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Newly Listed Coins to Buy Today – Dash 2 Trade (D2T), Proxy Swap (PROXY), Genius (GENI), Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Calvaria (RIA)

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 3 min read

Broader cryptocurrency markets have been rallying in recent days, but with bitcoin volatility at historic lows, traders looking for choppier price action to take advantage of might instead prefer to take a look at some popular newly listed cryptocurrencies. Recently listed tokens are typically highly volatile and often respond well to short-term technical breakouts. Here a few big names that began changing hands on exchanges in the last few days.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

D2T, the token that will power Dash 2 Trade’s professional-grade cryptocurrency trading intelligence platform, was listed across a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges on Wednesday, after raising more than $14 million during a token presale. Presale investors can now claim and trade their D2T tokens on platforms including, LBank Exchange, BitMart Exchange, Uniswap and 1inch.

D2T briefly rallied as high as $0.075 in the immediate aftermath of its listing, according to DexTools citing Uniswap exchange data. For presale investors who managed to sell the top, that would have marked a 34% gain on the final presale price of $0.0556. But sell pressure has since seen the token dump under $0.030, with traders now waiting to see whether investors will buy the dip of this previously highly sought-after token.

Dash 2 Trade is currently conducting beta testing of its platform, which is set to host an array of useful features, including trading signals, social sentiment, on-chain indicators, a token listing alert system and a strategy back-testing tool.

One of Dash 2 Trade’s unique selling points versus its competitors is its presale token surveillance and scoring system. The system is devoted to providing due diligence on presale projects. This could be a highly valuable tool for investors, given that presales, while still considered risky, have historically been able to yield the best crypto returns.

Presales analytics have generally been underserved by trading platforms up until now, with some suggesting this is because it can be difficult to get reliable data. Dash 2 Trade utilizes a combination of automated systems and human analysts to inform its scoring system.

Proxy Swap (PROXY)

PROXY, token that powers decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and financial services ecosystem Proxy Swap, listed across centralized and decentralized exchanges a few days ago. PROXY has been in a bullish trend and is up a stunning more than 600% versus its lows on January 9th around $0.0006 per token. PROXY was last changing hands close to $0.0045. PROXY has been in an uptrend in the last 24 or so hours, a break below which could open the door to sell pressure that could see PROXY slide quickly back to test the $0.002 level once again.

Genius (GENI)

GENI, which is the ticker symbol for the cryptocurrency Genius and claims to be the first hyper-yield, AI driver blockchain Certificate of Deposit, listed on exchanges a little under a month ago and has seen extreme volatility in recent weeks. It swung as high as $0.0003269 on the 20th of December before reversing to as low as $0.00008863 on the 27th of December. Since last month’s lows, it has climbed around 70%, but that still only marks around a 25% retracement back to its record highs.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

MEMAG is yet to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Indeed, Meta Masters Guild has actually only just opened its presale of the token, giving investors a chance to get in early and secure tokens on the cheap. Meta Masters Guild is an up-and-coming web3 mobile gaming ecosystem that says its wants to create fun and addictive games that utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing community members to earn rewards, as well as stake and trade.

MEMAG tokens are currently selling for $0.007 each, but this price will have risen to $0.023 by the seventh stage of the presale, meaning early investors could be sat on paper gains of over 300%.

Visit Meta Masters Guild here.

Calvaria (RIA)

RIA, the token that will power afterlife fantasy-themed NFT battle card game Calvaria, is also currently in presale. The play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming start-up has raised a whopping $2.7 million in just a few months since the launch of its pre-sale. Only around 12% of its tokens remain up for grabs.

Calvaria seeks to bring crypto gaming into the mainstream by tapping into a huge, existing market – the market for physical battle card games (think viral sensations of the past like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh). And with the crypto gaming space expected to grow from $4.6 billion in size in 2022 to $65.7 billion in size by 2027, according to an analysis by Markets and Markets, there is plenty of room for massive growth. Calvaria is set to launch its headline fantasy-themed card game “Duels of Eternity” in Q2 2023.

Visit Calvaria here