progress’
Beijing Government Already Has 100 Uses for Blockchain, Says Expert
Cubans Turn to Bitcoin Remittances with 25% Commission to Beat Blockade
Another Ethereum Delay, Supermarket Embraces Bitcoin & Co + More News
Toyota’s Tech Arm to Begin Company-wide ‘Digital Currency’ Pilot
Seoul Unsure Who Takes the Buck for North’s Crypto Raids + More News
Chinese Firms Could Take Global Blockchain Lead, Says Former Minister
DeFi Winning ‘Bullish’ Fans, But Ethereum’s ‘Crown’ In Danger – Survey
Japanese Football Megastar Keisuke Honda Launches His Own Crypto Token
Justin Sun Goes For Another Deal, Bitstamp Gets New CEO + More News
No Anti-Blockchain Voices in Russian Government, Says Policy Chief
Police in Latvia Thwart Brutal Crypto Theft and Murder Plot
Crypto-related Shares Surge in South Korea, Canada on PayPal News
EY, Samsung SDS & Naver-Line Consortium Bids to Test South Korean CBDC
‘All’ Russian Civil Servants Told to Declare Crypto Holdings
SK Telecom's Digital Wallet, 1 Million WAVES, Coinone Eyes DeFi + More News
First or Not, The Bahamas Trumps Leading Economies with CBDC Rollout
Japanese Billionaire and Crypto Exchange CTO to Launch Fintech Venture
‘Steady Increase’ in Bitcoin Investment Coming, Not a ‘Flurry’ - CoinShares
IDEX 2.0 Revealed, Corda's XDC Exchange Token Launched + More News
Japanese Firms Unveil ‘First Real Estate STO’ for New Retirement Home
Here’s How Big-spending Chinese Firms Use their Blockchain R&D Money
Hope Leads To Bitcoin, New NEO, Luno Launches Savings Wallet + More News
Digital Yuan Users: Some Came Back for More, Others Unimpressed
North Korean Crypto Hackers Now Target Russian Defense Firms – Report
UK-based Crypto Firms At 'Loaded Gun' Point as Brexit Deadline Looms
Chinese Banks Stepping up Blockchain Cross-border Trade Financing
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set For New Record High + More News
Five Russian Commercial Banks Eager to Pilot Digital Ruble in 2021
The Bahamas Wants to Use its CBDC on International Stage
Asia Games 2022 Tickets to Be Issued on Alibaba-run Blockchain Network
Regulatory Crypto Sprint, Extended Mt. Gox, Crypto.com's 5m Users + More News
Breitling Boards the Blockchain Bus with ‘Digital Passport’ on Ethereum
Former Gulag in Russian Arctic Bids to Become Bitcoin Mining Hotspot
S Korean Industry Group Asks Seoul to Suspend Crypto Taxes until 2023
Gaming Giant Wemade Unveils Crypto Wallet App
Grayscale Scores New Billion, Bitfury Goes Nuclear, Gate.io Launches Wallet + More News
Russian Central Bank Wants to Cap Bitcoin Buying at USD 7,800 a Year
Digital Yuan Recipient Says Chinese CBDC Is ‘Just Like Using Alipay’
China Using Blockchain Power to Boost Post-COVID 19 Tourism
Another Major Investor Goes Bitcoin, Ethereum's Zinken, Serena & Coinbase + More News
Electrum Wallet Phishing Attackers Steal USD 22M in Bitcoin - Report
Ex-bank Boss Lebedev Says 'Parasitic' 'Banks Pocket Clients Money,' Touts DeFi
Booze-loving Tourists To Buy Sake with Blockchain-powered Coupons
Ethereum Trust Earns More Trust, McAfee In 'Hilton' With 'Murderers' + More News
Fundstrat Warns of Trading on Offshore Crypto Exchanges
Elon Musk Says There’s No Bitcoin ATM at Gigafactory, But There is A But
P2P Bitcoin Trading Drops in Argentina Amid Torrid Times for Fiat Peso
BitMEX CTO Released On USD 5m Bond, USD 2bn Blockchain City + More News
350 Spanish MPs ‘Become Bitcoin Holders’ in ‘Crypto Education’ Drive
Non-committal CBDC Report Highlights BIS, Central Banks’ Indecision
Beijing Announces ‘Legal Digital Currencies Pilot’ Plan
Japanese Banking Giant Exec Says Blockchain Is Making ‘a B2B Shift’
South Korean MP Calls Tax Authority's Bithumb USD 67m Bill ‘Baseless’
South Korea May Review Crypto Tax Law ahead of 2021 Regulations
USD 36m in Stolen Bitfinex Bitcoin Moved, Botched BTC ATM Theft + More News
BMW Rolls Out Blockchain-powered Token Rewards Platform in South Korea
COVID-19 Spurs Crypto Adoption Says BRD Wallet as it Hits 6m User Mark
Kaspersky Leaves Ethereum For Bitfury, Kuna.io Defends Protesters + More News
South Korean Central Bank to Launch CBDC Pilot in 2021
SBI Takes Over TaoTao Exchange That Just Ditched Binance
South Korean MP Calls on Seoul to ‘Urgently’ Boost Crypto Innovation
Samsung Adds Anti-money Laundering Features to its Crypto Wallet
SBI Teams up With Swiss Cryptobank for USD 66m Unlisted Stocks Fund
New Crypto Ban, New Index, Litecoin's MimbleWimble Testnet + More News
SKE48 Splash: Japan’s First J-pop NFTs Sell Out ‘Instantly’
Tron Shedding ‘Blockchain Vegas’ Tag May Lead to Ethereum Inroads – Report
Bitcoin Handout, Mining Difficulty, Estonian CBDC Research + More News
