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Mexican Billionaire and GOT Actress Buy Bitcoin – and Want the World to Know

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

2020 looks to have been one of the best years yet for bitcoin (BTC) – with prices booming and an increasing number of high-profile investors and celebrities looking to get onboard as publically as possible – via the medium of Twitter.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego

The latest to take to Twitter to announce they have boarded the crypto gravy train is Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the founder of the Grupo Salinas business empire, a close associate of the country’s president and the owner of an estimated USD 13.2bn fortune.

In a series of tweets, Salinas appears to have come out as a veritable bitcoin evangelist, stating to his more than 808,000 followers that he had invested 10% of his ‘liquid portfolio” in BTC.

In one tweet, which he has since pinned, he shared a video of a person in an unnamed Latin American nation apparently throwing away sacks full of cash. Salinas added,

“To start with #bitcoin, I am sharing a video taken in a Latin [American] country where banks throw money away (paper money is worth nothing). That is why it is always good to diversify your investment portfolio.”

In another tweet, Salinas recommended a book about bitcoin named El Patron Bitcoin (subtitled The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banks) by Saifedean Ammous.

Meanwhile, there has been a thrilling plot twist in the crypto Game of Thrones sparked on Twitter by the actress Maisie Williams (who played Arya Stark in the drama series).

Yesterday, reported that Williams had asked her 2.7 million followers if they thought she should “go long on bitcoin.”

A total of 902,304 people voted in response to her question, with 53.4% voting “no” – and 46.6% advising her to take the plunge.

But subverting the audience’s expectations was always the name of the game for GOT. So Williams took a page out of the drama’s book – by flying in the face of public opinion and buying BTC anyway.

She posted a picture of a remorseful-looking Shrek, writing,

“Thank you for the advice. I bought some anyway.”

Crypto advocates on Twitter predictably approved, with some even upping their meme game for the occasion.

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