Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of June, 2nd Quarter, and 1st Half 2020

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May’s mixed bag turned into a June’s red one – at least for the top 10 coins by market capitalization. Only one has seen a rise in its price in the month of June. Nonetheless, for the coins outside of the top 10 list, the picture is not as drastic. Though many saw a drop in their prices, many others appreciated. The situation is also a lot greener when observing the coins in the past 3-6 months.

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Therefore, this time we’re not looking only at the previous month, but the previous quarter, as well as the first half of the year.

If there was one thing that marked the relatively calm first quarter of the year, it was the major market crash in March. Coins across the board suffered major losses, and bitcoin (BTC) plunged a whopping 50%.

Afterwards, the market was quite slow for most of April, but it turned green with a jump near the month’s end. Bitcoin, as well as several other major cryptoassets, including ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin cash (BCH), had a strong performance.

May was well known for BTC’s price to stay over the USD 9,000 mark. However, this is primarily known as the month of its third halving. Meanwhile, ETH continued its strong performance from April.

Which brings us to June, when bitcoin surpassed USD 10,000, dropping below it soon afterwards. BTC also got a red dot on the S2F model signaling a theoretical bull run. Meanwhile, we saw the eight largest bitcoin mining difficulty drop, followed by the highest jump in two years. Bitcoin and Ethereum networks both hit a number of all-time highs this month, and they both recovered most of their losses after Black Thursday in March.


Top 10 Coins

Out of the top 10 coins by market capitalization, the price of only one (not counting the stablecoin tether (USDT)) has appreciated over the course of the past month. That one is also the sole winner on the list: while others dropped, cardano (ADA) had a double-digit rise of more than 16%.

As reported, at the end of May, Cardano founder and CEO of Cardano development firm IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, revealed a number of dates related to the platform’s Shelley upgrade, extending throughout June, which already then had a positive effect on the coin’s price.

On the other hand, the remaining eight coins dropped anywhere between roughly 2% and 20%. Bitcoin SV (BSV) dropped the most – over 20%, while XRP is in the second place with 13%. The two are followed by binance coin (BNB) and EOS, both of which had a decrease in their respective prices of more than 11%.

The first two coins by market capitalization, bitcoin and ether, have dropped the least this time around, between 2% and 4%.

Between the red coins we also find bitcoin cash (BCH) and litecoin (LTC).

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 06:15

Top 10 winners

Among the top 50 coins by market capitalization, the green list is full this time around. At its top in the month of June stands synthetix (SNX), which appreciated over 153%. Recently released compound (COMP) is in second place, with a 146% increase.

As reported, just days after it first entered into circulation, decentralized lending and savings platform Compound’s token COMP positioned itself as the most valuable token in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Days later, it dropped sharply, but per DeFi Market Cap, it’s still number one by market capitalization.

Aave (LEND) and celsius network (CEL) are the two other coins that appreciated over 100% over the course of the last month.

Brave‘s basic attention token (BAT) is in the 10th spot on this winners list, with a rise of 17%.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 06:15

Top 10 losers

Finding June’s losing coins was not difficult either. The top spot is taken by theta token (THETA) with a decrease of almost 26%. ethereum classic (ETC) and BSV follow it as the two other coins with drops above 20%.

LTC with a drop of nearly 10% has the smallest decrease among the ten, with the remaining coins’ prices falling between 11% and 18%.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 06:15

Winners & losers from top 100/200

Among the top 100 by market capitalization the first spot in June is taken by swissborg (CHSB), which went up 272%. Elrond network (ERD) and thorchain (RUNE) are next in line, having appreciated between 180% and 190%.

Electroneum (ETN) dropped the most – 26%, and it’s closely followed by theta, and matic network (MATIC) with its -22%.

Among the top 200, breezecoin (BRZE) and plair (PLA) stand at the top at the first and the second place, respectively, both having appreciated around 9,500%. Haven protocol (XHV) with its 383% is next in line, followed by CHSB.

Meanwhile, poseidon network (QQQ) dropped the most (almost 60%), followed by unibright (UBT) and folgory coin (FLG) – which both dropped around 44%.

Second quarter 2020

Top 10 coins

The picture in the first quarter is quite different. Most top 10 coins have seen a significant rise in their prices.

Cardano went up more than 178% and is the winner again. ETH with nearly 71% took the second spot, and BTC with 44% took the third.

The least to appreciate were XRP and BCH – between 1.5% and 2%.

The only coin that dropped is BSV.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 06:15

Top 10 winners in Q2

In the top 50 category, over the course of the past 3 months, LEND sits on the throne, having gone up more than 552%. CEL follows it with more than a 517% increase.

ADA is in the 10th spot here with a rise of 178%.

The remaining coins also saw a significant rise, as they went up between 185% and 360%.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 06:15

Top 10 losers in Q2

The red list is very short in the second quarter among the top 50 – it has only one coin: BSV dropped nearly 5% in this time period.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 06:15

Winners & losers from top 100/200

ERD is the winner among the top 100 in the Q2, having appreciated nearly 680%. Hyperion (HYN) follows it closely with 675%. LEND is in the third spot with a 560% increase.

On the other hand, there are not many losers to chose from, and the only five red coins have smaller losses, between ZB’s 2% and (MCO)‘s 8%.

BRZE and PLA are the winners in the top 200 in the past quarter as well, this time with over 9,500% and 3,600% increase, respectively. They’re followed by hellenic coin (HNC), whitecoin (XWC), and xensor (XSR) – the first two of which appreciated more than 2,000%, the third more than 1,300%. They’re the only coins with 4-digit rises.

First half of the year

Top 10 coins

Despite the relative redness of the last month, the first half of this year was overall green. Prices of only three among the top 10 coins have decreased in this period, these being LTC with less than 1%, and XRP and EOS both with more than 8%.

Cardano, with a rise of 151% is the winner yet again, while it’s followed with ETH’s 73% and BSV’s 60.5%.

Bitcoin with a rise of 27.5% is in the fourth place, while BCH and BNB found themselves in the middle, rising between 9% and 13%.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 07:18

Top 10 winners in H1

LEND has taken the first spot among the top 50 coins in the first half of the year. It appreciated 675%. Kyber network (KNC) is the second one in line, with a rise of almost 591%.

Cardano and theta took the last two spots on this list, respectively, with rises of 151% and 148%. Chainlink (LINK) is also close by, surpassing both of these, with a 153% increase.

The remaining five coins went up between 220% and 281%.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 07:18

Top 10 losers in H1

There are only five coins in the top 50 that closed the first six month of the year red. Cosmos (ATOM) is at the top with -39%. The distant second is decred (DCR) with its 15%.

These are followed by the three mentioned top 10 coins: XRP, EOS, and LTC, respectively.

Source: Coincodex,, UTC 07:18

Winners & losers from top 100/200

In the past 6 months, CHSB with a rise of 971% takes the first place among the top 100 coins. LEND and HYN, appreciating more than 670% and 630% follow it.

In this category too, ATOM dropped the most. Nervos (CKB) with -37% is right behind it.

Among the top 200, HNC went up a whopping 15,686%. BRZE with 9,520% is in the second place, followed by PLA’s 3,600%.