Binance Suffers Blow in Bid to Return to Japan as TaoTao Talks Fail
Mexico Receives 11% of All LATAM Retail Crypto Payments - Report
Russia’s Football Association Uses Blockchain Voting at Virtual Summit
Decentralized Exchanges Doubled Trading Volume In September + More News
Award-winning DJ RAC Spins Crypto Tune with His Own Ethereum Token
Russian Oligarch to Launch USD 15m DeFi ‘Cryptobank’
Venezuela Wants to get into DeFi with Ethereum-powered Stock Exchange
Chinese Internet-based, Blockchain-powered Hospital Set to Open in 2021
Ethereum Miners Collected 6 Times More Fees Than Bitcoin Miners + More News
Crypto 'Is Now Finally Being Taken Seriously' By Taxman - PwC
Staffer Embezzled USD 159,000 of Bank Funds to Make Crypto Purchase
Coinbase Controversy Gets Violent Twist As Twitter CEOs Chime In
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Could Follow Shanghai after Blockchain Move
Maduro to Allow Use of ‘All Global Cryptos’ in International Trade Deals
Ripple Decarbonizes, Novogratz Warns Banks Over DeFi, Salty SEC + More News
'25 Million'-follower TikTok Star Bryce Hall Gets on Bitcoin Gravy Train
bitFlyer Links Japanese, European Platforms to ‘Boost Bitcoin Liquidity’
Shanghai Stock Exchange, Regulator to Begin Blockchain Trading Pilot
Gemini & Zcash Shield, Genesis' Plans, Gold & Bitcoin Fund Returns 30% + More News
Japanese Ruling Party Urges Gov’t to Speed up Digital Yen Issuance
Chinese Judges Begin Sentencing PlusToken Bitcoin, Ethereum Scam Chiefs
It Pays to Play the Long Game in Crypto – and Here’s the Proof
South Korean Bank NH Launches Blockchain-powered Document Wallet
Ethereum Fees, CBDC In Bahamas, Filecoin's Liftoff, Ebang's Crypto Bang + More News
Crypto Exchange Bithumb ‘Not Liable’ for Customer’s USD 401,000 Losses
Gemini Goes DeFi, IRS To Ask About Bitcoin, Securitize Finds 130 Clients + More News
Ants Accelerate – Alibaba’s Blockchain Arm Goes into Overdrive
Russian Policy Chief: Crypto Impossible To Regulate, Let's Block It
Chinese State Media Outlets Surprise With Pro-Crypto Reports
NFT Issues Freeze South Korean Gaming Regulator into Inaction
Japanese Exchange Operator FISCO Doubles Down on Crypto with New Plans
Bitcoin OTC Crackdown, Wrapped ETH on Tron, XRP Ledger Foundation + More News
Over 100 Million People Hold Bitcoin, Altcoins Globally - Report
EU Goes for Crypto Regulations Slam Dunk
Declare Your Bitcoin or We’ll Take 30% of it – Draft Russian Law (UPDATED)
Korean Exchanges in Limbo over Customer Social Security Nos Conundrum
A Chinese Gold Refinery Is Making ‘Blockchain Gold Bars’ on BSN
Colombian Finance Firms Want to Take Part in Crypto Trials + More News
Broker Confirms that Bithumb is up for Sale, Big Players ‘Interested’
Bitcoin Mining Legalized in Venezuela, Miners Must Join ‘National Pool’
This Chinese SME Outranks PayPal in the World for Blockchain Patents
JD.com Joins Digital Yuan Pilot, Canadians Get New BTC & ETH Exchange + More News
Bithumb Operator Wants At Least USD 430m For Its Stake In Exchange - Report
Blockchain Gaming Hits Another NFT-related Hitch in South Korea
Kakao Talks up DeFi, Wants to Build ‘Digital Asset Trading Ecosystem’
Binance's 'Innovation Zone,' Iranian Power Plants Eye Bitcoin Mining + More News
It's Official: China's Digital Yuan To Target US Dollar Dominance
South Korean Crypto Exchanges Search for ‘Seamless’ AML Solutions
‘First True Litecoin Game’ Is an RPG Knights and Wizard-fest
Crypto Exchange Giant Kraken Completes Japan Return + More News
Is Uniswap (UNI) a Security? Lawyers Divided, While Token Skyrockets
Police Summon Bithumb Chairman for Questioning on Suspicions of Fraud
Colombia’s Financial Sector May Be Allowed to Pilot Crypto Transactions
Crypto P2P Exchange LocalBitcoins: We Have No Plans to Exit Venezuela
Alibaba Accelerates in Blockchain Patent Race + More News
MicroStrategy CEO On Buying Bitcoin While Trillions 'Melting' In Treasuries
60% of Firms in Blockchain Sandbox City Don’t Know What Blockchain Is
Budget Air Carrier’s Crypto-discount Tickets Drop in Time for Holiday
Kraken Bank Starts Its Global Expansion From US + More News
Binance Stays Quiet after Fisco Accuses it of Facilitating BTC 1,450 Laundry
Kiss Star Simmons: ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ BTC’
South Korea to Fund Blockchain-powered Platform for Apartment Dwellers
Korean Business Heavyweights Team up for Blockchain Insurance Project
New Rumors On Indian Crypto Ban, Bonds on Blockchain + More News
Venezuelan Crypto Users Worried as Trading Options Become Limited
Will a Digital Yuan Sound the Death Knell for China’s ATMs?
