25 Jan 2021 · 2 min read

Major YouTuber MrBeast Wants to Send Bitcoin to the Moon...Literally

Most crypto advocates are familiar with the expression “to the moon,” but few have contemplated going beyond the figurative and actually putting bitcoin (BTC) on the Earth’s satellite. Enter MrBeast, a YouTuber with 50 million-plus followers – and a seemingly hair-brained plan to send BTC 30 (USD 988,000) worth of the world’s most popular digital coin to the surface of the moon.

The rising Earth above the lunar horizon. Source: NASA

Famous for his audacious stunts, including buying the entire contents of five stores, giving people USD 1m but only a minute to spend it in and building the world’s biggest Lego tower, the 22-year-old American, real name Jimmy Donaldson, said, in a recent livestream, per Rocket Rundown,

“A company called Astrobotics and NASA are putting a lander on the Moon later this year and we managed to get space on their lander to put a hard drive. And I thought it would be fun to let you guys put whatever you want on that hard drive on the Moon.”

He stated that for a price of USD 10, he would let all-comers send him a photo that he would save to the hard drive, which will be loaded aboard the would be a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan rocket set to take to the skies in June creating what he termed “the universe’s first digital time capsule.”

But it seems photos alone will not provide enough dazzle for this project, and MrBeast wants to step up the intensity by sending about 30 bitcoins into the stratosphere and beyond, landing them on the Moon.

In the livestream, he said that assuming he “sells enough” USD 10 photo slots, he will buy the BTC stash and save it to the hard drive.

MrBeast: "I Want to Put a Million Dollars Worth of Bitcoin on the Moon" from r/Bitcoin

A viewer watching the stream responded with a photo of an angry-looking dog, prompting one of MrBeast’s associates on the stream to quip, “That dog wants to dogecoin (DOGE) on the Moon!”

On Reddit, many bitcoiners were not amused, with one complaining,

“I hate this. It’s not amazing at all. The world is in crisis, people are experiencing poverty now more than ever then you get stupid stunts like this. For shame.”

But another claimed it could provide a boost for long-term HODLers, stating that it would be “huge” if MrBeast “made a video about this, gaining more attention to bitcoin, and also reducing the amount of bitcoin in circulation, driving the price up even more!”

However, another stated that at current prices, BTC 30 being taken out of circulation would not even “dent” supply “at all.”

At the time of writing (10:13 UTC), BTC trades at USD 33,027 and is up by 1% in a day, trimming its weekly losses to less than 10%. The price is still up by 34% in a month and 295% in a year.
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