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Lucky Block Competition Platform Giving Away $1 Million in Bitcoin – Here’s How You Can Win

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Lucky Block, one of the most prominent NFT competition and games platforms in the crypto market, has launched a giveaway with $1 million in Bitcoin (BTC) up for grabs. We have created the perfect guide for interested participants to win. 

Win $1 Million in Bitcoin 

Recently, Lucky Block’s developers announced what could easily be their most popular prize competition. Participants have the opportunity to win $1 million worth of Bitcoin, and all they have to do is purchase one of the Lucky Block NFTs.   


For the competition, Lucky Block’s developers created a new NFT collection. There are 25,000 tokens in the collection, all of which cost 0.254 BNB each. Players who purchase more than one NFT have a greater chance of winning. 

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How to Enter the Competition 

Interested in winning $1 million? Follow the steps outlined below: 

Visit the Competition Page 

The first step is visiting the $1 million Bitcoin competition landing page. Then, click on “Buy NFTs” to be redirected to the launchpad, an NFT marketplace where the NFTs are hosted. 

Connect Your Wallet

The launchpad will immediately prompt investors to connect their cryptocurrency wallets. This is important as the NFTs will be purchased with funds from a crypto wallet. Also, this wallet is where the NFT will be stored. 

Buy Crypto 

As Lucky Block is built on the BNB Smart Chain, investors must buy Binance Coin (BNB) first. BNB is one of the most popular coins, so it is easily purchasable on several of the most reputable exchanges in the market. 

Buy Your NFT

After funding the wallet, investors can process their purchases. Select an NFT and click on the ”Buy” button. Remember that each NFT in this collection costs 0.264 BNB. 

Since the wallet is already connected, the purchase will be seamless, and the wallet will be updated with the NFT. 

Lucky Block – NFTs Meet Traditional Gaming 

Launched in 2022, Lucky Block is a competition and games platform that allows players and community members to enjoy access to an ecosystem of games that they can play, regardless of their location. The platform, built on the Binance Smart Chain, also launched its native token, LBLOCK, this year. 

Users can buy Lucky Block tokens to enjoy access to various prize pools and draws. The developers also launched a Platinum Rollers Club non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection. Like LBLOCK, a Platinum Rollers Club NFT also grants users access to Lucky Block’s prize pools.

Ever since it launched, Lucky Block has continued to organize different pools. Winners can enjoy prizes ranging from cash and a Lamborghini to a house and an all-expense-paid vacation. 

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