Korbit Offers Bitcoin Employee Reference Rewards
Investors Make ‘Dutch Auction’ Complaint against Crypto Exchange Upbit (UPDATED)
Red Crypto Flags by FATF, Tether Ditches Tron For Ethereum + More News
Devs Criticize Russian Blockchain Elections, Gov’t Claims ‘No Hitches’
Expert Warns Japan is Lagging ‘Six Years Behind China’ in CBDC Race
Shanghai Issues Draft Blockchain Standards, National Effort to Follow
‘North Korean’ Hackers Target Crypto Exchanges, Spread Viruses in Word Doc
Crypto.com Goes DeFi, Pomp's New Fund, 1st Wave Of Tokenized Whiskey + More
Did Kakao Token Listing Spark Rise in Coinone’s Popularity?
Crypto Exchange Coincheck Speaks About NFT Marketplace and IEO Plans
Justin Sun's Tron Scores New DEX Partnership + More News
Crypto Exchange Currency.com Offers Belarus Employees Vilnius Escape Route
Chinese Tech Giants to ‘Do Battle’ for Blockchain Talent + More News
Digital Currency Group Snaps Up British Crypto Exchange Luno
Crypto Exchange Kraken Makes Japan Return After Two-year Absence
Venezuela Reportedly Blocks its Citizens from Accessing Coinbase
China Unveils Inaugural Blockchain City Rankings
Japanese Companies Team up for Blockchain-based Media Collaboration
Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela Beat China & US in Crypto Adoption + More News
Seoul Police Conduct Second Raid on Crypto Exchange Bithumb
Blockchain ID ‘War’ in the Offing as S Korean Giants Prepare Rollouts
S Korean Gov’t: Stay Away from Crypto Meetups or Risk Coronavirus Flare-up
Top-tier Crypto Exchanges Increased Their Market Share + More News
Insight into China’s CBDC after Digital Yuan Wallet Briefly Went Live
Why Are Chinese Banks so Keen to Lodge Blockchain Patents?
Private Software Firm Says It Is Working on China’s CBDC Project
Vale Makes Blockchain-powered Iron Deal with Chinese Firm + More News
Brazil Dips a Cautious Toe in the CBDC Pool, Token May Debut in 2022
SBI Plans Blockchain-based Digital Securities Exchange Launch
Asian Search Engine & Chat App Giants to Use Blockchain-based IDs + More News
Residents of Europe’s Crypto Valley Can Pay Tax Bills in Bitcoin, Ethereum
Russian Ministry’s Crypto Mining Plans ‘a Cause for Concern’
Crypto Exchanges Worried: Police Continue Bithumb Fraud Probe
Shanghai Initiates Blockchain-powered 'Cultural Tourism'
This Government Agency to Issue Staff with Blockchain IDs, Reward Tokens
Tencent to Work With Taxman on Blockchain Solutions + More News
Police Raid South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb - Reports
Beijing Telecoms Provider Latest Company to Join Digital Yuan Pilot
Bithumb ‘Partially Liable’ For a Customer’s Crypto Losses in 2017 Hack
Japanese Regulator Hints at ‘New Laws’ for Crypto Industry + More News
Ethereum Fees Hit a New All-Time High
North Korea’s Stolen Bitcoin Loot Move Is ‘Just Tip of the Iceberg’
Unstaffed South Korean Stores to Use Blockchain ID Authentication
5 Chinese Banks to Build Blockchain-powered Trade Platform + More News
South Korean Central Bank Turns to Private Sector for CBDC Help
'No Doubt’ Bitcoin Will Soon Rule an Internet-Powered Economy - Expert
Russian Lawyers Debate Legality of Crypto Firm Selling Drinks for BTC
'Opt-Out with Bitcoin,' Says Visa's Director of Public Policy + More News
Digital Yuan Will 'Hardly Put a Dent' in USD Dominance, Says Expert
China Has 44,000 Blockchain Firms but Faces a Big Tech Talent Deficit
BTC and Altcoin Pay is Growing Fast, Says Crypto Payment Firm BitPay
China: Bank to Launch Blockchain-Powered Int’l Trade Platform + More News
South Korean Court Sends Bogus Crypto Exchange Chiefs to Prison
Crypto Exchange CEO 'Assaulted, Extorted Staff, Ordered Data Manipulation’
US Democrats Want Info on Confiscated Crypto, Bakkt's Record + More News
Link Token Enjoys Japanese Post-Listing Success, Says Chat App Line
Crypto Exchanges as Competitive as Google, JPMorgan, the Fed - Report
Industry ‘Under Threat’ as South Korean Police Raid Crypto Exchange
Japanese Cities Disrupted by Bitcoin-Seeking Bomb Threat Emails
Akon Joins Brock Pierce's Presidential Campaign + More News
BIS Report: CBDCs Are on the Way, But They Won’t Replace Cash
Samsung to Link its Crypto Wallet to SK’s Blockchain-powered ID App
Stop Sweating About BTC Supply, Expert Tells Bitcoiners
Japanese Government Urges Blockchain ‘Cooperation’ + More News
What Will Students Learn at China’s First Blockchain Undergrad Course?
Huawei Working with Beijing on Blockchain Governance Platform
Interest in Crypto Up in Belarus as ‘Information War’ Rages
Japan: Demographic Shift Sees Younger Folk Flock to Crypto + More News
XRP Crypto Scammers Seize 2.5m-sub YouTube Account, Start Live-streaming
EU Set to Unveil Draft Crypto Law ‘By Q3 of FY2020’
Slim Chance of New Russian Crypto Law Emerging in Autumn, Say Experts
Colombian Tech Ministry Wants to Boost Crypto Progress + More News
Has Binance Korea Received an Investment Boost?
