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7 Best TON Meme Coins to Buy Now

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 11 min read
Leading Telegram crypto Toncoin (TON) has defied market drawback to post continued growth, but why is TON price so strong? Let's take a look.

TON Network is one of the fastest-growing new blockchain networks thanks to its deep integration with Telegram. It’s also home to a growing number of meme coins, including several that have delivered 10x returns since launch.

With TON on the rise, many meme coin traders are eyeing this chain to find the next explosive meme opportunity. We’ll take a closer look at 7 of the best TON meme coins to buy now and explore the potential of investing in TON meme coins.

The Top TON Meme Coins Ranked

Listed here are the 7 best TON meme coins to buy right now, ranked according to their potential to explode:

  1. Resistance Dog ($REDO)
  3. Hedgehog in the Fog ($HIF)
  4. Povel Durev ($DUREV)
  5. MIttens ($MITTENS)
  6. Tonk Inu ($TONK)
  7. Raccoon ($ROON)

A Closer Look at the Best TON Meme Coins

We’ll dive deeper into each of the top TON meme coins so you can decide which ones are the best buys today.

1. Resistance Dog ($REDO) – TON Meme Coin Celebrating Censorship Resistance

Resistance Dog is a fast-growing TON meme coin that celebrates the censorship-resistance of the Telegram messaging network. The project isn’t directly affiliated with Telegram, but uses the same paper airplane logo and focuses its social media content on the importance of keeping the digital world open and free.

The $REDO meme coin has rocketed more than 500% since launching in late March. It now has a market cap of $93 million, making it one of the biggest meme coins coming from the TON ecosystem – although $REDO still has room to grow 10x or more before it catches up with top 10 dog meme coins like $BONK and $FLOKI.

Resistance Dog TON Meme Coin

Resistance Dog has a total supply of 100 million tokens and the token’s liquidity pool has been fully burned. The project team has also renounced the contract, putting $REDO firmly in the hands of the community. $REDO is available on TON DEXs like RocketX as well as centralized exchanges like LBank.

Visit Resistance Dog

2. TON FISH ($FISH) – Meme Coin Ecosystem with DEX, NFTs, and More

TON FISH is a TON meme coin that’s rapidly moving its way up the charts. The token is up 57% in the last 3 weeks and recently broke above a market cap of $30 million.

The project is just a collection of fish, which might not seem exciting at first. But keep in mind that TON Network is also home to a meme coin representing a collection of rocks, and the appeal for meme trading becomes more clear. TON FISH is creating an NFT collection of 9,999 fish NFTs to generate more engagement around the project and bring its fish theme to life.


TON FISH also has a growing ecosystem of utility tools, including a token swap and a liquidity pool for DeFi transactions. A TONPET mini-app in Telegram also enables users to play with their fish in the messaging app and earn tokens. Overall, it’s an exciting meme project with a lot of potential ahead.


3. Hedgehog in the Fog ($HIF) – Low Market Cap TON Meme Coin with Growing Following

Hedgehog in the Fog is a low market cap meme coin featuring a hedgehog with glowing eyes in a foggy forest. The meme is simple but alluring, and it’s already attracted more than 138,000 followers on X.

Hedgehog in the Fog’s token, $HIF, has actually dropped in price since launch – it’s down to a price of $0.018 from $0.038 at the start of June. However, we think that’s a buying opportunity for traders considering the growing popularity of TON for meme coins and the viral potential of this meme.

Hedgehog in the Fog TON Meme Coin

$HIF has the additional advantage of being listed on several major CEXs, including MEXC and BitMart. That has helped the token’s liquidity despite its low market cap of less than $4 million. Hedgehog in the Fog is planning to list on additional exchanges soon, which could be a major catalyst for the token.

Visit Hedgehog in the Fog

4. Povel Durev ($DUREV) – Pavel Durov-themed Meme Coin with TON Trading Bot

Povel Durev is a clever TON meme coin that uses a memeified version of Pavel Durov, Telegram’s founder, as its mascot. The project’s social media features its cartoonish Povel Durev trading crypto, charging a stage with Dogwifhood, DJing at a club, and more.

