Coin Race: Top Winners/Losers of Green April

The coins have entered a new month of this year, meaning it's time we take a look at how they fared in the previous month - and there's something to see! April's so green, we couldn't even find a proper loser. While major coins saw double-digit rises last month, there are only two coins that saw drops in the 100 coins by market capitalization category and only twelve in the 200 category. Overall, it's been a very good month for crypto.

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Following a rather bloody March, the relatively slow crypto market of April saw a jump near the month's very end. Thanks to this, bitcoin (BTC) recovered all of its losses suffered in crypto’s “Black Thursday,” which brought it down almost 50%. Furthermore, several other major cryptoassets, including ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin cash (BCH), also experienced a strong performance. These price rises have led to this very green picture we see today.

That said, analysts at major crypto exchange Kraken warned a month ago that, while April was historically the second-best performing month for BTC, investors should look out for the possible miner and/or hodler capitulation, but also look at how the world is dealing with the coronavirus-triggered economic crisis. The players leaving the game might decide to liquidate any bitcoin and other assets they hold.

Top 10 coins

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All coins within the ten by market capitalization category have seen a significant rise in their respective prices over the course of the last month, and all double-digit - not taking tether (USDT) into account, as it's a stablecoin. Among these, we find tezos (XTZ) at the very top with a c. 77% rise in April. It's followed by ETH, as well as binance coin (BNB), the prices of which have gone up 59% and 42%, respectively.

The number one coin by market capitalization takes the fourth place on this list for April, seeing its price appreciate 37%. The rest of the top 10 coins enjoyed a rise between 21% and 29%, except for BCH, which appreciated 16% - the least on the list.

Speaking of BCH, it's worth noting that it and Bitcoin SV (BSV) both went through their first halving events in April. Meanwhile, BTC's halving is expected to happen on May 12.

Top 10 winners in April

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Zooming out a bit to look at the first 50 coins by market capitalization in search for our winners, we no longer struggle to find them. Unlike March that had a single green coin in the sea of red, April offers an abundance of greenery. At the very top in this category stands digibyte (DGB) with a rise of 240%. Most of the other coins on this list appreciated between 59% and 77%, and the three to rise the least are in the 40th percentile, with cosmos (ATOM) taking the last spot.

Meanwhile, hive token (HIVE) is in the second place, having appreciated almost 117%. This is a significant step for the new coin, as its rise follows a tumultuous period in Steem (STEEM)'s existence that led to the creation of Hive.

Top 10 losers in April

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The loser list is tricky this time around. Not taking into account stablecoins, we are still left with only green coins in the top 50. This means that we're looking into those who appreciated the least in April. Several coins with a rise of over 20% meet this criteria, among which we find two from the top 10 coins as well: litecoin (LTC) and XRP (XRP). These are followed by three coins with a rise over 10%, and lastly, the coin that appreciated only 2% in over the month of April - leo token (LEO).

Winners & losers from top 100/200

Now, let's look at the top 100 by market capitalization category, according to market data provider Coincodex. There's one coin here that leaves all the others in the dust by far: bloomzed Token (BZT), with a whopping rise of 1,799%. The next three on the list still boast high, three-digit percentages, with hyperion (HYN) leading the pack (350%). DGB comes next, followed by aave (LEND) with 125% and then Hive. The rest of the top 10 coins among the 100 appreciated between 79% and 83%. This includes stellar (XLM) with 79%. Here we do find some red coins, though still only two, which speaks volumes of the markets' recent recovery. sologenic (SOLO) dropped 100% in April, while playfuel (PLF) dropped 3%.

Lastly, observing the top 200 coins by market capitalization, we see that BZT and HYN still occupy the first and the second spots, respectively. The lineup changes somewhat after that, with band protocol (BAND) ranking third (303%) and CGCX (CGCX) the forth (264%). Hive is in the 9th place and maid safe coin (MAID) takes the 10th with a 95% rise. On the other side, we find a total of twelve coins whose prices dropped in April. SOLO is at the top, now followed by gaps (GAP) which dropped 36% and yap stone (YAP) with -34%. The next three coins have dropped between 11% and 14%, and these precede five coins with 1%-3% drops.