Beijing Makes Digital Yuan Pilot Expansion Plan U-turn
Crypto Comes to Argentina Primera División Football League + More News
Experts: North Korean ‘Tech Has Scaled Up’ After US Makes Hack Claims
Russia’s Expobank Issues Country’s First Crypto-Collateral Loan
Japanese Court Orders Conditional Confiscation of Coincheck Hack Funds
Brazil’s Biggest Crypto Exchanges Agree to Self-Regulate
More Football Crypto as Japanese League Goes Blockchain + More News
Chinese State-owned Banks Issue Flurry of Blockchain Patents
Bitcoin Is ‘a Myth’ Says French Central Bank Policymaker
Chinese Steelmakers Using Blockchain to Break Dollar Dependence
South Korean Banks to Launch Crypto Services ‘Before Year Is Out’
Block.one's Voice Beta Goes Live + More News
LG CNS Blockchain-powered Sales Up 12%, More Projects Planned for H2
Russian Lawmaker: Crypto Pay Could ‘Destroy the Financial System’
Ripple CEO Confirms Strategy, DeFi Locks USD 5.6bn + More News
Could Belarus Use Bitcoin to Beat US-EU Sanctions?
China Set for Huge Expansion of Digital Currency Pilot
Two More Major South Korean Banks Keen on Crypto Custody
Where Did the Argentinean Government’s Guide to Bitcoin and Ethereum Go?
Taxes in Petro, Goldman Sachs Sells MoneyGram Shares + More News
A Million South Koreans Now Using Blockchain-powered Driver’s Licenses
World's Largest Utility Firm to Debut Blockchain-powered Digital ID Platform
Chainlink Flips Bitcoin Cash; Nigeria Leads in Crypto Usage + More News
MyCrypto CEO Explains How to Survive (and Thrive) in a Crypto Bull Market
How Realistic Is Russia’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero Monitoring Plan?
Did Russian COVID-19 Vaccine News Crash Bitcoin and Gold Prices?
Big South Korean Companies Preparing For 'Crypto-powered' Era
Inflation-riddled Argentina Starts Teaching How to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum
The Sky’s the Limit for Ethereum Fees, Leaving ETH Miners ‘Laughing’
Blockchain Alchemy For All; BitPay Gets Closer To Coinbase + More News
Russian Agents Claim They Can 'Partially' De-Mask Bitcoin, Ethereum Users – Report
South Korean Silicon Valley Turns to Blockchain-powered Pay
Chinese Province Says It Will Nurture 20 Blockchain Companies by 2022
Facebook Dives Deeper Into Payments + More News
Blockchain Could Help Rail Eclipse Road, Says Russian Tech Chief
Telecom Giant Says ‘Local Stablecoins, Blockchain’ Powered 19% Growth
Ethereum Classic Attacker Nets USD 1.7m, Bitfinex Loses USD 1m + More News
Another Major S Korean Bank Now Set to Join Bitcoin Custody Race
Tourist Hotspot’s Bitcoin, Ether, Altcoin Pay Pilot in Full Swing
Blockchain-based Pay’s the Way for South Korean Highways
Chinese Banks Set to Adopt Blockchain-powered Forfaiting Platform
Hot Crypto Exchange, NBA Plays Blockchain, Status Unknown + More News
Regulate Bitcoin or Risk Speculative Bubble, Warns Japanese FSA
Japanese Power Firm, Crypto Exchange Claim Digital Token Pilot Success
More Blockchain Graduates Needed to Meet China’s Burgeoning Demand
Square Saw Stronger Demand For Bitcoin in Q2, Local Stablecoins + More News
Barstool Sports Boss Baits Bitcoiners In Front of 1.7m Followers
Blockchain Job Salaries on the March in China
Lobbyist Asks US Regulator to Let Banks Deal In Privacy Coins
DLT Passport, Scammers Preying on Retirement Funds + More News
New Asian Crypto Behemoth Blessed But Merger Delayed
Russian Lawyers Warn E-pay Laws May Have Knock-on Effects for Bitcoin
How a South Korean Crypto Firm Became a Global Face Mask Exporter
South Korean Politician Pushes for Tougher Crypto Exchange AML Rules
New USD 110m for Crypto Startups, Crypto.com Swap Fuels MCO + More News
Tencent to Co-launch Blockchain-powered Wine Traceability Platform
XRP Giveaway for Exchange Clients, eSports Teams to Get XRP
USD 1m Rich Bitcoin Addresses Up 38%, KR1 Made USD 2.6m + More News
Chinese Arbitration Body Says Crypto Crackdown ‘Isn’t a Bitcoin Ban’
Battery Maker LG Chem Makes Blockchain-powered Sustainability Drive
Buda CEO: Exchanges Must Comply or Risk Damaging the Crypto Industry
Coincheck Revenues Down, Operator Launches Crypto Lending in US
DAI Rewards, Bitcoin Futures Record, Blockchain Park + More News
27 Arrests as Chinese Police ‘Completely Destroy’ PlusToken Bitcoin Scam
Diginex Set for NASDAQ Listing in September, Launches Singapore Exchange