What’s exciting about Povel Durev is that it just launched a new crypto trading bot specifically for TON Network tokens. The bot can trade any coin on TON using take-profit and stop-losses to manage risk. 20% of each trade’s commission is used to burn $DUREV tokens, increasing the token’s price for the Povel Durev community.

Povel Durev TON Meme Coin

$DUREV is up 75% since its launch in late April, with more gains likely on the way now that the project’s trading bot has been released. $DUREV is available to buy on MEXC,, and

Visit Povel Durev

5. Mittens ($MITTENS) – Newly Launched Cat Meme Coin Inspired by Telegram

Mittens is one of the biggest cat meme coins on TON Network, with a $7.5 million market cap after launching 3 weeks ago. It’s up more than 55% in the last week alone. Mittens was inspired by Mr. Mittens, a black cat who has achieved fame after the Telegram X account tweeted a photo of him.

Mittens is taking advantage of the excitement around this cat with its $MITTENS token, which is available on the DeDust and DEXs. There are no transaction taxes on $MITTENS, and the project’s contract has been fully renounced.

Mittens TON Meme Coin

Telegram has posted about Mittens several times, generating a lot of excitement around this cat. The $MITTENS token is perfectly positioned to build on this hype, which is why it has the potential to be one of the biggest meme coins on TON.

Visit Mittens

6. Tonk Inu ($TONK) – Multichain Trading Ecosystem for Telegram

Tonk Inu is a multichain trading ecosystem spanning both TON Network and Solana, enabling traders to instantly buy and sell tokens across the two chains. The trading bot claims to be faster than all of its Telegram-enabled competitors, including Banana, Unibot, and Maestro.

Tonk Inu is compatible with all Telegram channels and lets you pick and choose which signals you want to follow. So, you have the freedom to focus on the most profitable trading channels and leave all the others behind.


Tonk Inu eventually plans to share revenue from trade commissions with $TONK token holders, making this a TON meme coin worth owning. In addition, the project will use a portion of proceeds to buyback and burn $TONK tokens. $TONK is down since launching in March, but that just looks like a buying opportunity for traders who are bullish on TON Network’s potential.

Visit Tonk Inu

7. Raccoon ($ROON) – Sneaky Critter Working Its Way to the Top of TON

Raccoon is a sneaky critter finding its way into garbage and quietly working its way to the top of the TON Network charts. This meme coin has a big ambition to be the #1 meme coin on the TON Network.

If it achieves that, early investors will be richly rewarded. The $ROON token currently has an ultra-low market cap of less than $400,000, so it would need to skyrocket 10x just to beat out Resistance Dog’s $REDO token. There’s a lot of room for growth in $ROON if the project can keep up its early momentum.

Raccoon TON Meme Coin

$ROON is currently available only on TON DEXs like, but keep an eye out for major CEX listings as this meme coin gains followers. The project is making a big push to market itself, including by partnering with TON ambassadors and major Telegram groups.

Visit Raccoon

The Growing Rise of TON Meme Coins

TON Network is a relatively new blockchain. It originally launched in 2018 but stalled for nearly 5 years after the SEC sued Telegram to stop its launch. It wasn’t until 2023 when the TON Foundation – officially separate from Telegram, which developed the chain initially – launched an Ethereum bridge and a wallet, kicking off development on TON.

In late 2023, meme coin activity picked up substantially on Solana, kicking off a frenzy around meme tokens that has continued unabated since. While Solana remains a hub for meme coin launches, a growing number of meme coins have also launched on alternative chains like Base and TON Network.

The first TON Network meme coins began appearing in March, and launches have picked up in recent weeks. The ecosystem is still very small compared to the Solana meme coins ecosystem – the top 5 meme coins on the TON blockchain have a combined market cap of just over $150 million. In contrast, Solana’s Dogwifhat meme coin has a market cap of $1.8 billion.

However, the small market cap of TON meme coins hides the rapid growth of this ecosystem. Just a few months ago, the total market cap of meme coins on the TON blockchain was $0. Resistance Dog, currently the #1 meme coin on Telegram, exploded from an initial market cap of $13 million in March to an all-time high market cap of over $100 million within the span of a few weeks.

