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# Tron

TRON platform and its TRX coin aim to introduce distributed and decentralized data storage technologies to the entertainment and content creation industries. Based on this, it would become a global digital content distribution assisted by the system of rewards for participation in the TRON ecosystem. TRON was launched in September 2017 as pet project of Chinese blockchain entrepreneur Justin Sun who serves as the project’s CEO and a crypto celebrity often enjoying the spotlight in the industry-related news. TRON operates as a decentralized blockchain focused on smart contracts, high performance and the content generation. While initially focused on the entertainment industry and content sharing, the TRON is now billed as the foundation stone of the future decentralized Internet. This is to be achieved by turning TRON into a globally available operating system which will become a more flexible and lightweight option for the smart contract deployment compared to Ethereum, a main platform of the future global content sharing system as well as a high performing payment system for everyday use. In February, TRON was upgraded with features such as institution-handling capabilities, multi-signature abilities and account management options.