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How to Buy Calvaria Token (RIA) – Beginner’s Guide

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 10 min read

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Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a play-to-earn crypto game in which players build strategic decks of NFT cards and battle against fellow players. The game’s economy is driven by the Calvaria token, RIA, which is used to buy Calvaria NFT cards as well as for staking and governance within the Calvaria DAO.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything investors need to know about Calvaria and explain how to buy Calvaria token (RIA) during the project’s ongoing presale.

Calvaria: Key Facts

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything investors need to know about Calvaria and the RIA token:

  • Calvaria is a new play-to-earn crypto game in which players build card decks and battle against one another.
  • Each card in Calvaria is an NFT, and players can buy and sell NFT cards in the game’s peer-to-peer marketplace.
  • Players earn rewards in RIA tokens (an ERC-20 token) when they win battles. RIA is used as the medium of exchange in the Calvaria marketplace.
  • RIA can also be used for crypto staking and gives investors a vote in the Calvaria decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • RIA is currently available through a crypto presale. The presale will release 300 million RIA tokens, or 30% of the total supply.

Visit Calvaria Presale

How to Buy Calvaria Token: A Step-by-step Guide

RIA is an ERC-20 token and the native token of Calvaria. It’s one of the fastest growing crypto tokens of 2022 and plays a critical role in the Calvaria gaming ecosystem.

Investors and gamers interested in Calvaria can buy RIA tokens today through the project’s crypto presale. Here’s how to buy Calvaria token during the presale:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

Investors must have a MetaMask or Trust crypto wallet in order to connect to Calvaria’s presale platform. Both of these wallets support ERC-20 tokens including RIA, and both are free to download. Visit MetaMask’s website to download MetaMask for iOS, Android, or Google Chrome.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Calvaria accepts payment for RIA tokens in Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (UDST). Investors can purchase either token through a centralized crypto exchange using fiat currency, then transfer the purchased coins to their crypto wallet.

Investors also have the option to bypass this step. Calvaria has partnered with Changelly to accept credit card payments for RIA. Changelly will convert credit card payments to Ethereum for a small fee. Investors must still have a crypto wallet even if they buy Calvaria token with a credit card.

Step 3: Connect to the Presale

Visit the Calvaria presale platform and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ Select the wallet downloaded in Step 1 and the presale platform will automatically connect to it.

Step 4: Buy RIA

Enter the amount of RIA to buy and choose whether to complete the purchase with ETH or USDT. Keep in mind the minimum investment is 1,000 RIA (approximately $10).

Step 5: Claim Tokens

Calvaria will release purchased tokens at the end of the presale. At that time, return to the presale platform and re-connect a crypto wallet to claim the purchased RIA.

Visit Calvaria Presale

What is Calvaria?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a play-to-earn crypto game in which players build custom card decks and battle them against each other. Each card represents a unique character within the Calvaria universe, with its own powers and abilities. Players who win battles in Calvaria earn RIA tokens.

The team behind Calvaria has developed a rich game universe with fantastical characters. According to the game’s mythology, Calvaria is a fight for the afterlife between 3 groups of rival creatures. Each of the characters represented by Calvaria cards is rendered in 3D and there are limited numbers of each character’s cars.

Every playing card in Calvaria is an NFT, so players own their decks. They are free to buy and sell NFT cards in the Calvaria peer-to-peer marketplace, which offers a way for players to monetize their decks or put together a unique deck for a specific strategy.

Calvaria compares itself to crypto games like Gods Unchained, Spellfire, and Splinterlands. Several features set Calvaria apart, however, including:

  • Mobile play: Calvaria will be available to play on iOS and Android devices.
  • Free entry: Players can join Calvaria for free and get a starter deck to begin battling.
  • Staking: Calvaria offers staking pools for its RIA token, giving players a chance to earn passive income.
  • DAO: Calvaria puts governance in the hands of players and investors who stake RIA tokens.

RIA Tokens

The cryptocurrency RIA is the native token of Calvaria and is key to understanding how the game’s play-to-earn mechanics function. RIA is an ERC-20 token, meaning it operates on the Ethereum blockchain and can be easily sent or received to any ERC-20-compatible crypto wallet.

First and foremost, RIA is distributed to players as a reward for winning battles in Calvaria. Players can earn RIA by defeating their opponents, exploring Calvaria in story mode, or by rising to the top of monthly tournaments.

Players who earn RIA (or buy it through the presale or, in the future, from a crypto exchange) can use it to buy NFT cards at the Calvaria marketplace. Buying cards enables them to strengthen their deck and potentially win more battles, thus earning them more RIA.

Alternatively, players can stake their RIA tokens. This locks up their RIA to validate actions in the Calvaria gaming universe. In return, players receive RIA token rewards—essentially passive income. (Calvaria has not yet released details about its staking pools or rewards.)

Finally, RIA serves as a governance token. Players who stake a minimum amount of Calvaria will have voting rights within the Calvaria DAO, allowing them to have a say in the future development of this crypto project.

The RIA token is now available through a crypto presale. The presale will release 300 million tokens out of a total fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. An additional 250 million tokens will be locked to the RIA staking pools to be used as a reward for crypto staking.

Visit Calvaria Presale

Should Investors Buy Calvaria?

Calvaria promises to be one of the most exciting new play-to-earn crypto games when it launches in 2023. On top of that, the RIA cryptocurrency could be set to explode following an initial coin offering (ICO).