Guizhou, China, Launches Blockchain-powered Int’l Trading Platform
Russian Roulette: Central Bank Calls Crypto Investment ‘Gambling’
CBDC Among Priorities in Japan, eToro card, Flashing Crypto Loans + More News
Philippines Central Bank May Decide on CBDC Issuance by Next Month
Ledger Suffered Data Breach, Names, Phone Numbers, Postal Addresses Leaked (UPDATED)
Pack Your Bitcoin: Busy South Korean Beach Says ‘Yes’ to Crypto
Blockchain the Answer for Power Provider as China Energy Demand Soars
Russians in Yaroslavl, Kursk to Use Blockchain Voting in 2021 Election
New Bitcoin ETP, Trading Records, Synthetix Gets 3 DAOs + More News
Bithumb Confident of Victory in Disputed USD 67m Tax Bill Case
Local Stablecoin in Sleepy South Korean County Is a Runaway Success
Crypto BLINC, Huawei's Blockchain Patent, XRP's Payburner + More News
SBI Launches ‘Digital Token Issuance Platform’ on Corda Blockchain
Legend of Mir Developer Plays For Success In Blockchain Gaming Market
Angry South Korean Crypto Traders Threaten to Quit over New 20% Tax
Ant Group Explains What its 100m per Day ‘Digital Assets’ Uploads Are
Four of South Korea’s Biggest Banks to Provide Data for DeFi Platform
Crypto Folk Show the World How to Outfox Twitter, SIM Swap Scammers
BTC-funded Escape, 1,000 Twitter "Gods," Bitcoin Suisse Gets USD 49m + More News
Bitcoin Mining Rigs Are Pouring into Abkhazia…Where Mining Is Illegal
It Might Be 'too Early to Celebrate' Russia’s New Crypto Law
Tezos, Litecoin, Elrond Score Victories, Ant Group's AntChain + More News
China Might Introduce Blockchain Standards for Financial Firms
Hedera Hashgraph in Micropayments, Avalanche Raises USD 42m + More News
Chinese Blockchain Network Integretes Ethereum, Tezos, NEO, and More
S Korea To Discriminate Crypto Traders Against Stock Traders With A New Tax
LG Shows off Blockchain-powered Farming System at Seoul Metro Station
K-pop Star Kwon Hyun-bin to Appear in ‘Crypto-themed’ K-drama Series
Putin’s Biggest Critic Received 648 Bitcoins from Donors Since 2016
‘Prohibitively Expensive’ Ethereum Network Fees ‘Are Healthy’
NFTs on Samsung, Taxing Crypto Loans, BTC Transaction Risk Score + More News
BitMEX-affiliated Firm Leads USD 3.4m Investment in S African Exchange
Chinese Blockchain-powered Cross-border Trade Pilot Handles USD 4.4bn
South Korean Crypto Tax Plans to Be Unveiled this Wednesday
Crypto Mastercard, French CBDC Experiment, Fake Digital Yuan + More News
Japanese Central Bank Creates Digital Currency Unit – Led by Satoshi!
Venezuela Tells Citizens in Gov’t Houses to Stop Mining Crypto
Lenovo Distances Itself from ‘Digital Currency’ Claims + More News
Thai Central Bank Says Big Businesses Are Already Using its CBDC
Crypto Sector Baffled as Mysterious Report Calls Chainlink a ‘Fraud’
Fund Operator Offers Telegram TON Investors Paybacks of Just 21%
Beijing Says Blockchain Adoption Is Already Yielding Tangible Results
Zcash Upgrade, Stellar on Samsung, Gemini on Brave + More News
Another Major Conglomerate, Hanhwa, Takes its Place at the Crypto Table
Is Bitcoin Set to Benefit from the Twitter Hack?
Bithumb Exchange Owns More Assets Than its Customers
Yield Farming ‘Frenzy’ Didn’t Boost DeFi User Numbers
Crypto Revolut In the US, Loans and Coffee on Blockchain + More News
Village in El Salvador Turns its Back on Fiat in Favor of Bitcoin
CBDC Week: Another G7 Country Mulls Joining Digital Fiat Race
South Korean Local Stablecoin Operator Posts Record Profits
Japan’s Biggest Bank to Launch Digital Token Before End of FY2020
Blockchain Medical Prescriptions Coming in Chinese City + More News
BitGo Says Its Wallet Will Help Exchanges Comply with FATF Travel Rule
South Korean Central Bank Launches CBDC Legal Advisory Unit
BIS Unsure if 'Global Stablecoins' Can Help Cross-border Payments
Telcos Trial Blockchain, Fidelity & Bitcoin Mining, UK Mulls CBDC + More News
Singapore & JPMorgan to Rollout Blockchain-powered Payments Platform
Alibaba’s Ant Group Plans to Stockpile Blockchain Talent ‘for 20 Years’
Crypto Industry Expresses Cautious Optimism about Coinbase Listing Reports
Ethereum 2.021, Dai Giveaway, Bourbon on Tokens + More News
Ripple Boss Pays for 1,000 Cameras to Monitor San Francisco’s Streets
Passport Data of 1M Russian Blockchchain Voters ‘Available Online’
How Close Are Russians to Getting Paid in Crypto?
