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Australia is considered a crypto powerhouse in the southern hemisphere by some. Its perceived status did not come out of blue, however, with the government of that country often leading the charge when it comes to tackling sensitive issues in the crypto industry, ranging from the initial coin offerings (ICO) to the promotion of blockchain adoption.
In 2018, the Australian regulators sough to spur this process in the state of New South Wales with the promise of legalizing the use of digital, blockchain technology-powered high school diplomas and auto registrations, as well as birth and death certificates. Based on the same news reports, there are also plans to develop a blockchain platform that would allow the government to issue various digital documents ranging from medical records to property titles. At the same time, the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) reported that it planned to use blockchain technology to deliver welfare payments, further cementing the image of Australia as a largely crypto-friendly country.

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