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons investors should be interested in Calvaria.

Play-to-earn Revenue

Calvaria is a play-to-earn (P2E) crypto game, so there’s money to be made by gamers who can build high-quality decks and develop a strong battle strategy. Battle winners in Calvaria earn RIA tokens, which can be traded for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Alternatively, winners can hold onto their RIA tokens and stake them to Calvaria to earn passive income.

Another way to use RIA winnings is to reinvest them in the game. Players can use RIA to buy more NFT cards in the Calvaria marketplace, expanding their strategy and increasing their chances of winning even more.

NFT cards in Calvaria are limited-edition, and investors in the presale have the best chance of getting strategically valuable cards when the project’s first NFT drop happens.

Valuable NFTs

Calvaria NFT cards also have value in and of themselves. As more players join the game, demand for rare and powerful NFT battle cards will increase. That will push up the price of these NFTs in the Calvaria marketplace, leading to a potential payday for investors who joined Calvaria early and got top cards during the first round of NFT drops.

Investors can also use RIA to purchase NFTs in the Calvaria marketplace and then hold them as they appreciate in value. For that strategy, it can make a lot of sense to buy RIA during the Calvaria presale, since these are the lowest prices that investors will ever have to pay for RIA tokens.

Crypto Staking

Calvaria also provides returns for investors through crypto staking of the RIA token. While the project’s developers haven’t yet announced staking tiers or rewards, Calvaria has committed to setting aside 250 million tokens – 25% of the total supply – to reward investors who stake RIA.

RIA could become one of the best staking coins around. Staking enables early investors to earn passive income from their RIA and battle winners to compound their returns from playing Calvaria.

On top of that, users who stake a minimum amount of RIA will be given voting rights in the Calvaria DAO. That’s important because voters can decide on things like what rewards to offer for staking. They can also make decisions about the future of Calvaria’s development, which can help push up the price of RIA over the long-term.

Long-term Demand

Calvaria has significant advantages over similar play-to-earn games like Gods Unchained and Splinterlands. It offers mobile play, free entry, and much more impressive rewards mechanisms for players and investors.

Over the long run, these advantages mean that many crypto gamers may join Calvaria, and traditional gamers who are new to P2E crypto games may give Calvaria a try. As more and more gamers join Calvaria, demand for RIA tokens will go up as the supply stays fixed. That supply-demand imbalance can push up the price of RIA, generating returns for early investors. In other words, Calvaria could be a long-term crypto investment worth considering.

Visit Calvaria Presale

RIA Crypto Price

Calvaria’s native RIA token is currently available through a crypto presale. Anyone can buy RIA during the presale as long as they make a minimum purchase of 1,000 RIA (around $10).

This crypto launch will sell a total of 300 million RIA tokens, or 30% of the total supply. It is expected to raise $300,000 for the game’s development and generate momentum ahead of an initial coin offering.

The presale is split into several stages, with the price of RIA increasing at each stage. Right now, in the presale’s first stage, RIA has a price of $0.01.

The table below shows all the details investors need to know about the Calvaria presale:

Presale StartedOctober 14
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT, Changelly
Min Investment1,000 RIA
Max InvestmentN/A


Calvaria Price Prediction

Calvaria is a relatively new project and the RIA token is only in the first stage of its presale. So, it’s hard to make predictions about where this new cryptocurrency might be a year or more from now.

That said, the RIA presale has been met with initial excitement. If the presale sells out, Calvaria could see the price of RIA jump sharply during an initial exchange offering. This is a pattern that many top penny cryptocurrencies have followed, although investors should remember that there is no guarantee RIA will follow the same path.


Calvaria is a new crypto game that lets players collect NFT battle cards and win RIA cryptocurrency as they play. RIA tokens can be used to buy additional NFTs in the Calvaria marketplace or staked to generate passive income for investors.

Calvaria has several advantages over similar P2E crypto games. It’s free to play, it’s available on mobile, and it offers clear incentives for crypto investors.

Calvaria’s RIA token is on presale now, giving investors a chance to buy this token at ultra-low prices. Check out the Calvaria presale today to buy RIA!

Visit Calvaria Presale


What is the Calvaria crypto game?

Calvaria is a play-to-earn (P2E) crypto game in which players build decks of cards and then battle against one another. Every battle card in Calvaria is an NFT, so players own their decks. In addition, players earn RIA, the native cryptocurrency of Calvaria, when they win battles.

How can I buy Calvaria crypto?

Investors and gamers can buy Calvaria’s native crypto token, RIA, during an ongoing presale. The presale requires a minimum investment of 1,000 RIA (around $10) in Ethereum or Tether. The presale offers the lowest possible prices for RIA ahead of an initial exchange offering.

Should I invest in Calvaria?

Investors may want to consider buying Calvaria’s RIA token because it offers several ways to generate returns. Investors can stake RIA to earn passive income, or they can use it to purchase NFTs that may gain in value. RIA itself may also gain value as more players join Calvaria and demand for the token increases.

Where can I buy RIA crypto?

RIA is the native cryptocurrency of Calvaria, a new play-to-earn game. Investors and gamers can buy RIA through the Calvaria presale platform, which accepts ETH and USDT for payment. The minimum investment is 1,000 RIA, or approximately $10.