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Buterin Discloses Another 8 Tokens in His Crypto Portfolio

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has revealed key details about his cryptocurrency holdings. As part of an ask-me-anything session on Reddit, Buterin revealed that some 10% of his non Ethereum-based crypto holdings are in the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and ZCash cryptocurrencies.

Vitalik Buterin. Source: a video screenshot.

He also revealed that he possesses some 10% less than the value of his ETH holdings in Ethereum-based tokens including Kyber Network, Maker, Omisego and Augur in his portfolio.

In a frank disclosure, Buterin also added that in the last year he has received payment – although he stopped short of specifying the amount – of a “few advisor tokens” from cryptocurrency projects, including some of the tokens he named “above” (presumably in the Ethereum-based token category).

The Ethereum co-founder urged other prominent cryptocurrency advocates to follow suit with similarly open disclosures, stating, “I’d definitely support more people actively involved in protocol decision-making making such statements.”

In addition to all of this, Buterin’s wallet shows that he also owns ETH 350,004 (USD 50 million.)

As reported in November, Ethereum co-founder lost more than USD 460 million due to price drop by more than 90% since ether’s all-time high in January, and the community were (sarcastically) offering to donate to him. However, recent rally pushed ether by more than 15% in a month.

Ether price chart: