These Six Coins in the Top 50 Up by Two Digits in the Past Quarter

An interesting development can be noticed in what’s mostly a red market. Six coins among the top 50 coins by market capitalization have seen a double-digit rise in the last three months, and neither of them is from the top 10 category, or even the top 20 for that matter.

Source: Franck V. on Unsplash

The last quarter is quite red, as at the time of writing (UTC 11:30) only eight out of the first fifty coins have appreciated in that period of time. Interestingly, out of the eight, six took a significant lead in the overall category, appreciating between 16% and 90%.


Let’s see them one by one.

Prizm (PZM)

The forty-second coin by market capitalization is the leader of the top 50 coins for the last quarter, having appreciated 89.96%. Starting with July, when the price was at its lowest in this time from at USD 0.18, we can see a clear gradual rise all the way till the September rally, when many of the coins, PZM included, saw several sharp rises and drops. It saw its highest price in three months during this rally, climbing up to USD 0.60, after which it dropped and has been trading sideways since. Its current price is almost USD 0.4. Its blog, site and SNS accounts in English haven’t been regularly updated, but its site in Russian gives us a clearer picture of what might be behind the price rise recently: it’s been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Hotbit, additional solutions and critical updates were made, the Prizm core was updated, etc.

ThoreNext (THX)

The second place is taken by the thirty-eight coin by market capitalization. It went up 64.51% in the last three months. Unlike PZM, THX’s quarter chart is much more erratic, so to say. It had at least two major drops and rises prior to the September rally, seeing in the past three months the highest price of USD 10.74 and the lowest USD 0.02 – which is quite a difference for such a short period. Interestingly, however, unlike many other coins, it didn’t suffer as drastic of a drop after the rally, and it’s currently trading at USD 7.85. Thore network seems to have been busy lately. They announced that TCHApp iOS exchange beta is live and that it will be available soon on the App Store; they started their 7th staking project, and the network was listed on CoinMarketCap , breaking some records along the way.


Next in line is EKT, which saw a rise of 40.98% in the last quarter. This forty-forth coin by market capitalization shows quite a zig-zaggy picture in this period of time, and though its drops and rises are frequent, they still aren’t as dramatic as THX’s July. Given the numerous ups and downs, the rally in September is not as prominent as with many other coins. Nonetheless, it’s the time EKT reached its highest price in the last quarter of USD 0.17, dropping soon after to USD 0.15, and trading sideways for about two weeks. This was followed by two larger drops in two days, four days ago, interrupted by a rise, after which it rallied yesterday to a price higher than Septembers, USD 0.18, dropping slightly since, to its current USD 0.17. EKT has been regularly updating their Twitter followers with weekly reports, including the development progress, but not much besides that. There were news of a strategic partnership with the U Network, and also an upgrade to a new smart contract back in July, to add the 'destroy' function, they say, though we weren’t able to read the actual announcement as their Medium account has been suspended.

0x (ZRX)

In spot number four we find the thirty-fourth coin by market capitalization, which in the last three months appreciated 38.38%. ZRX was less adventuristic, with fluctuations that could be considered relatively standard – making a drop from July to August, finding there its lowest three-month price of USD 0.15, then rallying in September, dropping, then making its grand ascend on October 7th, climbing to its highest price in this time frame of USD 0.34 two days ago. It now stands at USD 0.32. ZRX lately added Rivet’s node management service to their infrastructure credits offering, and seems to be actively involved in the ecosystem, participating in last month’s Devcon 5 conference, providing network metrics and ecosystem highlights, etc. Version 3.0 of their exchange contract has been finalized and deployed to the Kovan testnet and the roadmap was shared, followed by a 0x Tracker v.3 Roadmap, among the latest news.

HedgeTrade (HEDG)

Second-to-last on this winners list is HEDG, the price of which went up by 18.09% in three months. Currently, it stands as the thirty-third coin by market capitalization. It has a lot in common with EKT, seeing a number of sharp fluctuations, but the period between the end of August and end of September was much more stable for HEDG. After this, however, it dropped, making a smaller rise in early October, then dropping again. It reached its highest price in the quarter of USD 1.1 back at the beginning of August, and its lowest even before in July, currently standing at USD 0.75. HEDG too is very active on Twitter, though not much on Medium, so it’s somewhat easier to see what they’re working on lately on their website, for example promoting their affiliate program, but also adding HedgeTrage encyclopedia.


The least to appreciate in this specific category is the forty-ninth coin by market capitalization. It saw a rise of 16.26% in the last quarter. From July till the second half of September, ABBC was in a decline with three sharp rises, quickly followed by sharp drops. It reached its lowest price for three months of USD 0.07 just before the September rally, after which it quickly climbed to its highest price of USD 0.27. Its subsequent fall wasn’t as drastic as before, and it’s been more-or-less trading sideways in October, with its price at the moment being USD 0.21. ABBC seems to have made some major business decisions lately, adapting to the e-commerce sector, participating in an airdrop with DigiFinex where it's been listed, and after it has also been listed on Bithumb Global, while the foundation made substantial upgrades to the blockchain and the wallet.