South Korean MP Makes Bid to Impose Capital Gains Tax on Crypto
First Russian Crypto Law ‘to Be In Force by Start of 2021’
Crypto-Powered Cannabis, Bitcoin Buying on Trezor + More News
Latin American Crypto Exchange Bitso Says it Has 1M Active Users
Crypto Jobs Pay Sky-high Wages in Russia, But ‘Overheating Is Over’
Chinese Power Giant & World’s 5th Biggest Company in Blockchain Dive
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP CFDs, Defi Moves, Blockchain Deals + More News
Venezuelan Soldiers Stop Truck Full of Antminer 9 Bitcoin Mining Rigs
Digital Yuan Set for Real-world Ride Sharing Pilot with Apple-backed Didi
Russian Government Set to Enable Blockchain Voting for 2021 Elections
South Korean Blockchain Patents Applications ‘Surging’
8 Ethereum Miners Wield ‘Overwhelming Influence’ Over the Network
Bad & Good News For Binance, Unstoppable Chat + More News
China Adds New Blockchain Post to List of ‘Officially Recognized Jobs’
S Korean Province Mulls Local Stablecoin-powered Universal Basic Income
Crypto Spot Trading Halved in June; Kraken's Move in Europe + More News
Russian TON Investors Decry UK Firm’s ‘c. USD 1.5m Commission Fee’
More South Korean Banks May Look to Start Crypto Operations
SK Telecom Set to Debut Blokchain-powered Mobile Insurance + More News
Ravencoin Exploit Sees Hackers Mint USD 6m Worth of RVN
Japan’s Central Bank to Begin Digital Yen Feasibility Pilot
A Russian Blockchain Referendum Voter Managed to ‘Spoil Their Ballot’
BitPay Adds SegWit, BlockFi Doubles Revenue, 3 News From Cardano + More
Russian Court Denies Theft Victim Access to Stolen Bitcoin
Confusion Reigns in China as RenrenBit CEO Reportedly Detained by Police
South Korean Giant to Begin Crypto Custody for Institutional Investors
Manga Book Promises to Teach Readers about Basics of Blockchain
Samsung to Launch App that Reports ‘Lost or Stolen’ Crypto + More News
Ripple Partner SBI Gains UK Foothold after Agreeing USD 30m B2C2 Deal
Russian Traders Gear up for ‘Head Spinning’ Crypto Tax Season
‘Real’ Bitcoin Free Float Supply Figures May Be off by 22% - Report
Beijing to Set up Blockchain Fund and Foster ’Unicorn’ Firms
Another Million People Tried Crypto in the UK + More News
South Korea Vows to Pump USD 111m into Blockchain R&D over Five Years
South Korea OKs Blockchain Certificate Use in Public, Private Sectors
Russian Blockchain-powered Voting Platform ‘Withstands Node Attack’
Bitcoin Miner Ebang Mulls Crypto Exchange, BTC Refunds + More News
Mining, Steel Giants Complete USD14m Blockchain-powered Iron Ore Trade
Colombian Regulators Urged To Ditch ‘Obsolete’ Draft Crypto Law + More News
Hyundai ‘May Look to Rival Kakao’ with New Cryptocurrency Move
Blockchain Game Firm Releases Samsung Phone Featuring a Crypto Wallet
Telegram Chief Durov Says He Has Already Repaid Investors USD 1.2 Bn
Telegram Users' Data on Dark Web, Arrest for Buying Bitcoin + More News
USD 200m Hacker Group Targets American, Japanese Crypto Exchanges
Binance Teams up with Payments Firm to Allow ‘Low-fee’ Crypto Buying
Ripple Chief: US Risks ‘Chaos’ by Letting China Win Blockchain Race
USDC Ends Ethereum Exclusivity, Begins Algorand Partnership
17 Companies to Make Blockchain ID Platform; CBDC Calatyst + More News
Brazilian Bank Joins Hands w/ Chainalysis, Steps Up Crypto Compliance
Hundreds of Merchants Say Square Is Withholding 30% of their Payments
South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hoping to Launch IPO
South Korea Developing Solution that Hunts Down Dark Web Crypto Deals
Wirecard Ex-CEO in Custody,  Blockchain-powered Baby Milk + More News
Bitcoin, Ether ‘Recovered Most of Their Losses’ after March Crash – Report
Ripple and SBI Looking to Roll out XRP Liquidity Solution ‘This Year’
‘400 Companies’ to Use Chinese Blockchain Pilot Zone + More News
Stablecoins & ‘Legal Crypto’ to Power S Korean Plastic Surgery Revival
Summer Madness as Economists Predict Bitcoin Demise, Call it a ‘Fiat’
Russians Offered Gift Card Incentive to Use Blockchain Voting Platform
Japan: SBI to Issue Blockchain-powered Local Gov’t Gift Certificates
New Tool to Track Tax Evaders, Digital Collectors LBCOIN  + More News
Fiat Crash Not a Prerequisite for Bitcoin Takeoff, Says Saifedean Ammous
Binance China’s Presence ‘Grows’ as Unit Joins UN Sustainability Drive
Tencent Registers Advertising, Fund Management Blockchain Patents
A Blockchain Fix for China’s ‘Salmon-related’ COVID Spike + More News
British Money Printer Goes BRRR: Bank to Buy USD 125bn of Bonds
Japanese Financial Giant Nomura Launches Digital Asset Custody Service
