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Beijing Government Already Has 100 Uses for Blockchain, Says Expert

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One of China’s leading blockchain academics said that Beijing has adopted 100 uses for blockchain in the government services sector so far – and stated that Chinese state organizations and private sector firms are rapidly finding real-world uses for the technology.

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Per Beijing News, the claims were made by Cai Liang, the executive deputy director of the Research Center of Blockchain at Zhejiang University.

In addition to the central People’s Bank of China, which is well-poised to launch its digital yuan token ahead of most leading world economies, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China (the national internet regulator and China’s leading censorship body) is also ready to roll out solutions, said Cai, as is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Cai, who leads a number of state-approved blockchain research and development initiatives, stated that a “first batch” of adoption-ready solutions and platforms had recently passed blockchain standardization protocols jointly set by the MIIT and its subordinate agency, the Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

He added that in addition to the Bejing government, which is already operating 100 blockchain-powered government services, the State Grid Electric Vehicle Service, a branch of the State Grid Corporation of China – the nation and the world’s biggest energy provider – was managing 400 million kWh of green power on a blockchain-powered traceability platform.

Cai added that coronavirus pandemic-sparked R&D efforts into blockchain-powered smart government affairs, digital ID, charitable donations, supply chain, legal data and green energy solutions were on the verge of breakthroughs.

However, Cai has been vocal in recent months about the shortfall in developers – claiming a 90% rise in blockchain graduates will be needed to meet the spiking demand for blockchain projects in the public and private sectors.
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