Resistance Dog ($REDO) TON price chart

The TON Network itself has also grown substantially, growing to $620 million in total value locked (TVL) today compared to just $23 million on March 1. As more users flock to TON, it’s likely that more TON meme coins will launch and existing tokens will see major increases in demand.

Do TON Meme Coins Have Investment Potential?

TON meme coins should be considered a high-risk, high-reward class of crypto investments. We’ll discuss some of the factors that make these tokens attractive for traders as well as some of the risk factors associated with them.

Potential: Spread of Meme Coin Trading Frenzy

The biggest tailwind for TON meme coins in 2024 is that meme coin trading activity is reaching a frenzied pitch across the crypto ecosystem. Meme coins on Ethereum and Solana are trading near all-time highs, and the excitement recently spread to Base chain meme coins like $BRETT. Even Avalanche meme coins have seen a surge in trading activity, despite this blockchain not being known as a meme coin hub.

It’s possible—but not guaranteed—that TON could be the next chain to take fire for meme coin trading. Meme coins are already present on TON, so it’s mainly a matter of whether a token on TON can break through the noise and deliver a pump that traders are rushing to be a part of.

Potential: Low Market Cap Opportunities

Right now, all of the meme coins on TON Network have relatively low market caps. The largest meme coin, $REDO, has a market cap under $100 million, which is nearly 15x lower than the market cap of Base’s $BRETT or Solana’s $BONK.

That means there’s tons of room for growth in new TON meme coins. It wouldn’t take much of a surge in demand to deliver skyrocketing price action for traders.

TON Network Total Value Locked from DefiLlama

Potential: Access to Telegram’s User Base

Another long-term tailwind for meme coins on the TON blockchain – and for TON in general – is its association with Telegram. The Telegram messaging platform has more than 800 million users, all of whom could easily get into trading new TON meme coins through the app.

We don’t expect 800 million new users to pile into TON meme coins all at once. But if TON meme coins start pumping, the ecosystem could see a flood of millions of new users further pushing up demand.

Risk: Low Trading Volume

One of the risks of trading TON tokens is that since activity on TON Network is low compared to other blockchains, there isn’t as much liquidity as many meme coin traders are accustomed to. This can make it more difficult to get in and out of positions at market prices and turn a profitable trade into a losing one.

So, traders need to monitor liquidity carefully when trading TON meme coins. It’s also a good idea to account for room for price slippage when trading.

Risk: No Proven TON Meme Coins

While TON meme coins have a lot of potential, it’s important to note that no TON meme coin has exploded in the same way tokens on Ethereum, Solana, and Base have. $REDO delivered a 500% gain for early investors, but that pales in comparison to the 10,000% gains that meme coins on other networks have delivered.

Without a TON token shooting for the moon, it may be hard to get traders excited about switching to TON. That could potentially hold back the network’s meme coin growth until there’s a token that is able to break through.


TON Network is quickly growing as a hub for meme coin trading. Not only are existing coins gaining attention, but many new meme coin launches are on the horizon. TON meme coins have the potential to deliver returns for early investors. However, the network remains small, and investing in these tokens is risky. For investors who do want to jump into TON memes, we think Resistance Dog ($REDO) is the best TON meme coin to buy today.



What are TON meme coins?

TON meme coins are meme tokens native to the TON Network blockchain. Examples of top TON meme coins include Resistance Dog ($REDO), TON FISH ($FISH), and Hedegehog in the Fog ($HIF).

Where can I buy TON meme coins?

You can buy most TON meme coins through the network’s and Dedust exchanges. Some new TON meme coins have also listed on centralized exchanges like MEXC and LBank.

Which are the best TON meme coins to buy?

Based on our analysis, the best TON meme coins to buy today are Resistance Dog ($REDO) and TON FISH ($TON). Both of these are fast-growing meme tokens with strong social followings and listings on major exchanges. However, they still have low market caps and offer plenty of room for price growth.

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