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Ethereum Grows on Gaming Dapps, Tron – on Gambling, EOS – Going Downhill

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 2 min read

Looking into the dapp (decentralized app) ecosystem, things are looking good for Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX), but EOS doesn’t seem to have the same fortune.

Source: iStock/urbazon

“While [Ethereum and Tron] are increasing in 2020 January in comparison to 2019 January, EOS is facing a decrease in daily active users by 61%,” says DappRadar, a Lithuania-headquartered dapp data aggregator and analysis firm.

Their report looked into these three blockchains, emphasizing that the performances of these blockchains can give a clue on the dapp ecosystem’s direction and what can be expected from it in 2020.

While Ethereum saw the biggest growth (thanks to gaming dapps), Tron wins in the daily active users category. However, Justin Sun’s network stuck with gambling and high risks dapps and is failing to expand outside this area, the firm concluded. Meanwhile, EOS was dragged down by the network congestion due to the launch of the EIDOS token, which was “at best a mischievous experiment gone wrong, at worst an aggressive DDOS attack.”

Ethereum: diversified growth

Daily active unique wallets have increased by 82% between January 2019 and January 2020, with the number going from 9,264 to a 30- day trailing average of 16,840 users.

The number of users in the most popular category, Games and Marketplaces, has gone up by 163%, since January 2019. My Crypto Heroes is the most popular game, but the newly launched games are benefiting from Ethereum’s large and active community, says DappRadar – for example, Brave Frontier Heroes got 1,240 daily active users on the first day, and this number is growing.

Finally, speaking of DeFi (decentralized finance), the firm reports that average daily active unique wallets have increased by 7% in January, particularly in the second half of the month, reaching some 1,400 users. The Exchanges category increased by almost 10% in January.

Source: DappRadar

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Tron: gamblers prevail

Daily active unique wallets for Tron have increased by 33%, compared to January 2019. Last month, the user base went up by 8%, to almost 20,000 users (a 30-day trailing average). However, a steady increase in daily active unique wallets are seen in only one category, Gambling & High-Risk, where its most popular dapps in January are found (888TRON with more than 2,600 daily active unique wallets, followed by RocketGame and WINk).

The numbers have been dropping in other categories, for example Games & Marketplaces (-7%) and Exchanges (-21%). “Tron as a maturing dapp ecosystem is still failing to expand outside of gambling and high-risk dapps,” writes the firm.

Source: DappRadar

EOS: ‘problems set to continue’

While EOS started 2019 well, “the ending was downhill all the way,” says DappRadar. The network congestion caused by the EIDOS airdrop led to a constant drop in daily active unique wallets by another 8% at the beginning of 2020, diving to almost 12,000 daily active unique wallets (a 30-day trailing average). The Gambling & High-Risk category saw a decrease of 29%, with dapps Gamblr, Dice, and EOS Royal being the most affected.

In January, the top three dapps by daily activity were from the Game & Marketplace categories, while the most popular categories in general were Exchanges and Games. The three dapps driving the growth, says the report, are EOS Dynasty (3,751 daily active unique wallets), Prospectors (2,300) and Crypto Sword & Magic (450).

“Problems for EOS look set to continue in 2020 with daily active unique wallets showing a decrease of 8% in January 2020 and increasing competition from other protocols,” according to the analysts.

Source: DappRadar

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