‘Interesting’ Two-bill Plan May Save ‘Shambolic’ Russian Crypto Law
South Korean Public Power Firm Takes Blockchain Plunge
South Korean Crypto Tax Reports, Canada's CBDC + More News
Spanish Crypto Users Report Banking ‘Freezes’ After Using Exchanges
Brute Force Attack Puts Super-fast End to ‘4-Week’ Bitcoin Riddle
Mixed Feelings as Russia Readies for Landmark Blockchain Vote
Spanish Parliament Set to Decide Fate of Crypto Exchanges Regulations
South Korea Announces USD 680M ‘Digital New Deal’ + More News
Japanese Experts Vote on Jargon after Crypto Called ‘Dubious-sounding’
Crypto-related Banking Freezes in Brazil, China + More News
South Korean Bitcoin Tax Amendments to Be Unveiled in July
Pentagon Doomsday Scenario Involved Bitcoin-powered Anarchy
Petro for Petrol, Karpeles' Guilt, Cotten's Ponzi, Frozen Bitmain + More News
Belarusian Banks to Issue Digital Tokens in Central Bank Pilot
Putin Urges Lawmakers to Hurry up Blockchain, Crypto Sandbox Progress
South Korean Police Bust Suspected USD 41.5M Ethereum Crime Ring
70% of Surveyed Chinese Companies Want to Spend Big on Blockchain
Blockchain-powered Cross-border Trade Pilot Claims Breakthrough
Estonian Crypto Purge; BitPay Card; Three Arrows Hit Grayscale + More News
Russian Central Bank ‘on the Verge of’ Issuing Blockchain Mortgages
East Asia Digital Token Initiative Inspired by Facebook’s Libra Plan
Redditors Hunt Lost Bitcoin Stash, Face Jail Time over Loans
Even Russia’s Economy Ministry Doesn’t Want Crypto Ban, Derides Bill
Ledger Adds Bitcoin Buying; Brave Fork; Ethereum Cashback + More News
The Rise and Fall of a Chinese Blockchain Star: Kaiying Network
South Korean Merchants ‘May Accept Digital Yuan from Chinese Tourists’
South Korea Edges Closer to CBDC Rollout Without Any Comitment
Brave Apologizes, Crypto Scammers Get Smarter + More News
Chinese Company Launches Blockchain-powered Lottery in Cambodia
Japanese Housing Giant to Begin Blockchain-powered Home Rentals
ConsenSys' New Business, Shareholders and ID on Blockchain + More News
Proposed Digital Dollar and Digital Yuan Have a Lot in Common – Report
Crypto Derivatives Blossomed In May, Celsius Hit USD 1B + More News
Russian Companies Upbeat about Metals, Oil & Gas Tokenization Chances
Ex-Chinese Central Bank Executive Talks of Bitcoin’s ‘Commercial Success’
OKEx to Double Staff, Bitfinex Untethers Allegations + More News
The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of ECB Money Printers Going BRRR
100k+ Chat App Users Opt in to KakaoTalk’s New Crypto Wallet in 1 Day
Samsung & LG ‘Pursuing Business with Big International Crypto Players’
Bitcoin Upgrade, Pu’er on Blockchain, Underground Miners + More News
Shell, Exxon and More Complete ‘Successful’ Blockchain Pilot
50 Million-user Chat App KakaoTalk Launches Crypto Wallet (UPDATED)
Ethereum's Layers, Mining moves, Swiss Bitcoin Banking + More News
‘Post-dollar World’ May Be Run by Digital Yuan – Analysts
America’s Most Wanted: USD 5m Bounty Offered for Venezuela Crypto Boss
South Korean Gov’t May Introduce Capital Gains Tax on Crypto Earnings
Venezuelans Now Can Pay for Petrol in Fiat or (State-issued) Crypto
BMW Blockchain Pilot, Bitcoin Competition + More News
Russia Sending Mixed Signals: Is China-style Bitcoin Crackdown In Works?
Japanese Crypto Exchange SBI VC Trade Offers New Customers Free XRP
JPMorgan Loses USD 2.5M in Crypto Case, Dragonchain on Science Channel + More News
Washington Warned: Launch Digital Fiat or Say Goodbye to USD Dominance
Russia Doesn’t Want to Ban Bitcoin - Leading Parliamentarian
Digital Yuan Will ‘Co-exist’ with Alipay, WeChat Pay – China Telecom
Will Easing Lockdown Lead to a Decrease in Bitcoin Trading in Russia?
Kraken Mulls Lightning, Telegram Chief Donates Bitcoin + More News
Business Heavyweight Rakuten Offers Bitcoin ‘Cashback’ on Pizza Delivery
Irish Firms Pay Blockchain Devs More than US Counterparts – Report
No Timetable Yet for Digital Yuan Launch, Google Finds Theta + More News
South Korean Crypto Tax ‘Coming Next Year for Traders, Miners & ICOs’
Financial Giants Fujitsu & Nomura to Launch Digital Asset Trading on Blockchain
Ruling Russian Party’s Blockchain Vote Attacked, Bitcoin 401k + More News
Digital Yuan Rollout Is 'Response to Facebook’s Libra'
Sberbank to Roll out 5,000 Apple&Google Pay-compatible Blockchain ATMs
Trezor and Ledger Deny Shopify Database Hack Claims + More News
57% of Surveyed Japanese Companies Set to Adopt Blockchain Technology
Gox Rising Offers USD 800 Per Bitcoin, Canaan Disappoints, Coldplay Player Goes Crypto + More...
