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Samsung Adds 3rd-Party Crypto Wallet Support

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The electronics giant Samsung has announced that it will allow users of older Galaxy smartphones that do not feature its crypto wallet app – the Samsung Blockchain Keystore – to use hardware wallets. The company also reorganizes its blockchain division and expands the scope of its phones’ crypto services to allow third-party wallet support.

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The development will essentially allow crypto users to transfer their tokens off their own app and onto hardware wallets.

Per Newsis and a post on the Samsung Newsroom, the firm wrote that devices running Android OS 9.0 that do not feature the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app can download an update that will allow them to physically connect hardware wallets to “manage blockchain assets or keys.”

The firm stated that Galaxy smartphones can now be connected to hardware wallets from Ledger, beginning with the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. The firm was quoted as stating that it was planning to add support for “various” other third-party wallets.

The company has previously sought to make much of the fact that its app is underpinned by its secure Knox platform, which protects private keys with fingerprint and password authentication.

And Newsis added that Samsung was working to bolster its blockchain team in a bid to “promote the popularization of blockchain technology” by “bringing together staff members who have been involved in blockchain development, as well as domestic and overseas collaboration projects” to “expand” and “reorganize them into a blockchain development group.” The new group will reportedly become part of the Samsung Electronics wireless department.
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