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This Ethereum-Based Platform Might Get New Clients Thanks to Coronavirus Lockdown

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

An online education provider says it will give students and teachers stuck at home in coronavirus-related lockdowns and quarantine something new and constructive to do – brush up on their blockchain technology and cryptocurrency knowledge and skills.

Source: iStock/skynesher

Per a press release from ODEM (ODE), which describes itself as an on-demand education and employment marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, the company says it is so “concerned about the disruption of education for learners, educators, and all learning institutions” that it is offering students and educators access to its blockchain technology-powered online integrated learning platform and certification management system for free “until it is safe to return to campus.”

The platform runs a crypto-themed Cointelligence Academy from London.

Some of ODEM’s courses include “Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,” “Introduction to the Bitfinex Crypto Trading Platform” and “Getting Industry Ready with Blockchain.” Also, there are other courses on leadership, communication, negotiations, etc.

The company says its move will “mitigate the interruption of the fundamental right of education.”

Although some schools and universities have continued to hold online classes using video conferencing functions of apps such as Skype, a large number of schools in countries around the world have stated they are ill-equipped to offer online learning options as coronavirus-related school closures continue across Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia.

ODEM, which was created in 2017, says it has 30,000 users in 166 countries and claims to have partnership deals with universities, schools, and employers around the world.

As reported in November, Bitfinex partnered Odem in order to introduce a new model of education on the role of digital tokens in the blockchain-enabled economy.

Meanwhile, in March, a university in Chengdu, China, said it will launch the nation’s first Blockchain Engineering department, offering China’s first-ever undergraduate courses in blockchain technology.

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