Can a Digital Dollar Save the US? JPMorgan Says...It’s Complicated
Kleiman Lawyers: Craig Wright ‘Has Keys to Encrypted BTC 820,200 File’
Another One-Stop-Crypto-Shop In Making, CBDC Test + More News
Brazil Watchdog Reopens Probe into Banks that Cut off Crypto Exchanges
Top 5 Catalysts and 4 Obstacles for Bitcoin In Africa
New Russian Law ‘Could Hit Illegal Crypto Traders with 7-yr Jail Terms’
Chinese Communist Party Wants Members to Learn about Bitcoin + More News
Court Rules on What Japanese Exchanges Must Do with Hard Fork Tokens
Digital Yuan ‘Highly Likely’ to Be Compatible with Alipay, WeChat Pay
Hackers ‘Using Crypto Wallet Address-switching Malware’ + More News
Facebook Libra ‘Rival’ Celo Says its Mainnet Is Now Live
Visa CEO Leaves Door Open for Libra Return, Says Bitcoin Is Commodity
Binance Re-entering China via 'Blockchain not Crypto' Road
New Crypto Bull Cycle, Ripple’s MoneyTap in ATMs + More News
JK Rowling Learns not to Be Glib about Bitcoin as She 'Boosts' 'Significant Ethereum Holdings'
South Korean Central Bank Steps up CBDC Work ‘in Response to COVID-19’
Blockchain Interoperability, Ethereum Classic to Upgrade + More News
Telegram Investor Backs Durov Crypto Return to ‘Kick Zuckerberg’s Ass’
Bithumb Delists Monero as Telegram Nth Room Rape Video Anger Festers
Coinbase Implements Fixes, Shortage Of Blockchain Specialists + More News
Mobile Carrier SK Unveils Samsung-made 5G Phone with Blockchain ID Wallet
Monex Group CEO to First-Time Investors: Buy Bitcoin, Gold & US Stocks
Coinbase Says That 60% of Its Bitcoin Buyers Go Into Altcoins
Blockchain-themed Manga Series Hopes to Take Japan by Storm
New Stablecoin, Bitcoin Interest Account, Cherry on Blockchain + More News
Chinese Central Bank Calls for Yet More Blockchain Adoption
Investors Say Lawsuits May Follow as Telegram Boss Concedes TON Defeat
BitPay Onboards Client With 1M Customers, ECB Focuses On Retail CBDC + More News
Honesty and Education Will Help Bitcoin Build Trust – Survey
Could Stablecoins Trash Cash in the Race to Deliver COVID-19 Payouts?
Michelle Phan and Ashton Kutcher Bet on Bitcoin Rewards + More News
S Korea to Welcome Blockchain-powered Unlisted Stock Trading Platforms
Litecoin an Unlikely Champ as Crypto Hedge Funds Continue to Diversify
Chinese, International Telcos Explore ‘Blockchain + 5G’ Paradigm
Bitcoin Suisse Raising USD 56M, 'Free TON', Zcash Eyes Cosmos + More News
Blockchain Key to South Korea’s ‘New Deal’ Post-COVID 19 Economic Plan
ErisX Wins BitLicense, Bitcoin Trading Booms on Silvergate & Square + More News
This is Why Criminals Prefer Less Anonymous Bitcoin to Privacy Coins
Confusion Reigns as Venezuela’s Petro Goes Offline for ‘Maintainance’
Crypto-powered Plastic Surgery, Blockchain Industrial Parks + More News
‘Ridiculous’ Registration Fees Force Dutch Bitcoin Exchange out of Business
Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Station Might Give Electricity to Bitcoin Miners
BlockFi Snaps up Execs From AmEx & Credit Suisse; Tokenized Pet Care + More News
Business Giants New Consortium To Help Firms ‘Manage Digital Assets’
Telegram Ditches 110% US Investor Refund Option ‘for Fear of Litigation’
Kraken CEO Underwent Surgery, Bitcoin Fees Skyrocket + More News
Bitcoin Goes Mainstream (Again) in Billions Season 5 Premiere
Nuclear Power and Blockchain, Crypto Exchanges Boost Hiring + More News
This Crypto-themed CoinMarketCap Roast Is Getting Spicy
These New Crypto Regulations Come into Force in Japan Today
Citizens Burn Banks, Print Their Own Money as Fiat Founders
USD 515M Crypto Fund, Blockchain-Powered Remittance Pilot + More News
Russian Banking Disclosure May Drive More Citizens to Crypto
Telegram’s Crypto Launch ‘Postponed Indefinitely’
BitMEX Leaves Japan, Youtube Suspends Ripple CTO + More News
Bitcoin-themed Manga Series Debuts in Japan
Chinese Media Outlets Rush to Distance the Digital Yuan from Bitcoin
Bitcoin Is Not Just a Dollar Gateway in Argentina
Libra and Ripple Find New Friends, Dash Fights In Japan + More News
This Chinese Move Could Help Local Miners After Bitcoin Halving
Crypto Derivatives Skyrocket, Mining Pool Industry Heats Up + More News
Operators Call Chinese Blockchain-powered Copyright Platform a Success
Crypto Exchange Data Raids Bearing Fruit for Nth Room Police - Dozens Identified
Chinese Companies Lead Blockchain Patent Race + More News
Another Prominent Investor Says Bitcoin Could Hit the USD 1m Mark
Argentina, Venezuela Seek Crypto-powered Solution to Economic Despair
How Have Petro Prices Stayed Stable While Crude Oil Falls Below USD 0?
Bitcoin Hodlers Accumulate, Binance-Backed Crypto App For Africa + More News
LG Pilots Facial Recognition-powered ‘Digital Token’ Payment Platform
McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway May Take Part in Digital Yuan Tests - Reports
Another Japanese SBI-backed Crypto Exchange Set to Begin Trading
Crypto Exchange on WordPress, Gemini Passes Another Exam + More News
Art + Crypto Tale Takes New Twist as Artist Tokenizes His Output
Chinese Blockchain-powered Trade Pilot Claims Int’l  Success
Central Bank of Argentina Tests Blockchain-powered System + More News
Japanese Analyst Says Traditional Investors Will Come Flocking to Crypto
K-pop and Charity Kingpin Denies Crypto Scam Reports
Beijing District to Use Blockchain-powered ID Solution + More News
Is This 1999 Forum Message from a Young Satoshi Nakamoto?
Chinese Central Bank Makes it Official: Digital Fiat Tests to Begin
Blockchain.com's 'Best Quarter', Parallel Binance Chain + More News
Seoul to Blockchain Firms: Take ‘Golden’ Chance to Gain Ground on US, EU
Chinese IT Firms Deny Digital Currency Involvement as Shares Skyrocket
Grayscale Bitcoin & Ethereum Investors Hit New Record + More News
SBI to Use Corda Blockchain for Forex Trading